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Monday, May 18, 2009

Of Mungiki and Majimbo Murders

Call it any name you wish but the much-maligned MAJIMBO is here with us albeit by default. And its practitioners are the same scoundrels who demonized it during the 2005 referendum. Welcome to superlative political expediency exclusively made in Kenya.

The present class wars fiercely waged by Mungiki must be seen in the very light of SUBJUGATION. When Kenyans protested against being collectively AUCTIONED by the present gatekeepers after the bungled 2007 polls, we never saw it as symptomatic of revolt against inequality and injustice.

Tell the industry balderdash to Mungiki and kiss your neck goodbye. Even after taking the battle to the backyards of the rulers, their shameless apologists refuse to shed off blinkers. well, primitive accumulation of wealth has mutating into murderous hydras whose tentacles cannot be exterminated even with state might. Na BADO.

All sonorous choruses about hard work and industry can only go so far in expanding chauvinistic egos. While the heads may be temporarily safe under the sand, Mungiki continues its mission to demand attention by decapitation. By offering youths binary option of BLOOD or your HEAD, the self-bred savages are getting the due attention they want.

Ages of ruling an unwilling population by brutal force is long gone with the last millennium and only those schooled on colonial economics still cling to the fallacies. The cliche KENYA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN has never rang so truer. You don’t bastardize a people’s democracy and use state force to rule them, never.

Living in denial
We lost our innocence and virginity after the 2007 election. No amount of pretence will wash. All the lies packaged in deceptive slogans have been busted. Kenya belongs to Kenyans and not few colonial mutants masquerading as economists. Bob Marley knew it: YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOME TIME BUT NOT AL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.

Look around you and what do you see? Political scavengers draining the last drop of Kenya as Mungiki localize their machetes. The moral authority melted with the year 2007. The king is dancing nude believing what his apologists tell him that he is immaculately dressed.

The time of reckoning is nigh and by the time Mungiki is down, there will be no safe place to call home for the looters. THE PRIZE OF ELECTORAL THEFT. Pretending to seek way forward without first acknowledging existence of a problem is to engage into a circular ego trip.


Anonymous said...

Mungiki was originally engineered asa Kikuyu shock troop. But like an experiment that went awry, Mungiki today has become the Kikuyu Frankenstein, an evil monster that is on the verge of consuming the complicit Kikuyu elites like Uhuru Kenyatta et al that nurtured it for the past two decades..

Mwambu said...

The Mungiki have belatedly figured out that their real enemy is the Kikuyu elite represented by the Michukis, Kibakis, Kenyattas, etc. It is this rapacious Kikuyu elite that is the real ADUI of the Kikuyu poor rather than the Kaleo in Molo, Koibaitek or Eldoret. It is Kenyatta, Koinange, Mathenge, that stole land that rightfully belonged to the poor Kikuyus at Independence and now leaves them wallowing to a life of penury, destitution and squatting.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, keep 'em coming.

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka Taabu,
Chop off the head and the body will topple

Its not Mungkiki's fault you know...every village has its madmen.the absence of the rule of law in Kenya is what gave birth to these mentally deranged gangs

No longer infants now they're homegrown TERRORISTS rapidly crawling out of the woodwork and as you said soon they will be joined by their fellow madmen "vigilantes" from other provinces in droves

meanwhile Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Raila should not allow this mayhem and anarchy of insecurity to continue its reign-they should quit wasting time watching the XYZSHOW on citizen tv and be about the business of saving this country from becoming a banana republic

once again....chop off the head and the rest of the body will follow..

Victor said...

One Wife Man

If I recall, there was an Orange and Banana tussle in 2005. The Orange won that contest. In 2007, this was repeated am not sure exactly what happened there as we know, no one really knows but regardless the Banana side rules Kenya, so technically we are a Banana Republic

Anonymous said...

add now the same mungiki executioners have renamed and re branded themselves as vigilante groups to counter the mungiki's after they were caught red handed by the kenyans (read maina Kiai and Muite's reports plus the international independent reports

- the fear of being frog marched to Hague stopped them and they have come back dressed in white" calling themselves the vigilante group-

Notice the vigilante groups does exactly the same as what the police executioners did before, but now they have added the Hague Kangaroo court like someone mentioned here,, they are the judge and the jury just like the police were when they where hunting down the mungiki and the vigilante groups have the full support of Kibaki and his intelligent state organs

The sad things is many innocent kenyans are being slaughtered in central province in pretense of hunting down the mungiki and now they all have been pushed against the wall= chose between mungiki or vigilante? in any case they are all dead people walking - according to who gets them first..

the shock that other kenyans have is nobody in central (MP's or Ministers is speaking 0even the church leaders in central have gone quiet!
does this mean they all support innocent people being killed without being given a chance in the proper courts of law??

will central province ordinary normal wanaichi's ever trust each other??

what exactly is Kibaki's plan? is it to destroy all central since he doesn't have to reside there( note he has properties everywhere)

the people i feel sorry for and yes I'm royally upset even if I'm not a kikuyu, I'm a kenyans and this must be stopped, the slaughter of innocent people by the encouragement of the state is unacceptable period!!!

cicero said...

Hyperlink CodeHow unfortunate is it that one of the most influential blogs on Kenyan politics seems to have settled for cheap, tribal, divisive politics...nay, not politics even, raw, puerile, feudal propaganda. How depressing that the younger, more enlightened generation (I can assume those two qualities because they can at least use the Internet), the Obama-esque change agents lurking in the wait to deliver us from the evil of the "tired old politics" of colonial era politicians, are the ones fanning animosity amongst Kenyans based on ethnicity.

read full post here: Hyperlink Code

Anonymous said...

Cicero, it is up to enlightened folks like our generation to move beyond the atavistic and archaic politics of Kenyatta, Moi and Kibakism. These three misrulers set the stage for the sad state of affairs Kenyans currently find themselves in today.

Anonymous said...

anon10:55 AM

Pal you should keep Raila's name out of the central province affairs. shame on you, when he offered early last year to talk with the mingiki's to find a way forward, you kikuyu's abused, belittled him and told him to keep off..

how dare you mention his name regarding the central mungiki and vigilante wars.. go talk to your madman Kibaki and his cronies do not tarnish Raila's name by equating him with your blood thirsty kibaki who started by executing the same mungiki while using them at the same time to do his dirty jobs.. why do you think the don't care and will fight to death for their rights( Mau Mau veterans offspring's fighting for land and property owned to them since Kenyatta took it from them..



Anonymous said...

11:31 AM

instead of sitting your ass abroad- why are you not shouting on here regarding your tribesmen being slaughtered? or are you one of those that is clapping and praising kibaki to endelea na kazi?

shame on you - i cant believe you posted that rubbish- get some time to work on how you can stop the blood bath in your backyard before trying to lecture us on here!!!

the hate and tribal shiate seems to come from central- since you can't face up with what is happening in your provinces(mungiki vs vigilante) you come here to abuses other tribes when they question you on hoe you can support the same Kibaki who executes and now supports your tribesmen to be slaughtered in cold blood!! na nimesema!!!!!!!

UrXlnc said...


i see your point, but the reality is that the events described here are happening in kenya. the reactions by the bloggers echo the general sentiments of some other kenyans, may not be all but certainly they are not isolated cases.

the worst we could do is pretend these circumstance don't exist and then get "shocked" again when more violence erupts.

i do however agree that beyond exposing these ills, we need go further and find solutions, regrettably that continues to be a major challenge.

what do you think these villagers caught between the GSU, vigilantes and mungiki can do? what can you or i or even kk, do?

Sayra said...

Were we really innocent & virgins before 2007?
I don't think we were. We were well experienced but hiding behind the tribal walls and partisan main stream media that is now waiting to be buried. In 2007 the walls came crumbling down exposing us naked and still in action.

Anonymous said...

hey si the said migingo island is a Luo problem same kikuyu's even were supporting Museveni, didn't PNU walk out of parliament when a motion was put forward on Museveni abusing the Luo's e.t.c

ha!ha! look at the change of tone now? ati central province massacres are now a Kenyan problem?? nope it is a kikuyu problem and guess what most of kikuyu's are not raising their voices against what is happening in central that tells us they are happy with the bloodshed.

so why should the rest of the country care? each to their own ala!
Si they are slaughtering each other? with the encouragement of the PNU goons?

1. which central province minister has stood up to Kibaki when he says we will go and finish the mungiki's

2. who are the vigilantes?? why is everyone supporting them? when they are executing innocent people

3.what is the difference between the mungiki and the vigilante? the seem to be doing the same thing killing innocent people??

Kibaki and cronies have light a fire in central province that will take years to put off - pity is on the central folks who have no guts to stand up against all the bloodshed and demand proper action from Kibaki?

look at the maize saga? there were more police confiscating the maize out on the shops than the police in areas that all this bloodshed is happening, go figure that out!!

Anonymous said...

anon11:46 AM

Start by asking yourself who are the vigilante's and who is backing them!!

how can they be allowed to hold execution courts openly called the "Hague" and nobody even Kibaki has uttered a word?

do you really believe kenyans are not intelligent enough to see through the sham? even the mungiki's know who is behind the vigilante's (same people who hunted them down since 2006 )
Mungiki is larger and well organized you are yet to see ...what is coming down on central province.

Where does GSU come in on this? and why haven't they been brought in urgently? or is Kibaki afraid the repeat of Mt. Elgon will happen? an accounted for innocent Kenyan youths- torture and murders??
But it is already happening- I hear what is being reported is a the tip of the iceberg.. people are being slaughtered left right and center in central province
the only people that are safe have moved all their families to nairobi/coast are the rich, but for how long are they going to hide? they will soon find their farms taken over mark my words on these and remember you heard it from here.

Anonymous said...

UrxInc I agree with what you said. The reason why the Kiuyu elite likes to posit the erroneous and false point that that the other tribes are against Kikuyus is because it rallies the Kikuyu masses around the issue of Kikuyu ethno-nationalism. It makes the entire Kikuyu nation feel that they are under immediate siege or imminent siege from the other 'jealous' Kenyans who envy Kikuyus. As false as this premise is, it has worked in the past to rally many Kikuyus around these distorted ethno-nationalist goals, pretty much the same way that proponents of grand apartheid used to rally white South Africans pointing out that the 'white nation' was under siege from uncivilized, godless, communist ANC.

The basic weakness of these calls to ethno- emotions, is that they drastically fail to address the central challenges and issues that are important to the poor masses in Central; employment, land, education, and better healthcare.

Progressive Kikuyu said...

What if this so-called insecurity and mayhem in Central is just a means to other more ulterior ends.

Let us all remember that prior to the heinous murder of JM Kariuki in March 1975, Mombasa, and Kenya in general, experienced a wave of inexplicable bombings and rampant mayhem. Meanwhile, the Kenyatta regime was psychologically prepping the country for the REALLY BIG CRIME that they had been quietly mooting.

I believe that the REAL TARGET of this so-called Mungiki-Vigilante contretemps in Central is a politician who has signalled her interest to run for president in 2012.

Martha Karua is the real target of these intra-Kikuyu murders!!

Simon Wiesenthal said...

Gikuyu this, Gikuyu that. Hardly a day goes by without some imbecile making adverse comments about our community. I don't judge Luos by the behaviour of Ojinga, therefore don't judge an entire community comprising of millions of people on the basis of the behaviour of that useless Kibaki.

