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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unmasking Raila’s Questionable Reform Credentials

PM Raila with Footballers Anelka and Drogba in China
By Guest writer
As the campaign to succeed President Kibaki after March 2013 General Elections heats up, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been projecting himself as the champion for political and constitutional reforms in Kenya hoping to get a head-start in the State House race.  

There is no doubt Raila played a key role in fight for the democratic gains we enjoy today. However, he cunningly projects himself as the sole fighter for the Second Republic while this is not correct. Raila was just one among gallant heroes and heroines who stood against the autocratic rule of former President Moi.

Other Kenyans who played a key role in the struggle include the late Jaramogi Odinga, Martin Shikuku, late George Anyona, Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia, late Bishop Alexander Muge, Prof Wangari Maathai, late Kijana Wamalwa, Charity Ngilu, Paul Muite, lawyer Japheth Shamala, journalist Pius Nyamora, Gitobu Imanyara, Rev Timothy Njoya, Ahmed Bamahariz, George Nthenge, Masinde Muliro and Phillip Gachoka. And there are many unsung heroes and heroines who died, were maimed or unrecognised in the fight for a more democratic Kenya.

When Raila got a chance to prove his reform credentials and demonstrate to Kenyans he stood for real change and departure from ills that KANU stood for in 2008, he squandered it. One is judged by his actions and the company he keeps. After the 2007 disputed presidential polls, Raila and Mr Kibaki formed a coalition Government in April 2008 and each had a free-hand to pick half of the Cabinet.

While Mr Kibaki has never been known to be a reformer and he has never championed himself as one, there’s no doubt that he and Raila went to bed with KANU orphans who stinks of Kenya’s dark past. While Kibaki has nothing to loose in 2013, Raila threw out of the window the principles he fought for and held dearly in his heart and the devils as long as they brought him votes.

Now that Raila has introduced the reform card as the benchmark to judge all 2013 presidential candidates, he must also agree to be judged by the same parameters.

The following is the who’s who in ODM of the Cabinet Raila unveiled in the coalition Government: 

1: Mr Raila Amollo Odinga {Prime Minister}
Ø  Implicated in aborted 1992 military coup that led to loss of life and destruction of life and property of innocent Kenyans.

Ø  He was allocated Kisumu Molasses Plant and the land it sits on by former President Moi as a reward for ditching the Opposition, dissolving his NDP party and rejoining KANU in 2001. 

Ø  After disputing 2007 presidential poll results, he ordered his ODM troops into mass action that gave birth to post election violence. More than 1,500 innocent Kenyans were killed, thousands displaced from their homes and property destroyed. Mass action is legal as long as protestors remain peaceful. Raila never denounced the violence that erupted after his mass action call and hailed the hooligans who burnt Kenya as “freedom fighters”. 

Ø  His tenure as PM has been dogged by maize, NSSF, NHIF and Kazi Kwa Vijana scandals.

Ø  Accused of engaging in nepotism and tribalism in pushing for appointment of close relatives and tribesmen into key diplomatic, ODM party and Government positions. His defence that those appointed are qualified for the jobs is a fallacy because President Kibaki used same excuse to fill key posts in his Government with cronies from Mt Kenya. Why were Raila and his ODM lieutenants so vocal against Mt Kenya appointments if they see nothing wrong with sleaze in their backyard?

2: Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi {Deputy Prime Minister, former Ministry of Local Government and former ODM Party Leader}
Ø  He stopped Goldenberg scandal payments when Moi appointed him Finance Minister but he didn’t volunteer to help the Bosire Commission unmask the big boys behind the looting of public coffers.

Ø  During his tenure at Local Government ministry, his ministry was rocked by an embarrassing cemetery scandal.

3: Mr William Ole Ntimama {Minister for State for National Heritage and Culture}
Ø  A heartless Moi and KANU orphan who jumped to Raila’s side to survive politically and cover up his dark past. 

