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Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Just Two Minutes to Midnight in Nairobi

I've read accounts of a doomsday clock in the Oval Office, Washington D.C. According to those unverified accounts, that clock is actually on the floor and can only been seen by those who are keen to detail. In Dan Brown's political thriller, Deception Point, the clock is supposed to be carefully interwoven in the fabric of the sprawling carpet that gives that office the look and feel of the most important office in the world.

But I'm not here to tell you about the Oval Office clock. What I want to tell you is that there is another doomsday clock ticking in Nairobi as we speak. Everywhere I look, I see storm clouds gathering. The minute hand of our own doomsday clock stands at just two minutes to midnight. And the seconds are ticking incessantly. Is anybody else alarmed by what we see around us?


I can't remember another time when Uganda so bodly challenged Kenya's territorial integrity. And I can't recall a time when our President let that landlocked neighbour behave as if it was the regional superpower. How can it be that our Commander-in-chief will let the pride of Kenya be sullied in the mad this long? Don't we have generals who can stand up and tell the Commander-in-chief enough is enough? I miss Mulinge and Opande, man!


And now suddenly we have Jakaya Kikwete feeling like he can go to the United States and discuss Kenya. What the hell does that Tanzanian know about Kenya? The fact that Bush sent him here with a stern message for our leaders a year ago does not make him some maharishi on matters Kenyan. If he doesen't think it funny for our leader to discuss his nation anywehere at its midnight hour, he should desist from discussing Kenya at our midnight hour. We are and will always be lightyears ahead of TZ.


Then there is Obama. The man is not coming to Kenya. I've heard many people castigate Kibaki and Odinga, folks saying that our nation is in turmoil so Obama couldn't visit. Crap. Here is what I say...if he is the kind of a guy who would only visit us because everything was okay, let him stay the hell away. Like his nation that is grappling with racism, classism and periodically the madness of the Bush type, our nation will have issues it grapples with from time to time. Does it mean when we face those issues we should be shunned?

I feel that Barack Obama, by shunning Kenya, has missed a golden opportunity to stand in the middle of Nairobi and proclaim his wishes for Kenya right in the face of Kibaki and Odinga. It would have been a powerful symbol that this son of Kogelo would come here and make it known that he is solidly for reforms. To send some dude called Johnny Carson...and an ambassador who is partly responsoble for the mess we are in makes me sick to my stomach. And may Obama be told that we will have no use for him should he come here after his presidency is over.


As a nation, I feel the right response to the foreign challenges we face must be to rally around His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki and the Rt Honourable Prime Minister Raila Odinga. As fervently as I disagree with Kibaki on just about everything, when the nation is under siege on multiple fronts, we must rally solidly behind him. We must all stand ready to follow his directives whenever he feels Uganda must be taken head on, and Tanzania must be calmed down, and Obama must be told we can handle our affairs...even when the process looks chaotic sometimes.

Fellow Kenyans, we may have our family fights that sometimes manifest themselves in the form of raw tribalism and other isms, but at the end of the day we will always be Kenyans. One big family. Let's not let our family feuds weaken us to the point where dependent nations like Uganda and Tanzania begin to feel they have a leg on our throat. We must always work hard to remain the regional superpower.

So at just two minutes to midnight, let's give our President and Prime Minister the support they need to confront the nation's foreign issues. It's that kind of a time when we must stand bega kwa bega, as Phil would say, and proclaim to the world that we are Kenya...and we stand ready to move our nation forward.

Those trying to mess with warned.

God bless Kenya!


Anonymous said...

this is okelo at his best, very patriotic

DM-Nairobi said...


Kweli you are very patriotic, but you've stilled missed the boat by a whole river. Everything you wrote was making sense until you concluded with an appeal for Kenyans to stand behind Kibaki and Raila during these trying times.

Its really amazing that you still look up to these jokers as Leaders. I submit that the reason we Kenyans are forever confused, disappointed and hurt by our so-called “leaders” is because we keep referring to them as Leaders when in actual fact they are not.

For any discerning person who cares to check, there is a universal criteria that describes what leadership is all about – basic qualities such as sacrifice, empathy, inspirational, boldness and love of countrymen and many other positive qualities. The current Kenya Government officials simply don’t measure up and very few have since Independence.

Once we acknowledge and accept that Kenya has actually been in the hands of THIEVES and LOOTERS of public resources and not leaders, then everything they do will never catch us by surprise or shock. All the scams, scandals and failures to measure up to Leadership basics 101 will start making sense because what else would you expect from THIEVES?

So Okello and all other Patriotic Kenyans, can you please stop telling us to support or even pray for these two pretenders and their lieutenants in PNU and ODM. Lets share ideas on how we can actually remove them from power and put in the REAL Leaders of Kenya for our prosperity as citizens.

Anonymous said...

As i started to read, i said to myself, where has this fantastic writer been? good english and alot of sence. I wanted to say Brilliant article but when i got to the bottom and saw Sam Okello, hypocracy rent the air. But anyway, if Nicodemus and Saul changed, if Maruge went to school at 90, if Kibaki stole the election and Raila denied audience Obama then anything is possible

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think some people did not like that picture of kikwete at the white house. We all know whose picture we should have been looking at.

On a serious note I thought we all knew POTUS does not engage in sentimentality. In fact he does not really decide for himself where he goes or who he meets. his people have decided he gives his speech to muslims in egypt. The problem with people like okello is that they thought obama would be president of kenya. I remember okello even saying obama should give us a new ambassador asap. Renneberger may be replaced at some stage but this was not going to be high up among the new diplomatic postings that the state department was going to deal with.

Vikii said...

