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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Toxic Ethnic Subject Kenyans Won't Touch

Hassan Omar Hassan has touched a raw nerve with his claim that President Kibaki has ethnicized Kenya like never before with key appointments to Finance, Security, Energy and Transport dockets populated exclusively by his tribesmen. Not that what he said was new if anything the same material had gone viral in the cyber world many years before. But why all the fuss for this otherwise mundane claim from the former student leader?

Omar is no stranger to controversy as Moi University authorities would attest when he took them head on as a student leader and they ended up expelling him. True, the constitution does not discriminate against any tribe occupying any position. Also the President may have appointed these people because they are qualified. Omar has chosen to bell the cat by taking this emotive subject out of the web into the mainstream media and now many cannot stand the heat.

So is Omar just a roublerouser or simple standing facts on their feet? It may be either one or both or even neither of these two propositions depending on what language you dream in. But one thing is true, Kenyan kings hate to be reminded that they are nude. And in cue the tribal activists have found a handy (mis)use of Mzalendo Kibunja's commission by referring Omar to it as a perpetrator of hate speech.

Which leaves the question whether acknowledging and broadcasting a problem is a crime. We have seen many nominees of various commissions created in the new constitution not picked simply on the basis their ethnicity. The so-called face of Kenya is a gimmick pulled and played when convenient to mask the real tribal undertones.

If its is true all the above four ministries can have their boardroom meeting conducted in their mother tongue, which it is, are Kenyans like Omar right to bring the same for public notice and debate? Again the answer will mostly depend on your ethnic origins.

But one thing is clear about this toxic tribal debate. The hollipolloi fans it when they suffer most as their tribal lords ride on their back when caught with the principal intention of only serving their selfish interests. Moi did it and Kibaki has not made any pretense to change it but the ordinary Kalenjin and Kikuyu will militantly defend them to the hilt.

Well, two wrongs never made a right and the joke is squarely perched on the ordinary Kenyan who is used as a poodle to advance this poisonous state of affairs at our collective expense.

Omar Hassan's brave exposition is just the tip of the iceberg and as 2012 polls draw near the heat is destined to intensify only in one direction, up. How many can stand the temperatures in the kitchen? Brace yourself, tic toc.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu wrote

"The so-called Kenya is a gimmick pulled and played when convenient to mask the real tribal undertones."


Thanks brother for this is the truth we have been called all kinds of names for daring to state it.

Simply, there is NO NEW KENYA. It is far worse than the "old one."


Having noted the above, the issue is this:

You can build a nation based on two CONTRARY NOTIONS:

(a) you MAY try to build a nation based on MAN'S HYPOCRISY, or

(b) you CAN build a nation based on the ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF MAN'S WEAKNESSES.

If you REFLECT on the Kenyan/African States since colonial times, and we add, INCLUDING the so called NEW Constitution, they are all based on (a).

As such, since we have tried to build our nations based on man's hypocrisy, we MUST as the sun rises from the East, fail.

Therefore, the tribalism which Kenyans are complaining about, and which SHALL EVENTUALLY sink Kenya, can only be handled if we:

(a) acknowledge that, the Kenyan state is a FICTION maintained by the FEW for the DOMINATION of the MAJORITY, and

(b) acknowledge the REALITY that, we are a TRIBAL PEOPLE.

At the moment, we RUN AWAY from the REALITY so as to chase the FICTION.

As such, if we start by acknowledging our weakness, we can now proceed to build a better nation.

The problem is this. How this can be done, is NEVER and SHALL NEVER be taught in the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS where our so called constitutional lawyers are mis - educated.

One can only hope that, before it is too late, Kenyans shall listen to what the "African Teachers" knows about these things.

Meanwhile, as we watch this FATEFUL drama, we retreat to enjoy:

Too long in our little ghetto,

Wrong has been going on, let's protest,

For Jah set I and I as a watchman,
Around Babylonian walls,
Oh. yes, children of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Hassan Omar right message but wrong channel -democracy doesn't mean speaking everything on your mind, the farce we call expanded democratic space is actually only the freedom to speak politically correctly.
It's the price we pay for sending the dogs to guard the meat

Anonymous said...

Allow me to digress a little but it seems one Jakoyo Midiwo is also causing unnecessary panic at the Treasury. The panic waves come from one source; Midiwo’s proposal to introduce a clause in the Finance Bill to control bank interest rates. This is hardly surprising because we’ve heard it before (remember the Donde bill?). But in an effort to circumvent Midowo’s move, the Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura’s letter to the Ministers raises some questions.

He wrote “ If the amendments are approved, it would raise public outcry, lead to hyper inflation, and adversely affect the ongoing negotiations with the International Monetary Fund” Sunday Nation 18th Dec 2011.

After reading the statement I could not help but ask; What are the negotiations with IMF for and why should they always dictate terms? Why does Mr. Muthaura think there will be a public outcry if super profits made by banks are squeezed a little?

Mwarang'ethe said...

He wrote “ If the amendments are approved, it would raise public outcry, lead to hyper inflation, and adversely affect the ongoing negotiations with the International Monetary Fund” Sunday Nation 18th Dec 2011.

After reading the statement I could not help but ask; What are the negotiations with IMF for and why should they always dictate terms?


Can you spell the word I M P E R I A L I SM?

NB: As long as you are locked into CREATED TRIBAL wars, you will never see the real enemy.


With that, we leave to enjoy:

for freedom NOT YET,

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong-IL dead, who is next? Like his father he thought N.Korea was his shamba and just like dad he succummbed to massive heart attack at 69.

Death is definitely the universal equalizer. Call me a sadistic if you you wish but Mr Kifo would do us a great favour over here. Please Bw death pay homage to our seat of power and do us greatest of favours.

Ghafla!Guy said...

