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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Why America And The International Community Are Responsible For The Rising Body Count In Kenya

Plus: Tear gas and heavy police presence stop ODM rally from taking place

One of the saddest scenes in the Kisumu morgue that brought tears to my eyes yesterday was the site of a woman’s very stiff and dead body neatly placed on the floor next to that of a little girl who everybody presumed must have been her daughter. Both had bullet wounds.

And then the utter horror of having women and children trapped in a church where they thought they were safe being burnt alive. Can you imagine the terrible screams of distress and unimaginable pain as they burnt to death? The human body is mostly made up of water and therefore there can be no pain worse than that of being burnt alive.

The victims in the morgue were Luo while those who died the most terrible death were Kikuyu.

The ODM rally as expected has so far not taken place as the heavy police presence at Uhuru Park and in the slum areas surrounding the city has held tight. Nairobi appears to be calm at the moment but violence in the rest of the country is spreading. In fact it may have been a better idea to have let the rally happen so as to ease tensions somewhat. Now that it did not happen, the violence and outrage in ordinary Kenyans is bound to cause much more trouble than we have so far seen.

Thus far we have talked much about Kibaki’s hand in the current crisis but we have left out other major culprits in all this mess. Namely the international community and especially the United States.

For starters, there is evidence that the American intelligence services may have had a hand in the intricate plan to rig the elections. You will remember the Gallup poll just before the elections that took everybody by surprise by showing Kibki slightly ahead of Raila. All other polls gave Raila the lead. The Kumekucha poll (which I believe with all my heart was the most accurate as the voting patterns clearly showed, before the rigging kicked in) gave Raila a lead of well over 60%. But even more interesting was the exit poll also done by an American outfit that showed a Kibaki win. It is clear that somebody was very determined to prove that Mwai Kibaki had a chance of winning against all the evidence on the ground that contradicted this.

Then it was the Americans who were first to congratulate Kibaki on his win. So what changed their mind to such an unprecedented extent that they withdrew their congratulations and instead questioned the poll? There is a possibility that the American’s intelligence service which works most of the time, showed them the real situation on the ground which cannot sustain a Kibaki presidency. Too late!!! The blood of all those dead Kenyans is already on their hands.

But the international community too is guilty for ignoring numerous warnings that all was not well with the Kibaki regime. The most obvious example of this was the Anglo Leasing scam that forced one John Githongo (former ethics PS) into exile because his conscience would not allow him to take easy money from his fellow Kikuyus and shut up.

How did the international community react to that? It reacted by pouring in even more aid into Kenya. In fact the international community is guilty of giving the corrupt Kibaki administration much more breathing space for corruption than was ever given to the Moi government which incidentally was much more of mindful of ordinary folks. The golf playing elitist Kibaki administration has clearly demonstrated that they are completely out of touch.

Well, Kibaki cronies have tasted the contents of the corruption in high places cookie jar and now they will not let go. With support from the Moi family plans were already under way in the run up to the election to ensure continuity even in 2012 through the hands of a trusted new lieutenant Uhuru Kenyatta.

Now as the International community scrambles to find a solution to the escalating crisis in Nairobi, they too must take responsibility for the deaths including that of the mother and her small innocent daughter lying at the Kisumu morgue.

And as they do so, in the next few days they will discover the true character of a man called Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki. I can assure them that they will not like what they find. Already the statement by the government that Kenya does not need a mediator is only a taste of things to come.

Fellow Kenyans let me take this opportunity to admit that I was wrong when I predicted this government would last 3 days. I thought that smart people in State House would quickly read the situation on the ground and do what is sensible. I was wrong. I fear that we now need to dig in for a long long time as one old man called Emilio ensures that now that his legacy and image in the world has been destroyed forever, that there will be no Kenya left for anybody else to have a chance to do a better job than he did. Watch this space as we highlight the true developments in a country where the media has already been gagged and a least one site, is reported to have been shut down.

P.S. Kalonzo Musyoka’s ODM-K did not attend the State House meeting between newly elected MPs and the president. The press were shut out of the meeting. ODM-K say that the reason is that they were not invited properly. No ODM MPs attended either.

P.S. 2 The Uhuru Park Rally has been called off as the AG has called for the formation of an independent body to scrutinize the presidential votes of the recent rigged presidential elections.


Anonymous said...

Chris it is sad. Obviously Kibaki was getting false hope from more than just his Mt. Kenya mates. I suppose the question we should be asking ourselves is are we going to wait for the outside world to step in and sort this mess or should we start looking for solutions ourselves as Kenyans. Fact 1 - majority do not want a Kibaki presidency. Fact 2 -Kenyans have the power to oust him out. How? I am sure someone will work it out. We as Kenyans must not allow Kibaki to take away our democratic right. The average person voted for Raila because they believed he would change their lives. Why should the Mois and Kibakis of this world play God and decide that Raila is not fit to rule? Why should they feel they have to guide Kenyan history? Smell the coffee guys. The future lays in our hands... We let this one pass and we would have ruined the future of this country forever.

Anonymous said...

the mere presence of journalists with video cameras allover the streets has really saved lives. gsu guys wont shoot anyone in front of a journalist. kudos 4th estate! what the hell is wrong withour govt? ati 500m 4 victims? vichwa vyao vimejaa uji na si akili. a perfectly workable solution is for 2months salary ya mps ipelekwe redcross. oh, and kalucys govt pay too.

Unhappy Reader said...

Chris I normally enjoy reading your blog but I regrettably feel the power of the pen is being misused by you. Although it is a powerful tool, you are guiding the minds of your readers in the wrong way.

Some of the articles I read in the past few days are very far fetched.

If this is a way you feel you will gain mileage, unfortunately I and many other readers feel the opposite is true.

Let's look for a way forward...

Unhappy reader

Wafula said...

If Raila is truly a statesman, then he should heed the AG's call for an independent tallying of votes from VALID form 16 and 16A.
As for now no one can really tell if the forms carried by Ruto as having come from Molo are truly genuine.They were just allegations.
I really sympathize with the innocent lives that are being lost just in the name of alleged vote rigging because it's the poor majority that is only affected while the middle class and the upper class are seated pretty at their peaceful neighborhoods behind their laptops,TV's and radio's catching up on the unfolding media events.
Kibaki might have been rigged in by ECK but at the same time ODM should also be honest with their allegations, otherwise they are will also be held responsible for the loss of Kenyan lives.
As a point of reference i'd like everyone to go back to a previous post "PNU dirty tricks by Masked Scoundrels" who alleged that PNU had added a zero after 79 to give 790 votes at Lunga lunga polling station Nakuru.
A closer scrutiny would beg more questions than answers:
1.This election had nine presidential candidates.How come there are only 2 presidential candidates in the form?
2.How come we are not seeing the ECK letterhead?Is the the document genuinely from ECK?
3.With Nakuru town having more than 100,000 registered voters, do you expect a polling station to only have 307 votes cast?

It was a closely contested vote, ODM are desperate at making sure the country is violent and this blog is not helping either by posting fake documents.
I know defeat is quite painful if you were sure of winning and you thought you lost unfairly.
At the end of the day we should preach peace and avoid inciting Kenyans through dishonest allegations.

Pensive said...

This is the most asinine posting I have read on this site. Where it is possible that the international community may have some influence on Kenya, the responsibility for our current situation, scandals, corruption, etc., lies squarely on our leaders' shoulders. Primarily the Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki administrations of which almost all ODM aspirants were members. We should not delude ourslevs or scapegoat at a time when we should be reflecting deeply on our leaders and ourselves. They are a reflection of us.