I think you have no business calling on anybody to stand behind President Mwai Kibaki. You have every right to call on those like you to stand rabidly and solidly behind Raila Odinga and his politics. Here is why;

You are the same fella who only a couple weeeks ago, was claiming that Raila Odinga leads a country called Kenya and that President Kibaki leads a nation comprising the Eastern and Central Provinces. So which Kenyans are you calling upon to stand behind Kibaki? Why would I as a person from Eastern Province encourage my President to go attack another country over a territorial dispute that has nothing to do with his country or mine? That is a dispute pittting President Museveni and Jaluos, like the former so eloquently explained. That is a burden they should be able to shoulder themselves.

I will stand behind and support the elected President of Kenya when he does stuff meant to take the country forward. Expecting me to support an impostor though is, well, pretty audacious.

On President Jakaya Kikwete "discussing" Kenya with President Obama, where do these people get this information? The White House press secretary said that the two Presidents discussed issues of mutual interest to their countries and the role Tanzania was playing in the Congolese peace process. What's the basis of this other speculative stuff? And when someone says we are "lightyears ahead of Tanzania", in what aspect are we ahead of them? We may have a bigger economy because of the volume of business happening in the city of Nairobi, but in every other aspect, they are decades ahead.

On President Museveni, he should stay away from Pokot or we declare war on him at a time of our choosing.

On President Barack Obama, we had his country torturing people while he himself was a senator. Instead of spending every minute at his disposal lecturing Kenya on governance, he should be leading the prosecution of the human rights violators trodding the streets of Washington DC. He should be commenting on the corruption within his own state involving the senatorial seat that he held just a few months ago. He should be withdrwaing his troops from the innocent country they have been occupying called iraq. Obama is a very smart man, one of the smartest politicians alive and that is why he should stop using the Bush Handbook that deems it OK to continue finacially supporting Pakistan, the most corrupt country on earth and lambasting less corrupt nations just because your father was born there. The President of Kenya has a solemn duty to usher in good governance and to take leadership of the war against corruption as he promised in his campaign. That is something he should do not so president Obama can visit Kenya but because that is what he owes the kenyan people.

Sam okello, you are the least qualified person to preach nationhood. You are a chronic tribalist who should be doing posts encouraging unity among Jaluos not among Kenyans. When did you get converted? When did this new wave of patriotism hit you? And what makes you think you are worth listening to?

Anonymous said...

Nice try Okello - you are patriotic only when it suits you. No need to shed crco tears, man.

M-Pesa said...

Please take a walk in any town here in Kenya. What will strike you is the number of security guards manning businesses and people's homes. They are always over-worked and under-paid by their mostly foreign owned firms.

In the villages where Kenyans can't afford these private guards, the locals mobilise the so called 'vigilante' groups to protect them from ruthless criminals who have no respect for human life.

This hunger for security from over taxed Kenyans is the best illustration that we live in a failed state that can't provide security to it's own citizens. The govt has abdicated what should be it's first and main duty, to protect the lives of it's citizens.

Just dare and take a walk at night in the city especially around Uhuru Highway and your head will be chopped off after being sexually molested by savage scum.

So Bwana Okello, telling me to give "support" to Kibaki and Raila when they have shown nothing contempt and arrogance to Kenyans plea for good governance is just laughable. These two RULERS only care about carpets, toilets, pecking orders, their huge salaries and of their bloated egos being pampered.

JEFF said...


You are being inconsistent and that is why i don't think your post is sincere. I conclude that had Raila been the guy on the photo at the White House, this post would have taken a completely different direction.....

Mwambu said...

Patriotism is for fools and not an idea worthy of thinking men.

I, for one, am proud to wear the badge of the most unpatriotic Kenyan; the antithesis of the patriotic Kenyan. What is there to be patriotic about anyway, when it is crystal clear that some Kenyans (from the right tribe) are being treated more equally than others, in terms of resource allocations, employment opportunities, and so on?

This thing most of you are mistakenly referring to as patriotism is actually an ephemeral reflex known as emotionalism, no more and no less. Put differently, patriotism is another word for blind obedience.

Mwambu, will NOT stand behind the incompetent election thief calling itself Mwai Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

I have just read a wonderful thread by unpatriotic pretender....this wonderful post has been replied to by possesed Kenyans. Sam did you ask me to stand behind Kibaki's fartin asss*?...excuse me I dont want to be in a foul mood!!

Anonymous said...


You must be a very simple minded fella. How can you suddenly become patriotic because Obama has invited Kikwete and not Raila to White House?

Anonymous said...

Okello A devil in sheep skin

One Wife Man said...

Sam O aka Samo,
forget about these naysayers-just because you constructively criticise your country from time to time does not mean you don't care about it or are unqualified to speak your mind in expressing your feelings about her

That said, Dr.Kibaki has always favored a laid back style where he does not attack his opponents hata kama anakufua. taking on opponent's head on is a job better suited to Dr.Raila who is no stranger to head-butting and bullying his way to get what he wants

then again thank God Dr.Kibaki has executive power his leadership style lays all the responsibility of progress and survival on us who gave him those powers...if we're looking for anyone to blame look at ourselves

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mr Okello,

If we are honest, your essay should have read, A THESIS ON VOLUNATRY SERVITUDE. In light of reason, you have chosen to write so as to meet the emergency rather than the truth.

We only wish you would have spoken like Diogenes. When asked by Alexander the Great whether he wanted anything, he answered that: “I want you to stand out of my sunshine and not to take from me what you cannot give me." In this way, we mean, it is not by rallying behind the president and the prime minister that, we will confront our challenges, it is by telling them that, they are blocking our sunshine.