As someone who has had enough of the Kikuyu phobia, i will not be reading or posting on this blog any longer, the hatred of Kikuyu is starting to resemble Rwanda in the early 90s when they called Tutsi 'cockroaches'.
It baffles me that you and your colleagues can write such fascist shit and think we will keep coming back for more abuse.

Anonymous said...

This author forgets a fact that the LUO ARE MAD of Kibera operate in the same way s the Mungiki. That thy are sponsored by Raila Odinga to advance his political charade over time means that one day, they will have learnt the act of extortion.

Once the have mastered what Raila rightly tells them to do over time, they will be able to, as they did with the RVR recently in having them employed for a fee.

What tells you people that soon, they wil not be stopping all cargo to Southern Sudan for a fee if a Luo is killed in Sudan and likewise, should Paul Kagame support Kibaki, will they be stopping all cargo destined to Burundi.

The present state of affairs is replicated accross the political field where people close to politicians thrive on handouts and subsequently mutate into monsters that cannot be tamed.

Forget Mungiki, think the Luo or Taliban forces that threaten to burn down houses if the rent in Kibera or Mathare are not pushed down through the floor.

Think wide if the problem in Kenya is to be tackled. Not even the constitutional and institutional reforms can rid the country of this mess. And also, why is it only to be found among the Kikuyu, Luo, and in a small way in Gusiiland, regions that have created small 'gods' politically.

deroo said...

With no reference to this particular post, which I profoundly hold with respect, i wonder aloud.

Do those people posting anti-Kikuyu or other tribally inclined messages have sincere beliefs in the demonic aspirations they have?

Will the ochestrated efforts to make Kikuyu as a tribe look bad change the political landscape of Central Kenya and the nation in general?

I dont think that the Mungiki menace can offer the jujitsu that some politicians so require to demonise the current regime in the country.


Victor said...

How come Waweru is not requesting for a monument and what not at the burials of these other victims who have similarly been brutalised.,%20say%20experts

Is that hypocricy?

Anonymous said...

Response to Mr. Smith "kitanda mulijipangia wenyewe, sasa mulalie wenyewe tu"

May 18 2009 at 4:17 PM
Mr Wasike from PEACE-FULL Western Province

Mr. Smith

I commend you for your response and explanations. But as you will note I beg to differ vehemently. Why? Being from Western province, you will appreciate that:

(a) Luyias most closest neighbors are the Kalenjins, the WaLuos and the Ugandans.
(b) If anything goes wrong, they always come through for us.
(c) Our VALUE systems and socio-economiuc interests are closer to theirs.
(d) Save for a few differences, our cultures are similar. Our life styles are closely matched.
(e) Thats why despite the years of Soccer Hooliganism Rivalry between Gor-Mahia and AFC Leopards, you never heard of clashes or tensions like the ones between Kikuyus and Kalenjins.
(f) If a Luyia has married outside the kabila, the number one contenders are either its a Kalenjin or a Jaluo or a Coastarian or a Mzungu or a Ugandan or Tanzanian.
(g) So in many ways, we have close direct relatives from all these sides no matter what.
(h) We went to school with many people from these 2 communities and have visited their places more than many times.

In that sense, do you expect us to laugh with you (KIKUYUS) when we visit here and read all manners of primitive-pumbavu-mungiki like attacks on Kalenjins or Jaluos or Coastarians?

We know for sure that in the end, you will treat us like you treat them. We dont forget easily that Kamotho / Kibaki / DP used to say luyias are best known for being cooks and watchmen. So dont for a minute think we dont see where all this ends up at.

In a nutshell, we have been treated to some spectacular socio-eco-political reversals in 46 years of independence.

At some point we were told (refer to this petition - ):
(a) We Luyias are poor because we dont work hard and farm enough.
(b) We are ignorant because we saw the education light late
(c) We are inferior because we are not born from kirinyaga

So since 2008, we are asking ourselves these questions:
(a) If a community boasts its rich and wealth, how come 75% of its people are poor squatters
(b) If it also boasts of its values, why the silence when 10-k of its youth are finished by its own leaders
(c) We have millions of un-employed Luyias yet we dont have Mungiki-like Extortions
(d) How can a community that is only 22% of the population have 90% of prisoners?
(e) Where else in Kenya do we see the motto never work if others can work for you?
(f) How come Kiambu (once said to be Kenyas richest) is today infested with massive poverty & crime
(g) How is it that Nyeri has a RURA SLUM of more than 200,000 people full of GACIGA looking folks?

Forgive us if you see us wondering aloud. We have been treated to your mungiki theatrics for too long. And we have now figured out that malipo ni hapa dunianai. You made the kitanda, now mulalie wenyewe.

Its uncouth for a NEIGHBOUR WHO NEVER BOTHERED SHARING OR EMPOWERING OTHERS (Except their own) TO NOW CRY FOR NATIONAL EMPATHY WHERN THE NEGATIVE DISASTROUS RESULTS OF HIS/HER BLIND VISION BEGIN T O SHOW. It also uncouth when the same neighbor does not seem to realize the extent of his 46-yrs more devpt, more superior folly and myth.

I hope you understand. Next time you see NDURIRIS not take kindly our constant and constituent jibes at Somalis, Kales, Luos or Masaais or others, just know that we take it in and when your time comes, we ALL punch it harder to you.

Mr. Seed, thank you for continuing to allow some of our posts, however controversial (but truthful) they are..


Response to Mr Wasike
May 18 2009 at 2:30 PM
Mr Smith wa Kiambu

A story is told of this neigbourhood whose one of the houses caught fire. So when the alarms went off, everyone run out to find what was going on. Some even volunteered to help the victim salvage his goods. But one neighbour remained conspicuously absent. Emissaries were sent to his house where they found him calmly sitted on his couch, watching telly. They asked him whether he was aware that the neighbourhood was burning.

With a dismissive wave of his hand, he chased them out saying, "Don't worry, I will watch it in the prime news." Of course the prime news did come,but unfortunately, he was not there to watch them since he is the only person that perished from the fire that evening.

My friend Mr. Wasike, when the SLDF caused mayhem in your peaceful province last year, none of us in this forum wrote celebratory posts. And when the army matched and liberated the Mt. Elgon region, a lot of us here heaved sighs of relief because OUR people were free at last. In my mind, I don't recall any Kikuyu that lives there but still those were Kenyans suffering so essentially, they are our people too.

So when people in Central Province suffer, you can do as many celebratory dances as you so wish. After all, that's your right. But in between your jigs, I want you to sit, take a breather and reflect on the above story and remember that this earth was made round so that you don't see so far down the road.

Finally, I would wish to to take this chance to commend the Moderator for posting Mr Wasike's messages to this forum. This shows a high degree of impartiality and credit aught to be given where it's due. May God bless the people of Kenya.

No.#1 commandment of mungikis "Never work if others can work for you" !

May 18 2009 at 1:28 AM mr wasike from bungoma

now you know why CRIME is rampant in a certain region in kenya and why 90% of prisoners in kenya come from the same region

Anonymous said...

Litmus test is heart attack

They claim they are hard working. Wapi mjomba? A hard working community can be seen by the number of their members who die from exhaustion, heart attack and stroke.

We know only Matiba but his was due to Moi's torture.

From West Kenya there are thousands who die every year from heart attack. Prof Ogendo, Otieno Nyalgunga (Wambui is enjoying his hard work) and many more are the dead proof that West Kenyans are the true hard workers in the nation.

The others simply loot and take short cut to get rich. Kill at night and pretend during day time that you are working hard in your kiosk.

Anonymous said...

If you have a rough time in spending a night at White Rhino due Mungiki, take a trip to Kericho Tee Hotel, Kakamega Golf Club or to Sunset and enjoy the peace of civilization. Dont bring your panga with you as it will disturb peaceful West Kenyan intellectuals.

deroo said...

Anon above, I wonder what will happen when the lunatics and airheads in Kericho burn down the church and disturb your piece by barricadiung the road while the lightheads (sorry, elites of Kibera) pluck the railway?

I will visit where Queen Elizabeth recieved the news that she was ascending to the throne of the world's greatest civilisation in Nyeri anytime. As someone says here, siyo kwa ubaya!


Anonymous said...

Having grown up on a farm in western, i never complained when the chickens came home to roost. So i ask, when the seed that was sowed by the farmer has now reached its full maturity and now has to be harvested, shouldnt the farmer go out to his shamba and pluck the fruits of his hard labour? What the mungiki a.k.a vigilantes are doing is plain wrong. BUT, why is it that when these chickens go home to roost in murderous wrath, their owners dont cook them? Trust is underrated in todays world. But the lack of trust is what keeps innocent kikuyus bound to silence. Did you as a community think that your deeds would never come back to bite you? It is a sad and senseless thing, political or not. What i have learnt from this nightmare which thank god is not in my peaceful backyard in the plantations of mumias is this. Let us all not ever imagine that what we sow, we shall not reap. A seed once plnated in the soil grows. Do we chimba that seed to see how it is growing? No. We wait for it to mature, then harvest the fruits of our hard labour. Period.

Anonymous said...

Those few miscreants upset and whining about what they read here are those who are die-hard Kibaki supporters. Am a Gikuyu myself and support most of the criticism levelled against the Makathimo class in our area.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that there is a total lack of civilization in these Wakikuyu areas. Beheadings, tongue cutting, breast slicing, ear chopping. Sounds like something right out of the Dark Ages.

deroo said...

Anon, you are announcing here that you are will be labeled a spook.

Because, anyone who is Kikuyu and visits Kumekucha is an NSIS spy and so is anyone who does not support Raila Odinga irrespective of your tribe and the only good Kikuyu is Martha Karua, Maina Kiai and of lately, Paul Muite. For you to earn respect, you are required to peel off from your tribe and be seen to be fighting Mwai Kibaki.


Anonymous said...

Surely total lack of civilisation cannot blamed on whats happening in central. I remember the bad old days when we had a group of thugs by the name of musumbiji those sides of butere. nakweli they harrassed any forward thinking jamaa of mtaa. BUT they never reached that level of brutality that we see in central. I guess it pays to have respect for the dead cause before a muluhyia goes murdering a fellow being one goes through the whole rigmarole of imagining being haunted and decides, its not worth sheit! And how in gods name can one flee when you took your own child to a kangaroo court only to leave him to his fate? Jameni, this is simply beyond my level of understanding.

Anonymous said...

TAABU is a deranged case. His tribal madness surpasses that of Museveni. Unfortunately, he will continue to be afflicted by Kikuyu phobia until he realizes that the fault of his failure is not in Kikuyu stars but entrenched in his culture. The only way out, TAABU, is to free yourself from the demons of your tribe. And while in that personal struggle, I suggest you also shake off Monkey Raila from your back!!

Anonymous said...

Salalee! Balaa hii. Kweli watu wengine wamefyetuka.. and not in the positive sense. Jamaas are being murdered kama mbuzi at xmas with ullulations and ropes and all one has to say is Raila.. mafii ya kuku!!? Damn. Thats what is known as cognitive disonance. Kenyatta kweli alisema... wajinga waliwawa.. Sasa, nani mjinga?

-mumias gal-

Anonymous said...

Killer gangsters suffer from social disorders, say experts

Updated 2 hr(s) 9 min(s) ago

Vigilantes who kill with equal force

‘The Hague’: The open court where only death sentences are passed

By Standard Team

A social crisis is unfolding across Central Province, with the community turning against itself and violent beheadings becoming the order of the day.

In areas worst hit by violence linked to Mungiki, neighbour has turned against neighbour, and vigilantes policing villages have made matters worse.

Now, residents in Nyeri and Kirinyaga are living in fear of Mungiki and vigilantes.