Omar Hassan ni real livewire! People are just hating on him for saying what is right.

Anonymous said...

This blog will soon come under the scrutiny of the hate speech and ethnic cohesiveness commission. BE WARNED!

Anonymous said...

The big question is should Omar Hassan pretend to chair a commission to pick the next head of the police? He has a preconceived mindset about GEMA candidates and together with one Abdulahi, they should be disqualified. On a serious note, the two appear to have a soft spot for Al-Queaeda and Al-Shabaab and to have them preside over a selection of security chiefs amounts to treason against the people of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:51 luckily, cyberspace is the only media whose freedom can never be brought down. *Ask capitalist China when they banned Google*

Anonymous said...

Typical Kenyan mindset. Ati now Omar and Abdulahi have soft spot for Al Queda, LOL. Mention Gema in the 'wrong' light and you become a magnet for all epithets. We have heard it before: kihii, coup, unchristian, etc. BRING IT ON.

This is exactly what Taabu meant when he said the hollopoi will militantly defend their tribal lord who ride on theiur back. Look now at the so-called Diaspora (exported villagers) calling people names for simply telling as it is.

Only the truth shall set you free. Did Omar tell a lie or is stating fact having a pre-conceived idea? This is truly living an ethnic lie.

Anonymous said...

La kuvunda (kuvunja) halina ubani. There is no incence for something rotting.

Unfortunately, there's a great amount of partisan, ethnic and regional rotten discharge that becomes overly visible whenever there is any sort of attempt to address or even steer the citizenry toward some kind of Das Gewissen steht aug (The rise of Conscience.

Hence, one of the many reasons why a rotten modus operandi still continues to fester within our so-called regions, ethnicities, homes, minds, government, parliament, schools, universities, markets, churches, 'civil community' and the manner in which we, the people, citizens of Kenyans choose to respond to various critical as well as thorny issues that have afflicted our lives, regions and nation for the several decades.

All things taken into account, let's hold our punda wengi nchini for moment and find the courage (or even the slightest excuse) to replace the name Hassan Omar Hassan with names like Mutahi Ngunyi, Gaitho, Waweru, Maina Kiai, Jeff Koinange, Mukoma, BBC, ABC, CNN, DW, The New York Times, The times, Economist, Herald Tribune, London Times, et al.

What do we find? The reception of the message in its wholeness, or the current shooting of the messenger - Hassan Omar Hassan - with toxic ethnic darts, arrows, spears, slingshots, boomerang?

Well, would there have been alot miscontrued, or would there have been less comments written, rebuttal fireworks and political steam emitted by - various political and ethnic - boiling pots?

We have come so far to a point and time in our nation's history, where we - all individuals and communities - should be able to be honest enough to talk about issues (a story) in its whole ebb without the usual traditional habits of dancing around the same hot button political issues, whitewashing deadly ethnic issues that are detrimental to all concerned and the nation at large.

Let alone the time tested wastage of investing a lot of energy and money in comestic sanitization of what has crippled and continues to stagnate the whole country since the early-mid 60s.

So far, and with all due respect, there two kinds of persons in Kenya of today, those who expect to die without ever trying to change the course of their lives, next generation, and that of their nation, and those willing to live and continue trying to change themselves, their respective ethnicities, regions and whole country for the better.

If you are in the former category - of burying our heads in the sands of negative ethnicity, endemic corruption, greed, cronyism, nepotism and political patronage -, then you are of no use to all those striving for a better and progressive nation, a united democratic republic of Kenya.

Taabu said...

@Anon 9:19 AM,

Very passionately stated but no sorry you are preaching to a choir. Kenyans are living one huge national lie and they hate being told-as-it-is. We come ready armed with tribal darts at anybody who dare question skewed ethnic appointments of our tribesmen. The cheap defense is always that crap and broad brush in the relm of HATA WEWE rebuff.

As the civil society showed us after 2002 elections when they were invited to the eating table, we only complain until we are given the opportunity to loot.

Ask any Kenyan civil servant going abroad for postgraduate studies how easy they find it. All they need for their dissertations is the to dust and update with appropriate references the yellowing blue prints lying on the shelves of their mother minitries.

You see we are not poor because of lack of knowledge. We have that is plenty except they are all commissioned with the sole purpose of never implementing the same. All commissions are either set as cash cows or fire fighting gimmicks, PERIOD.

Kenyans are so opinionated and will have answer/s for everything under the sun. That is until you touch the live wire that is TRIBAL appointments. That is when they go banal and even the Diaspora sheds off their sophistication to reveal the true EXPORTED VILLAGER.

The first step of solving a problem is to acknowledge and look the same right in the eye. But not within our shores. Until we reboot our mindset and become honest with ourselves to walk the talk will succeed only at cheating oursleves.

What Hassan said was penned by Mutahi Ngunyi ages ago. But his was excused as one pissing from within and excersing his intelectual prowess. Now that same thing is under a different byline Hassan and Abdulahi have developed soft under bellies for Al Queda.

The script is so prediatble and your guess is as good as mine on the objective of the present heat. Truth is bitter to swallo but ies are sweat albeit destructive and shot term.

It is not far fetched to ascribe that we are a nation defined by deceipt and fraud. So far we like the circular ride and we are enjoying it while it lasts forever. OLE WETU.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu wrote

"The first step of solving a problem is to acknowledge and look the same right in the eye. But not within our shores. Until we reboot our mindset and become honest with ourselves to walk the talk will succeed only at cheating oursleves."


"Until we roboot our mindset and become honest...."

You are right. However, you buy error with the coin of truth.

The question is, how shall we reboot?

Our perspective is this. It is not that Kenyans do not appreciate their problems, they do. They do.

The problem is the approach they take to solve the mess.