We wish you could have also learnt something from Cato the Utican. While still a child, he had complete access to the house of Sylla the despot. As he went to that house, he came to realise that, in this house, in the dictator's presence or at his command, some men were imprisoned and others sentenced; one was banished, another was strangled; one demanded the goods of another citizen, another his head; in short, all went there, not as to the house of a city magistrate but as to the people's tyrant, and this was therefore not a court of justice, but rather a resort of tyranny. One day he asked his teacher, "Why don't you give me a dagger? I will hide it under my robe. I often go into Sylla's room before he is risen, and my arm is strong enough to rid the city of him." It is unfortunate that, what Cato spoke as a child cannot flow out of your pen at this age.

We also refer thee to what Hippocrates said to one Great King. As kings and presidents do, this king wanted to attach him to his person by means of special privileges and large gifts. Hippocrates answered frankly that it would be a weight on his conscience to make use of his science for the cure of barbarians who wished to slay his fellow Greeks, or to serve faithfully by his skill anyone who undertook to enslave Greece. Likewise, we wish, you would consider it a burden on your conscience to preach to Kenyans on how they need to rally behind so called leaders who are nothing but robbers.

The truth is that, after the 2007 debacle, all that we have asked, nay demanded from the president and the prime minister is very simple. One, that they must purify the ballot. By this we mean, let it be required that no man shall hold a seat in our parliament, who reaches there by fraud, violence and intimidation. In total then, the reforms that are within the powers of these two men must make sure that, all occupants of that house must come uncorrupted by fraud, and unstained by blood. Two, they must institute reforms to arrest the arm of lawless violence and poverty. To these causes and others, no one who is reasonable can accuse Kenyans of not rallying behind them. The issue that you ought to tell us about is, what mountain devil is standing on the way of these reforms.

That being the case, to ask us to rally behind them to “teach Tanzania a lesson” or to “teach Obama” what we do not know, we utterly deny and reject such a vicious idea.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, I've agreed with you most of the time in your posts here at Kumekucha. However I think you left the road and went into the bushes with this one and I quote you:

"As fervently as I disagree with Kibaki on just about everything, when the nation is under siege on multiple fronts, we must rally solidly behind him."

Sam - just one example - has it ever occurred to you that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki could have given/sold the Island of Migingo to Museveni as a "Reward" for the "help" he gave Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki after he STOLE the elections
by "loaning" Mr pumbavu the Ugandan soldiers to help in quelling the protests in the western part of Kenya.

Sam, if you ask me, I do not think it is beyond Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki to even "sell/give" the whole of Nyanza province to Museveni.

Now, where am I going with this? We are blaming the wrong people and also supporting the wrong people. All of these nonsensical things which Kenya is being subjected to are as a result of democracy being BASTARDIZED and the main culprit in the present circumstances is Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki.

What we are going through is a result of Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's THEFT of the elections of Dec '07 and his TOTAL FAILURE to provide leadership in any area except where the need to underming Raila is "needed." It is not a wonder that his own tribesmen are very busy engaging if festivals of chopping their fellow Kikuyu tribesmens heads off and he does not even utter a word!

Bottom line: The buck stops with Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki. He is the main cause of all this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Wasnt this the same Okello whipping up hatred for Kikuyus last week? Now he calls for unity? Does this guy have a split personality or mental issues?

Anonymous said...

Why has Kumekucha not commented or made a post about how ODM took us back to the stoneage? By now Kenya would be at 10,11% GDP if it wasnt for Raila and co.

Anonymous said...

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki this and Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki that....

I am Damu but please enough of this character assassination of the Head of State as recognized by the PM. If you're going dis the prezzo, you are, by association, doing the same to the PM.

Grow up and find more constructive avenues for your frustrations.

Anonymous said...

you have totally missed the point on Obama. Number 1, he is American, his interests will be mostly American and so its not in American interest to go ingilia into squabbles, which they did in Somalia.
Ultimately we shouldnt give a damn whether Kikwete is being asked 2 discuss Kenya because we are a sovereign state and he knows where to tread carefully, since he has on many occasions rubbed us the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16 AM,

It really rattles and pains you that I refer to Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki by his REAL and DESERVED middle name. I feel your pain but sorry to tell you that it will not stop. Here's some more:

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki.....

Eat your heart out! Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

Oh, and before I end, another small dose - just to rattle you:

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki......

Anonymous said...

Sam, what happened to the Kikuyu kingdom? very confused fellow, this one; go back to wiping table tops at KFC

Anonymous said...

I cant rally behind someone who doesnt know where he is going to.

Anonymous said...

It's surprising that there are responses to Sam Okello's rat-like posts you know, one that bites and then blows (to soothe) then bites again. Such is Sam Okello's rodent-like character. Give me Taabu anyday, I wade through his incoherent keyword-riddled psychobabbles not least because the guy is CONSISTENT. Is that something the MAD ones cant muster? Is this yet further evidence of emotionalism that may have genetic undertones?

Anonymous said...

Poor leadership, lack of patriotism, excessive love for money and materialism, poor education system, impunity, cleptocracy, tribalism, love for anything foreign.

These are the reasons why Tanzanians are loughing at Kenya, Museveni doesnt consider Kenya to be sovereign. Ethiopians call us rubbish, even Somalians call us pumbavu. Asians call us dogs who follow money like a bone. Think about the behaviour of Pattni, Triton guy, etc.

Anonymous said...

5/25/09 3:16 AM

Yeah Right! 10,11% GFP - Gross fraudulent production for Mwai " pumbavu " kibaki while the majority would be - 10.11 % of thier earnings and income.

Grow up please.

Anonymous said...

Scene: University of Nairobi
Event: SONU Elections

Osianya (ODM) about 5000
Karanja (PNU) about 2000

This should be a wake up call for us in Central Province.

Anonymous said...

Marriane Brinner - where art thou?