Two of a kind

Whereas the Mungiki extort from the residents and kill anyone who stands in their way, the vigilantes have carried out gory killings of those they think are involved in crime.

Since the killers are well known, the executions blamed on vigilantes have created a sharp rift among residents. Most of the vigilantes are parents and neighbours of those they have executed.

"People are no longer talking to one another," said a resident of Kabaru village near Keruguya town, where four suspects were executed. We wonder if we will ever be able to live as one people again."

The small community of mostly farmers has worked together and helped one another, but with the killings, the communal spirit is falling apart.

The scenario is replicated in other places where the violent killings have been carried out. A month ago, even before the war between vigilantes and Mungiki began, more than 10 people were beheaded in grisly attacks in Kirinyaga.

Now, sociologists warn the situation could worsen unless problems facing youth, especially unemployment, are tackled decisively.

Church leaders say there is urgent need for dialogue to reconcile the community and hold it together.

Further Turmoil

A psychology expert, Prof Samson Munywoki, says the Mungiki menace is a social problem that if not addressed may lead to further turmoil.

Munywoki, a lecturer at United States International University (USIU), described the people involved in the brutal killings as "a group of frustrated youths with feelings of helplessness." He said: "They are people who cannot meet their daily needs and the way to satisfy themselves is to vent their anger on the society, which they accuse of neglecting them."

He said for a human being to resort to such weird actions that involve severing body parts, it shows they are "terribly desperate". "They are people who seem to have lost hope in life as everything seems to be against them. This makes them behave in extra-ordinary ways," said the lecturer. Some victims of the macabre deaths last month had marks of cult killings, with body parts, including ears and tongues sliced off.

The killers of two women in Ngurungu village, Esther Wanjiku and Susan Kirunda, slashed off their breasts, while another victim had his tongue forked out.

In Maragwa District, Bernard Macharia and Lawrence Muguro had their heads sawed off by killers in Mugumo-ini village last month.

Their deaths were ritual like:

Their ears and tongues were cut. In the past few years, the greater Murang’a has had its unfortunate share of grisly beheadings, most blamed on the underground Mungiki gangs.

Young Killers

The killings are executed by young men, mainly aged between 20 and 30, a generation that should be at the forefront making the community better.

Leading psychiatrist Frank Njenga said the Mungiki problem is more of a social problem than a medical condition. Dr Njenga said contrary to a widely held belief, the youths carrying out the killings are highly unlikely to be suffering from any medical condition.

And counseling psychologist Jane Ngatia says the killings are a result of psychological disorders among the youth involved. Ms Ngatia said for a human being to reach the level of carrying out such grisly killings, the person must be suffering from a social disorder. "They carry out bizarre things to get extra-ordinary pleasures that are due to their social backgrounds or drug-induced," said Ngatia, a Nairobi-based psychologist.

The best way to deal with the Mungiki menace, Ngatia suggested, is for the Government to change its approach and engage the youth in dialogue.

Church leaders agree and say they will spearhead a healing programme to bring the community back together.

They will also offer counselling services to affected families. Central Bishops Forum Chairman Bob Kabugi said the decision is aimed at healing wounds left by the murderous acts of Mungiki and vigilantes because residents are living in fear.

Bishop Kabugi said the programme would involve gradual healing, as well as bringing the communities together.



Anonymous said...

3:01 PM
Maybe instead of abusing people here, keep looking behind your back or maybe if you are abroad warn your relatives, since you don't seem to care when your tribesmen are beheading each other day and night

my advise for you is to talk to your senile Alzheimer filled Kibaki to stop using vigilantes killing innocent kenyans pretending he is hunting for mungiki's

my friend that is a cover, Kibaki executed your tribesmen since 2006 and has never stopped!! when will you fools stop him and wakina Michuki, Uhuru to stop the central slaughters.. now Karua is the hunter who is now being handed.. the wrath of God is on central province - you don't slaughter burn and behead other tribes then think it is ok.. now the demons of your evils have come back to haunt you- look around you family against family -neighbors against neighbors - na mambo bado - Kibaki is doing a good job?? right?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3.18 pm. What is all that umangaa of "social disorders"? Bwana can that fool in USIU tell me why "social disorders and feelings of desperation" should cause a grown arsed man slaughter his fellow man like that? Gasia mbele ya kiosk. Gunia yeye. How many of us suffer from his so called social disorders and dont go around hacking people to death? It aint over till the bloody FAT lady sings. Kumbaff.

-mumias gal-

Anonymous said...

what? is that all you can say ati you are happy colonization was forced on Africa- since you seem to think Queen Elizabeth leaving from Nyeri was a good thing:)
my friend how is the Queen Nyeri today?? it is controlled by Mungiki and vigilante ? ha~~ha! is that what you can boost of on here?

having a small mind my friend is not an excuse! no wonder you follow kibaki blindly even though he is busy executing and slaughtering your brothers and sisters in broad daylight.. shame on you derro get some education and go help your tribesmen in nyeri. Your post an embarrassment to all Kenyan!( who wants to remember colonization??

Anonymous said...

anon1:12 PM

Nonsense... the news is full of kikuyus beheading and slaughtering each other in central province- kenyans have a right to discuss and be shocked that the kikuyu leaders- MP's , \ministers, church leaders have been quiet for a long time while kibaki and team continues executing innocent kenyans using the vigilante groups

and here you are a mukikuyu digging your head deep in the sand because you don't want to acknowledge what is happening in central province.. you should be ashamed of yourself.. what kind of kikuyu are you? or are you one of those clapping on as the killings and beheading go on courtesy of your senile leaders!! wake up and smell the roses soon your own relatives will be no more.. mark my words it starts with poor villagers and then the middle class in central then those who call themselves untouchable they will reach you.. this guys mean business wait and see.. keep being in denial !!

Anonymous said...

unless central province folks on here and everywhere in Kenya start accepting that there is a big problem in central and they acknowledge that they sincerely need help and stop following their MP's and their leader Kibaki blindly while their own tribesmen are being slaughtered left right and center!

the rest of Kenya will look from afar and prepare themselves just in case this mad heads decided to venture to other provinces to create havoc like they did in December 2007..

Kenyans are waiting for them this time very prepared.. seems to me they might just dare do that and it will be a mother of all fights
western, nyanza, coast, rift valley, north eastern and Nairobi people are watching closely - seems to be Kibaki doesn't care... what happens to his tribesmen so why should the rest of Kenya care?

Victor said...

Meanwhile on a side issue, for anyone who is still in doubt that PNU simply has no clue what its doing except that it wants power and nothing else.

PNU has been exercising nothing but deception and fraud as Mwalimu Taabu says many times

All of a sudden they are now
1) repackaging the minimum reforms rejected by PNU everyone remember Martha Karuas role then

2) Devolution is now acceptable

3) But the one thing that still remains unchanging - the bully-boy push through everything and put Nyamweya with a straight face lying through his teeth that wide consultations have taken place, yet even partners within PNU (KANU are adamant that no consultation has taken place). Bunch of FRAUDSTERS

PNU party has submitted the proposal to the Committee of Experts on constitutional review, which is contrary to its position on the same in the 2005 Constitutional referendum.

PNU is the first political party to submit its memorandum to the Committee of Experts on Constitutional review led by Mr Nzamba Kitonga, and curiously supports legislations it forcefully opposed four years ago.

The provinces are to be focal centres of devolution of power, complete with elected provincial councils.

But Kanu vice-chairman Gideon Moi has opposed the idea of dividing the Rift Valley saying, "Wale wanataka kugawanya wagawanye kwao" (let them divide their own regions and leave Rift Valley alone).

However, PNU is hearing none of that and plan to go ahead with the move.

However, Kanu Secretary-General Nick Salat says Kanu had not been consulted and did not made a contribution to the document submitted to the Committee of Experts.

"Kanu did not take part in the crafting of that document. Kanu has organs that are mandated to state our position on major issues like the Constitution and these organs — including the National Executive Committee — have not met since November last year," Salat said.

He added: "Although we are part of the PNU Coalition, Kanu detests being bullied and pushed into supporting positions we have not deliberated on."

But Kanu organising secretary Justin Muturi say PNU proposals would confuse Kenyans further and polarise the review efforts than before.

PNU must get out of its penchant for quick fix, instant-coffee solutions that will not last.

Anonymous said...

Ministers flout the rules over State jobs






Anonymous said...

Someone, please take Taabu to writing school. His incoherent ramblings are a source of great pain.
Meanwhile, Fidel Castro Odinga used to be a furniture thief in Maryland. He has now upgraded to stealing maize in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

So Taabu whats your problem. Tell me how many Kikuyu elite has been killed by this circus of Mungiki apart from the common Folk wanjiku.

Anyway you are like an Interahamwe think tank which believed that every Tutsi was rich and therefore had to die. Mungiki is a problem to Kikuyu peasants who are watching their son die not the people seated in high offices. But anyway calling you to reason is uphill task. Its such a shame that you are seated celebrating when Kenyans who happens not to be from your tribe are killing each other since they have been abandoned by their government.

Taabu and other Kumekucha tribal gods have you ever thought of being sought by Interpol after our country going to full scale genocide due to this kind of irresponsible poster you make.

Kim said...

Taabu let me remind you of something that happened sometimes in april 1994. A radio called RTLM radio broadcasted hate and planted the seed of genocide among the Rwandans. That is how Kumekucha is. It is our RTLM due to internet revolution.

The bitter truth is this, 15 years since the Rwandan genocide the owner of this genocidal station is still a fugitive, hiding somewhere in Kenya, he has been on the run to avoid justice.He is called Felician Kabuga. Taabu just think where you will be 15 yrs from now after writing all these kind of tribal hate directed to Kikuyus if at all you are a human being. Surely Taabu you need to ask yourself what do you benefit with after all this tribal hate. Taabu and other KK bloggers, you see these kind of hate tribal reply you get, that is your reflection its your mirror. It reflects who you are. You can avoid reading my reply but i wish you can read.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I asked taabu and okello why things kikuyu excite them so much. taabu replies with another kikuyu post. I also said taabu's comments about kikuyus reveal a feeling of inferiorty before kikuyus. i happen to know kikuyus generally regard kalenjins as stupid and i suspect taabu encouneterd this attitude a lot when he was growing up. In my interaction with kaleos and kikuyus during the PEV it was clear kaleos wanted to kill kikuyus because of kikuyu "attitude" towards kaleos. I think taabu is continuing the killing here in another form. But i really am tired of hearing about kikuyus. Lets discuss something else. Kikuyus will solve their problems and those mungiki killings are their problem.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa said...

Yawn Yawwwnnnnn!

Mashada stufff!

Manze hii blog imekuwa kama sleeping pill.

Style ya' game up!

Anonymous said...

I have reproduced this from a smart kenyan from the previous post

There are comments here that imply that the Gikuyu have hatred for other tribes but i got to ask, who has the hate? the blatant tribalistic comments made on this blog are made by members of other tribes. pointing the finger at other people/tribes/nationalities is a well used strategy by politicians world over to cover up their misgivings and lack of performance. the best example of this is Hitler(read a history book) and those dumb/gullible enough shout the Bullshit back the loudest. Irrespective of what Kikuyu leaders have done they are no worse than those of other leaders(of other tribes) in power meaning they are all crap!! Blatant generalization of a tribe based on acts by a few idiots is ignorant. KENYANS died because of nonsense (like what is on this blog) and other shit and at the end of the day there is nothing to show for it other than a hefty pay rise and a new Benz in every MP's garage. I thought this blog would offer an enlightened conversation on the current political atmosphere in Kenya, but i will not be subject to hate speech cloaked as patriotism.