Anonymous said...

shame on the fella busted ferrying petrol bombs in a car at simmers in the middle of town.clearly, this is what was used to burn the aic olympic church that was burning at the rafters. this violence has a coordinator, shame on them too. kibaki should go to eldi and help distribute aid instead of hiding in a flag-draped state house toilet and issuing statements!

Anonymous said...

Calls for vote tallying are coming too late in the day (too much mistrust under the bridge). In anycase, what is 'valid'? Calls for another election are impractical without reforming the current process (i.e. without safeguards, the potential for déjà vu is massive).

The ONLY way resolve this problem is through MEDIATION and POWER SHARING.

Anonymous said...

@ Wafula 6.04......Time will come be it in a few years time when every inciter will pay for his actions.......Even this blogger included..... evidence is there that KUMEKUCHA DISPLAYED FAKE DOCUMENTS TO INCITE INDIVIDUALS.............leave alone Fake documents but fl amatory essays......MR CHRIS THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL

Kate said...

If Raila is truely a statesman then he should lead ahead of the others and go to Nyanza and tell his people that fighting will not help there are better ways of solving this horrible thing other than bloodshed.
But we all know that he is not..... and never will he be.

Anonymous said...

Chris is a political malaya( Prostitute)

Anonymous said...

Dont blame foreign countries for the wooes in Africa. We Africans must take full responsibility for our childish behaviour.

Someone said that we are less intelligent. Why? Because we kill one another for very small and simple issues. When I see Saitoti or Kibwana talking, I wonder where they got their Prof. titles. These are children in my eyes.

Europe, USA, Asia did not tell us to vote for Kibaki in 2002. Stop blaming these nations. An African has to learn how to quit his office voluntarily. Before we have not lernt that, we are just fools and apes infront of the world.


Hellen Okello said...

Phil, Chris, can you confirm what The Daily Nation is reporting that the rally is scheduled for tomorrow, January 4th.

Anonymous said...

Hellen were you headed to Uhuru park today? How was it?

ati what said...

Kenyans are between a rock and a hard place. Keep quiet nothing happens and the current government will keep going like nothing happened. We have seen this happen over hundreds of issues. If we keep quiet it will be back to business as usual. It is painful to see the death and suffering but inevitably it has attracted the attention we need. What is up with the government refusing mediation from other countries when clearly our country is in destruction. Only fools will refuse help for the people. I thought the function of the government was to serve the Kenyans. It is rather obvious that we need help. Since when did police start guarding mortuaries? Even those who support the regime right now can see that there is alot of incompitency. Why isnt he and lucy out in the streets calling for peace. After all he is the peoples leader isnt he? Or is he afraid of his own people who supposedly voted him back in?

Anonymous said...

It is better for the law enforcement to let the people have peaceful protest than to prevent it. Based on history, lack of a channel for peaceful protest always results in violence due to the fact that people simply feel that they are not being heard or rather they dont want to be heard. Let the rally go on and there will be alot more calm. Due to the high media presence Raila is gonna be very careful not to insight violence.

mike said...

PNUs burnt the AIC Kibera church to revenge the burning of the Eldoret church. Everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

Raila is the "People's president"? Why has he not ventured into the steeets to console the broken families once since last Sunday.

Kibaki is the "Elitists president"?
He sure has held many meetings with his fellow elites as has Raila.


Hellen/Sam/Chris/Phil are you also part of the elite network set up to destroy us with your hate filled comments?

mike said...

PNUs burnt the AIC Kibera church to revenge the burning of the Eldoret church. Everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

A re-count cannot work. The press reported that 16A forms are mysteriously missing from their KICC safe.

Let as have a presidential election within 3 months as Odinga proposes (The Standard).

Kate said...

Kenyans and by this i mean Chris you are also included can you please read East African Standard Published on January 3, 2008 and see the sense in what all of us neither kikuyus nor luos but all tribes in kenya want for the sake of all of us.

Anonymous said...

Anon @7:23am...Marianne Brinner, why are you attacking Sam Okello and Hellen Okello and Phil and Chris? What have they done to you? Why are you bringing personal griveances to Kumekucha? Why are you like this?
Marianne Brinner--STOP COMMENTING ON KENYAN ISSUES--No Foreigners allowed!!!!

Anonymous said...


Kibaki can end the violence immediately by agreeing to a new presidential election.

Anonymous said...

Hellen/Sam I've read unsubstantiated reports you are Ugandan's living in the U.S. while trying to incite us Kenyans. Can you confirm/deny?

Eric said...

Now Kibaki says that those who have questions should go and ask others people...kama una swali mimi sina shughuli ya kujibu, unaweza uliza swali huko unaishiii...

Anonymous said...

AG playing with minds of Kenyans- After they have destroyed evidence of forms 16A...........
AG calls for probe into poll result

Story by NATION Reporter
Publication Date: 1/3/2008
Kenya’s chief legal adviser has urged for an independent investigation into the disputed presidential election result that has thrown the country into days of chaos and death.

ODM leaders hold hands as they march towards Uhuru Park earlier today. They later put off a rally set for the grounds after being intercepted by riot police. Photo/JOSEPH MATHENGE
Attorney General Amos Wako said serious doubt had been established over the presidential election result as announced by the Electoral Commission.

Mr Wako, breaking days of silence, said: “A proper tally of the valid certificates returned and confirmed should be undertaken immediately and on a priority basis by an agreed and independent person or body.”

The AG said his position took into consideration the allegations by the rival parties that their votes had been rigged and the fact that some electoral commissioners, including the polls chief Samuel Kivuitu, have questioned the veracity of the result.

Here is the full statement by the AG:

I wish to make the following 5 points:

1. The level of and nature of the violent protest has never before been witnessed in our country and is quickly degenerating into a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions and if left unchecked will be uncontrollable and will tear apart the economic and social fabric of our Kenyan nationhood. It is therefore absolutely vital that as our law enforcement agencies are restoring law and order that immediate steps be taken on other fronts to address the grievances which gave rise to the unacceptable situation in which we are in.

2. Hon. Mwai Kibaki having been declared duly elected as President of Kenya, only the election court can nullify the election if a case is made out in the petition filed by the petitioner. However, in view of the allegations on either side that their votes have been rigged, the fact that some Commissioners, including the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya questioning the accuracy of the number of votes declared and taking into account that this crisis has arisen because of the perceptions that the presidential results were rigged, it is necessary, and here I agree with the Catholic Bishops and others, that a proper tally of the valid certificates returned and confirmed should be undertaken immediately and on a priority basis by an agreed and independent person or body. In as much as under Regulation 42(2) of the Presidential and Parliamentary Election Regulations the relevant Forms 16 and 16A are documents that can be made available for inspection by any member of the public, such an exercise can be undertaken without a court order and without an election petition having been filed. Such an exercise will go a long way in assuaging the inflamed passions of people.

3. The foregoing will also assist any mediation or negotiation or constructive dialogue entered into in arriving at legal, policy or political decisions. It is of necessity that the PNU, ODM, ODM(K) and other parliamentary political parties enter into a constructive dialogue for a political solution. Such political decisions can include for example the formation by the President of a Government of ALL parliamentary political parties anchored on an agreement to be made public.

4. The law enforcement agencies, and in particular, the Police are using and will use all lawful means to ensure that law and order is maintained. Peace is restored, and the right to life and property is respected and secured. Grave and serious offences are being committed and prosecution will ensue. Targeting communities or tribes can also ultimately result in serious crimes under international law such as crimes against humanity can attract accountability at the international level.

