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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Secrets Kalenjins don't want exposed at the ICC

Victims mostly women and children burnt beyond recognition in a house in Naivasha at the height of the post election troubles of 2007/2008

Contrary to what some Kumekucha readers think, my latest book Let The Blood Flow is NOT a repeat of what Kenyans will hear at the ongoing ICC trials. If anything I have made a deliberate effort to avoid as much as possible of what will be covered at the Hague.

My idea in writing this book was to fill in the gaps that will be left. For instance at the end of submissions by the prosecution, many Kenyans will be outraged, shocked and very angry and will asks questions like how? and why? Those are the questions fully answered in Let The Blood Flow.

Even more fascinating is the fact that the person most responsible for that blood letting is NOT even on trial at the ICC (it is not who you think). In fact their name has NEVER been mentioned in connection to the trials because unlike President Kibaki they are masters of covering their own tracks and always maintaining a safe distance from the extremely evil things they usually get up to. The identity of that person will shock you to your very bones and their motives are covered in great detail in my 227 page book that also includes the most horrifying pictures you will see anywhere. You will also find in the book information that is extremely difficult to get anywhere else.

Highly Secretive Kalenjin Community?
The Kalenjin community has moved to block some of the evidence that will be presented the Hague concerning their rights of passage. Their lawyers are calling the revealtions about this part of the Kalenjin culture as "unthinkable abomination". People are about to learn just how secretive the Kalenjin really are.

Kenyans have for many years taken the Kalenjin for granted assuming that because they cannot speak flawless English too well and always have a heavy accent, they are not really that intelligent.

So it is hardly surprising that in 2007 as the intelligence community was sound asleep and as other Kenyans focused their attention on stone throwers in the Kibera slums and elsewhere a disaster of unprecedented proportions was unfolding in Rift Valley.

But let us back up a little to understand more.

There was a superb movie ironically released in 2007 simply called 300. It highlighted the brilliance of the ancient Spartans in war and the military training that was their way of life from a very tender age.

There are interesting similarities between the Spartans and the Kalenjin tribes. For example in the culture of the Nandi so severe were the circumcision rites initiation programs that they often claimed casualties and only about half of those who went for it returned alive. Then also when the Nandi were not at war they would hold violent competitions amongst themselves where combatants frequently fought to the death.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that by the end of the 19th century the Nandi were the dominant community in the Rift Valley having replaced the dreaded Uasin Gishu Masai

The battle the Nandi had with the British when the Uganda railway was passing through their land is very revealing. The Nandi with their crude weapons successfully resisted the British for 11 long years.

Kimnyole is the name of the Nandi leader (Orkoiyot) who is best remembered for the amazing prophecies that he made one of which he died for. He clearly predicted the coming of the “devils” who would subdue the Nandi community and rule them. The Nandis recognized the British as the “devils” that Kimnyole predicted would rule them and fought them vigorously in a vain effort to ensure that the prophecy would not come to pass.

Kimnyole was stoned to death on suspicions that he had caused famine in the land. However the real reason was that his prophecy on the Nandi being subdued upset powerful tribal elders. But before he was executed he summoned his sons and made them promise him that they would never accept any positions of leadership amongst the community. One of his sons, Koitalel Samoei, did not keep that promise and is today considered the greatest leader and Orkoiyot that the Nandi ever had. Interestingly it is widely believed by many that deputy president William Samoei Ruto is a descendant of the great Nandi military genius, strategist and leader, hence the great respect the community has for young Ruto. It will be remembered that when things threatened to get out of hand at the funeral of the late assistant minister in home affairs, Lorna Laboso, a few weeks ago it was Ruto who managed to cool down the aggravated crowd.

The Brits were known to easily subdue any tribes that resisted them by invading their villages and burning down crops and everything else thus starving the survivors into submission. So how were the Nandi able to survive this? This is an interesting question because it brings out the extremely crafty nature of the Nandi. Even before the Railway came, the sparsely populated community had defeated other fierce and much larger tribes like the Masai, the Luhya and the Kisii. They thwarted the colonialists by hiding their cows amongst those of the Kispsigis, so even when their crops were burnt down, they were still able to survive because of their herds.

This is an appropriate place to tell yet another tale involving the Luo and their great hero Luanda Magere, that clearly illustrates the craftiness of the Nandi. It is said that long before the colonialists arrived, the Luo were easily able to subdue the Nandi using their great warrior who possessed such great magical powers that a spear could not penetrate his skin.

The Nandi hurriedly called for a truce and held a beauty contest in the land to choose the most beautiful young girl who was given to the great Luo warrior and leader as a gift to cement the peace between the two communities. Luanda was delighted at this “gift” because the young Kalenjin girl was a real stunner. And like most present day Luos who are said to have a “weakness” where women are concerned, he saw no danger at all in having a wife from the fold of his enemies.

Peace reigned between the two communities for sometime until one day the great warrior got sick and he gave instructions to his youngest wife as to what needed to be done. It involved cutting his shadow with a razor to draw blood, which she did and Luanda recovered. Shortly after that incident she asked her husband for permission to visit her parents which she had no problem obtaining being such a dazzling beauty who charmed the fierce warrior immensely. She was sent with many gifts and on arriving narrated what had happened when Magere had fallen sick. The Nandi promptly declared war on the Luo and somebody speared the shadow of Luanda Magere, killing him instantly and winning the battle for the Nandi.

There are many Kenyans who do not attach much importance to such tales however it is only by grasping this little background that anybody can begin to understand what really happened in Kenya in the Rift Valley in 2007 and why. Get details on how to get your copy of Let The Blood Flow NOW!! by sending an email to umissedthis at gmail dot com with the subject line; How can I get Let the blood flow?

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