Anonymous said...


It is suprising that today, the people spreading lies, propaganda, rumours and tribalism in it raw form are the young generation. This dotcom group spend valuable time and energy doing nothing productive than blogging crap. Look at this post for example. What value does it add other than speading hatred? Hasnt your thirst been quenched by the blood spilt in 2007? You travel across this nation and you find many idle poor young people waiting for a government to help them. Then you find this other group of middle class, YOU, who are fed, clothed, housed, bathed in good comfort who then expect to be handed over the future leadership button. Then you wonder why old men still lead every sphere of your lives. How can the future of this nation be trusted on these spoilt brats? wont they self distruct?

ps Dont you people have work to do? wasting a whole day doing nothing? posting trash? what sort of laziness is this? Blogs were meant for discussion and interaction during free time. But maybe thats why you dont have anything to do, no one wants an unproductive person! and if you are employed, have you heard of theft of company time? if you are self employed, ever wondered why your business is underperforming?

Anonymous said...

Taabu and the other members of the tribal council, please tell us what the solution is...repeating the problem doesnt make it a solution. What is your solution? extermination of Kikuyus? partitioning/ balkanisation of kenya? disolution of the nation? recolonisation by the British? a Luo presidency? A banding/alliance of tribes? dissolution of tribes? etc etc...WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION? FOR THE LAST ONE WEEK I HAVE ONLY SEEN PROBLEMS NOT SOLUTIONS

Anonymous said...

Taabu, Okello, this is a fragile time in Kenya. What's needed is patience and nurture. Let ODM express its frustrations in Parliament. Let us not incite.

Kumekucha, you need to bring this blog under control, bwana. Passions get inflamed easily and we all have to do out part to keep things from boiling over.

Let us look forward and keep and eye on our politicians, but let us not spread hatred from the safety of our keyboards. Can you not post something uplifting for a change. I am not a writer or I would offer to contribute.

Anonymous said...

Okello/ Taabu and Others
Question: What is the difference between you and Rwanda fugitive Felicin Kabuga? I can tell you similarities:

1. Both used/use the media in spreading tribal hatred especially against one tribe
2. All used/use "historical injustices" to blind the people (Hitler used this too)
3. Both lead/led to death of many innocent people (yes KK you also contributed to PEV and you are still contributing to the big one in 2012 having not learned in 07)
4. Both think/ thought they would/ will not find themselves in a situation where they are hunted internationally;
5. Both havent yet faced justice but one day will (malipo ni hapa hapa)

Anonymous said...

I have and continue to save all the details being posted here electronically in line with the new Communication Act 2007, which now makes electronic evidence admissible in court. Who knows, maybe it will be needed after our genocide. Go on Taabu/ phil/okello, you seem to be on a roll winning all tribal arguments have a field day......

Anonymous said...

As a counterpoint to all the uneccessary hate, I will be posting one good story on Kenya or Kenyans every day.

Positive news:

World Food Programme (WFP) Special envoy for Horn of Africa Mr. Ramiros Lopes da Silva has said that the organization considers Mombasa ideal for the creation of strategic stock reserves for the entire region. Mr. Da Silva welcomed the construction of storage facilities in Kenya through Government and private-sector partnership. He observed that through the 'Purchase for Progress' scheme, WFP had engaged local small scale farmers in sourcing products locally at fair prices; and would consider launching further initiatives in Kenya

Anonymous said...


NAIROBI, Kenya, May 19 - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has for the first time bought food from small-scale farmers in Kenya under a ground-breaking Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative aimed at boosting agriculture by connecting farmers to markets.

The first P4P purchase by WFP is 45 metric tons of rice from farmers in Ahero, Nyanza.

The purchase was made possible through a contribution from the Government of Brazil amounting to about Sh4 million.

“Ensuring the human right to adequate food has been Brazil’s priority since the beginning of President Louis Inacio Lula Da Silva’s government, in 2003.” said the Ambassador of Brazil to Kenya, Ana Maria Sampaio Fernandes. “President Lula has committed his administration to a solidarity effort towards the reduction of hunger and malnutrition in the developing world, especially with respect to Africa.”

“P4P is a win-win situation.” said WFP Country Director Burkard Oberle. “We help support local famers. The rice grown in Ahero will be used in WFP’s operation to assist Kenyans hit by drought. WFP would like to thank the Brazilian Government for its generous donation.”

WFP has purchased food locally in Kenya for many years at the best price, taking into account the cost of transport and shipping. In 2007, 80 percent of food purchased by WFP globally – a record US$612 million - was brought in 69 developing countries.

The difference under P4P is that WFP now has a committed policy to buy from low-income farmers, who can invest their profits to boost their production and increase food security.

P4P was launched last year in September 2008, but because of high food prices, and drought, WFP was unable to purchase food in Kenya. The new focus of P4P is to buy drought tolerant crops, such as sorghum, millet, green grams, pigeon peas, beans and cow peas, as well as irrigated crops, like rice.

The rice from Ahero is grown in an irrigation scheme that collapsed in the 1990s, but has now been revitalized with the help of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the National Irrigation Board, and other partners. The scheme helps 550 smallholder farmers and a community of 20,000 people to benefit from the production, processing, and marketing of rice.

“The rehabilitation of the irrigation scheme is a good example of how small-scale projects can make a big difference to a community,” said Oberle. “It is imperative we focus on helping more Kenyans to grow their own food rather than giving food assistance in emergencies.”

A key component of P4P is to support farmers to benefit from the value added to their crops by processing them. The cooperative in Ahero has ownership in its own rice mill, so farmers will benefit from the higher prices that come with drying, cleaning, bagging, and marketing the rice directly to large buyers, like WFP.

P4P is a five-year project made possible by contributions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Howard Buffet Foundation, and donor governments. They have contributed US$76 million for 21 countries around the world to participate in this innovative programme.

The global target is to significantly increase the income of 350,000 smallholder farmers over five years. Ultimately, the intention is to help low-income farmer’s access local and regional food markets.

Anonymous said...

Suppression of the Kikuyu, the dominant/ rival tribe, is the only way we can have a 'our' presidency and dominion over kenya eeh?
Okay if that is the case then have the presidency NOW. We didnt have the presidency under Moi and still faired well. So go ahead. It is better you have the child than both of us loosing it (of course working with your assumption that tribes rule when one of their own is a president)

Anonymous said...

Two Kenyan scientists are among researchers who have developed wheat varieties that could revolutionise production of the crop.

The role of the two in the research has been described at a global workshop as “incalculable.”

Peter Njau, a plant breeder and deputy director of Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Njoro, and his colleague, Dr Ruth Wanyera, were among key presenters at the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative 2009 Technical Workshop in Mexico recently.

The wheat experts were invited by Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug. The four-day conference in Ciudad Obreg√≥n, between March 17 and 20, brought together “leading scientists from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.”

The global experts “reported significant progress in developing new varieties of wheat capable of resisting a virulent form of an old disease that threatens wheat production worldwide,” said the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan wins Whitley Award

A Kenyan conservationist is the winner of the prestigious Whitley Award.

Dino Martins won the prize for his efforts to improve local understanding of, and win greater protection for the pollinators which underpin farming in and around the Great Rift Valley and Taita Hills.

The award was a presented to Martins by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne.

The Havard PhD Fellow received the award during a ceremony held Wednesday at the Royal Geographical Society, London, by The Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) - a UK-based charity which administers the international awards programme.

The prize includes a Whitley Award project grant of £30,000, an engraved trophy, membership of an influential network of Whitley Award winners and international profile-raising opportunities.

The award to Martins recognises his work with the East Africa Natural History Society which is celebrating its centenary this year to let small-scale farmers know about the vital role insects play in pollinating crops and encourage them to adopt conservation-friendly methods of agriculture.

Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, of Uganda, also won a prize for a health and conservation programme in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is helping local villagers and their wildlife neighbours - endangered mountain gorillas - by reducing the cross-infection risks that result from people/ape contact and their DNA similarities.

Leonard Akwany of Kenya was also awarded for a project to conserve Lake Victoria's wetlands and improve local livelihoods.

Edward Whitley, the founder of the award and chair of the judging panel, said the achievement of the winner was commendable

"The aim of the Whitley Awards is to find and support conservation scientists whose vision, passion, determination and qualities of leadership mean they are achieving inspirational results in conservation.

"In Dino's case, the judges were especially impressed by the excellent example this project provides of the interdependence of plants, insect pollinators and people in areas often overlooked for their biodiversity value and which grow important quantities and varieties of fruit, flowers and vegetables for Kenya and many other markets," Whitley said.

The Whitley Awards scheme is an annual competition, now in its 16th year.

It exists to identify, fund and encourage inspirational conservation leaders and their teams in developing countries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon 1.06

But i cant help but notice the Mungiki this and that talk. You say mungiki is a Kukuyu problem. Then why do you bother wasting 99% of bandwith on it? Since its not your problem, then why contribute? You dont contribute to issues that dont concern you unless you are lacking table manners. Let Kikuyus solve it the best way they can; Never mind that SLDF was a Kenyan problem which costed taxpayers alot (including Kiuks who yes, frenkly contribute emensely to the economy) and that The GOK is engaging Ug to solve Migingo problem (which is pretty much solved now without a shot being fired). Never mind that in both cases above the Govt was/is led by the 'moribund useless stupid' HE Kibaki the 'Kikuyu' president
Recommended read: The Trouble with Nigeria by Chinua Achebe

Anonymous said...

Extra Golden: Kenyan-American combo

Andrew Gilbert

If ever a band seemed poised to ride the cultural zeitgeist, it's Extra Golden, a ferociously grooving half-Kenyan, half-American combo. Featuring Ian Eagleson and Alex Minoff on guitar and vocals, bassist Noel Kupersmith, vocalist Onyango Jagwasi and drummer Onyango Wuod Omari, the project emerged with an unprecedented new sound at the 2006 Chicago World Music Festival, a gig made possible when the office of Sen. Barack Obama provided a letter to the Department of Homeland Security that fast-tracked visas for the Kenyan musicians. Now the band is hoping its career trajectory matches the meteoric rise of its half-American, half-Kenyan benefactor.

"We're not stumping for Obama or playing rallies or anything, though I'm sure we would," says Minoff, a mainstay in the Washington, D.C., scene for years through his work with rock bands like Ian Svenonius' Weird War and Golden (a band that also claims Eagleson as a member). "We're still growing as a band, and at this point it's an interesting parallel."

Extra Golden made its San Francisco debut last June at the Rickshaw Stop. Its spring tour brings the quintet to Northern California for a series of gigs, including Ashkenaz on Friday, the Elbo Room on Monday and Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz on Tuesday. The band is celebrating the release of its third album, "Thank You Very Quickly" (Thrill Jockey), a tremendously propulsive session that captures the group's ever-more convincing synthesis of rock and benga, a popular, guitar-driven Kenyan style related to soukous, or Congolese rumba.

"The most popular music in Africa comes from Congo and it took a lot from Cuban music, which shows up all over the continent," Minoff says. "Benga has same beats as rumba, but with west Kenyan, Luo influences. I think of Congolese rumba as very urban and slick, with intricate harmonies and guys dressed to the nines. Kenyan benga is like that music, but countrified. A lot of the benga bands are based in Nairobi, but the musicians come from really rural areas out west. Every rinky-dink town has a band playing benga five nights a week."