Ø  The Akiwumi Commission implicated him in ethnic cleansing when he incited his Maasai community against Kikuyus, Kalenjins and Kisiis during the clamour for multipartism and in desperate bid to keep KANU and himself in power. 

Ø  This warlord has been in the frontline articulating Raila’s reform credentials.

4: Mr Dalmas Anyango Otieno {Minster for State for Public Service}
Ø  Moi and KANU orphan who supported the autocratic regime even after it was dislodged from power in 2002. He jumped into ODM in 2005 to ride on the ethnic wave in Luo Nyanza.

5: Mr Fredrick Omulo Gumo {Minister for Regional Development Authorities and now acting Minister for Local Government}
Ø  Moi and KANU orphan who jumped to ODM side after KANU lost power. 

Ø  He led the infamous Jeshi la Mzee militia which unleashed terror on those who opposed KANU and Moi during the clamour for political and constitutional reforms. 

Ø  When he was the Chairman of Nairobi City Council (NCC), he unleashed bulldozers on Muoroto slum dwellers in the dead of the night, flattening their shanties as they slept leaving dozens crushed to death.

Ø  As chairman of NCC, he engaged in massive grabbing of public land, source of his current wealth.

Ø  He admitted selling a grabbed plot to Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) for Sh300 million.

6: Mr William Samoei Ruto {Former Minister for Agriculture and ODM Party Leader}
Ø  As a founder for Youth for Kanu 92 (YK92), he and Cyrus Jirongo used funds looted from CBK and printed money to bribe voters to popularise the ruthless KANU and Moi and defeat advocates of multipartism. They contributed to Kenya’s current economic and inflation woes.

Ø  He and Jirongo owe their riches to their dark days at YK92.

Ø  Waki Commission and Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) implicated Ruto in PEV and he has been charged with crimes against humanity at ICC.
7: Late Mr Kipkalya Kones {former Minister for Roads}
Ø  Like Ntimama, he was a warlord during KANU dark days.

Ø  Waki and KNCHR implicated in 2007/08 PEV.

8: Mr Henry Kiprono Kosgey {Suspended Minister for Industrialization}
Ø  Moi and KANU orphan 

Ø  As Minister for Culture and Social Services in 1988, Kenya lost million of shillings in an advertising deal for the All Africa Games, which he was tasked to organise.

Ø  Between 1990 and 1992, he served as Chairman, Kenya National Assurance Company. In 1996, KNAC collapsed due to a huge amount of debt. Critics accused Kosgey of having mismanaged the company. 

Ø  As ODM’s Minister for Industrialization, he was forced to step aside in January 2011 to face charges of abuse of office relating to the importation of vehicles older than 8 years. However, the High Court controversially cleared Kosgey of any wrong doing.

Ø  Implicated in PEV and charged at ICC but cleared of the charges because the prosecution hinged his case on one witness.
9:  Prof Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o {Minister for Medical Services}
Ø  Although he fought for reforms like Raila, his tenure as minister for health proves his reform credentials are mere theoretical because the health sector is still badly mismanaged and ailing.

Ø  He’s at the centre of the unresolved NHIF medical scheme scandal where millions of civil servants cash was allocated to unregistered and non-existent clinics.

10: Mr Aggrey James Orengo {Minister for Lands}
Ø  Like Raila, he fought for reforms during Moi era but he has been unable to initiate any meaningful land reforms in his ministry, which is still a den of corrupt cartels.

11: Mr Gerald Otieno Kajwang {Minister for State for Immigration and Registration of Persons}
Ø  He was struck off LSK rolls of advocates after being accused of stealing client’s money.

12: Mrs Charity Kaluki Ngilu {Minister for Water and Irrigation}
Ø  Like Raila, she has been implicated in scandals and nepotism at her ministry.

13: Mr Joseph Nyagah {Minister for Cooperatives Development}
Ø  A Moi and KANU orphan who has no known reform credentials.