5. My appeal is therefore to all of us to ensure that we speak or act in a matter that contributes positively to peace; recognises that we are all equal as Kenyans; that we support all efforts aimed at reaching a solution to the problem based on justice and peace and that we put our beloved nation first as our individual interests are best served in a united, democratic and thriving nation.

Chalo said...

Sam Okello is a UGANDAN--here is the Link
( )
As such, he has no business commenting on Kenyan issues--same as other foreigners in this blog. Now we see why we have foreigners inciting kenyans to kill themsevles...not fair at all.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello was asked the following question by By Jane Musoke-Nteyafas
during an interview on December 26 2005 (Please note he didn't refute the fact that he is Ugandan and how he is safely grounded in the U.S.)

How has living in the USA affected you as a Ugandan writer? Would you say that it has opened you to new experiences? Can you still relate to Ugandan issues?

Living in the USA has obviously broadened my perspective. I follow very closely what goes on back home and all over Africa through the newspapers. I'm safely grounded.

If anyone wants to read the interview it can be found at

Anonymous said...

With no raw materials Kenyan politicians have relied on donor aid to live like kings, and donors have agreed to this for geopolitical reasons. The donors have a responsibility as do our politicians.

The money involved is so vast that it is almost too much to ask of our politicians not to steal - it's like being offered a lifetime in luxury or a lifesentences to live in Kibera. And since it worked for so long, the perceived risk was very low.

Of course it became a pressure cooker, but the furnace was stoked to the brink during Kibaki in the sense that Githongo spoke, the donors kept pouring it in, yet Kenyans were at the same time given clear evidence in newspapers. Ironically you could say that Kibaki shot himself in the foot with free education: We are well educated enough to read the newspapers, and they told the real story: theft, theft and more theft with impunity. This election is the first time we could air resentment about it for real (as no one was prosecuted by Amos Wa-c-ko).

Remember: 6% growth does not reduce poverty, but it is enough to breed jealousy, especially when blatant looting continues on a large scale within a supposedly democratic government. Let it be known: you can loot in a dictatorship, but not forever in a democracy. Kibaki now realizes it, but it is too late. You cannot turn back time.


Anonymous said...

Sam Okello was asked the following question by By Jane Musoke-Nteyafas
in 2005.

How has living in the USA affected you as a Ugandan writer? Would you say that it has opened you to new experiences? Can you still relate to Ugandan issues?

Living in the USA has obviously broadened my perspective. I follow very closely what goes on back home and all over Africa through the newspapers. I'm safely grounded.

Silaha said...

Now look what we’ve done, we Kenyans. Just look at us. It is a bloody disgrace - no, I’m not swearing, I am offering a precise description of the situation on the ground. Bloody and Disgraceful.

Let us at least have the courage of our venality; let us look at ourselves squarely in the face and say "we screwed up big time, and we knew it all along, we did it knowingly and now we have to suck it up and deal with the results of our mistakes."

It bears repeating that biased preference is the essence of democratic right - you can vote for whoever you want to vote for, even if the cumulative effect of this democratic right in Central Province looked somewhat like the hypnotised members of a cult were voting for their messiah; nevertheless, you should be allowed to do that and live to regret it at leisure.

How have we produced this population of Kenyans so estranged, so alienated from a sense of collective hope and a progressive trajectory that they are willing to burn to the ground this national edifice we call our home?

And then we exclaim in shocked horror: oh goodness, me! However could this have happened? Oh please, please, well, gracious me, whatever shall we do?

On the other hand, whatever can Kikuyus think we are about, saying complacently that "we" won the election when even Europeans who can count are quite able to figure out the implications of votes which add up to fifty thousand and are transmuted into seventy thousand by some mysterious Kikuyu alchemy?

The drunken man in a bar in a PNU stronghold who leeringly raised his glass to me in celebration of the government being "ours as usual" should, as he nurses the inevitable (and I hope excruciating) hang-over, ingest with his Panadol the human costs of maintaining the feudal principality of Kikuyustan--especially when other people would rather live in Kenya. Where does he think he will flee to, when the flames of discontent spread, as they inevitably will unless we come to our senses?

Enough. If we are to sink with the ship, let us at least not pretend that all along we thought it was only a spring shower that was brewing, and not a furious tempest.

Not my words. READ IT ALL ON Mad Kenyan Woman's Enough!

May Sober Minds Prevail!

Anonymous said...

sam okello is here inciting violence and intolerance. SHAME ON YOU!

Lillian said...

You have a responsibility to use this platform to begin/facilitate the healing process, yet you use it to incite the same toxic sentiment that has landed us in the trouble that we are in. You should be ashamed of yourself. I, for one, am not posting anymore on this here blog. I REFUSE to be a part of the problem, and will instead be moving to other fora which are earnestly trying to come up with solutions to the current impasse. The vitriol witnessed here is only a reflection of the tone set by the blogger(s). May you wind up as just another inconsequential stain on our largely peaceful history. God Bless Kenya!!!!

Anonymous said...

END THE VIOLENCE KENYANS! Let us announce a fresh presidential election. The violence will end overnight.

Anonymous said...

My family in Nairobi now informs me that a power blackout has now plunged them into darkness.

The chaos needs to end. We must have a fresh election as soon as possible.

Silaha said...

@Anon 8:06AM. You're wrong, the violence will end until another ECK declares a victor in the next election.


Anonymous said...

Why have the Okello's gone quite after inciting us to violence? Okello's what you wish onto others may befall onto you, you shameless, money worshipping, hate mongering pos.

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm most suprised by Amos Kimunya and a few of the other young leaders (relatively); he seemed such a reasonable guy. Why is he insisting on not having a future in Kenyan politics? Kikuyu leaders need to resign to have a future - they need to do so fast! It's a race now to see who dares it. That is where Raila has made a difference: he has also done his share of corruption and all the rest, but he is the first cross-tribal, i.e. Kenyan leader?!

The Waiting Game has Begun

Anonymous said...

found this alarming story about the situation in eldoret at
"Two people who have been very personally affected by the violence that is flaring up in parts of the country took time to talk with me today.

Patrick is a Kikuyu businessman from Eldoret, where at least 15 people were burned to death as they were seeking refuge in a church. He, his wife, his six children and a few other members of his immediate family fled Eldoret earlier today.

Here's what he had to say about the situation in Eldoret and in Kenya as a whole...

What was the situation when you left?

The situation in Eldoret is pathetic. It is systematic annihalation of tribe, in my opinion. It actually took God to make it to the airport. Along the way, we were attacked by the Kalenkin warriors but through God’s grace and because we had requested a police escort, we barely made it through. But in the convoy that we were in, we almost lost one car. But through God’s grace, we made it to the airport. It’s been hell. I can say that.

When did you know you had to leave?

Actually, we knew that we would have wanted to have stayed because we were born and bred in Eldoret. My parents moved into Eldoret way back in 1940. So we don’t know anywhere else as home, apart from that place.

But when we realized that this had moved from the ODM, PNU conflict to something much deeper, and that the presidential elections had been used as an excuse for something else to be implemented, [for] the Kalenjins to get rid of the Kikuyus, that’s when we realized that we had to move out. That was the day before yesterday.

How did you leave?

We had to request our friends in Nairobi to come to our aid by chartering a plane because we could not access money and we didn’t have the kind of money that is needed to charter a plane. Our friends here in Nairobi came together and raised the money.

"It's whoever gets out, gets out."

Who have you left behind?

Our family is quite large. What I managed to do is to get my immediate family, my wife and my children but I have left my cousins, I have left my brothers. I am trying to communicated with my brothers to see if they can join us. But the situation is so bad that we can not say that we have to move as the whole clan. We are several hundred. We have lost several members in the conflict.