Frequent collaborators in the D.C. rock scene, Minoff and Eagleson didn't set out to create a new transnational style. While hanging out in Nairobi in 2004 with several Kenyan colleagues, the Golden bandmates made some casual recordings that ended up being released as "Ok-Oyot System" by Thrill Jockey under the name Extra Golden. The album's positive reception led to the Chicago World Music Festival gig, necessitating the creation of an actual band. After several months of touring, Extra Golden recorded "Hera Ma Nono," which opened the door to high-profile gigs like the prestigious African Soul Rebels tour in the U.K. with Zimbabwe's Oliver Mtukudzi and Senegal's Baaba Maal. In the United States, Extra Golden is providing welcome exposure to the little-known benga sound at a time when funk-driven Afrobeat predominates.

"Kenyan music gets very little exposure on an international level, nothing like West African styles," Minoff says. "We often end up sharing the bill with Afrobeat bands, and it can take a little while for audiences to figure out what's going on."

Anonymous said...

Diplomat: Civil Society Is Key To Good Governance in Africa

May 4, 2009 – Wars. Failed states. Dictators. AIDS.

Those are just a few of the enormous challenges facing Africa, but there has been progress on all those fronts, especially in the past 10 years, said Jendayi Frazer, former U.S. assistant secretary of state for African affairs and former U.S. ambassador to South Africa, speaking last Thursday at a University of Virginia conference on "Good Governance in Africa."

The key to progress is a strengthening of civil institutions and society in Africa, which has been happening at the local, national, regional and continental levels, Frazer said at the conference, hosted by U.Va.'s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and the Miller Center of Public Affairs.

As one indicator of the growth of democracy in Africa, 22 parliamentary elections and 25 presidential elections have occurred in just past two years, Frazer said.

In 2001, Freedom House, a U.S.-based organization that assesses the degree of perceived democratic freedoms in every country, classified 54 percent of African nations as "not free" and only 12 percent as fully "free," she noted.

By 2008, 23 percent were "free," 48 percent were "partly free," and only 29 percent were "not free."

Aid from the U.S. and other Western countries can help to create space for civil society to grow, said Frazer, who helped oversee the Bush administration's quadrupling of U.S. aid to Africa.

But then the messy work of building civil society and institutions begins. Solutions cannot be imposed on Africa, because "universal models just aren't useful," she said.

"Our democracy developed out of our context. Our rules and our laws, our Constitution have changed because we contested that Constitution and we contested those institutions when they weren't working for all of our society," she said. "The same type of back and forth and give and take and sloppy process has to take place within Africa."

"It's their fight. It's not our fight," Frazer said. "Ultimately we have to recognize that we're not the major player in this drama as it unfolds."

Sometimes the fight gets ugly and the West is tempted to intervene, Frazer said. But even a bloody conflict like the struggle of the National Resistance Movement in Uganda, which created more than 400,000 refugees, has eventually resulted in a transition toward a stronger civil society. Though it wasn't pretty, the process was ultimately good for Uganda, Fraser said.

The 2007 elections in Kenya offer a clearer example of civil society eventually proving its resilience. After a peaceful and orderly election with strong voter participation, a declaration of victory by the incumbent party before all the votes had been counted, according to international observers, led to violence in the streets that killed 1,500 and forced 300,000 people from their homes. But then Kenyan media, business leaders and other groups united around a campaign of "Save Our Beloved Country" and the escalating ethnic violence was halted, Frazer noted.

Civil society is also being promoted by the African Union, an organization of 53 member states from across the continent founded in 2002. The organization now refuses to seat any African leaders who gained power by a military coup.

This is an example of a cultural shift toward good governance that has been slow, but is under way, she said. As a next step, the union should also refuse to seat leaders who appear with the union to legitimize their contested elections, as Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe did in the wake of troubled elections in 2008, Frazer said.

"Better governance in Africa is not going to come from the United States yelling at Robert Mugabe," she said. "And it's not going to come even from a lot of us running in to be electoral monitors, even though that is extremely important.

"Good governance in Africa is ultimately going to come from civil society in the countries themselves, and from strengthening institutions, both internally but also regionally and continentally. Changing the norms, strengthening the institutions and supporting civil society domestically, I think, are going to be the key areas in which we and our policymakers should be focused."

gachora said...

I am in touch with many church and community leaders who are sad about the situation in Central and other parts of the country as well [mungiki is only the kikuyu version of the SLDF or the chinkororo etc]. Our contribution to the solution is to pray and talk to each other respectfully. My own grandfather died a pauper and hard of hearing after beatings he got in Manyani for fighting for the freedom of this country. And I can tell you he never spoke ill of other communities. I grew up among other communities in Naivasha and didn't hear of the kind of tribal hatred among the poor migrant workers as I read here from highly educated people. When you abuse another person/community just because of their tribe, you actually harm yourself more than you do to your supposed "enemy" I have held Raila Odinga and other non-kikuyus in high esteem over the years and it pains to hear tribal hatred directed to all Kikuyus as if they all think and behave the same way. And even those who think Kibaki is a great leader should be given their space. They are Kenyans like you and me. Let's think solutions. Not stoking an already burning furnace.

Anonymous said...

The destabilizing effects of an imploding Somalia are much more of a threat to Kenya than internal wrangles, however atrocious. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

It is said that we first hate people then look for reasons to hate them, the political class in central have lied to kikuyus and cuased them to feel superior to people and now the see that it does not profit them,feeling superior does not put food on the table, they have deflected attention for too long.....All along I heard that kikuyus were murdered because RAO called them adui....someone here is now admitting that they were murdered because of nose in the air attitude towards some point it was because the voted for kibaki.....this is a problem running around looking for a cause....its called tailoring........deciet. a LIE....a lie has very short legs it cannot run very far....

Now the down trodden are realising they were just a pawn in the game. Used and dismissed, the current economic situation does not help.....karua is in a box....the animal is eatings its young....mungiki has tasted wil not relinquish it easily...central better wake up and face the truth, or it will only get worse...its true, this is a countrywide problem politicians abusing the trust of wanaanchi, the rest of the kenyan politicians are soon facing the same fate come elections......kenya has changed....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that our corruption, gross inequities, our noisy vulgarity, our selfishness, our ineptitude seem so much stronger than good influences at work in our society? Why do the good among us seem so helpless while the worst are full of vile energy?" -The Trouble With Nigeria, Page 2 By Chinua Achebe

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.14
A whole load of tribalism crap coming from someone who uses the word 'sir'. The fact that someone said that kikuyus have 'attitude' doesnt make them so and you should know better. If people say luos are arrogant, does it make them so? This is the trouble with our nation which needs fixing

Andruid said...

Does this kajamaa have a tapeworm in his head?

Anonymous said...

The Kikuyu deception, fraud and lies never cease to amaze. Sample this:

"The Maize nonsense: Public Health minister Beth Mugo, Parliament Agriculture Committee chair John Mututho, Gender minister Esther Murugi and many others have waded in, pointing the finger at the Prime Minister.

The politics of maize that has swung the pendulum from Mr Ruto to Mr Odinga is very strange indeed. But then it is all politics, where simple facts do not matter, only FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT.

Simple facts like the one where the Customs Department has confirmed that the suspect contaminated maize shipment is all intact and in safe custody.

Anonymous said...

....and only a fool cannot see that the vigilante's face has started resembling that of Mungiki.

After the murder of the three children, even after their confession that they were forced into Mungiki, in future they'll become a pain in the ass of those who started it. Maybe they'll also ask for fee from every villager to protect them from mungiki, then they'll start collecting fee from matatu to protect them from mungiki, and finally from shopkeepers to protect them from Mungiki.

Guys can't you see all these is possible?

I'm foreseeing a war among the Kikuyus if the government can't stop all these. The government should not allow the vigilantes to take law into their hands, but they should move fast to solve this problem. If they can't then it'll be a lesson among the Kikuyus that a government led by a Kikuyu isn't an assurance to milk and honey to all Kikuyus.

But please note that this also applies to Luos, Kalenjins, Kambas, Luhyas, Mijikendas etc.


Anonymous said...

Anon said
The Kikuyu deception, fraud and lies never cease to amaze. Sample this:
"The Maize nonsense: Public Health minister Beth Mugo, Parliament Agriculture Committee chair John Mututho, Gender minister Esther Murugi and many others have waded in, pointing the finger at the Prime Minister"

The Kikuyu Tribe has arguably 6million people. 3 people belonging to the tribe say Raila stole or something close that. How does that make it a joint statement by the other say 5,999,997 million? This is 0.00005% of the whole tribe. Anon this is the nonesense we are talking about here. I again recomend the just 63 page book "The trouble with Nigeria" to cure your sickness
BTW I have noted you have continously posted abusive comments here. could you be kind not to use abusive language? It protends a lack of decency and decorum clearly expected of a middle class (am assuming this since you either own a comp or can afford working hours to surf) whom the rest look up to for deliverence of a future kenya? And do you use this same language to your kikuyu friends and collegues (yes everyone has a friend/ collegue from the major tribes)? I highly doubt. Then why do you hide behind KK to say these clearly unacceptable things? Why not just face your "enemies" then on a day to day basis, let your neigbours, friends, collegues, business partners, fellow workers and mama mboga know how you feel about them and their 'tribe'
Have a productive afternoon

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:50 AM,

I stand by what I said.

When it comes to Raila virtually all Kikuyus think and behave the same: the silly, intense, irrational, knee jerk hatred of Raila comes into ridiculous "play"

Just take this maize issue: Yes, I do have Kikuyu friends and over the last few days I have been having some, what I would prefer to call crazy, arguments with all of them (they are 6 in number). They have always been insisting that Raila is the one who "planted" this maize that was found in central. Even after customs confirmed that the maize was safe and secure in silos at Mombasa, all of them still try to justify Raila's hand in the maize that was found in central - 2 of them even claim that Raila wants to Kill Kikuyu's. How ABSURD can one get?!?!

I shall repeat again, when it comes to Raila, virtually all of you Kyuks loose your marbles and go a bit mad. Your Wazee's did a very "good" job of brainwashing you.

You talk of decency and decorum, decency and decorum is two way. You cannot expect us to behave with decency and decorum while on the other hand you behave with disrespect, fraud, deception and theft - as in the stealing of the elections of December '07 in broad daylight and then the real looser having himself sworn in in secrecy under the cover of darkness at state house..... You will only get decency and decorum from us when you behave likewise. Decency and decorum, like respect, is two way.

Anonymous said...

I believe that, hopeless as she may seem today, Kenya is not absolutley beyond redemption. Critical, yes, but not entirely hopeless. But everyday of continued neglect brings her even closer to the brink of the abyss. To pull her back and turn her around is clearly beyond contrivance of mediocre leadership. It calls for greatness.

Anonymous said...

Anon said
"When it comes to Raila virtually all Kikuyus think and behave the same: the silly, intense, irrational, knee jerk hatred of Raila comes into ridiculous "play"

And where did you get these statistics on Kikuyus? Did you do a survey to determine this? or were you alleged 6 friends your sample? Please sober up. Generalisation is what has always led to genocides world over. Please read widely. You also claim to want to 'recieve' decency, again you are assuming decency from a whole tribe eg If a whole village treats you decently, but the village idiot insults you, do you insult the whole village? Like Obama says change starts with the guy you see in the mirror. Sober up and stop being emotional. Remember, hate will destroy you first!

Anonymous said...