Let us give an example:

If Taabu was born in 1895 in Kenya, by the age of 15 years, he would have been married. Hopefully, happily.

However, the same Taabu born in 1980, in the same Kenya, will marry perhaps at the age of 30 if not 40?

Why? How did such a mind reboot happen on age of marriage?

Did we enact HIGH SOUNDING, BUT, USELESS laws to that effect?

Did we have a Marriageable Age Commission headed by IDLERS like PLO's of this world? None of this happened and is not necessary.

That change came naturally in REACTION to the PHYSICAL WORLD, Kenyans found themselves in.

In the same manner, should the PHYSICAL world Kenyans live, or, find themselves in change, the reboot will occur naturally. It is so because, that is our human mind has EVER worked.

Unfortunately, instead of Africans using the natural methods of mental reboot, they use ARTIFICIAL methods put into their brains in the famous IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, WB's and NGOs. As usual, they will fail.

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Mind Who You Beg For Help FOR THEY WILL FOOL THEE!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:40PM
In your mind, Africans had a huge meeting and decided to use artificial methods to mentally reboot their brains

Flowing from this, we need another huge meeting where Africans shall decide, no more artificial methods only natural methods to reboot brains. No wonder you dwell permanently in contextualized history successful only in your own head while massaging your ego

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Anon 3:40PM
In your mind, Africans had a huge meeting and decided to use artificial methods to mentally reboot their brains


Yes, they have had, and continue to have such "meetings" at IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, World Bank, IMF, TI and such bodies.

Once they have these "meetings," they must surely descend into corruption and such evils.

NB: If anyone wants to run for presidency in Africa, what is the first thing he or she must say? He or she must talk about FIGHTING CORRUPTION. The question is, where do these ideas come from? From our own research?

With that, we are off to enjoy:


Anonymous said...

@Mwara (KID),

You try too hard to look intellectual. Well, opinions are free but facts remain sacred and please stop parading your ego with substandard myths packaged in histotical tales.

In your small head you bask in being controversial albeit with no original substance of your own. Ever heard of Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins? I know your ego will pass them as products of ILF but look closely who is the real numskull.

Please arm yourself with wholesome knowledge if you want to be labelled controversial. Otherwise you are the village tyrant who passes as rasta smoking weed while mouthing things he never comprehends.

And stop clothing your envy with the tag IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS for we know and can read their work, where is yours if you were to risk prosecution for plagiarism by publishing?

From now henceforth may we then refer to you as the KING of INTELLECTUAL DELUSION (KID).

Anonymous said...

Methinks majority of us Kenyans prefer to discuss petty and unimportant issues-ethnicity, corruption, coalition politics e.t.c . Serious issues are often given very little attention.

When, for example, the PM says during Jamuhuri day that Kenyans will start enjoying the fruits of the new constitution after next elections, we applaud. Yet there are signs that we might instead suffer more inflation, increased external debts, almost zero development budget… and more misery. Some of us are so deluded to even think that fuel prices can go down by 30% as one Atwoli suggests.

It is hardly news when WB dismisses Muite’s warning on the run away public debt. Add that to the fact that the WB is literally hell-bent on pushing more loans down our throats.

And when the executive muzzles the Legislature into leaving alone the profiteering banks, it’s business as usual. I can go on and on.

That's why I do not envy poor Mwara. He'll continue being a punching bag as long he tries hard to think out of the box. But I'm not saying he's always right.

Anonymous said...

An insider says plans have been hatched by a certain Kenya political Party to manipulate votes from Diaspora Kenyans in 2012 elections.The plan is said to include tampering with any electronic voting machine to be used - a highly capable computer engineer has already been identified to tamper with software at source of machine purchase before they even reach IEBC and install an extra software that will be used to manipulate votes so they are directed to their candidate without anyone ever suspecting or having proof it was done. Another strategy the Party plans to use it is said is to bribe staff in Kenya embassies heavily to act as their agents in various ways and ensure Diaspora votes go to the Party - this is easy because the staff numbers at embassies are few. Yet another approach by the Party is to expoit existing loophole in that there is no census of the number of Kenyan voters in diaspora and no voters' register - it is only assumed without prove that there are two to three million Diaspora Kenyans who could vote - to exploit this loophole the Party's paid agents in embassies - who the party has also managed to have the rest in Kenya agree will act as returning officers during the election and some of these staff are the Parties apointees. These embassy staff it is said will issue Kenya IDcards/passports to ghost Kenyan voters and recruit imposter voters to vote as proxes in liason with Party cronies and official at Kenya Immigration and persons registration ministry who will be tasked to issue the Kenya IDs to ghost voters and ensure 3-5 million Diaspora Kenyan voters cast their vote and 3 plus millions vote for this Party. Since no Diaspora Voters register or census records exists no one will be able to claim with evidence that the votes cast from Diaspora are not genuine or there were any illegularities. The Party has been working on this plan for many months and they ensured key staff in major Kenya embasies are their supporters andor are very well paid by the Party to carry out the plan. The Party has amassed billions of Shillings for the campaign from many sources including promising foreighers whatever they would like to do in Kenya they will if they win, from speculation when the Shilling value fell etc. This Party have pulled all the stops to win in 2012 and are not prepared to accept defeat whatever the results their leader will be declared the next Kenya President whether another one is declared or not - they are ready to act like Ouattara in Ivory Coast.

Anonymous said...

Scremongering, GO ON have your fill and please stop polluting this blog with your fertile imaginations. May the seeds germinate and choke your small head with those fantasies of Diaspora vote rigging. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

majority of us Kenyans prefer to discuss petty and unimportant issues-ethnicity, corruption, coalition politics e.t.c....
No one is stopping anyone from discussing "important issues" - this is a free space you can talk about anything even if doing so means presuming your topics of discussion are important than the mundane concerns of "majority of Kenyans" I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:58A.M, Scremongering just copy pasted his imbecile's bro MISTERSEED blog directly even with all its nursery spelling mistakes!