We have another small batch of relatives at the airport. They might make it today or tomorrow. We don’t know. We are still working on getting the ones who are in town because you can not get to the airport without escort. It’s an enormous challenge that we don’t’ know how far we can go because the resources needed to charter this plane are enormous. It costs between 170,000 to 320,000 Kenya shillings to charter a 19-seater.

I told you that my family is expansive. I lost two of my relatives in an area, very young boys. But what was even more disheartening, was my grandmother. She has a farm in Burnt Forest. When the clashes began, they left their homes and they went to a school, the whole village. The school was surrounded by the warriors. Any second, they could have attacked the school and finished them. We cried to the police and the police did send some policemen. The warriors still insisted that they wanted to kill these people. The police brokered a deal. [The people had to walk 20 KM to the nearest town, without getting anything from their homes.] Those villagers are trapped in a small town. We can’t get them food and we can’t get them to Eldoret town. They can’t come out.

"We really fear that there might be a massacre in Eldoret in the next few days."

Patrick's wife Ruth chimes in...

There is great fear in Eldoret town because people are being pushed into one central place, at the police station and at the church. What we have seen is that they are coming now and burning the churches at the outskirts. So far, we know that three churches have been burned and they have blocked all the exits out of town such that you can not get out of Eldoret town. So there is that great fear: why are we being pushed to the center for town? What is the intention?

What we have seen in the outskirts, the violence is so much. There is no precedent for it. In 1992, in 1997, it was not this fierce [during past land clashes]. So there is that great fear among the Kikuyu community in Eldoret. Why are we being put in one central place and we can not get out? So we really fear that there might be a massacre in Eldoret in the next few days.

You are holding quite a picture on the cover of that paper…? [As we were talking, Patrick was holding a copy of today's paper in his hand. On the cover was a photo of a woman wailing outside the burnt shell of the church in Eldoret where a group of sheltering Kikuyus were killed.]

This is a very sad moment. When I made it to Nairobi and I was able to get this paper. One of my families live next to this church that was burned. Over 70 children and women were killed in this church [Media and official reports of the numbers vary widely]. It’s barely a kilometer from where some of my relatives live. It means that some of my relatives, I don’t know, maybe some were caught up in there. But so far we believe they are not caught up there.

This is a very good example of what we are talking about. We know that historically, people have warred. They have always tribe versus tribe, for many reasons, some petty, some reasonable. But we know that the house of God is a place that, across the world, people respect. According to the African culture, children and women are not killed. We also know that the Kalenjin warriors, according to their culture, because we have lived with them, they don’t kill women or children.

So when it comes to a point whereby they go to a house of God where children and women are taking refuge and they kill them there, this is taking the conflict to another level that we believe is not the presidential race.

How surprised are you by what’s happened?

I am shocked. I know the Kalenjin, they are warlike. We know, we live with them, that they have those regiments, they have warriors. But we know that they are also very peace-loving people, we know that we have inter-married with them. This is why it is very shocking that it has gone to this level.

When there was this conflict that the presidential race was unfair, rigging had taken place, we definitely expected some outcry. We definitely expected some people marching. It’s not the first time. In Kenya’s we’ve had land clashed, 1992, 1997. It’s not like it’s something that is new to us. But the level that this has been taking…

Believe me, the death count that you are reading in the newspaper, actually it is over ten times this. The attack has been undertaken all around Eldoret. All around. All the farms, all the villages. If one time, it would be possible to have a death count, we are not talking of hundreds, we are talking of thousands.

What long-term effect do you think this conflict might have in Eldoret and in the country as a whole?

We know what has happened in other countries. We know what has happened in Bosnia, what has happened in Rwanda. Let’s not lie to ourselves that maybe there will not be retaliation.

In Rwanda, when the Hutus killed the Tutsis, it was fun until the tables turned and the Tutsis started killing the Hutus. We all know how many millions have died there. The reality is that, definitely, even if it is not me, there are people who are pained. You never know, it might take ten years, and an opportunity will occur for them to revenge. You never know, anything will trigger it.

Right now, the Kikuyus might be killed and everybody is excited and it’s fine and it cools down. And even Kibaki can say he has given up the seat and it is fine, it cools down. But an opportunity one time will present itself and this will not be forgotten.

What needs to happen to build peace?

We are peace-loving country and God-fearing. It is said that over 80 percent of Kenyans are Christians. Even one of the things that came up in the campaign period was the issue of whether the leaders were Christians. Raila said he is a staunch Christian. President Kibaki said he is a staunch Catholic Christian. But I am asking, where are these pastors? Where are these pastors in Eldoret, Kalenjin pastors? Where is this Christianity?

I am shocked that pastors that had been preaching for us to be god-fearing, they are not coming out to condemn this. They are quiet as the work is being done. And when maybe everybody is down, they will come to bury us and say a very good prayer.

Because in my opinion, there is an opportunity for the church to rise above politics and take its position. How come this Christianity is not playing a role here? Why can’t I hear a Kalenjin bishop or a Kalenjin father or a Kalenjin pastor or a Kalenjin Imam, for that matter, coming out and saying"No, our religion forbids killing women and children." If it’s men, it’s another issue. You can claim they are combatants. And in any war, combatants die. But I don’t believe Christianity or Islam would agree for children and women to be killed in the house of God.

So peace-building, the church has to begin. Right now we don’t trust the political leadership. I want to confess and say, I have not seen Kibaki coming out to speak strongly about it. I want to tell you, I think Raila has said he is not concerned unless Kibaki resigns. The person who is the leader in our area, he is just quiet.

So before the politicians can even sit, I would like to see the church coming out and putting their feet down. That is the first thing.

The second thing, as we are speaking, you might get a report that the war has cooled down. But we have thousands of people camped at the police station and church compounds and they are starving to death. So as much as they were not pierced by the arrows at their farms, they are dying slowly.

If nothing is done for that, you will be lying to people, saying that there is peace.

When there are two warring parties, it always takes a third party to come in and give reason. What we are observing is the international community being silent. We know that the international community is knowing what is happening. They are taking it lightly. We know the same mistake was done in Rwanda, whereby the Rwandese started killing eachother, they cried out to the international community. The international community ignored them until up to a million Rwandans were dead.

The same story is being repeated in Eldoret. This is genocide being done in Eldoret"

Anonymous said...

what i dont understand is why police have shoot-to-kill orders in kisumu and are violently containing the situation but are doing absolutely nothing in eldoret which has already started ethnic cleansing????????? why is it ok to shoot rioters in louland but look the other way when kalenjins take the law into their own hands?if moi was president it might make sense that he is protecting his pple. why won't kibaki protect his people?this is not right

Anonymous said...

8:37: Answer to you - follow the money as they say.

Who needs the accusation of genocide most? Answer: Kibaki. In fact, it is his last claim to power. So be it if some of his people need to die. Kibaki already rigged the election, not for tribal reasons but for power and cash. Power corrupts beyond the pale.

The Waiting Game

Anonymous said...

We are still waiting for the enlightened defections: think - Kibaki and Moi are old men. Move on it before you end up in the Hague like Milosevic and worse. Look at where the Serbians are today.

Waiting game

startupkenya said...

In the past few days, I have religiously visited this blog for news and updates on the post-election crisis.

However I am growingly dissatisfied with the seeming partisanship of the posts. I have to agree with many of the commentators that such posts raise questions about this blog's impartiality.

I'd like to encourage the bloggers to use their powerful position as opinion shapers to promote compromise and dialogue as a way out of this crisis.