14: Mr Chris Obure (ODM) {Minister for Public Works}
Ø  A Moi and KANU orphan who has no known reform credentials.

15: Franklin Bett (replaced Mr Kones as Minister of Roads}
Ø  Served as Mr Moi’s State House Comptroller during 1992 and 1997 state-sponsored tribal clashes in Rift Valley to drive out non-Kalenjins perceived to be Opposition sympathisers.

16: Dr Mohammed Isahakia {Permanent Secretary, Office of Prime Minister}
Ø  Has been implicated in corrupt deals during the Moi regime and at Raila’s office.

Ø  In 2004, he was charged by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission with corruption at the National Museums of Kenya. He repaid the stolen money in exchange for prosecution immunity.

Ø  He was at the centre of the maize scandal at the PM’s office.

After the 1997 General Elections, Raila surprised many when his NDP party started co-operating with Moi and his KANU, leading to Raila rejoining KANU and being appointed Secretary General. Raila only led a revolt in KANU and decamped after Moi overlooked him for political novice Uhuru Kenyatta and his “Kibaki Tosha” was not driven by his love for Kibaki but to front a Kikuyu against another Kikuyu and block the Moi Project from State House. Raila was recently trying to woo Moi to back his 2013 presidential bid. If Moi and KANU stood for evil, why would Raila wish to get the endorsement of the retired president?

While Raila boasts of being a true reformer, which I doubt he is, no one forced him to appoint and work with the above tainted Nyayo orphans. This is a clear demonstration that given a chance to be Kenya’s 4th president, he’ll appoint equally or worse rotten public officers. If Raila appointed clean ministers in 2008 and matched his words and deeds at the PM’s office, I have doubt he would have made Kenya’s best president. But in 2013, he’ll have a rough time proving to Kenyans how different he is from the rest.  

Raila is no better than his sworn political rivals Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (a Nyayo orphan who has nothing to show for his many years in Cabinet), Uhuru Kenyatta (a KANU and Moi orphan and another ICC suspect), William Ruto, Moses Wetengula (he of the infamous Tokyo embassy scandal), Cyrus Jirongo and Musalia Mudavadi. If Kenyans want a clean break from Kenya’s dark and evil past, they must look for the Joshua to take them to the Promised Land in Cannan beyond the above fake reformers and pretenders to the throne. 

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Mwarang'ethe said...

Raila was just one among gallant heroes and heroines who stood against the autocratic rule of former President Moi.

Other Kenyans who played a key role in the struggle ... And there are many unsung heroes and heroines who died, were maimed or unrecognised in the fight for a more democratic Kenya.


This is an example of what we call the historical and political orthodoxy, or, in other words, bullshit.

It is so because, it tells us nothing for it is based on popular delusions.

And, it is for this reason, you will find your so called 2nd liberation movement turning into an expensive mirage.

Firstly, we INQUIRE, where on earth do democratic people have such as these:

"Billions in tax revenue goes missing."

"The Government could have lost billions of shillings over the years as exact figures of the amounts collected in tax revenue remain unknown.

Figures presented by the Mars Group, a watchdog organisation, to the budget committee yesterday indicated that in the 2007/08 financial year, some Sh98.4 billion in ordinary revenue was not accounted for.

“What is shocking is that in June 2009, a month after receiving the auditor-general’s certified accounts indicating receipt of Sh496 billion, the Finance Minister declared Sh397 billion to Parliament — a difference of Sh98 billion,” said Mars Group managing director, Ms Jayne Mati.


Anyone who declares such a state of affairs as democratic should visit Mathare hospital.

xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

Also, based on the same POPULAR DELUSIONS, we read here, it seems like SA, will soon have its SECOND LIBERATION (ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS & CHILDISH FANTASIES) heroes who will write a new constitution.