Anonymous said...

"Serious issues are often given little attention".

While Kenyans waste valuable time discussing petty issues like deep rooted corruption, cronyism, nepotism and patronage at the Department of Defence, Ministry of Defence, other government minitries and institutions.

Mmmmmm! The waste of over seventy million dollars on the importation of junk (cannibalised) military fighter jets from another third world Arab nation like Jordan?

Billions of Kenyan shillings wasted through crafty cum behind-the-door contracts and kickbacks on cheap substandard military and police uniforms and equipment.

Importation of fake medications, expired medical, food and agricultural products.

And we call them petty issues or less serious that do not warrant any much needed attention.

Anonymous said...

To the arrogant and pretentious egoist "serious issues" are only those which they consider serious, anything else is petty and unimportant

Anonymous said...

Just ask N. Korea. Unpleasant issues are better deflected by being agressive and dismissive. The tribal poison is too hot and many would rather deflect attention to 'WEIGHTY' issues. Forget corruption and ethnized appointments at FTSE (real money).

And while we watch the chereographed mourning in Pyongyang, why do we still pay and misuse security to guard the old man's grave next to bunge? Mark you N.Korea's eternal leader was embalmed and his son's body will follow.


Philip said...

Anon 3.39

What you mentions is also important, but then if you compare the amount of money that will remain with Kenyans if that bill is passed then you'll realise that there are several legal scandals going on that are more lethal than the ones you've mentioned.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with you on the existence of more lethal legal scandals than the ones mentioned,
I just touched the tip of some of the scandalous icebergs that have been drifting in our midst as well as beneath the bastions of impunity for the last decade, with no hope of ever being dealt with by the powers that be, let alone our so-called self serving 'civil society'.

How I wish that concrete action had been taken against Corruption and Political Intrigues within Kenya's Legal Fraternity among others instead of rewarding the same 'fraternity' with appeasement in form of judicial appointments.

Anonymous said...

Which leaves the question whether acknowledging and broadcasting a [real national] problem is a crime.

Couldn't have put it any better. Lest we forget the fact that Hassan Omar Hassan was only illuminating the peril's of an entrenched toxic modus operandi where by henchmen, unqualified insiders, political leeches, close friends and relatives of certain big men are always given the preferential political appointments when it comes to filling major positions in various ministries and national institutions.

Anonymous said...

Hassan Omar Hassan is guilty as charged in the court of public opinion.

Interestingly, he's not been rendered guilty for the hot button issue in his article, but he is perceived guilty for the manner in which he stated his personal views, given his high profile employment status - political appointment as it were.

And above all, the time frame in which he decided to deliver the unplatable message, just several weeks before the beginning of 2012, the much anticipated year for the proverbial general elections, Kenyan style.

Anyone can easily test Hassan Omar Hassan's assertion for himself or herself.

Read at random a passage or line from Hassan's article, and then one from Gaitho's Omar and his ilk in high places must mind their tongues.

In other words, the message being sent out in light of the variety of reponse so far, is loud and clear, namely, tokens like Hassan Omar Hassan - a practical realist in my estimation - and his ilk of the marginalized minority groups in Kenya are being reminded, or rather cautioned that they must shut up, be grateful for the rare opportunities they have been granted by the powers be, and never forget to learn their rightful place or reserved station in life where all things in current Kenyan society are concerned.

The mental outlook and the sensibility of the latter will be more familiar and comfortable to most of us - who happen to belong to the six major ethnicities or among people who think as we do - than the former.

I state this simply as fact, that successive Kenyan governments have been collectively unsuccessful at providing an alternative to the forty-eight year old encroachment of toxic ethnicity in all branches of government as well as in the private sector.

For that unpatriotic development we must hold the citizenry partially to account in light of the belief that if we but know the common good, we can accomplish the greater good for the rest of our Kenyan lives.

But that fact also means that in our public and political lives, the part of our culture informed by the sensibility of rational virtue - what many experts have called the most unprejudiced and intelligent observation of human affairs - will necessarily predominate.

To do otherwise, as it has been stated by others who came before us, is to accept our own decline, as one nation of forty-one nations of people.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"I state this simply as fact, that successive Kenyan governments have been collectively unsuccessful at providing an alternative to the forty-eight year old encroachment of toxic ethnicity in all branches of government as well as in the private sector."


Well, the reasons we have failed is because, we are being taught the wrong stuff. More so, we fail to recognize this.

There are REAL EXAMPLES in the African history to TEACH us in the 21st Century how we can build our nations.

Let us CITE a REAL example.

In the Central African (Congo area) there is a tribe called Bushoong.

This tribe, in a nation forming, entered into a federation with other tribes such as Mongo, Pende, Ilebo, Lulua, Luba, Ngeende etc.

What was interesting was this. The Bushoong tribe constituted 80% of this nation. Now, if you look around, the Gema are not even 50% of the Kenyan population.

As such, under the MOST LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM, this Bushoong tribe could have DOMINATED the minor tribes through use of their numbers.

NB: This is exactly what we are doing now. We are using so called democracy as a means of domination.

To surmount this challenge, this MAJORITY TRIBE, transformed the Village Council of Elders into the Council of the State.

In this Council of the State, EACH TRIBE constituting a constituent province, was represented as AN EQUAL by its OWN CHIEF or a representative of its choice.

NB: You see, these guys were SMART enough to start by ACCEPTING their tribes, i.e. their weakness.

NB: In Kenya right now, we start by DENYING our tribes and rush into disaster.

The members of this State Council chose the King. As was in the African situations, the Council represented the people and therefore, any powers not delegated rested with the people.