As a lawyer I am indignant about the electoral tallying process we've witnessed. I feel the claims of rigging are credible and must be given urgent prominence in political discussions between the main actors in this crisis.

But I'm also a Kenyan and the lives and property of my fellow Kenyans takes precedence.

I implore the bloggers to make peace in Kenya their primary objective. To preach peace and encourage dialogue using their presence on the internet.

Justice and democracy are just as important; but there shall be no pleasure in achieving them when the lost lives of our fellow Kenyans weigh heavy on our conscience.

chris said...

Those guys spewing threats here to Kumekucha are wasting their time and maybe their master's budgets. If u now what I've been through you will not waste UR time threatening me. I am not Mashada.

Want to know what scares me? The thing that scares me most is my grandson being in a Kenya like the one I am in. So if you want to frighten me, prove to me that there will be no change.

My second point is that comments and petty fights here remind me of the movie Titanic (one of the few that I've watched more than once).

People stayed in their classes and petty arguments went on even as the ship was sinking (they all believed that the Titanic was unsinkable). But I am being threatened that if I tell people that the ship called KENYA is sinking, I am inciting people and therefore liable for prosecution. So be it.

Kenyans, pls stop arguing and your petty fights. The ship called Kenya is sinking and sinking FAST. And like in the Titanic the life boats are very far from being enough.



Anonymous said...

Here is a thought.

Kibaki you can stay in power, BUT

- High level corruption MUST end
- You must establish a Truth and Reconciliation commission that is INDEPENDENT
- We must witness GENUINE economic reforms for those languishing in poverty
- Bring to justice all past perpatrators of crimes against Kenyans
- The new constitution written before 2002 must be put in place
- Reduction of insecurity at all levels
- Just security for all persons
- Availability of food and shelter without discrimination to all
- Availability of FREE drinking water to those who cannot afford it


Anonymous said...

Add to that, the stablishing of an an INDEPENDENT judiciary

Anonymous said...,0,4416543.story?coll=la-home-world

Kenya chaos and killings continue
Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
3:03 AM PST, January 3, 2008
NAIROBI, KENYA -- Kenyan riot police today fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands of opposition protesters waving branches and white cloths, stopping them from marching to a banned rally at a city park.

Defying the police ban, opposition presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, called on his supporters to go ahead with a "million man march," raising fears of a new surge of tribal killing. He accuses President Mwai Kibaki of rigging elections and illegitimately grabbing another five-year term.

But while police succeeded in containing the demonstrators to the slum area of Kibera, home to about a million people, they could not contain their anger. Despite the white cloths, protesters, mainly from the Luo tribe, threatened to keep on killing Kikuyus from President Kibaki's tribe until he steps down.

"We are slaughtering them and we will keep on slaughtering them," said one young protester, Gabriel Okelo, who got up at six and walked nine miles from the outskirts of the city to march in support of Odinga.

As the political violence worsens, tribal fighting and tit-for-tat killings have been going on in Nairobi's slums and in other towns.

Okelo said he killed two people with a machete for the first time Wednesday because "When you are angry, it's easy. If they refuse our president, Raila Odinga to address the rally, it will happen again. We shall slaughter the Kikuyus. It will go on and on and on, in all parts of the country."

The confrontation threatened to deepen Kenya's political crisis and worsen the tribal violence that flared up over the weekend and has so far killed at least 300.

Intense international diplomatic efforts have so far failed to persuade the two to step back from the brink and reach a political settlement.

Kenya's morning newspapers pleaded for compromise, with the Daily Nation and Standard running identical front page banner headlines: "Save Our Beloved Country."

"No grievance and no cause is worth the innocent blood of Kenyan children," said an editorial in the Daily Nation. "We're on the brink of becoming one of Africa's failed states," ran another headline in the newspaper.

Until last week's election, Kenya was a beacon of democracy in Africa. With elections due in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Angola this year, the message Kibaki's administration sends to other African countries about democracy is seen as crucial.

South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu flew in to Nairobi today offering to mediate and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was talking to both sides in a bid to find a compromise and avert a slide into tribal warfare. African Union chairman and Ghanian President, John Kufuor, was due to fly into Nairobi today to meet both Kibaki and Odinga.

But so far, neither side is willing to make a meaningful concession in a winner-take-all standoff for the right to rule East Africa's strongest economy.

Even if there was a political settlement there is a question mark over the extent to which Odinga can control his supporters.

One opposition protester, Edward Okoo, 32, said the protesters would not support a power-sharing deal, sentiments echoed by many others yesterday.

"There will be no peace until Raila (Odinga) is president. We voted for our party to lead." "You can't ask for a sheep and you get a goat," chimed in another opposition supporter, David Namale, 39, referring to any power sharing arrangement.

The two political leaders are stalemated: Kibaki insists the election was fair and demands Odinga accept the results; Odinga demands that Kibaki admits he is not the legitimate president or accepts international mediators.

Both have refused a power-sharing deal, seen by the international community as the only speedy way forward in order to avoid more deaths and a slide into more entrenched tribal killing.

Anonymous said...

Here is the full text of the President’s statement, excluding the remarks made in Swahili:

Fellow Kenyans, I am deeply disturbed by the senseless violence instigated by some leaders in pursuit of their personal political agendas. This is causing unnecessary loss of lives, destruction of property and displacement of innocent wananchi from their homes, especially women and children.

As your President, I want to assure all of you that the Government is doing everything possible to ensure the security of all Kenyans. Those who continue to violate the law will face its full force. I urge the public to remain calm as the Government continues with its efforts to restore law and order.

In the last few days, I have continuously appealed for peace and restraint. I wish to thank those who have heeded my call, and especially those who have taken the initiative to bring about peace and reconciliation in our country.

I want to remind leaders that you have an obligation to respect and uphold the constitution of this country, and its laws. You have an obligation to uphold and protect the right of every Kenyan to live, work, and own property anywhere in our country. It is your duty to ensure that these rights are protected and upheld throughout this nation.

As we seek avenues of bringing back peace and calm to this country, I am appealing to you to demonstrate your respect for this country and its institutions by restraining yourselves, and your supporters from engaging in unlawful activities.

In particular, I am appealing to all young people to reject any attempts to use them to harm their fellow Kenyans. This is your country too, and to harm your fellow citizens and wilfully destroy property is to destroy your own future.

I have said before that I will personally lead this nation in healing and reconciliation. I have opened my office to all Kenyans of goodwill whose desire is to have a united, peaceful, and stable Kenya.

I am ready to have dialogue with concerned parties once the nation is calm and the political temperatures are lowered enough for constructive and productive engagement.

I am directing the Police Commissioner to increase the number of police hotlines for the wananchi to report any suspicious activities that may lead to acts of lawlessness. I am also directing our security services to be vigilant and deal firmly with all perpetrators of criminal activities.

The Government is providing food and other humanitarian requirements to all those displaced by the violence. The military has been entrusted with the execution of this important responsibility. I convey my deepest condolences and sympathies to the relatives of all the innocent persons who have lost their lives.

I will soon be visiting the affected areas to join fellow Kenyans in the healing and reconciliation process. Once again, fellow Kenyans, I want to reiterate my commitment and duty to protect the lives and property of all Kenyans, and to ensure that this country is governed by the rule of law that applies to all of us, irrespective of our status.

My fellow Kenyans, let us work together as brothers and sisters to seek lasting peace and unity for our country.

Thank You and God Bless Kenya.

Lillian said...