Just sample this:

"Kenny Kunene, the flamboyant investor and owner of ZAR chain of nightclubs with outlets in South Africa and Zimbabwe, embodies South Africa’s rich upstarts; arrivistes, if you will.

Born and bred in Kutlwanong Township in the Orange Free State the Bible-quoting “Sushi King”, as he is known because of his peculiar obsession with the Japanese delicacy that happens to be rice (with raw fish) wrapped in seaweed, Kunene is a true rags-to-riches fairytale character that many boys in the townships would die to be.

South African papers reported that 66 bottles of Dom Perignon (a brand of vintage champagne), 36 bottles of Cristal and 32 bottles of 18 year-old Chivas Regal were downed at the bash.

The ALCOHOL alone cost around 500,000 rand (Sh5 million). That can pay for the sinking of six bore-holes in some needy part of Kenya."


xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

This is the deal. A people who are indifferent to history are like a man watching two great whales fight.

Occasionally, they surface and spout a bit which is the only evidence a man sitting on the beach may see of what is going under the waters (power struggles).

To have a proper perspective of things, one MUST do at least these things:

- engage in retrospective digging,
- lift up the rugs (pierce through the orthodoxy/bullshit,
- search for the subterranean forces, and TENDENCIES.

Anyway, since this SHALL make no sense to drank with POPULAR DELUSIONS, we retreat to enjoy:

My blood runs COLD anytime I read POPULAR DELUSIONS written by the scribes of the Babylonian system/court:

Anonymous said...

Great guest post. This is something I would have written myself coz I was telling people these things exactly at my local the other night.

Ignore our resident professor of delusions will you.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe or whatever you call yourself, instead of engaging in your usual ranting, why don't you respond to the painful home-truths raised by the writer? Kenya deserves better leadership but not crooks masquerading as reformers. I'm surprised the ODM bandwagon has refused to swallow even the bitter truth unmasked by one of their own - Miguna. When Miguna was worshipping Raila like a god, Raila unleashed him to real and imaginary political rivals sat back to enjoy himself. The dog has now turned against the master and the pain is too bitter to swallow. Let Raila enjoy trappings of power as long as the confusion Govt last since that's the far he'll ever go in Kenya's political ladder.

M. Pesa said...

Kenyans always demand the truth. Kenyans always want to hear the truth. But what happens when you give that truth to them? Can they handle it? I seriously don't think so. Miguna has given us a front row view of wheeling dealing, night meetings and other scandals that happen in PM's office when we go to sleep at night. But as always, we dismiss him as delusional! Just yesterday I was watching on NTV a fake pastor who had been busted by Jicho Pevu crew paying street prostitutes to claim he had performed miracles. What happened to his flock when the NTV crew visited the church? The faithful flock dismissed NTV as insane although the whole evidence against the good pastor is on tape and corroborated by his ex wife. I have come to one conclusion, as Kenyans, we would rather not face the truth, it's too painful to bear. We live a lie. We like to see through rose colored glasses, like the proverbial ostrich, we would rather bury our heads in the sand. We storm rallies and law courts to defend our ethic chiefs who have been busted over corrupt deals. We rush to the pulpit to defend crooked clergy. Parents defend their gangster children felled by a hail of police bullets. No one wants to take responsibilities! We would rather not ask the hard questions. Just like an alcoholic, we constantly live in denial. No wonder we are stuck in a rut- always stuck in the first gear and never going anywhere. Only the real bitter truth can set us free dear country men and women! But can you handle the truth?

Anonymous said...

No attempted coup in 1992. Lots of errors in your report bwana.....

Fred Kibwana · Director of Resources at Build Africa

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm! Kenyans have been doing the same old same old things at the polls during the last two general elections and then scapegoating others on the one hand, and on the other, sugarcoating the worst in all of us, while expecting different results after 2013? It will not wwork at all.

Raila Odinga the son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga is the not the solution to Kenya's political problems and the expected better future, but he has, he is and he will always be one of the real causes and continuity of Kenya's myriad of endemic problems.