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that many of you are discussing the issues involved rather than calling names. When you look at the issues I raise, it's obvious that our nation is under siege. What I'm saying is that at a time like this we set our family diasgrements aside and rally behind our leaders. They may not be perfect, but should we got to war with Uganda, or have to tame Jakay, they will lead us there. They have to know that they can count on our support when that time comes.

Jeff, the fact that I call on my fellow Kenyans to end tribal hegemony does not mean I hate any tribe. What I ask is that Kenyans may take a closer look at the distribution of resources and see if there may be an equitable way of sharing it. In no way should such family feuds distract us from out patriotic duty to give unreserved support to our leaders when the nation is under the unfriendly radar screen of men like Museveni.

Vikii, you ask what makes me qualified to comment on matters Kenyan? Next time you are in Nairobi stop by my office. I'll be glad to show you my ID.

Sam Okello

Maiko said...


You started well, bar the reference to myths and the deception clock.

But let me call you on two points:
i) No one knows what Kikwete discussed with Obama, let us not speculate on what newspapers give us.
ii) Obama as has oft been said does not owe us anything and his scrutiny as a world leader makes it even harder for him to be seen to be visiting 'home'.

As other comments here may differ with you for backing the leaders we have now, let them offer anything better. And thats our big problem, very big on criticism and very minute on offering up solutions.

Anonymous said...

Museveni will always be museveni .Kibaki is spineless everyone knows that

Kikwete has the right to give his 2cents.I am sure he was asked about kenya.I dont think he traveled all that way claiming to be an expert on kenya.Tanzania has an interest in Kenya. He might have been addressing the issue based on a tz perspective

Obama doesnt have to visit kenya. Kenyans should stop thinking they are special.I dont hear people in malawi ,somali nigeria complaining .Obama is an american not a kenyan. period .When he want to interract with those he loves ,mama serah and the clan will be issued visas

deroo said...


I don't rubbish opinion, they are personal and should remain so, but for heaven's sake, please save us the agony of this kind of dreamed out hypothesis. It murks. Please stop this kind of twaddle.


Anonymous said...

Our investigations have now confirmed that the stupid, childish, imature tribal comments posted here have been originating from UoN. Some specific students, whose names we will be publishing anytime from now as we carry confirmations, have been spending alot of precious academic time and internet resources contributing trash in this blog. One would think that such students should be busy carrying out research on how to solve africas myriad of problems instead they promote, encourage, propagate and practice tribalism and corruption. But what would one expect from students who riot, burn and loot property from the same company they will be seeking jobs in a few months time? what else would you expect from a student who smashes windows to steal fried chicken?
Have a productive afternoon

Anonymous said...

And we thought we would live in the white house. It seems republicans tend to give us more than demorats, if you believe in aid. bush pumped so much money into africa, and obama is cutting that. in africa those who are successful are expected to help their needy brothers. we derided corsi last year and ran him out of town. But i think he had a point: it is telling that a man so rich like BHO would not spare even 50 dollars a month for his half brother who lives in a cave in huruma.

Anonymous said...

Kwanini Raila anapeleka matako yake White house. The seats in white house have no place for shit, especially shit that flys!

Anonymous said...

Poor RAO just wants a simple picture with Obama showing them smiling in white house together then jet back to intimidate Kuyoos and other 'enemies' like M7 with it

Anonymous said...

Can Raila please stop this wanton waste of publiuc resources? how can he spend so many days in US stalking POTUSA? it is clear that POTUSAs aides has trict instructions to block him. Why is Raila stooping so low just for a photo with POTUSA? How can he behave like a hawker just to seat in white house? Why is he damaging our pride?

Anonymous said...

Bho's "attachment" to his kenyan family was meant to convince african americans of his "africanness", given that he grew up among white folk. Same reason that he didnt marry a white chick. am not really one of his fans, but gota admit he is one smart sob polician and will most likely be reelected.

Anonymous said...

What is in a picture? ask top political strategists and they will tell you. Look at the storm Kikwetes photo has just Kicked. Poor handsome Kikwete is now hated by Raila and Kenyans at large. Raila, a top politi-strategist, knows the power of a photo, thats why he is still put at Washington DC waiting for POTUS to finish his official visits hoping he will give him a call

Anonymous said...

"This should be a wake up call for us in Central Province."

A wake up call to what? Why central province?
The best man has won and by a vast majority. I dont understand why, when a bunch of looting, stone-throwing types at UoN settle for the leadership they want, why this should be a problem for central province. Educate me.

Anonymous said...

The failure of Obamas visit is squarely the blame for Odinga. He kept on sumbuaing the guy with insistant bugging reminders that he should visit Kenya then head to Nyanza. It is believed RAO wanted this to remind the world where POTUS belongs and to put his political enemies 'where they belong'. Well CIA informed POTUS aides who quickly changed the schedule to avoid political tensions

Anonymous said...

anon 3:16 am,

To call Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki a pumbavu is not character assassination

Just as a spade is a spade and not a big spoon, Kibaki is a pumbavu of the highest order and thus deserve to be called so

Anonymous said...

I really dont thnk BHOs attachment was targeted at African Americans. Quite the contrary. It was targeted at WHITES to achieve two things. One, to draw a bright line between hisself and the African Americans who the whites distrust and despise. Two, and even more significant, to blot out his stint during his formative years in Indonesia, the world's largest concentration of muslims. By aligning himself more closely to his African relatives, who are ALIVE, traceable, very poor and from a country that's rather well-liked (eg dominance in marathons, the world first nobel targeted at envt) Obama did the smart thing--he got some potentially difficult questions out of the way very quickly (remember books launched??).

Anonymous said...