Anonimous said "I shall repeat again, when it comes to Raila, virtually all of you Kyuks loose your marbles and go a bit mad. Your Wazee's did a very "good" job of brainwashing you"
Hasnt the same brainwashing happened to you. Most of your time you spend arguing about and defending Raila; arguing with you friends, spending the whole day blogging defending him. Dont you think, just like Kibaki and other leaders before and after, Raila is also capable of commiting fraud? Even Jesus refused the tag 'mr clean'. Why are you assuming the same for Raila and spending virtually all your time and energy arguing about it and labling a whole tribe thieves?

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why its absurd to think that Raila wants to kill kyuks, Wasn't he the fellow on BBc hard talk who was at pains to concinve a visibly horrified BBC anchor why it was in the best interest of Kenyan Democracy to burn little kikuyu children in churches.

The look on the poor Briton's face was something to see.

ODM lost the election when that church went up in flames. After that the world had to choose between a thief and a mass murderer

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.21 your comments are childish to say the least
You remind me of a village bully i encountered growing up who beat all the boys since he could tell who among them had thrown a wraped paper at him. You have won the shouting match but lost the argument. Now go rest, sleep and think positive!

Anonymous said...

ask yourself why you have not finished that report/assignment/ task today; and you will find that its coz you were blogging the whole day posting rubbish and poisoning your mind with negative counterproductive thoughts....
Breath in and out (slowly). Now stop and think before you post that comment or just stop altogether and think about your future, your childrens future and their generation. Would you want them to experience this hatred?
Enjoy your evening

Anonymous said...

I talked about "attitude" and it is the real reason kaleos killed kikuyus. It does not matter how many kiuks have that "attitude". If someone incited kaleos, he knew they had a problem with kikuyu "attitude". It is something that bothers kaleos a lot and kikuyu leaders need to address it in the reconciliation talks. You will often hear kales say they have no problem with other tribes settling in "their" lands but kikuyus: NO. I wont say my tribe but am neither, kaleo, kikuyu nor luo.

Anonymous said...

I repeat again:

"When it comes to Raila virtually all Kikuyu's think and behave the same: the silly, intense, irrational, knee jerk hatred of Raila comes into ridiculous "play." They go NUTS!

This is what not only I but also my other friends from other tribes experience very frequently - I think my "sample size" is fairly large and representative.

Just mention Raila - they call him Raira - to Kikuyu's and they immediately and swiftly loose all their marbles.

It's funny you mention Obama, this reminds me, you will disagree with this but it is a fact, during the democratic primaries virtually all Kyuks were rooting for Hillary Clinton. They wanted Obama to loose - in their minds Obama was a Jaruo, a Kihii. When Obama won you could clearly see the obvious disappointment in virtually all Kyuks, they tried to hide it but it was too obvious, it could not be hidden. They had this very loud deflated look in their eyes. To them Obama's win was a tragedy.

All I can say is that you people are sick, living in denial, suffering from delusions of superiority over other tribes.... You are sick. No wonder their is CIVIL WAR going on in central province.

Anonymous said...

No wonder there is civil war in central. The hate that Kyuks have been showing other Kenyan tribes has come back home to roost very violently. Munauana, Munapigana na Munakatana Vichwa nyinyi wenyewe.

Malipo ni hapa hapa duniani.

Anonymous said...

A psychology expert, Prof Samson Munywoki, says the Mungiki menace is a social problem that if not addressed may lead to further turmoil.

Munywoki, a lecturer at United States International University (USIU), described the people involved in the brutal killings as "a group of frustrated youths with feelings of helplessness." He said: "They are people who cannot meet their daily needs and the way to satisfy themselves is to vent their anger on the society, which they accuse of neglecting them."

He said for a human being to resort to such weird actions that involve severing body parts, it shows they are "terribly desperate". "They are people who seem to have lost hope in life as everything seems to be against them. This makes them behave in extra-ordinary ways," said the lecturer. Some victims of the macabre deaths last month had marks of cult killings, with body parts, including ears and tongues sliced off.

The killers of two women in Ngurungu village, Esther Wanjiku and Susan Kirunda, slashed off their breasts, while another victim had his tongue forked out.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:48 AM whacha hiyo deception yako. You may try to throw in cheeky excuses but the fact remains that Kibaki STOLE the elections.

Ultimate responsibility of what happened at the church falls at Kibakis feet, if he had accepted the peoples verdict none of these unnecessary deaths would have occurred. You do not steal an election and expect the people you stole from to give you a standing ovation, if you were expecting this that is UPUMBAVU, pumbavu expections.

kabila adui said...

Here's insights from a previous contributor. No need to waste time talking. Put your Kikuyu hatred into action and this time around dont use the Kalenjin as your toilet paper:

muigwithania2.0 said...
“No people in history have ever survived who thought they could protect their freedom by making themselves inoffensive to their enemies” -Dean Acheson(1893 –1971) RIP Kiambaa Chuch Victims.

There is no point insulting one another .The John Maina's,Githongo's,william ruto's Okello's Taabu's etc .I look forward to seeing you in the future.Some times men need to stop talking and settle things without talking 2012 is not far.

5/15/09 8:06 AM

Anonymous said...

lol at those who think mungiki is for all poor kenyans.Mungiki is for poor kikuyus.If they can hack in central province .What will they do if given a chance in Nyanza. Do not be fooled .Those who know what Mungiki is about know its all about Kikuyu empowerment. Its fights the kikuyu elite because the kikuyu elite want to hold on to kenya and in the process limiting the awakening of the Kikuyu Nation. Their current enemy maybe the kikuyu elite but their true enemy thinks they are their friends .

Progressive Kikuyu said...

Amidst all the irrationality and mudslinging that passes for debate whenever Kenyans talk at each other is the missing dimension.

Are many of you aware that Kamau King'ara and Paul Oulo were doing work at the grassroots level to empower people at the grassroots via community organization? That they were offering free legal clinics and representation for the poorest of the poor? Imagine that there was a real prospect that the poorest of poor Kenyans irrespective of ethnicity or regional background were beginning to coalesce into a potential progressive movement for change in Kenya?

I am sure that spokesman Mutua can explain why the elite class feared Kamau King'ara so much. Where they afraid that he was offering a credible and constructive alternative to the old and tired worn out strategies? Who was afraid of the democratic quest for peace, justice and equality that Oscar espoused?

If you can answer these questions then you have a very bright future.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how some people are quick to support Mungiki even when they do not understand what mungiki really is. Conitinue singing their support.Even the saudi's sang osamas praise at one time .When the shock hits you that Mungiki is all about enforcing Kikuyu culture on everyone. You will awake from your sleep

Anonymous said...

"MUNGIKI" problem is not Kikuyu problem but a national problem. I've put punctuation marks because what you see is not the original MUNGIKI, but desperate youth, who feel their poverty has been caused by rich people around them.


All in not lost, change is with all of us here, but only when we put tribalism aside. Once we all embrace unity we will see the milk and honey that has been lying next to us.


Kikuyus, don't rely on Kibaki and Mt Kenya mafia.

Luos, don't rely on Raila and ODM stalwarts.

Kalenjins don't rely on Ruto and his friends.

Kambas, don't rely on Kalonzo, Ngilu and Mwaus.


All a politician needs is love for the country and love for its people. If I love Kenya and Kenyans, how can I steal from them? I swear I can't.

I know the challenges that leaders in kenya face in fighting corruption and that's why I knew Kibaki couldn't fight, and that's why I can boldly tell all of you that neither Raila, Ruto, Kalonzo nor Uhuru fight corruption, which if not fought then FORGET ABOUT REFORMS!



Anonymous said...


We need to separate ourselves from them and then we will all realise that we were wasting time fighting. They have blindfloded us for a long time that sometimes we think we are fighting for our own rights or our thoughts are independent.


Kenya belongs to us and we need to take it from the 'hyena jaws' of our leaders.

They have all along made us to fight one another, and they think it will be business as usual come 2012. Let's tell them this will not be the case and WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT IT AGAIN.


click here and defeat tribalism said...

A sample of the plain lies being used to mount a campaign of hatred.

"It's funny you mention Obama, this reminds me, you will disagree with this but it is a fact, during the democratic primaries virtually all Kyuks were rooting for Hillary Clinton. They wanted Obama to loose - in their minds Obama was a Jaruo, a Kihii. When Obama won you could clearly see the obvious disappointment in virtually all Kyuks, they tried to hide it but it was too obvious, it could not be hidden. They had this very loud deflated look in their eyes. To them Obama's win was a tragedy."

These lies were tried at mashada during the primaries; the poster provided a false link in which Kikuyus were ostensibly raising money for Hillary. He was challenged to name names, give substantial evidence but nothing came out of it because the truth of the matter is it was all a LIE.

I worked for the Obama campaign from the lonely days of New Hampshire when it seems as though we were headed nowhere.

The only Kenyan I know who supported not even Hillary against Obama but McCain, is a Luo called Juliette Akinyi, daughter of the famed columnist Philip Ochieng

Anonymous said...

"I once thought that by killing a Kikuyu I was fighting for my rights, but when that Kikuyu died I quickly realised that I was fighting for my leader's interest. Here I was, my hands smeared with blood from an innocent victim, haunted day and night, still living in abject poverty - my life had simply become worse than it was before."

"I once thought that by killing a Luo, I was revenging from the killings of my cousins. Who afterall were not even killed by Luos, but by Kalenjins. I thought I will live a happy life, even get paid for assisting my leaders in committing this atrocious act. But I realised I fell into their traps when they came killing us, now calling us thugs, instead of freedom fighters as they had done before. My life is now worse than when it was before."


If Kumekucha wants to increase traffic by the current posts then it's better you stop. We know negativism sells more than positivism. But we are in time where we should think about the future of Kenya and separate tribe from our leaders or individuals from tribe.

If Kibaki does wrong then it's Kibaki and not Kikuyus. If Raila or few Luos in Kibara does wrong then it it's those and not Luos.


They know that business will be as usual that's why they are rallying behind each other to collect support for 2012.




Where Real estate adverts will not be filled with " good house located in a well secured place", instead it will be filled with "2 bedroom house for low income earners" since low income earners will be able to afford house.


Anonymous said...



Health Ministry now backtracks on maize
Update 11 hours and 4 minutes ago
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NAIROBI, Kenya, May 19 - The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation has assured Kenyans that all imported maize in circulation is generally fit for human consumption.

In a statement faxed to newsrooms late on Monday, Permanent Secretary Mark Bor said that all maize imported into the country had been inspected by competent authorities.

He reaffirmed the ministry’s commitment to continue monitoring the distribution of the commodity and urged Kenyans to be vigilant to any suspicious activity which might affect food safety.

“The Public Health Officers will continue to undertake surveillance to ensure food safety and if there is anything suspicious, it should be reported to the nearest health office,” Mr Bor stated.

The PS further assured that the consignment of 6,254.530 metric tonnes of contaminated maize from South Africa was in the custody of the Kenya Revenue Authority.

He said that the maize would be disposed of expeditiously under the watchful eye of the government.

“This maize is awaiting reshipment or destruction under strict government supervision,” Mr Bor stated.

He urged Kenyans to exercise patience and not to panic over the imported maize.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga had last week dismissed reports that the contraband maize recovered in parts of Central Kenya was the same that was declared unsafe at the port of Mombasa.

In Parliament last week and backed by numerous documents, the Premier told MPs that the imported maize that was found to be unfit for human consumption is still being held at the port, contrary to reports that the maize was on sale in some parts of the country.

In the past week, maize in South African-labelled bags was recovered in Murang’a and parts of Nairobi, raising fears that the recently imported maize could be in circulation even though it was declared unfit for human and animal consumption.

Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director Dr Kioko Mange'li had also allayed fears that the maize being sold in the country was contaminated.

He had confirmed that the maize in the market is fit for human consumption, refuting claims that contaminated maize has found its way into the Kenyan market.

Fears that contaminated maize is being consumed in the country came about after Public and Health Minister Beth Mugo alleged that 6,254.53 metric tonnes of maize that had tested unfit for consumption had disappeared from the Mombasa port.

The maize that was offloaded at the port of Mombasa from MV Fonarun Naree last year has created confusion among Kenyans following reports by government agencies that the maize was unfit for human consumption after high levels of aluminum phosphide that could cause food poisoning and cancer were detected in the grain.

Mr Mang'eli however said that the maize in circulation in the country has been certified as fit for human consumption.

Anonymous said...

"I once thought that by killing a Kikuyu I was fighting for my rights, but when that Kikuyu died I quickly realised that I was fighting for my leader's interest. Here I was, my hands smeared with blood from an innocent victim, haunted day and night, still living in abject poverty - my life had simply become worse than it was before."

"I once thought that by killing a Luo, I was revenging from the killings of my cousins. Who afterall were not even killed by Luos, but by Kalenjins. I thought I will live a happy life, even get paid for assisting my leaders in committing this atrocious act. But I realised I fell into their traps when they came killing us, now calling us thugs, instead of freedom fighters as they had done before. My life is now worse than when it was before."


If Kumekucha wants to increase traffic by the current posts then it's better you stop. We know negativism sells more than positivism. But we are in time where we should think about the future of Kenya and separate tribe from our leaders or individuals from tribe.

Anonymous said...

anon stop your sycophancy....kwani you are railas malaya? Does he screw you every night so that you know for sure he cant steal? even JC said he was not holy, why do you assume your mortal tribal chief is greater than Him? Kwani what does he give you mpaka you can fall to death and waste your whole day idolizing/defending him? What an idiot! Grow a brain

Anonymous said...

anon malaya, am sure unaweza kutrap mshuto ya raila ukule na ugali. How low can you stoop for a human like you?

Anonymous said...,%20gang

"In some parts of the province, grassroots leaders cannot openly condemn the gang because they have been threatened with death"

Anonymous said...

Kenyans have had three presidents since independence; Kenyatta, Moi, and now Kibaki. 2/3 of our presidents have been Kikuyu. That said, what good have these self-centered tribalists done for their poor who continue forming the biggest block of Kenya's unemployed, squatters, and disposessed. And what good have these reactionary leaders done for other Kenyans at large?

Progressive Kikuyu said...

I find it rather interesting that a couple of months ago, Kibaki found time (bullied by Lucy is the more apt term) to hold a very rare press conference declaring that he was not a polygamist, but has yet to speak out publicly against this recent state of affairs pitting brother against brother!

Anonymous said...

International vendors eye Kenya's online business
IDG News Service

Aware of the prospective business that the fiber-optic cable in East Africa will provide, international technology companies have embarked on aggressive promotional exercises

Aware of the prospective business that the fiber-optic cable in East Africa will provide, international technology companies have embarked on aggressive promotional exercises.

The promotional exercises have involved training of government officials given that government services provide substantial business to service providers and equipment vendors. Kenya, for example, intends to digitize the manual records at the ministries and provide online services, which will reduce the cost to many people.

Orange Business Services organized the first workshop for government officials in Mombasa last month in conjunction with Cisco, Oracle, HP East Africa, Microsoft, Intel, Deloitte, Dimension Data and Google. A second training event was organized by AccessKenya last week and representatives from Cisco, Oracle, NetApp, the ministry of information and communication and the Kenya ICT Board made presentations.

The workshops were a forum for the companies to introduce government officials to the services they are offering and some of the success stories in Africa and abroad. The workshops also provided a platform for the government and the private sector to deliberate on key priority areas and identify areas for partnership in public service delivery.

Companies made presentations on shared services, managed services, cloud computing, project management, use of mobile broadband for last mile solutions, WiMax technology, green IT and how it can be achieved in Kenya as well as availability of local technical support.

"There are some services that the government can offer and there are others which can be offered by the private sector; it is important to demarcate such areas before the online services boom once the fiber projects are complete," said Paul Kukubo, CEO, Kenya ICT Board.

"It is important for government officials to understand the products available in the market and how they can improve service delivery," said Jonathan Somen, MD, AccessKenya Group.

There are 42 government ministry Web sites that can be moved to a shared infrastructure to make it easier to manage the content, distribute and manage the records, said Somen.

One crucial presentation was on the role of Project Management Office in delivering projects. The presentation, made by Elijah Kibogo of Deloitte, was important given the systematic failure of government projects because of lack of proper management.

The presentation emphasized the role of PMO in ensuring clarity and managed reporting systems and the example used was the Deloitte Enterprise Management framework. Kibogo also addressed critical success factors and short comings of PMO.

Recognizing the importance of PMO in ICT, the Kenya ICT board said it would lead in training business people and advocating implementation of PMO methodology in all technology projects in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

peace begets peace
accept diversity and progress; our grandchildren will thank us for peace

Anonymous said...

@4:02 am--and by the same token what did the one that ruled the longest (moi) do for his people. And just to educate you--Moi's rule separates Jomo's and Emilio's by a cool 24 years of Kikuyu destruction and just two years short of Jomo's and Emilio's combined. So.....go stuff your ass with the 2/3 falsehood. In fact, get your dimply ass up and off to Baringo district. You know--> Bogoria, Marigat and further north.
Do try, you stupid imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Some idiot with a tapeworm in his head always drags in Kikuyus and Mungiki story when people here criticise Raila. I am yet to figure the connection between Raila issues and mungikis/ kikuyus in general. Are you saying Raila did not steal because Kikuyus are theives? Has swine flu gotten into your rotten egg head? Why is it easy to consider Kibaki, Uhuru, Ruto etc as possible fraudsters but IMPOSSIBLE for Raila to do the same? Why? Why? Why?
NB: And please dont play your usual mungiki/kikuyu fraud BS. You are becoming too predictable and boring from blogging

Anonymous said...

Kagame tomba wao!

Anonymous said...

Kagame keep the mashaizi away! Inyenze imutu....karambaramba!!!
Tomba wao mpaka congo ya kati.
Kagame kiboko yao!

Anonymous said...

Kagame hoiyeeee

Anonymous said...

All tribalists on this blog are absolute IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

Museveni’s "Final Solution" For Luos
By Milton Allimadi
May 19th, 2009

Washington helped sustain Museveni's genocidal tyranny under Bill Clinton and both President George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Will there be a break under President Obama?

Bullies eventually go too far.

Uganda dictator Yoweri Museveni’s expansionist dream and claims over the Kenyan island of Migingo, accompanied with his blood libel of Luos as "mad" people has backfired.

For the first time, people beyond Uganda are carefully examining the other past utterances and incitement to hate by this man within and without Uganda.

Whereas most people use their powers and skills of persuasion through debates and oratory to gain political support and office, Museveni doesn’t have time for such niceties.

His path to power has been through the barrel of the gun; and along the way and thereafter, he has used incitement to stir hate against his perceived enemies, to gain power and then to maintain his regime.

Museveni started a long time ago.

In his thesis paper, while at the University of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, long before he ruled over anything, he praised the virtues of terror. To embolden freedom fighters, he argued, it was good for Africans to see other Africans holding the severed head of a European.

He did not limit his focus to Whites.

In Uganda, he incited hatred towards ethnic Luos by claiming that all Acholis were associated with Idi Amin and Milton Obote since they were all northerners; and therefore they were all culpable in genocide towards non-Nilotic people. No Ugandan will forget one of the past elections in which his party ran a full page newspaper advertisement simply displaying skulls. The implication was that if Ugandans did not vote for him, candidates less hostile to Acholis would allow Nilotics to carry out genocide.

Ironically, it now turns out that the advertisement should have been seen as a warning of what Museveni had in store for Uganda, for Rwanda and DR Congo.

During the earlier era of his regime in Uganda, one of Museveni's acolytes argued that in Uganda there were human beings and then there were "biological substances": Nilotics, specifically the Acholis, belonged to the latter category, the Museveni acolyte claimed.

Anonymous said...

So successful was Museveni in dehumanizing Acholis that barely a cry was heard when he corralled the entire 2 million population into concentration camps –where the majority still languish and die—using the bogus claim that he was protecting them from Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army.

Kony must be embarrassed—the death rate of Ugandans at the hands of the LRA pales miserably when compared to the number of victims of Museveni’s Luo Pogrom.

In 2005, a survey commissioned, embarrassingly, by Uganda’s own Ministry of Health and The World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that more than 1,000 excess deaths of civilians occurred per week in the concentration camps from hunger, dehydration, and treatable diseases.

Please see:

Elsewhere there were reports of targeted rapes of civilians –both women and men—allegedly by soldiers known to have been HIV-positive.

Since there were more than 200 camps and some had been in existence for more than 20 years, it’s conceivable that more than one million Acholis have been exterminated by Museveni. Not even the International Criminal Court (ICC) has claimed that the number of people killed by Kony –who deserves the indictment handed up by the ICC-- come anywhere close to a fraction of this figure.

Unlike the genocide in Rwanda, which was bloody and which was often captured on videotape, and where victims were hacked with machetes, the victims of Museveni’s genocide die slowly; they whither away through hunger, thirst and diseases.

They die through planned neglect. It is tantamount to what could be described as a Brilliant Genocide. The Nazis, who took great pride in their scientific precision, would have been impressed.

Museveni's pathological hatred of people of Luo heritage knows no bounds and during the U.S. Presidential primaries
he even took a swipe at then Senator Barack Obama in an remark published in a local Uganda paper as a candidate who merely appealed to African Americans; how wrong was he then.

How bitter is he now?

And how did the international community allow this man to get away with such mass murder in Uganda?

Washington helped sustain Museveni's genocidal tyranny under Bill Clinton and both President George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Will there be a break under President Obama? The jury is still out.

To begin with, Museveni volunteered as a Western puppet, much like Mobuttu had done during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

He overthrew the government of Juvenal Habyarimana in Rwanda –it cost more than one million lives—when Washington and London wanted to displace French influence there. He then deposed Zaire’s ailing dictator Mobuttu when he was no longer of any use to the U.S. and U.K.; there again, seven million Congolese paid the price, to open the way for looting of resources by Western companies that don’t want to pay taxes to the government in Kinshasa.

Anonymous said...

Please see:

During one visit to Rwanda when most of the corpses had been washed away down the Kegera River, while addressing a rally he is reported to have decried any talk of reconciliation: He said that if someone killed his entire family he would also wipe out that person’s family.

In more recent years, Museveni has done Washington’s bidding by sending Ugandan troops for "peace keeping" in Somalia, even after some of them had already committed genocide in Congo; and he also has allowed Ugandan security guards to serve in Iraq.

But beyond that, Museveni has a brilliant reading of the Western mindset.

A few years ago, he exonerated European slavers while maligning all Black people at the same time, in The Atlantic Monthly, one of America’s leading magazines: The article, not surprisingly appeared under the macabre headline "African Success Story."

In this September 1994 article, written by Bill Berkley –later a New York Times writer and now a journalism professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, Museveni said he did "not blame white people" for capturing Africans into slavery.

"If you are stupid, you should be enslaved," Museveni said.
That’s precisely the policy Museveni has enforced against Luos in Uganda. It’s also what he might wish upon Luos in Kenya.