As a result of these arrangements, even the smallest tribe of let us say, 2% was EQUAL in the council to the Bushoong tribe which was 80% of the population.

This tribe, CENTURIES AGO, understood the larger view of democracy and knew it MUST operate as a UNIFYING FORCE.

Being WISE, they did not attack tribalism by EMPTY, and USELESS DENUNCIATIONS and equally USELESS LAWS like IDLERS like Kibunja etc.

Being full of the African WISDOM (now, Lord, sadly lost), they promoted a national policy of glorifying those CULTURAL VARIATIONS which were outstanding in each tribe. This enabled even the smallest tribe to have its culture at the national stage.

In other words, should Kenyans desire to build a better nation, they must realize that:

(a) what is good for Africa is NOT found at University of Nairobi law or any other IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS where our NOT LEARNED lawyers are MIS - EDUCATED.

In other words, the so called Constitutional theories taught at our great universities are USELESS in our case.

Unfortunately, the African Customary Law which ought to be taught is NEVER taught.

NB: The only exception is SA. However, they teach it as a by the way thing.

In other words, our own history, studied well, gives us solutions which the IVY LEAGUE of LAWYERS will never give us.

But, since we ask what is the relevance of studying history in our MAD, STUPID RUSH to destruction, we leave to enjoy:

Stop That Train:

Anonymous said...

I for one congratulate Omar for keeping up the spirited debate in public about ethnicity; it may not be important to some but those who are claiming they want to discuss "more important" issues have already taken their stand where this debate is concerned. maybe we are afraid to speak up unlike Omar but as he rightly acknowledged the problem is Kikuyus and the perception that they own Kenya

Anonymous said...

@MWara (KID),

You have measured to the KING of INTELLECTUAL ILLUSION (KID) tag. I asked you whether you have ever heard of ether Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins. But predictably you ducked. Please broaden your mind and step out of so-called UNIVERSAL HISTORY (by your measure).

Ever wondered why there are different subjects outside history? You are painfully stuck in gear zero and with a mono lense you have a hammer and all around you are nails. Just look at the other comment with people giving their views but not you with uncontextualized history.

Imagine always reminding a neurologists to read history? He can for hobby and learn from it but not earn a living from the same. And the converse often never happens (that is you).

Please try for a change to give and own opinion without spiking it with Sumarian folklore. Can you? Please just try for once and no rasta please!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What you all fail to realise is that the article by omar was not about ethnicity per se but about handing over power so by his article he insinuated that pnu (read gikuyu)plans to hold on to power by failing to accommodate devolution he also insinuated that that pnu and the gikuyu by extension are ethnic jingoist now if that is not spreading ethnic animosity I dont know what is.
he however conveniently ignored the fact that every single ministry across the political divide has the ethnic slant of the minister in charge.
Omar hassan should resign his hatred of the gikuyu makes him unfit to hold public office!!!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Please try for a change to give and own opinion without spiking it with Sumarian folklore. Can you? Please just try for once and no rasta please!!!!!!!!!

12/20/11 12:27 PM


Nice to know you spend time waiting for us to write. Very nice of thee.

Anyway, we just been in Egypt where they organised a CHILDISH REVOLUTION sometimes ago.

As usual, 101% confident, because of our THOUSANDS OF YEARS experience in HUMAN AFFAIRS, we proclaimed such CHILDISH REVOLUTIONS for what they are: ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

As usual, you called a lot of names.

Now, see this:

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when people especially Africans are told the bitter truth, they resort to insulting the messenger rather than the message? are we this thick or are we simply a product of our elite education system? Does anyone wonder why is it after 40 plus years, we still have the same issues or worse whilst we have the 'brightest minds e.g. PHD holders, experts who have worked in large multinational companies etc, BUT we still have the same problems? all one has to do is read the comments in KK or any other Kenyan blog, I now understand why Mwara uses terms such as "Ivy League of Fools".
@ anon 12.27 What does Christopher Hitchens (RIP) and Richard Dawkins have to do with the African issues? what makes them special? why not add the likes of Jeffery Sachs (Mr. Bure Kabisa)? why aren't WE telling our own stories to our own children.
"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."
"when you control a person's thinking, you do not have to worry about their actions"
And one last quote " Education is what remains after one has forgotten what they learnt in school" Albert Einstein.
@Mwara, Africans may need shock therapy to get them out this slumber before it's too late.

Ken T.

Anonymous said...

@Mwara (KID),

Yeah real KING of INTELLECTUAL DELUSSON nobody waits for you to cut-and-paste here. That is just another ego expansion gimmick in disguise.

Your pretence at controversy and intellectualism lacks the basic ingredient: ORIGINALITY. And your premise is tafally flawed - you don't need to be taught (wrong things) as you imply. Just try and think on your own, will you?

@Ken T

It is a free world just comment no need to joun the condescending club, it is full with its singular alpha male occupier. Next time put more effort and be a better cheerlead.

FYI the reference to CH and RD had nothing to do with Africa but to draw attention to real controversy in intellectualism not the folklore we have spewed here at KK.

Anonymous said...

Time for some good news! After it's Christmas!

Ranneberger Weds His Kenyan Girlfriend!

Wish the happy couple the very best!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:09pm said
Why is it that when people especially Africans are told the bitter truth, they resort to insulting the messenger rather than the message? are we this thick or are we simply a product of our elite education system?
In your head all Africans are like you i.e. a product of elite education system. mmmmmmmmh! that explains why you really are out of touch with reality of life in Kenya

Anonymous said...

@Ken T.