Th African-American vote was got throuhg his wife--who hails from the hoipolloi of southside chicago.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,
Some interesting comments here. I like both the critisms and complements alike, its part of our free speach
However, please students go to class and study. You are given internet to do research not clogging our blog with your tribal petty elections. It is expected that i shouldnt mind since it generates traffic for KK, but lets do it the right way. As much as i share your frustrations, kenya has bigger problems that require all of us to rise to the ocassion. I posted this article to encourage a healthy debate not tribal, partisan comments.

Yours truly,
Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

Panua mongrels are here and engaging in their favorite hobby: Kupaka Raila Matope with all their fraudulent and deceptive might.

This is good material for a comedy. The title of the comedy: PARANOIA (of the silly kind).

Starring: Panua mongrels whose other favorite hobby is chopping heads - specifically Kikuyu heads - off. Just imagine that, a script whose two major themes are Paranoia and Decapitiation of their own tribesmen. You people never fail to amuse with your fraudulent and deception laden histrionics and theatrics.

Anonymous said...

Those UON students posting here need to know we are not interested in their little politics.

On BHO, he knows he will be received as a hero anywhere in africa. africans do know how to celebrate. To BHO's handlers it is better for the celebration to happen in a country other than kenya, otherwise you know what the repubs will say: he has gone home to be with his people, we told you he was not an american.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter what Obamas intentions were with regards his association with Kenyan acestry or his goals. The fact is that it was NOT genuine! It was purely political, the end of which he achieved.

Anonymous said...

This is one time i agree with sam, we kenyans do not even know when trouble is around us. let us go after M7 and jakaya, then we fight our usual petty wars.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Okellos comment that why does Obama think we will need him when we are okay? I thought it was in 'sickness and in health'?

Anonymous said...

It appears to be US policy for POTUS not to visit kenya. Bush skipped us at a time when we were doing fairly well politically, economically and otherwise.
Prediction: Just like Clinton, Obama will make lots of visits to the beautiful, sunny, natural kenya when the sun sets for him in white house.

Anonymous said...

what role has renebaga played in keeping barak away?

Anonymous said...

UON students should stop throwing stones all the time. you are worse than M7 or Kikwete because you disgrace this country from within

Stop wasting valuable bandwidth posting nonsense here. some of you your spelling is so bad no wonder the comments are of a low calibre you are so used to throwing stones you forgot how to write

Anonymous said...

American presidents have perfected the art of skirting Kenya on their visits to Africa. If it is true that we are as important as the world says we are, why don't we get the respect we deserve?

It has taken America nearly two centuries to perfect her democracy...why do they think we have the capacity to perfect ours in just forty five years?

Fellow Kenyans, we will always have little fights, but we cannot let outsiders dictate the pace and direction of our life. We must always be ready to rebuff the silly slights thrown our way by anybody...including President Obama.

I urge the US president to plan urgently to come to Nairobi, especially now that we have mounting problems, or let him never bother after we'll have figured it out ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Bush is planning to visit Kenya in his first tour of Africa in retirement. The visit is slated to be in February 2009. The exact date is to be confirmed. The visit will start with South Africa then Cameroun, Kenya, Ethiopia and finally Morroco. The itenerary is still in draft form but Kenya is clearly in it. It is believed that Bushs visit is aimed at pacifying the EA state after skipping the country during Africa visits as president. In addition, Bush plans to thank kenya for its unwavering support on the war on terror and being a strong US ally in its fight against global terrorism

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.48 am. I really think it is african americans whose vote BHO knew he would have problems getting. This is the reason for the "attachment to africa", black wife and radical black church. the white vote was secured by whites being told to show they are not racists by voting for a black who was qualified and was not a "threat to them" like jesse jackson.

Anonymous said...

Bush is welcome to visit Central province. He is our true friend

Anonymous said...

Ten big lies that Kenyans tell themselves to escape realityBy DAGI KIMANI

Kenyans seem to have developed an almost pathological ability to lie to themselves.

Consider these 10 common lies.One, that the government has to help us with our personal problems. How many times have you seen on TV a Mama Mboga whose kiosk has been demolished, or somebody who, somehow, has sired 16 children saying, “naomba serikali itusaidie…”?

Fact is, there is no animal known as government that has bottomless pockets to solve people’s individual problems. Government is there to formulate policy and construct basic infrastructure with tax money. Anyone who wants to benefit from your tax money is a parasite.

THE SECOND LIE IS THAT KENYA IS a rich country whose wealth is looted by its leaders. Ha ha ha! Kenya is actually extremely poor. With nearly 40 million people, according to the CIA’s factbook, the country has a Gross National Product of just $31 billion. Contrast that to Singapore, with a population of about 4.7 million and a GDP of $155 billion. Kenyans should be thinking of baking a bigger cake, not how to share crumbs!The third lie? That Kenyans are decent, hardworking people, but their leaders are bad. Go tell it to the birds. People get the leaders they deserve. And on that hard-working bit, it is only true for a very small part of the population, mostly women.

If you go to the rural areas, you will find most shopping centers clogged with drunk men as early as 9 am. Without women, this country would be as poor as Sierra Leone! Lie number four is that a new Constitution will solve all our problems. Fat chance. We have laws against murder and arson, but did that stop the stealing of the elections of december 2007, the atrocities of early 2008 and the mayhem wreaked by Mungiki?

Fact is, a Constitution is as good as its implementation, otherwise it is just a piece of paper with ink stains. Countries like Britain don’t even have a written one. We need to rediscover our moral direction more than we need a Constitution.

Lie number five is that foreigners, especially diplomats like US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger love us very much.

Let’s be blunt here. This to them is just a work-station. Nobody loves Kenya as Kenyans do, or should. This is your home, and only you can change it for the better. Start working on it.

The sixth lie is that Kenyans are a Godly, peace-loving people. OK, maybe we go to churches and mosques, but that doesn’t make us more God-fearing than the Russians or the Chinese. Which God-loving people wake up one day and start hacking each other with pangas (machetes)? (The ones whose vote has been stolen). Which God-loving people steal elections in broad daylight?