After all, if he advocates the enslavement of "stupid" people, what might he have in store for "mad" people?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wacheni ukabila jameni katika africa mashariki. Watutsi, wajaluo, wakikuyu, wanyamwezi, wacholi wote ni watu. Tafadhali tuheshimiane ili tupate amani. Kama katika nchi zenu hakuna umoja, munatarajia vipi kuwe na umoja katika jumuhia ya africa mashariki?

Anonymous said...

Now Rwandese, Ugandans and Tanzanians have hijacked this blog and brought here their tribal agendas and local politics. Please, we are looking for soultions to KENYAN problems

Anonymous said...

Now tribalists from both sides want to change this from Kikuyu-Luo rivalry in kenya into Bantu-Nilot tussle in the greater EA. Please keep your tribalism away. Let us be reasonable to each other

Anonymous said...

Taabu, do you now see the effect of your careless words. I will keep all this until the day you turn into a kabuga

Anonymous said...

Taabu, whether you are Luo or not, whether you plan it with Phil and Chris, can you see your handiwork has provoked triblaism across East African. Is SHAME the right word or you? I thought so.

Mwambu said...

The wider Kikuyu nation is complicit in this Mungiki charade. For the longeest time the Mungiki were killing people of different ethnicities in the slums of Nairobi and nary a Kikuyu said anything about these sadistic and heinous Mungiki murders. Why? The victims were 'other'. Now that the hydra headed monster has metastasized and is now ravaging Central, I can't help but me reminded of that famous poem thus:

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn't speak up because I was not a Communist;

And then they came for the Trade Unionists, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Trade Unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew;

And then....they came for me....And by that time there was no one else left to speak up."

I know there are a few good Kikuyus out there, but for the rest of you, your hypocrisy is laughable and is a warning that the chickens have come home to roost. When did Mungiki become a "national problem"? Where were most of you self-righteous yet hypocritical Kikuyus when your Mungiki brothers were unleashing their pathologies on innocent Kenyans over the last twenty years or so?

Anonymous said...

SAD TO SEE NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT KUMEKUCHA. IT HAS morphed into MASHADA and sinks further into the abyss with its tribal baiting.
How long do you think posting such bigotry will drive traffic to your blog?
You are turning into the Hassan Ngezes of the internet. This is how kangura started and before you know it, people belive the shit you post.

I hope you realise you are part of the problem and not the solution. You repeatedly criticise our leaders for their ineptitude and yet, you haven't bothered to look at yourselves and examine why your prose is descending into the realms of fascism.

Solutions to Kenya's problems will certainly not be found here, they will be found by people who put the welfare of ALL peoples of Kenya above tribal rantings irrespective of whether they are politicians in Bunge, or bloggers hiding behind the mask of anonymity on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:29 AM,

The country called Kenya is deeply messed up, moving in the wrong direction and leaderless.

For you to come here and expect to find people hugging and kissing one anther is heavily misplaced.

What you see happening here at Kumekucha is the exact reflection of what is going on outside there - offline.

There are many problems in Kenya right now but the biggest is that we have a so called president who is totally clueless when it comes to leadership and on top of that, he is excercizing a mandate that he STOLE, That, my fellow friends here at Kumekucha, is the major reason why Kenya is in the mess it is in right now.

Anonymous said...

Look, let's keep it simple. Kenya had ethnic faultlines. What opened the Pandora's Box was the stolen election.

Further, ODM conceeded and Raila agreed to PM. Next you had Mathura undermining the PM.

If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that the problem is not tribalism per-se but the stolen election and Central intransigence.

That is the TRUTH.

Jigga said...


1.Commissioner General - Mr. M. G. Waweru

2. Customs Services

Commissioner - Mrs. Wambui Namu

3.Domestic Taxes - Large Tax Payers Office

Commissioner - Mr. John Njiraini

Senior Deputy Commissioner - Alice Owour
Deputy Commissioner - Charity Giteru
Deputy Commissioner - Githii Mburu

4. Motor Vehicles

Commissioner - Mr. Simeon ole Kirgotty

5. Support Services

Commissioner - Mr. Mumo Matemu

6. Investigation & Enforcement

Commissioner of - Mr. Joseph Nduati

Anonymous said...

There is a leadership vacuum in Kenya, thus the chaos. It will only get worse before it gets better.

Anonymous said...

Majimbo has been trivialised to mean murder mayhem and discrimination. Its quite sad.

Majimbo is federalism, which is moving some autonomy down to sub-regional levels of government, not what political parties are insinuating and no im neither ODM and PNU.

There are so many people who advocate for a Kenyan form of federalism, and this would at least bring some governance down to the lower levels, we can establish councils of villagers, where they have representatives that attend to their day to day queries, and MP's can be mandated to attend weekly sessions with their constituents.

Just little "majimbo" things like this would be beneficial

Anonymous said...

I wonder what we really are discussing here. If you read between the lines, the author has just gone on to mention 'gatekeepers' as a cause of our problems etc etc. My question to the author is this. Why don't you tell us how we can change this country, begining with you, then me, then every other kenyan?
Furthermore, Mungiki is a criminal gang. It does not matter how, when, where or what it was formed for. It's like the kuklax clan or the mafia. All you really need to say is once we have a young reformer (who we cannot claim to know of) then we could just organize the police in order to execute security reforms simple. all this other chatter is simply gossip!

Anonymous said...

When someone like Anon @9:03 p.m steps onto this thread to advertise his doltish arguments I cannot help but sympathise with the ignoramus.

Repeat after me Anon 9:03p.m. And repeat it again until it sinks into your little underdeveloped brain and outsized skull the following: "Yes, 2/3 of Kenya's prewsidents have been Kikuyu". Here is the difference you little fuque. Here's a little tutorial that you can share with your semi-literate preident Kibaki.

Objectively speaking, Kenya has had three presidents. Of the three, two have been Kikuyu. Fact? Absolutely and irrevocably so. Put differently, this is the objective and absolute. However, at a purely subjective level, one could argue that what is more important is the length of time each president had in office. This is what I would define as the relative argument.

Kenyatta as Kenya's first president should have laid the cornerstone, foundation and framework for Kenya's future much the same way that Nyerere did in Tanzania. Kenyatta's fifteen years as president was arguably the most important for a formative young nation-state like Kenya. Your god Kenyatta had the opportunity to mould Kenya into a cohesive, progressive and united nation but failed dismally because he was more intent in promoting and advocating his narrow ethnocentric Kikuyu interests. It has been persuasively argued that under the Kenyatta ethnocracy Kenya was a state but hardly a nation.

Moi was a product and extesion of Kenyatta, hence his "fuata Nyayo" hogwash masquareding as a "philosophy" of 'Love, Peace and Unity'. In any case, Moi as Kenyatta and Kenyatta as Moi can easily be discerned by the loving support Moi has given Jomo's son, the Mungiki GODFATHER, Uhuru Kenyatta, since Jomo's death in 1978. In any case, Moi's Vice-President's were all Kikuyu; Kibaki, Karanja, Muthengi AKA Saitoti. Therefore, even under Moi It was Kikuyu rule by proxy. (Mudavadi was VP for one month, so he really does not count).

Now, Kenya has the very ably corrupt, inept and totally deceptive Kibaki as president. By any measure, to date, two of the three presidents in Kenya have been Kikuyu. This is the objective and absolute truth. Your argument is merely subjective and relative.

Yes, Moi was president for twenty four years with the "able assistance" of his Kikuyu VPs. What did Kenya achieve under your Kenyatta-Moi-Kibaki triumvirate other than corruption, tribalism, underdevelopment and poverty? Where is Singapore or South Korea relative to Kenya despite both having been at the same socio-economic and political development stage in the 1960s?

Frankly, your petit-god Johnston Muigai ati Jomo Kenyatta was the worst thing that ever happened to Kenya- our very own Idi Amin and Obote combined. Not only was the guy a thief, liar, murderer (Pio Gama Pinto, Mboya JM), he also stole all the land that was meant for the Mau Mau. So, you little twat, you and your other Mungiki Interahamwes continue wallowing in your collective tribal oathing and ignorance. Didn't your prostitute mother and your carjacking, weed smoking Mungiki father teach you how to think? Your Kenyatta-Moi-Kibaki trio have been the best thing that ever happened to human civilization since Galileo. Twat.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.19 you said among other silly things:
"Frankly, your petit-god Johnston Muigai ati Jomo Kenyatta was the worst thing that ever happened to Kenya- our very own Idi Amin and Obote combined"

Heeey!You must have a tapeworm + swine flu in your head. Take all your cooked stupid rubbish back into your big ass, close it there and go to sleep like the boy you are.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, is that the best you've got!! Atherere...Mungiki Interahamwe Oooh....I'm sooo scared....shaking in my boots... you son of a malaya woman who does not even know who his father's is.

First off, start by twanging in your atherere language and tell your depraved SOCIOPATHIC, PSYCOPATHIC and PATHOLOGICAL Mungiki brothers to start behaving like human beings. Ati oething by drinking human blood. Haven't your Mungiki ever heard of STDs or hepatitis? Obviously not.

Now since I am a really fair and nice guy this is what I will do to help you and your atherere Mungiki psycopaths. I am here to be of assistance but if you and your deranged Mungiki brethren don't behave like normal human beings, I will get real upset will corral y'all to Eastern Congo, fence you into a one square mile piece of land with an electric fence, throw in your equally sociopathic Interahamwe Hutu brothers in there and you can all have a swell time dicing, scalping, chopping, slicing, decapitating each other for as looong as you all want.

We will monitor the bloodletting pathologies via CCTV and satelittes and voila! Presto. A very fair deal if you ask me. Is it true that your Mungiki learned their trade from the Interahamwe and consider them as role models? I await your reply on this very seminal question.

Oh... but it seems that I digressed. Your petit-Kikuyu god Kenyatta did NOTHING for Kenya during his senile 15 years ethnocracy except kill Pio Pinto, Mboya and JM, cause poverty, nurture tribalism and mediocrity.

You can rave, rant, and gnash your rotten brown teeth all you want, sleep with your prostitute mother, and it will affect me not one iota boy. I have absolutely NO respect for the thief called Johnston Muigai AKA Jomo Kenyatta, nor for your other petit-god the kleptocratic mega thief, the incompetent Kibaki. You and your Mungiki Interahamwe cause me no worries whatsoever. Zilch. Nada.

As for your limited debating skills, kwani the jiggers that have infested your feet have now meandered their way to infest your obtuse Mungiki brain. Oh...and lest I forget, I've just arrested your malaya mother in a prostitution sting on K-Street. She wants you to bail her out of jail. Ha!Ha! Ha!Ha! Jigger brain.

Anonymous said...

Any Kikuyu who thinks that Uhuru "Mungiki Godfather" Kenyatta will be the next Kenyan president, sorry dude.

Mungiki Uhuru Kenyatta's name is in the envelope that Kofi Annan has yet to hand to the ICC at The Hague. Now imagine that it is January, 2013 a month after General Elections in Kenya. Uhuru has been rigged in as the new president of Kenya. Here is where the fun begins.

The new Kenyan president, Uhuru, is invited to attend an Anti-Poverty Summit in New York and gladly accepts. Upon arrival at JFK Airport, agents of the FBI acting on a warrant issued from the The Hague seize Mungiki godfather and financier Uhuru Kenyatta, handcuff the son of Jomo the thief, and spirit him away onto an executive jet bound for the Hague, to answer charges that he is culpable in the murder of 100innocent Kenyans in and around Naivasha in January 2008.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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