Kenyans have better chance of moving forward in a whole new direction without the much anticipated leadership dead woods, status quo tribal lords, people who have always eaten together behind the scenes and are drunk with the search for power at all coats.

Politicians like Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka, among others, will not be Kenya's solutions or offer an escape route from its previous dark hsitory, after March 2013 general elections.

Thee election of anyone of them will be nothing more than having the same old driver driving the the same old bus on the same old unpaved routes, while carrying majority of the same old stock for the same old political shareholders for another ten years, unless Mother Nature decides to be merciful with her unexpected but wlecomed interventions.

The majority of Kenyans have a choice to change the course of their lives and that of their country, or worse condemn themselves back to a life of bsuiness as usual under the domination of the sons, orphans, henchmen of past political regimes and powerful wealthy bsuinessmen and the conglomerates that sponsor the afore mentioned political characters.

Anonymous said...

This same HADSOP3 (hair dyeing septuagenarian opinion poll president) fellow who had no quilms stating that a dead presidential candidate (Saitoti) had an MOU with him to win some sickly votes.
Its the same fellow who paraded whis son's wife, the couple has since divorsed, to win some votes from some ethnic community.
Its the same fellow who has appointed his brothers and sisters to public office in the short stint as a PM.

Its the same fellow who the likes of Gitobu Imanyara of the FORA amorphous group and the KK fellow who thinks saying 'pad your cheek' is smart hope to push down the hungry throats of Kenyans.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7/23/12 7:26 AM,

Pole that HADSOP3 tag refused kushika moto. Chris/Taabu please help the poor guy begging for attention.

That said Raila owe Kenyans an explanation. Leaving rebutals to the old lady Ms Sarah Elderkin won't wash. He is seeking the highest office and must come out himself to answer MM's allegations blow by blow.

Anonymous said...

great post! Tell it like it is! Now an someone do the same sort of thing but with mwara' as the subect? Better yet can the 'virtual economist' him/herself voulenteer to give us his/her inside story? Are you a reformer, quoter (had to invent a new word just for you) or just an intelligent typist

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarang'ethe or whatever you call yourself, instead of engaging in your usual ranting, why don't you respond to the painful home-truths raised by the writer? Kenya deserves better leadership but not crooks masquerading as reformers.


Since you never got the point, here it is:

- the "freedom" to choose your robbers is not and can never be called democracy.

So, when one starts by assuming we have a democracy, because we can choose our robbers, there is nothing to respond to.

Instead, we call the Mathare Hospital doctors!

With that, we retreat to enjoy:

Time Is Getting Harder in the FASCISTIC SPAIN (testing ground).

Luke said...

Guest Writer aka Chris,
Ati RAO is PELE hio ni bure kabisa. kwani what do you have against CHELSEA (former Drogba) Vs ARESENAL (former Anelka)

True or False Chris has LOWER STANDARDS on the weekend? just curious bro

Anonymous said...

7/23/12 8:45 AM,

said ....Quoter or intelligent typist


Anonymous said...

The real Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento, age 71) has helped build several new football stadiums in various part of Brazil, including one in his late father's ancestral home area, where the modern football and athletic stadium is named in his memory.

So, how comes ... aka Pele aka Agwambo (age 67) of Kenya's politically undeveloped football landscape has not yet managed to spent a tiny portion or fraction of his massive wealth on building a single football stadium in his fatherland?

How many times has he made trips (pilgrimages) to The Peoples' Republic of China without getting them to deliver similar structures that have been cropping up in other parts of Africa, such the new parliament, law school, medical school, et al in Tanzania, the completed new parliament building and children hospital still under construction in Malawi?

Not to mention the ongoing infrastructure development that continues to flourish courtesy of the Chinese in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Lesotho, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, South Sudan, etc.

Some will call it, China's recolonization of Africa, as if the former colonial masters have continued to do any better for neo-colonies Africa in 2012? So be it!