The seventh lie? That to jumpstart Kenya we need free education, free healthcare…. Let’s all get this clear: There’s nothing like a free lunch. When you are a poor country with no infrastructure and you spend the little you have on NGO-driven freebies, you’ll remain just that — poor.

Lie number eight — that it is poverty that leads to crime and acts of stupidity — has become popular of late. People burn while looting a fuel truck, or steal from the corpses of road accident victims and all you hear is the “poverty” excuse.

Lie number nine? That a Kenyan ‘Obama’ will swoop down to save this country and lead us to everlasting prosperity.

Look at China, the greatest economic miracle on earth. It has taken the sacrifice of an entire generation to pull millions out of poverty. One ‘Obama’ cannot do the job alone.

Lie number ten. That your ethnic community is more hardworking, more honest than the others. If that were so, how come you — as a person and as a community — are still as poor as you are?

Anonymous said...

Why do these white racists continue frustrating Raila? They are now blocking every effort for Raila to see Obama just for the requested 10 minutes. All our president wants is to say hi and take some photos, kwisa! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US? OBAMA LIKE KIBAKI (2002) WOULDNT HAVE WON THE PRESIDENCY IF IT WASNT FOR AGWAMBO!

Anonymous said...

Dont you think POTUSA is more interesting than POTUS? It even sounds African, like Obama.

Anonymous said...

POTUSA it is!
Sasa mbona munamuigilia POTUSA jameni? Kwani do you force visitors to come to your home. Remember visitors are an expense unless they are bringing something with them. If POTUSA sends support but doesnt visit, then thats the the best cost saving option. In a world dwindling in resources, every drop is needed

Anonymous said...

Why is agwambo crying like a baby in Washington? You cannot go to someones door and force him to allow you in. Kikwete is a president of high stature and Tz a respected country. You wouldnt find Dar students rioting or stealing chicken in the streets or its citizens enjoy raping, maiming and killing each other. They are far poorer than us but uphold dignity, mutual respect and decency. The problem of crime in kenya is a problem of moral character not poverty. If only we were as disciplined as Tz, this country would be first class!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31 AM, 6:46 AM, 6:54 AM and the other(s)

We can see through the mischief and Fraudulent intentions that you and others who have made such like minded deceptive comments in the comments section of this post.

If you have to use lies and deception to justify, promote and sustain your pumbavu cases, then that can only mean one thing, you have no case.

This is just another comedic expression of your dominant cultural traits of Deception, Fraud and Theft. No wonder you go into wild bashes of chopping your fellow tribesmens heads off. SAVAGES!

Anonymous said...

Potusa used us to win the election and by doing so showed what is truly in his blood, the kenyan politician at best

Anonymous said...

Are you now blaming Kikuyus for Agwambos denial of access to POTUSA? Kikuyus must be very powerful. Maybe Obama is a Kikuyu actually?

Anonymous said...

Question: Why is Raila still in Washington?
He refused to talk to african students in Chicago coz of his petty differences with US ambassador Ogego.
Genesis: He first demanded a toilet and carpet publicly, then he asked for war with UG over a rock, then he appointed himself LGB, now he shows up in White House and demands to see POTUSA. Raila should know that he is PM and at least respect his office if he cannot respect himself

Anonymous said...

the big boys agree with okelo today!

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of a neigbour who used to visit us around lunch time when the table is set. Hii ni tabia mbaya sana

Anonymous said...

POTUSA sounds great, KK can make it obama's official name here

Anonymous said...

Okello, Jeff. Put aside your differences and work for a better Kenya

Anonymous said...

Just wondering S.O did you finally get that fly Kuyoo chick from Kinoo. Najuwa you like yeloyelo sana like your bros
Nway forgive my insanity, no pun intended
Its a quiet peaceful cool evening in Nairobi,

Good evening
Abedi Jilo

Please, brother who are waking up now, keep the peace until we pick it up kesho

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful evening in Nairobi, folks. I must go down to the Kengeles in Lavington for a Novida. I love the great discussion going on here. I knew that when confronted with external threats, we can rally around a cause that preserves our nationhood.

I'll be back after my drink.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Knew the msaliti before
3rd paragraph. Give us a break!!!

Anonymous said...

Wewe wajinga wa UON, Main we are watching you. If you dont change like Okello we will shut down your servers


Anonymous said... we will shut you down like Oska


Anonymous said...

The behaviour by Raila is childish. What productive thing is he doing as PM? Obaks is a senile old fool. When will he wake up and see the signs that kenya needs sober stewardship? What has he learnt from US shunning of this,yes great country?
By the way i disagree with Kimanis comment that kenya is not great. Kenya has all ingredients of a great country, we only need discipline. If we can get a strong leader who can beat us into shape and make us fall into line, tutakuwa mbele sana.

Anonymous said...


I thought Raila Odinga was Obama's cousin. Incidentally, he did not attend the inauguaration and he cannot meet his own cousin in the USA. What a pity???

Njia ya mtu muongo ni fupi. Sana. Still he has never had the golddust sprinled on him after goig all the way to Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Most useless post i'v read this year

Anonymous said...

why should Obama visit Kenya when he can see the corruption and Kibaki and his stooge of cronies are still robbing the government coffers???? Uhuru at it again (another computer error!!!!!!!!????)


May 24th, 2009 by Mars Group Kenya





The latest version of the Supplementary Budget went through a speedy first, second and third reading on 20th May 2009, and is now deemed to have been approved and enacted as part of the Supplementary Appropriations Bill 2009.