Some people really have fallen from the realm of reality and have become downright delusional. Who threatened you with prosecution in this here blog Chris? Self aggrendization to the nth degree.
All most people are asking is that you use this forum as a platform for responsible dialogue, as opposed to vitriol-spewing we have witnessed here in the last couple of days. Most of us are informed enough to know that both players in this debacle share the blame for what is now happening to our country. No amount of one-sided commentaries on your part is going to change that fact!!!
So keep on appealing to people's fears if it makes you happy. Some of us are moving on to other trully patriotic fora. Whether you realize it or not, peace in Kenya will prevail in spite of people like you!!!

Anonymous said...

You people are all on the wrong tracks. Chris's headline and the post are all wrong.

USA and the international community had nothing with telling Musalia Mudavadi announce that Raila is president. The international community did not tell Ruto to instruct his people to burn the children and women in the church.

Raila always feels that he can only lead. He will never. Let him do other things. Kibaki will not resing.

Please as OIDM site, advice him to stop making innocent people die while his children are living in luxury.

Stop incitement. You have been calling on p[eople tpoo march to Uhuru Park. It will not happe. Just earn your money and forget abut the presidency.


Anonymous said...

How can these rallys help under the circumstances. It is totally irresponsible to hold a country hostage in anxiety and stress in anticipation of more killing and destruction. Raila and company do not make good decisions. Please advice him those of you who can. We should ALL be seeking peace and solutions, not inflamming the situation. Kibaki and Raila deserve each other.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Raila is the greatest evil we have had since Moi. he kept avoiding the question relating to dealing with the current situation affecting kenyans? His mind was focused on the presidency rather than peace.

Anonymous said...

For those who are asking for a re-tally, you need to understand ECK officials have yesterday reported that the documents and forms are missing. So the only way out of this is through a new presidential election. Period.

startupkenya said...

Chris and the rest of the bloggers.

I appreciate that you have risked life and limb to bring us the information on your blog.

What many people visiting your blog are now asking you is to go the extra mile and ensure that the information that you present us with is: worded impartially, factual (and where facts not readily verifiable then a disclaimer to that effect i.e. the use of the word allegedly), and over all constructive.

No one knows how or when the current situation will resolve itself; but we must all strive to make sure that it is peaceful and speedy.

Chris and the rest, we are looking to you to offer positive and peaceful solutions.

Anonymous said...

I think a re-run of the presidential elections is good enough for Raila but this is 2nd in priority to the sitaution we have right now. This is clearly not the time for politics.

Anonymous said...


Sam Okello said...

Chris, Phil and Hellen,

We continue to come under attack from some delusional character who thinks we've been inciting violence. In the interest of letting readers here know what the reality is, I wish to state that what we've called for was for Kibaki to step down so that the democratically elected government would be sworn in. Obviously some people want to bury their heads in the sand and think everything played out as it should have. To such people all I can say is...dream on. I hope the mediation efforts work for the sake of peace. But we must not lose sight of the fact that comprehensive and sustainable solutuons must be reached. We cannot go into a future where Kenyans will always be fearful when elections approach. The stakes are too high for us to bicker with those who think character assassination is the way to go.

Cheers Chris, Cheers Phil, Cheers Hellen!

I love Kenya said...

I am disturbed at the insistence o kumekucha's stance at Fostering dialogue in this blog that is clearly not helping things move Forward. I have read other blogs that are more inFormative and yet maintain an even keel.
When you support leaders who are OBVIOUSLY turning a blind eye to their supporters MASSACARING kikuyus, then you loose crdibility in my eyes. The blog owner oF course has every right to run his blog however he wants. But For a person who says they care For the masses to write and publish some oF the content in this blog it is deplorabale. This is not the time For being radical this is the time to use every EFFORT and RESOURCE in bringing people together. In that regard this blog has FAILED and miserably Failed.
I wonder what you will tell your grandchildren. that when you could have Facilitated peace,brotherhood, patriotism that could have saved the sinking ship you chose to publish content that would continue to Fan the Flames oF manic hatred.
You are not helping matters, yes it is hard to keep quiet about the injustices committed, but rehashing oF those injustices does not make it go away.
IF you want to be oF service to your country Kumekucha, please Find a way O directing people to the liFe boats or be a part oF building new liFe boats to save this our titanic.
Kenya Milele

Anonymous said...

Dialogue: Another Angle
How does Hon Musyoka fit into the dialogue that has been suggested between Hon Kibaki and Hon Raila? I think someone on this blog pointed out before the election that he lacked a legacy connected with Kenya – and in my opinion it was a fair assessment. Hon Musyoka kept saying he was instrumental in the Sudan Peace talks... Kenya is burning now and we definitely need him. If he was able to deliver peace to the Sudan, here is a chance to create a legacy in his own country. At least he would be remembered for this instead of the Nakumatt goodies he promised the electorate. All the talent we need is within our borders and we do not need to call on them. Should step forward.


Anonymous said...

Okello, this is not the time for mediation or election re-run talk. It is time to save innocent lives rather than politics.
Your comments have a striking similarity with our friend Mr Odinga who is adamant to address his own political ambitions instead of the many children who are dying in our country.
our country is being dragged to the mad by individuals like you and posting articles that do not reflect the plight of kenyans is irrelevant for now.
peace and stability first.
polotics second

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that the Kenyan Government will NOT tolerate HATE Speech and people who blatantly incite and lie. Kumekucha you need to change the rhetoric, provide TRUTHS and caution your respondents against spewing venom or else you too will be deemed as a "deviant" that needs to be dealt with.
We appreciate the opportunity to voice our opinions, but when you are purposely misleading Kenyans by giving half truths, rumourmongering etc. You too shall have to face the consequences.
Lilian and the other 'balanced" respondents, lets seek other forums where we can distance ourselves from such.

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure KUMEKUCHA is the only blog that does not follow suit with the other leading media in addressing this urgent issue in kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha articles are sponsored ODM propaganda which is now attempting to cover up Ruto's sins against humanity which are slowly being exposed.

Characters like Philemon Othieno work overtime to incite individuals such as the one below when they are not blogging and then shameless return to blog about it being someone elses fault other than their own. Phil carry your cross, confess and admit your sins and set an example for your higher ups who have ordered you to incite and perpetrate the below. Phil, how many more have to die?

"We are slaughtering them and we will keep on slaughtering them," said one young protester, Gabriel Okelo, who got up at six and walked nine miles from the outskirts of the city to march in support of Odinga.

As the political violence worsens, tribal fighting and tit-for-tat killings have been going on in Nairobi's slums and in other towns.

Okelo said he killed two people with a machete for the first time Wednesday because "When you are angry, it's easy. If they refuse our president, Raila Odinga to address the rally, it will happen again. We shall slaughter the Kikuyus. It will go on and on and on, in all parts of the country."

Anonymous said...

KENYANS! KENYANS! KENYANS...we are all brothers and sisters leaving in this beloved country for God’s sake. Our character and economy is the envy of western economies and an inspiration to other African countries.
I’m sure the west will be watching and hoping that our country ends up in the dogs. We are now in the global spotlight and every soul out there is watching on how the downfall of this great nation will eventuate.
Are we going to allow this to happen to our beloved motherland? Our leaders have failed us so far. Raila is still adamant to proceed with his campaign at Uhuru Park. Will this be a venue for prayer or a venue for bloodshed and beginning of the end? Can raila and kibaki work together and show some direction? Can we us Kenyans speak the same language and call for an end to this chaos and violence?
Are we going to prove the west wrong and set an example never seen before in Africa politics? My dear Kenyans, either way, the result of this will spell the fall of Kenya from grace or the beginning of a new era not only for Kenya but for Africa. Let us be the benchmark for the not so fortunate brothers in Sudan and Somalia. Let us be their inspiration that the best can sometimes be harvested from the worst of times. i believe we are in a brink of a very significant change.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello was asked the following question by By Jane Musoke-Nteyafas
during an interview on December 26 2005 (Please note he didn't refute the fact that he is Ugandan and how he is safely grounded in the U.S.)