Sweeping statements like ..Africans are 'thick' because they are products of elite education only succeeds in exposing you as daft yourself. Please stop trying too hard to look smart. You know many are presumed intelleigent till they open their mouth. I know you want to join KID in the ellusive high ground but again you are salivating to keep company an intellectual pigmy. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

God gave His only Son so that you and I can experience heaven here on earth. In Romans 8:32, it says that God did not spare His only Son, but delivered Him up for us that He could freely give us all things.

That's a wonderful promise to have in your heart this Christmas season. God is freely giving you ALL things—whatever you need today. He is freely giving and giving and giving.

Beloved, I am very thankful for you and pray that you may know and experience the depth of God's love for you. You are greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved!

I wish you a blessed Christmas,

Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

Africa this! Africa that! Africans this! African that! And the beat goes on and on and on and on.

Africa is not a country but a continent larger than its counterpart, Europe and North America.

Kenya is not the African continent but a country located in East Africa.

Where people experience similar human issues that take place in most of the other societies around the world.

"Africans" may need shock therapy to get out of this slumber before it's too late.

Now, who is it that is in really need of a very long term therapy care and constant heavy medication to help them cope with the bitter experiences (truth) of their daily lives in the countless urban villages of the Diaspora?

With regard to the number of this year's muggings, rapes, unprovoked assaults, home invasions, burlgaries, vehicle break ins, wire frauds, bribery cases, identity thefts, vehicle thefts, vehicular homicides, domestic assaults, suicides, drug overdose deaths, murder suicides, pedophile cases, carjackings, forced evictions (foreclosures galore), hate crines, random acts of violence, violent neighbourly disputes, gang violence, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, police misconduct, clergy misconduct, indctments of lawmakers, constant racial profiling, altered food products on supermarkets shelves, cancer agents in your environs, and above all, the never ending fears of the shrinking "American Dream" or "European Wishes".

NB: Always check with the police crime blotter and not with the commercial outlets for breaking news.

"A good education is the only thing that remains in your custody after all of your accumulated material illusions, so-called credit, friends, job titles and good social standing have depreciated to the dumpster of life." - MNT, an Israeli returnee, and former immigrant in North America.

When the government controls an immigrant's thinking (mind), it does not have to worry about their actions, or even waste tons of money and manpower on their constant surveillance, and seeking authorization for wiretaps. - Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The bitterest Kenyans are those who in the early 80s boarded a plane for the first time in their life and flew out of JKIA with excitement anticipating heaven on earth in America and Europe

They thought the Kenya they left back then, where owning a radio set was the equivalent of being the richest tycoon in the village, is the same Kenya today.

Their motto back then was "Mzungu is always right" but years of hardship living away from home not only made them bitter with "mzungu" it also made them feel superior to fellow Africans who are Thick, Fools, in need of shock therapy etc.

Nothing can be more sad than hating "the white saviour" while at the same time loathing your fellow Africans, loss of any identity is complete now they consider themselves "world citizens" , or EDPs (External Displaced Persons

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being a byproduct and survivor of an elite education.

Mr. Macua, nicknamed ("Ex Nihilo") by students and teachers, got his elite education from St. Mary's School, Nairobi, where he barely managed to score 16 points, CPE, III Div. 37 points, EACE, 1 principle, I sub, EAACE, and an International Bacculaureate.

He went on to study at Swansea University, the "Swan of the Sea" (UK) at the age of eighteen, where he spent most of his academic years at Faraday Tower ("Fala Day") and later graduated at the top of his class with a degree in Sports & Exercise Science.

Mr Macua was later employed by one of the premier league football clubs, where he has worked ever since.

Many of his former classmates based in th UK still wonder how a former 'C' student at St. Mary's now earns three times the amount of money they make.

He's referred to as ex nihilo ("out of nothing") becuase "his father is (was) only a chauffer at the British High Commission and not a diplomat or high ranking embassy official" - so it was said at the time.

Some of the so-called elite institutions in Kenya can be brutal to those less fortunate or without perceived "upper class" status in society.

As a matter of fact, Uhuru Kenyatta, 2012 presidential candidate and who knows, Kenya's next president, was one of Macua's few dark skinned classmates.

Anonymous said...

9:31 AM, no you didn't! Don't tell me you just did, as hit back at someone or certain group of people from the past.

How so? Are you speaking for real experience or projecting it on the consequent generations who left the republic in the 90s and through out the 2000s?

The majority of Macua's generation who left the republic during the 70s and 80s, have either returned home or settled in their European way(s) of life, inducted themselves in the life downunder in Australia, or fully embraced their North American state of mind by now.

Further, many from that generation are now renowned business men and women, scholars, politicians, authors, educators, grandparents, elder statesmen, guardian of their respective traditions, neighbours, retirees and so forth. While others have passed on to enternity at one time or another.

Boarding a plane in the course of Kibaki's reign has been easy-kama-ndizi for some segments of the republic's population.

Whether one wants to fly out from JKIA, Moi International, Wilson Regional Airport, Eldoret International, Kisumu, Nanyuki, Nakuru, Naivasha, Nyeri, Loki, Malindi, Manda, and Ukunda airports.

Or from Wajir, Mandera, Garissa, Isiolo, Kisii, Kakamega, Kitale, Lodwar, Lokitaung, Moyale, Marsabit, Voi, Embu, Busia, Bura, Garba Tula, Bungoma airports, and even from Loiyangalani airport.

So, what's the beef with Macua's generation from the 70s and 80s?

Is it something to do with an unresolved issue dating back to the days when whole villages or clans would travel overnight or in the early morning hours in order to give a communal warm send-off to some of their select few daughters and sons, who had been deemed worthy to be the "real pride and hope of the community" at the time?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Africa this! Africa that! Africans this! African that! And the beat goes on and on and on and on.

Africa is not a country but a continent larger than its counterpart, Europe and North America.

Kenya is not the African continent but a country located in East Africa.


In terms of politics/economics, Africa is one nation.