The Supplementary Budget remains as erroneous and as full of discrepancies as its earlier version. First and foremost, even though at no point in the whole affair did the Ministry of Finance ever admit to errors other than the miscasting of the Printed Estimates column in the Supplementary Estimates, a closer look at the Resubmitted Supplementary Estimates shows clearly that even as the printed estimates “error” was corrected completely, a whole new set of errors and discrepancies has been introduced into the Recurrent and Development Estimates.

This is shocking because the Supplementary Budget revisions, in order to arrive at a specific budget item revision in a supplementary estimate for which approval is sought there must have been extensive deliberations within the government at departmental level under the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) budgeting system. The variances between the revisions contained in the first and second versions of the Supplementary Budget tabled by the Minister for Finance cannot be a computer error; they are deliberate or in what one would call in common parlance cooking figures.

The Ministry of Finance has even changed its revisions between 29th April and May 2009. The question as always is why? There cannot have been any mistake made in respect of any of the supplementary requests because these would have been based on planning and evidenced by explanatory notes. This is a very important point. If such ineptitude and such deception can attend to the Supplementary Budget what can Kenyans expect in the National Budget of June 2009? Has the time come for Kenyans to organize themselves to demand accountability and competence from the Treasury which receives their taxes?

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello brings entertainment into politics. I believe he does not like Kibaki (Neither do I: Kibaki is a thieaf and a tribalist) But I see why Okello would write that we rally behind our leaders: Simply to get his blog exiting!!!!

Anonymous said...

For those who worship Raila Odinga as God (I dont know what his father Oginga Odinga is), he is in London today after buring the midnight oil trying to get the attention of Barrack Obama in the USA.


Anonymous said...

Kenyan's problem are people like you with a childish thinking an eye for an eye. Its interesting how you point out kenya having problems with almost everybody, Mseveni, Kikwate and Obama. You really make me laugh, in life if you find yourself against almost every one then the problem is you. This amazes for all the time i lived in Kenya i have come to conclude that Kenyans never ever take blames for their mess. This country has created a culture of always blaming some one else and this is why Kenya has NOT been seen as a regional Superpower. If you want to lead you have to pay the price for leadership. Uganda has paid that price and that is why America sees it as the regional Superpower. You don't become a regional superpower by having a larger middle class, look at Israel the World's super air force power far smaller than Germany or Russia. Obama is American i guess you know that better now. He is not that cheap to play tribal politics Kenya is in bed with. He is a principled leader who is not going to join Kenyan;s political pettiness. It beats my understanding that Kenyans don't see that they have a culture of of an eye for eye. This has to stop if Kenya is going to be respected beyond its marathon runners and the masai mara.

Anonymous said...

"Obaks is a senile old fool."
Eh? From mijingo, perhaps?

"Kibaki is a thieaf and a tribalist"
Oops. Bad things about PORK, I see.

Anonymous said...

That many Kikuyus have a moral and ethical deficit is apparent for anyone who has ever been to Kenya. Explain to me how it is that 90% of the murderers, carjackings, prostitutes, armed robbers, and muggers ALL hail from ONE TRIBE.

How I wish the Kikuyu gene pool produced more John Githongos, Maina Kiai, Mwareng'ethes, Wanyiri Kihoros, Wangari Maathais, John Kiaries, etc; decent normal humans they are. Contrast these decent folk with the demented Kikuyu ilk weaned on atavism, thievery, deceit, deception and duplicity. Same input different outcome.

What enabled the above mentioned Kikuyus to change was the recognition that physiological and mental condition and character is not fixed, that like any human being they have the potential to evolve and change.

The rest it seems have chosen to revert to their more primitive self- their comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

Raila Haters,

Do you honestly think RAOS and Kikwete's presence in the US was a coincidence? The PNU idiots knew there was going to be a lot of discussion about kenya(and RAO would be involved), hence the frenzied activity by errand boy empty suit kalonzo last week... certainly it would be pointless discussing the future with the clueless sloth snoozing away at SH.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out these things.

Haters, don't feel bad, the BIG BOYS were discussing issues of benefit to all kenyans.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that Kikwete met Raila in DC and appraised him of his discussions with POTUS.

Kikwete is no fool, he knows what went on in Nairobi during the last elections.

JIMMY said...

WHY ARE GUYS COMPLAINING ABOUT RAILA'S TRIP TO AMERICA WHEN KIBAKI CANNOT/SCARED OF TRAVELING PAST CENTRAL/OTHAYA?The guy thinks Kenya is all about State house and Othaya.Sorry,the guy never even goes to othaya.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is backward because of the three kleptocrats that have reigned since independence.

Kenyatta was a senile, tribal bastard with limited vision and competence to run a modern state.

Moi was an overwhelmed idiot.

Kibaki is probably the worst of the lot. Despite having a graduate degree, the man like Kenyatta, is a thief, also lacks vision, an incompetent leader who delegates work, and avoids making decisions.

2/3 of Kenyan leaders have been Kikuyu incompetents. The other, following in the Nyayo of a Kikuyu thief.

Mwambu said...

Apparently the Minister of Finance, Uhuru Kenyatta, is not at fault for the erroneous figures reflected in the Supplementary Budget.

He cannot read or add! Let's blame it on his ignorance and stupidity and not on his position.

Anonymous said...

Folks, just like I said there are really exceptions to the rule. Your birth as a Kikuyu is not your destiny.

My attention is drawn to this very good and decent human being, Kiragu Sollo, a Kikuyu nonetheless, who passed on in Kericho, and was buried at Mau Summit.

I encourage more and more Kikuyus to begin emulating this decent man, for you too can be as civilised as Kiragu was.

R.I.P. Mr. Kiragu.

Taabu said...

RIP mwalimi Sollo. You were one of the finest football administrators (Ref/coach and teacher) South Rift ever had. BTW unless you knew his name everything else about him would disabuse you of any perception of Kiragu.