How has living in the USA affected you as a Ugandan writer? Would you say that it has opened you to new experiences? Can you still relate to Ugandan issues?

Living in the USA has obviously broadened my perspective. I follow very closely what goes on back home and all over Africa through the newspapers. I'm safely grounded.

If anyone wants to read the interview it can be found at

Tamtam said...


Raila has been to visit the mortuary today where are Mwizi Kibaki, and Lucy??????

Anonymous said...


When was the last time you were in Kenya?

And, yes, your posts since Saturday have all been promoting violence, pity your memory doesn't serve you well!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank all you patriotic KENYANS who are standing up against some of the irresponsible reporting we have witnessed in this here blog. Do not be silenced! Speak up, for your country needs you now more than ever. It is apparent from a MAJORITY of the posts that most of you have the best interests of the country at heart. Keep reaching out, keep praying and keep seeking solutions to the current impasse. We will prevail. God Bless Kenya

Anonymous said...

Yes tamtam,

He went after I posted the message! I have been asking the question for three days now, where were you all those times I posted?

Lillian said...

I want to thank all you patriotic KENYANS who are standing up against some of the irresponsible reporting we have witnessed in this here blog. Do not be silenced! Speak up, for your country needs you now more than ever. It is apparent from a MAJORITY of the posts that most of you have the best interests of the country at heart. Keep reaching out, keep praying and keep seeking solutions to the current impasse. We will prevail.

God Bless Kenya!!


Anonymous said...

As i said Chris and his type are idiots that have no sense of purpose. U act all macho, get off ur high horse u damn ass. People are dying. Stop talking about issues that don't help. What will take u to see that there are people who mascarade under ODM to benefit from creating tension. Best thing is for peace to prevail. No demonstartions even if its for peace or to say a prayer. I would prefer people to be free to go and bury their relatives/move their relatives to a safe area/let real kenyans feed their own who have no water,clothing or roof above their heads, no sanitation etc.
Use ur brain and talk sense u IDIOT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya needs a visionary leader and a visionary party, not tribal leaders or tribal parties. I eat kikuyu foods with my luo brothers and kikuyu brothers and sisters. I eat luo foods with my kikuyu and luo brothers and sisters. We all like the same music. We all agree on many things that ails Kenya. In my opinion, we are all ONE PEOPLE, and they agree. More things UNITE US AS KENYANS than divide us as tribes!!!

Anonymous said...

I live abroad but i have family back in kenya. My parents live in Nakuru just outside Molo and my brother works in Nairobi. I have two sisters in kericho.
When i read articles or listen to debates on here and interviews held with Mr Raila, it concerns me greatly. It feels like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and the aftermath will be just me, just me. My nation gone, My family all gone, nothing to be proud of or look back to.
I am still proud to be Kenyan.

Lillian said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kenyans for speaking up. You are giving me hope for our country.
We are KENYANS first, despite the fact that few on this blog are trying to appeal to our tribal fears. Keep speaking up.
We will prevail!

Anonymous said...

To add, we all like the sunset views on we watch on Lake Victoria, and we all like the wildlife we see in the Abedares. What divides us is we all compete to see who can do the most good.

All the hell holes like Kibaki, Raila and Musyoka can go to hell. They are together in this, watching us burn and die while they feast on Nyama Choma and Wine (Not even Tusker)

And how many Kikuyus, Luos, Kambas, Kalenjins, Luhyas, Pokomos, Miji Kendas, etc love Tusker? IS IT A TRIBAL OR A KENYAN BEER!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We should be fighting the invasion of Kenya by Steers and other global brands. Let us unite and out-compete these foreign brands, not divide and kill each other.

Anonymous said...

It is time for Chris to stand up and be counted as a responsible Kenyan who can set aside partisan politics and put Kenya first instead of allowing certain characters to perpetuate the wounds that have been and continue to be inflicted on our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Why are we focusing on Kikuyus, Luos, Kambas, Kalenjins when we should be unitig to compete in Beijing 2008. Why are we not in the African Cup of Nations? Do we support a defender or striker based on his tribe or do we support HARAMBEE STARS?

I love Kenya said...

Go To to see that not all Kenyans are obsessed with perpetuating this mess but there are people working hard to get a solution.
-Kenya Milele-

Lillian said...

My KENYAN brothers and sisters, do not be swayed by some who try to divide you along tribal lines, be it politicians or even "harmless" bloggers. They do more harm than good, but lucky for us, are increasingly in the minority. Kenyans are tired of the needless loss of life. We all cry for our beloved country and know we are better than this. So keep speaking out. We will prevail!


Anonymous said...

We should have a national prayer day for all.

Lillian said...

Thank you for the link "I love Kenya". I need some positivity and hope.

God Bless Kenya!

Anonymous said...

National Prayer and fasting day. We have to unite around all those who are grieving the loss of a loved one right at the beginning to 2008.

Anonymous said...

Prayer should definitely be in all our books.

As for the international community: if they are at all sincere, they should be pushing Kibaki to hold fresh presidential elections.

We know how hard they can push. We saw them push Moi into multipartism.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:05 wrote the following:

...We are slaughtering them and we will keep on slaughtering them," said one young protester, Gabriel Okelo, who got up at six and walked nine miles from the outskirts of the city to march in support of Odinga.

As the political violence worsens, tribal fighting and tit-for-tat killings have been going on in Nairobi's slums and in other towns.

Okelo said he killed two people with a machete for the first time Wednesday because "When you are angry, it's easy. If they refuse our president, Raila Odinga to address the rally, it will happen again. We shall slaughter the Kikuyus. It will go on and on and on, in all parts of the country."
10:05 AM

----I would like to know whether it is true that Okello has already killed 2 people. Is it through incitement or is he in Kenya?

startupkenya said...

Here's a proposal.

While the president, ODM, church leaders, press, and even Safaricom have appealed Kenyans to exercise restraint and promote, it seems the message is not getting through (fast enough). I have a thought that this is because none of the people calling for peace seem genuine and perhaps the audience for whom it is rightly intended are not getting the message.

But what if this appeal came from friends and family? I have friends and family in both camps but I am certain that I can speak to them the language of peace and they would listen.

Whereas I believe the message should be personal and specific so as to be genuine I suggest the following template:

"My dear friend/brother/sister. I hope that you and your family are safe and well. As your fellow Kenyan I am praying for peace and unity in our country and I ask you, your friends and your family to join me in this prayer. Together we can make peaceful change in our country. God bless Kenya. Please pass the prayer of peace to all that you can"

This can be done by email, telephone call or sms. I believe if we reach out through our networks we can reach a large number of people in a short time, and we might play a part in promoting peace.

Please let me have your comments on this idea and how better to frame the message.

Anonymous said...

anon@10:57 Here is the relevant article, the inciters, amongst them this blog, have been reprimanded by peace loving Kenyans and more Kenyans should raise their voice to demand an end to violence by both opposing sides including that by private militia started by a former YK92 official:,0,4416543.story?coll=la-home-world

Anonymous said...

startupkenya, I must commend you for your initiative in preaching and promoting peace, we all love our country and messages that are personal in nature have more weight than those from 3rd parties. Your message is concise and to the point and Kenyans should adopt it in one form or another.

startupkenya said...

Thanks for the comments Anon @ 11:10 AM.