Is it so difficult to realize such a small thing which requires NO THINKING?

Men, these IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS graduates!


Anyway, maaaaany years ago, we wrote this:

"NB: If anyone wants to run for presidency in Africa, what is the first thing he or she must say? He or she must talk about FIGHTING CORRUPTION. The question is, where do these ideas come from? From our own research?"

Now, we are reading this:

"Ghanaian president’s campaign pledges on graft war haunt him."

Endeeleni na hizo wars against corruption etc zenu za utoto and ushenji.

However, rest assured with a 101% confidence, even you grand and grand kids will be singing the same childish song.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Natty never get weary TEACHING IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS graduates:

Anonymous said...

Luis Suarez did not realize that language that was acceptable in his native Uruguay was considered racist - toxic - in England and within the rest of the civilized societies around the world.

Talk of toxic racist terms that are common in certain places and part of daily usage in some South Americans like Uruguay.

One can only begin to imagine the worst type of toxic, hellish and racist existence that Black Uruguayans have been subjected to since their forced arrival on the southeastern shores of South America - present day Uruguay - during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Case in point, Luis Suarez, the wannabe "Uruguayan Blanco" (kaburu) although native Charrúa traces are evident all over the DNA of his current family tree and humble beginnings.

The international football player was accused of using a racial slur 10 times against another player, Patrice Evra in October, 2011.

Just when you thought that Genyan raia were the only ones who are certified carriers of such a genetic disorder that's better as known ethnic toxicity, you end up being served with an unexpected rude wake up call or reminder right in your face.

When later day millionaires like Luis Suarez end up showcasing a similar strain of systemic racist disorder that has been allowed to continue replicating or duplicating itself in many communities and nations that was once thought to be far more civilized.

I understand the about cultural differences. But if you come to this country, all people have to abide by not just the laws of the game but the laws of the landd as well. ~ Gordon Taylor.

Mmmmmmm! Pervasive cultural norms or what!

Anyway, habitual Genyan raia are not excused for their concentrated brands of ukabila toxicity.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Talk of toxic racist terms that are common in certain places and part of daily usage in some South Americans like Uruguay."


As long as Africans are economically backwards, racism against them SHALL exist be it in sports, work places, etc.

No amount of laws and such USELESS stuff shall save Africans.

Remember this. Modern racism is rooted in slave trade and colonialism.

In other words, to rob Africans of their economic output, because, there is no other justification for slave trade, colonialism, neo -colonialism they were/are reduced to sub - human status.

NB: The ideas of war on corruption is part of this RACISM. In other words, in the past, they said, we were poor because we were black. Then, they blamed diseases.

Now, they blame CORRUPTION and IMPUNITY. And, Africans cheer this racism aimed at them.

Yes, there is corruption and impunity. But, these are SYMPTOMS and not the CAUSE. However, to fool us, they only talk of SYMPTOMS and Africans join the chorus.

If you go to the USA, the Africans are at the bottom of the economic ladder. If you go to Australia, you will find the so called indigenous who are Africans are at the bottom of the of the economic ladder.

If you go to SA, you will find Africans are at the bottom of the economic ladder. At the same time, the Europeans in SA are enjoying living standards as other Europeans enjoy all over the world. Why?

Because, Europeans, wherever they find themselves, are ONE NATION. The same applies to Africans.

Go to Brazil and you will find the same.

What does this tell you?

No single African nation, such as Kenya, can EVER be free unless the whole of the African nation is free.

Also, those who call themselves African Americans, Aborigines, etc, can NEVER be free, unless the WHOLE of the African continent is free because, Africans form ONE NATION for economic purposes just like the Chinese, Japanese etc do.

With that, we leave to enjoy: African:

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07PM,
The egotistical comments we read here in KK belong to the spawn of Macua's generation. These young 20-40something year old Kenyans may not have been the first in their family to board a plane and fly out of JKIA

In fact they are frequent fliers in and out of Kenya, one of the benefits of Macua opening the way for them to live a wealthy in Kenya.

These are the ones whom i refer to as bitter with "mzungu" while feeling superior to fellow Africans whom they describe as Thick, Fools, in need of shock therapy etc.

Hate them or love them these EDPs (External Displaced Persons)refuse to acknowledge they are Kenyans unless you define what it means to be "kenyan" or "african" in equestrian terms. to them Africa is a doomed place where everyone is simply joking around with life until maybe one day when God/god/gods or other such deity will shock therapy us for change

Anonymous said...

@Mwara (no KID),

Pongezi, for the first time you have tried to post in your own words without drolling and copying some irrelevant historical references. That at least shows your take even though you are DAMN WRONG on facts and out of tune with what you conviniently copy pasted.

That is exactly what Philip meant the other day that you selectively cut and paste people's ceomments to advance and exapand your ego with no regard to their relevance.

Just look at the irrelevant tangent you took on Uruguay (Suarez). All you wanted to see is nails (West/impeerialism) for your monolithic hammer. Poor sod!!!

Isaa said...

Anon 5:25, lol you are so hell bent on getting on Mwara for God knows what reason! Swallow that blade BIG KID!!

Anonymous said...

Toxic antics galore courtesy of Honourable Mbuvi Sonko, MP, the sworn defender of all the downtrodden residents of Makadara and Nairobi metropolitan area.

Kuchamba kwingi, kuondoka na _______? Hivi juzi Mheshimiwa Mbuvi Sonko alijaribu kuleta mbarange, utundu na kashanza zake za kisiasa ya kawaida lakini hakuweze kufaulu kufua dafu huko kwenye eneo la Maringo, ila alizuiliwa aliponyanyuliwa moja kwa moja na afisa wa polisi huku akipigapiga mayowe na nduru kama kijibaba aliefumaniwa na mashambulizi makali huko kichakani penye nyuki wengi.