Anonymous said...

He was virtually Kale cept for his name. Why then was his house burned during PEV? Tell us Taabu. Oh, I know why (lightbulb)--the Kyuks did it!

Anonymous said...

"How I wish the Kikuyu gene pool produced more John Githongos, Maina Kiai, Mwareng'ethes, Wanyiri Kihoros, Wangari Maathais, John Kiaries, etc;" well etc includes many many other to kikuyus you are selectively leaving out including the Sollo you are talking about. Kikuyus cant be ALL bad except x, y,z etc and your list is endless. Do you know for example how many Kikuyus gave their lives so that you talk trash here? Tell me one luo who died for our freedom. We know kalenjins, masaais and Kambas. ANY Luos?

Anonymous said...

Obama can take his dirty ass back to white house. He is just another stooge of american and israeli protectionism and captitalism. I am glad he didnt come here to lecture us abt what we know. Wacha he visits ass lickers like Ghana and Egypt (we know egypt is a zionist supporter), and Kikwete (TZ is a gullible/ ignorant country since Nyerere left the fort). We are not interested in Neo colonialism. As Dagi said there is no one who loves kenya more than us

Anonymous said...

Its good POTUSA keeps off kenya otherwise we will have a string of Alshabaab sucide bombers in Nairobi as POTUSA enjoys the comfort of his country back home

Anonymous said...

What is Raila doing in London? Gordon Brown, the swine, has refused to see him so what is he waiting for? Kwani lazima uonane na wazungu? Operation rudi nyumbani!

Anonymous said...

RAO arudishe matako yake kenya asap! we have problems that need leadership

Anonymous said...

Uganda/ Tz are Reginonal superpower(s) coz they are visited by POTUSA? ARE YOU MAD!? Countries we have economically colonised? Its tribalistic idiots like you we have to deal with first. The only reason US likes these folks is coz:
1. They suck up. Kenya gave developed countries a run for their money when Mukhisa was Trade minister. Kenya rallied and has always rallied the developing world against neo colonialism. Kenya refused to pass legistlation giving US sweeping anti terrorism powers on our soil. Ug and Tz did that. They also help US in their 'Congo agenda', a case of a brother helping his brother be colonised for a few crumbs. Kenya refused the setting up of their Africa command (africom) on our soil. Tz accepted. So please if you do not understand global politics i will tell you this "US PRESIDENTS HAVE ONLY ONE DUTY, PROTECTING, PROMULGATING, ADVANCING THEIR INTERESTS IN THE WORLD" period! They dont care abt democracy(look at them supporting pakistan) or terrorism. You are just pawns in the wider scheme of things

Anonymous said...

If POTUSA will make us hated by Alshabaab, i say stay away. We will be happy to be peacful with an stable islamist somalia. Sudan is islamist and they dont pause any danger and have never threatened us

Anonymous said...

@9:30 p.m, you are yet another example of the anacronistic and atavistic Kikuyu that I am talking about wont to sadism, deception guile, vengeance, etc. The missing link if you will, or to be more precise the noble savage prone to cruelty a la Mungiki and savagery a la Mau Mau or heinous murderers on any a Nairobi afternoon.

The folks I listed here are the types of Kikuyu who have evolved into becoming proper Kenyans: civilised, sane, non-violent, and rational. Most other Kyuks are still at that atavistic, anachronistic and nihilistic state, hence your spawning the Mungiki and such like groups.

P.S. Forgot to mention Macharia Gaitho, Mutahi Ngunyi, Gitobu Imanyara, and many other non-tribal and civilised Kyuks, including many women.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.34 "the village idiot". Look at your double speak, hypocracy and inconsistency
" MOST other Kyuks are still at that atavistic, anachronistic and nihilistic state...."
"....P.S. Forgot to mention Macharia Gaitho, Mutahi Ngunyi, Gitobu Imanyara, and MANY other non-tribal and civilised Kyuks, including many women"
Look man, if you didnt go to school and learn, dont blame us. Just grow a brain! Your hatred for Kiuks seems to have no basis or cause, your misguided anger will just consume you. Your attack on mau mau reminds me of the same done by the colonialists. Maybe you support them, just like you support Mungiki coz the people being Killed are Kiuks, the tribe you largely hate yet whose MANY members, from your own words, you respect and call civilised. Take your dirty shit and shove it up back your ass!

Anonymous said...

"Regional superpower" talk is upuzi.

The author is just mad because raila was snubbed by BHO.

Stop blaming your frustrations on BHO, Museveni, Kikwete or even Kibaki. Not everyone believes in uprooting rails and throwing stones and similar means of resolving conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Let's avoid tribalism..kuchongoana sio mbaya,lakini ukabila will take us nowhere..we are no different beings from each other.we only happen to speak differnt languages..all as a result of the confusion at the tower of Babel..its not our fault that we are different!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Okello,

First let me congratulate you for posting your name on a Kenyan website. However, there will be no further praise for you or any of your readers here, myself included. You Sir, are a silent tribalist. Like every comment I have read here,your rhetoric is spiced, even though thinly, with tribal connotations that appear only while discussing certain characters. As for many of your readers, I have noticed that they had a problem with you not because of your article, but because they know your name. It is the very disease that we need to fight once and for all. In things that really matter in nation-building, TZ is light years ahead of us. Having been new to democracy and capitalism, they have achieved many a political system in which ministers actually resign when they are found to be icompetent! When was the last time this happened in Kenya? (don't include Martha, she's fake).

Another area that TZ is ahead of us in is tribalism. If you read any of their blogs, you will notice that they discus the real problems of their country, not tribe like we are doing in ours. I have read every single comment on this page and there's nothing but tribalist undertones to alsmost ever single one.

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