I have tried to shorten it for SMS form but it's still 2 text messages long. Any suggestions:

"My dear friend I hope that u and ur family r safe & well. As ur fellow Kenyan Im praying 4 peace & unity in our country & I ask u 2join me in this prayer. 2gether, in peace change will come. Pls pass this prayer of peace 2 frnds & family"

Lillian said...

I am with you startupkenya, and God bless you for showing leadership in this, our darkest hour. I think we should begin this campaign and send the message out to our friends and family. The Kenyan media houses should also be made aware of this for maximum effect.

jungleman447 said...

Here is a practical solution. Leaders of all armed forces get together.
1. First order of business: Arrest Michuki(under house arrest)
2. Get Kibaki & Raila on the table.
3. The armed forces Leaders issue a guarantee to protect Kibaki and his family.
4. Instate Raila President(chosen by the people)& back him up 100%. SAVE KENYAN LIVES.

a) Everybody knows Kibaki has no stomach for violence.
b) Other people around him engineered the rigging(Advise from Moi before he fled the country to Germany)
c)Michuki panicked, ordered police to start shooting to protect a small group of corrupt individuals who believe they will be vulnerable once Raila(who said he will let justice prevail) is President
d)Even if Michuki kills so many Kenyans, PNU problems have not started.
e) PNU with affiliate parties are HUNGRY waiting to see who gets what position(Including Vice-Presidency). Chaos starts within that PNU party.
f) With a party divided, Kibaki will be pressured again to put his backyard people and then Kibaki will be seen as someone who cannot be trusted even within his own party.
g) Thats when all hell will break loose. Exposure on how they rigged will now become public record.
h) You see, Kibaki is just a pawn at the convenience of the likes of Michuki.

Everybody agrees Kenya is bigger than any us. I apeal to the Kenya Armed Forces to convene and make this RIGHT.

Kenya cannot be semi-Military/civilian GOVERNMENT.

Kibaki is just an economist and at this point he cannot work his magic on the economy. People have to feel free to move around, SAY what they want and once the confidence on the economy is felt then spend as much money as the want thus enabling Kibaki to work his magic.

But with civil unrest, not even the military can create an atmosphere that will enable Kibaki's Genius to work.

Too many variables need to be in place for "Kazi iendeleee.." to even begin realization.

The other alternative, and I hope and pray it doesn't come to it, is
a MILITARY COUP. This will at least save lives as the current condition worsens. BUT AT WHAT COST?


startupkenya said...

Thanks Lillian and all like minded commentators. You are my inspiration that Kenyans love peace and that I do all that I can to promote it.

Let us reject tribalism, hatred, bigotry, intolerance, intransigence, and incitement.

Let us embrace peace, dialogue, unity, prayer, compromise, and neighbourliness.

I am setting up a new blog as a platform for practical and peaceful solutions to our situation. A blog to capture the goodness and neighbourliness of Kenyans even in these times of turmoil. A blog that champions the cause of only one party - the party of the Kenyan people.

I know I cannot make this initiative a success on my own and I appeal to all who share my cause to join me as contributors on this blog.

Anonymous said...

@Junglemann447, I agree that until Michuki is taken out of the picture, no progress will be made. He is still applying the skills he gained as Governor during the colonial times, when the game has significantly changed. Funny Moi is conveniently out of the country and I bet his entire family is too....sneaking off after giving the tips to the creation of this disaster. I'm sure those who advocated this agenda are floored by how badly they miscalculated the consequences of their actions.

Philip Roy said...

Independent tally of what?

Do you guys even know where the ballot papers are right now?


Africans oooohhh Africans wake up...

New elections now........

Peace Now.......

Anonymous said...

I agree with Roy's statement. Forget the cast ballots and form 16A and the rest. Those have already been tampered with at this time to complete the "cooking" that Kivuitu referred to. In the last 24 hours ECK officials have complained that the forms are missing from the safe where they were kept. Ahem.....who has access to KICC and ECK offices???? The only solution is a new presidential election. Since Kibaki "won" he shouldn't have a problem agreeing to one. Let's not talk about what it will cost because tax payer funds were not spent sparingly during the campaign spending more to further the cause of peace and justice should be a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

For those complaining about irresponsible you know the purpose of a blog? It is not your local paper or news so it does not or need not mirror your views or passions. So, if you don't like what you are reading here, go to another forum. Chris, Phil have a right to express their opinions, report on whatever they want to and even to further any agenda they choose. Yes they do! I suggest for the 100th time that you go to another blog or start your own where you can preach peace on the web when the battle is going on in a different forum. Let's not pretend that any comments on this blog are what's causing or aggravating the situation in Kenya. We are all smarter than that...I hope!

startupkenya said...

Anon @ 12:27 Yes, Chris, Phil and the rest have the right to further any agenda they choose.

You are wrong though if you believe that their posts on this blog have no effect on the situation in Kenya. History shall teach you that media has been used both constructively and destructively in conflict.
There might be no direct evidence of any destructive effect at the moment but isn't it enough that several readers have expressed alarm at the content of this blog?

Would you wait to be convinced only if someone came forward and claimed they looted, plundered, murdered or raped their fellow Kenyan because of information they received from this blog?

Freedom of expression is important and no one should ask Chris or Phil to shut down their blog, or stop posting. I asked them to promote peace for the sake of Kenyan lives through balanced information. It is their prerogative to take up my request.

I hope that as you continue your 'battle' you will nonetheless do it without risking the lives of Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

i really dont understand why you are all making noise.From your comments i realise you are all sending your posts depending on the person you support.But for the aske of peace we do not need to know who rigged en who did not but one thing im sure of is we need to hold fresh presidential elections to solve the problem.whether uganda, US or whoever helped in rigging they are happy in there countries en kenyans are dying.guys think clearly all this leader dont give a damn about you guys all they care about is power en money en they will do anything to have it.But as for the president lets have independent judges en justices en test raila to see whether he will not file the petition?we are all kenyans lets not fight Peace for my beloved country

Mkenya Damu said...

My condolence to the families which lost their loved ones irrespective of their ethnic heritage , weather they died in the hands of irate heart broken voters , or by the Kibaki bullets, or worse weather they voted or not. A life is a life weather luo, kalenjin , kisii or kikuyu, so for Mutua to single out only one tribe as the victims yet we all saw the morgue in other parts of the country including Nairobi is wanting to say the least.Kibaki should issue a gag order on his subordinates fom commenting on the current situation beause their arrogant foul mouths are not making it any better, I have beef specifically with one Uhuru, Karua n Tuju,.Nyamweya does not have any mandate or moral authority to comment on anything political , he is just a ceo of the rigging vote factory.Lastly doesnt a minister have to be an MP , if so why are these losers still in office ?

pata said...

Moi was involved in all these chaos.
His lieutenant OLD KANU Prime Minister in waiting was 100% behind these ethnic cleansing in the 90`s and even now and before elections.
He should be prosecuted with his henchmen when the dust settles.
There have to be people held responsible for these murders because to me that is the only way forward to heal the souls of the victims.
They are using elections irregularities as a scape goat.

Even USA elections had irregularities but we did not hear people killing one another because of that. France, Russia name it all their elections were flawed. Did we hear spill of innocent voters blood and people getting killed by their neighbours and friends for exercising their democratic rights? And the thing is these militia are looting Chickens, bags of charcoal and petty household stuff like Radio`s. Is this because of elections?

Can you imagine guys running away "na magunia ya makaa na Kuku zimejazwa kwa magunia from their killed neighbours and friends? Is this because of elections?

Anonymous said...

oh please you guy, your Man RAILA and his ODM are responsible for all this violence and don't act innocent like you don't know!!!!

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