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Friday, September 13, 2013

ICC and post election violence: Collective amnesia and denial robbing Kenya

Guest Post by Kumekucha commentator
Collective amnesia has become our national anthem while Denial is the over flowing river that passes through every homestead, village, old-time location, division, district, counties and in the minds and hearts of 95% of the Kenyan population.

That is one of the many sad reasons why old school politicians like Kibaki and company plus their new school political of myopic underlings and sycophantic followers do not give a hoot about how many innocent civilian lives were lost and the myriad of properties destroyed and looted by regional goons in the affected areas.

First of all, Kibaki and Odinga should have been the ones warming their butts in the dock at the ICC, and of course accompanied by their lieutenants, Uhuru, Ruto, et al.

There are over twenty-five names of known culprits - political devils and snakes - who should have been held responsible and sentenced to serving real time in secure places like Kamiti, Naivasha, King'ong'o, Manyani, Shimo-la-Tewa, Kodiaga, Shikusa and in far away prisons located around the country.

Oh, by the way, we would be singing a very different tune with very sad lyrics had the post election bloodbath - 'mkondo wa damu' - lasted for six or eight months and spread to most parts of the urban and rural areas in the country.

So far, the majority of us are still swimming in the toxic river of Denial based on our political affiliations and destructive ethnic connections while at the same turning a blind on what really happened, where it took place, who were the masterminds and the ruthless crowds responsible.

As the ICC's process is concerned, most of us have become comfortable spectators rather than active participants in search of overdue justice, restitution and real teachable moments as a deterrence for future generations of Kenyans from all walks of life.

All things considered, we have become our own nightmare and we will remain our own worst enemy for decades to come if we as a people and nation do not dare to step up to the plate of justice and do the right thing in memory of the victims, their families, countless survivors and IDPs that are scattered all over the country.

The choice is ours if we want to become a better, stronger and united nation, or else continue to propagate evil seeds of political, economic and ethnic destruction and disunity that will lead our nation along the path Somalia and DRC has taken in the last several decades. 

(The people most responsible for the horrific PEV are not at the Hague. Find out who they are in Kumekucha's latest book; Let The Blood Flow. To get details on how you can obtain a copy email umissedthis at gmail dot com.)

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Anonymous said...

Amnesia? No way!

Our problem is mass scotoma (an individual's inability to perceive personality traits in themselves that are obvious to others) i.e. in 2008, ODM saw the PNU as the ones solely responsible for the PEV and PNU vice versa. Brutally said, we perceive the political environment based on our tribal glasses. We fully remember "what we saw"!

Amnesia? Bah!

Anonymous said...

As long as Kikuyus want to rule Kenya for ever, history will always repeat itself. If ICC case flops, then 2018 will be more than chaotic.
Kenya's only options are secession or rotation of presidency based on tribes (with a one-term period of 6yrs).
Let's be frank with one another. Kenya has not been in such a mess before. It will be worse, believe me or not.

Anonymous said...

Khan is intimidating witnesses right under the nose of the Judges!
why cant they let witnesses tell their version of events.
WSR's case/evidence is actually creating a bad feeling to UK's platform (Nyumba) and will Jubree survive this whole dirty case?

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