Punde si punde, Mheshimiwa Mbuvi Sonko alichiliwa uhuru na walinzi wa amani na sheria, huku akioneka akipokelewa na watumishi wake wausalama, akipanda kwenye gari ya gharama kuu aina ya benzi ya kisasa, yenye nambari ya KAU _ _ _J, na kuondoka moja kwa moja kutoka kwenye kituo hicho cha polisi bila ishara yoyote ya kwamba alikabidhiwa mapingo, mateso au kujeruhiwa kwa naamna yoyote. Kwa kweli, kuku havunji yai lake.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the interruption for moment. We, sisi kwa sisi, are our own worst enemies numero uno.

Some of the individuals laced with the most potent kind of ethnic toxicity are from the valleys and ridges of our region.

There is a certain breed of toxic ethnic vipers that slither and meander around the nation and in the Diaspora, either disguised as educated men and women of the cloth or professionals from all walks of life.

Those are the venomous kind of persons in our midst that the general public needs to watch out for and avoid them at all costs in 2012 and beyond.

On the other hand, one Kumekucha is right on the mark; as long as people from the African continent fail to forge a productive union and work toward a long and difficult economic liberation struggle, they will always remain as objects of political, economic, military, social, and religious exploitation by external entities.

And as far as systemic toxic racism goes in South America, Central America and North America, it's the old Europeans - dying breed of old diehards - who seem too aloof, perhaps too rich or too poor in some cases to embrace the African.

South Americans - many of them from the barrios (Shauri Moyo, Jerusalem, Ofafa, Maringo, Outering), favelas (Dandora) and shanties (Kibera, Lunga Lunga, Mathare, Kwamaiko), some of mixed race - know their roots.

And have are always ready to reach out for the handshake or freindship so freely offered by displaced indigenous Africans, all of whom are products and remnants of one of the everlasting worldwide shame and constant condemnation of humanity from both various continents.

Especially those who at oen time or another willingly participated, profited, encouraged and at the same time chose to look the other way while millions and millions of fellow human beings - children, women, men and elderly persons - were hunted down, force-marched for hundreds of mile, packed like sardines (kapenta/omena/daga/firfir/urufa) and exported to the world salve markets and later traded like any beef cattle at the lucrative auctions of the times.

Need I say more when many known post World War II criminals and high ranking Nazi officers wound up being accorded refuge, new leases on life and guaranteed second chances in life in such far away places - from Europe - like Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname, Guyana.

The infamous Atlantic trade in human cargo is another very toxic subject that South Americans, Central Americans and North Americans are so much afraid to talk about, and many won't dare touch it with a forty feet pole if given the opportunity to review one of the most darkest histories - not chapters - of their respective nations.

Anonymous said...

O Mighty One of old, some of us @Kumekucha have been given so much in the course of this year, yet we are still afraid some calamity similar to the Syokimau demolition, Maringo evictions, stock market crash, impending foreclosure, sudden unemployment, a load of mutata of problems, repeat of PEV, or misfortune of some kind will overtake us in 2012 or 2013.

Our anxiety, recurring episodes of toxic ethnicity and politics of stagnation have made us untrusting and very poor stewards of Your bounty whose abundance is self-evident in many homes and in most regions of Kenya.

Increase our faith, allay our toxic fears, and open the well springs of generosity in our hearts, so that our giving in the course of this festive season and throughout the coming year (2012) may not be decided by our toxic worries, greed, a sense of Diasporan superiority complex, and ethnicity but by Your expectations.


Wishing you all the best wherever you are at this time of the year. THANKS.

Anonymous said...

The paradox of Kibaki's leadership leaves an element of political mystery for us to ponder, and the logical contradictions began at the beginning of his presidency and manner of governing.

BAC, do you recall, ... a president should be allowed to work with a team he thinks and believes can deliver even if it means appointing his entire clan to all top positions. Kenyans have an opportunity to extend or hire a leader based on results. We should stop this tabia (habit) of tribal diversity and focus on performnace if the country is to progress. - 2:35 AM, Wednesday, February 02, 2010.

Re: Media Must Let Muhoho Modernize Airports.

Anonymous said...

Here is a less toxic subject that can be touched from a distance by anyone interested, other than those who are still in support for another strike by medical doctors in Kenya.

Person of the year - Italian doctor, a 57 year old physician commonly known as "Village Doctor" by many residents of Kwale, Kinango, Msambweni, Taveta, Tana River and Kizingitini.

The maverick physician, as she's known by her former colleagues in Italy, is a licensed physician and in good standing in accordance with the UN regulations and WHO's requirements.

The 57 year old "village doctor" has no connection or significant obligation to the state (Kenya) and no hospital or team of clinical officers to back her field work, other than a well trained Kenyan unit of four female nurses, two male nurses, two security guards, and the main driver (former soldier) who is also the field cook and mechanic for the two trucks, one of which is used as a field triage.

The former graduate of the University Turin (Faculty of Medicine and Surgery) is credited with having saved the lives of over 450 mothers who would have perished during child birth, and countless infants, children and adults in the course of the six years she has been out and about in rural costal villages of Kenya.

The "Village Doctor" as she's known in rural coastal villages, or "Bush Doctor" (maverick) by her former colleagues in Italy, could have sold out and worked for some of the leading private hospitals in Nairobi or on the island of Mombasa, but she's remained true to her mission of reaching out to those in need of routine and emergency medical services.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, amka, [rauka, wamboza, ukhuma, bukhaa, ulfa, eshemshi, waghar], wake up and embrace the last days of the year.

Anonymous said...

Salute to all vetrans of Kumekucha and across Kenya and the Diaspora. restful Happy Holidays and a Great New Year.

Anonymous said...

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