Point is, will the Pele of Kenya'n politics stop using the football analogies when in reality it had no practical implications or tangibles for the country, let alone for his own people who live beside the lake.

When will the Pele of Kenya ever translate the football analogy into reality by using some of the technical knowlewdge he gained from his alma mater studiorium days at Leipzig, Germany?

Anonymous said...

The post-election violence was one of the most unfortunate and darkest chapter in our nation's history, the deaths of over one thousand six hundred Kenyans can never be taken lightly nor underestimated in any way, shape or form.

Including the ongoing traumatic existence of the post-election violence survivors, majority of whom will never be able to eradict or close that particular chapter of their lives, nor will those who were lucky enough to have been in safer zones and far away regions in the country, be able to fully understand what the survivors went through and are still being haunted with at the moment.

However, the political darkness that engulfed the whole country during post election violence, did save the country in many ways from more omnious blacker political clouds had the other candidate who still claims he was robbed of the perfect chance to occupy the ancient colonial house on the hill, gotten his way at the time.

Kenyans can never begin to imagine what would have happened in government, the public sector and private sector had the candidate in question been awarded his right to occupy the ancient colonial house on the hill that many politicians are still willing to do anything to covet and convert to their own personal and perverted tribal use.

In other words, the "list of who's who in ODM of the Cabinet Raila unveiled" and other appointments that have been made by him or on his behalf in government, the diplomatic missions, and in other areas that directly or indirectly affect the public, speak volumes and are only the tip of the iceberg of what would have been in store for the unsuspecting general public hand the victory been his and company of a close circle of his friends and relatives.

The afore mentioned does not in any way exonerate the current occupier - who also needs his mask(s) peeled back - of the ancient colonial house on the hill and his henchmen from any political ill and evil wrong doing that has taken place in the country from January of 2003 to the present moment.

Oh, yes indeed, "it is really going to be a much sicker world than we thick it has been" under the current leadership.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7/23/12 12:41 PM,

HADSOP3 to borrow anon 7/23/12 7:26 AM hilarious acronym is the kind of fellow who thinks ME ME ME. Just compare; Kibaki makes a single trip in a year to china and he brings along mega infrastructure projects that are mushrooming all over the country. Raila aka HADSOP3 makes over 3 trips a month and what do the taxpayers get in return? Photos, just useless f%^*& photos of him, his wife and anything else he thinks will endear him to his followers...he did that in China, he has done it in Europe, he has done it in USA and he will do it in Australia. Secretely however, he begs for campaign funds as his former aide aka miguna well articulated in his 'peeling the mask' block buster.

Anonymous said...

Chris, stop playing mind games with your readers.
This post is about raila's hypocricy. The photo that you attach in every story should reflect the content. You have cunningly selected a good photo for this post for reasons best known to you and your sponsors.
I ask, if the content of this post was Kalonzo, Uhuru etc..would you have selected a similar photo? Wouldn't you have photoshoped a photo that clearly reflects the content?
Chris, you are clearly not neutral and its so obvious. Luckily, kenyans have become smarter and can smell a con from miles away.

Vikii said...

Ooh, it's a guest writer! I almost thought Chris saw the light and stopped seeing the world through the prism of Railaism!

Now they will tell us all this is PNU fiction!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For a man who edited Bring Zack Home Photo to ridicule Miguna, I am suprised that the best photo Chris of Kumekucha could use on this story about raila's sleeze is this.

Chris should declare any conflict on interests he has with anything raila.


Anonymous said...


Nothing wrong with photoshopping. That hollier-than-thou mentality is cheap. It wont heal Zack. It is not Chris who make Zack crippled. Grow up and stop that juvenile sympathy and threat of playing God.

Anonymous said...

Introducing the family affair: - HADSOP3 must be the older brother to HADSPO1 (7:26AM) and HASOP2 (Anon 10:09PM)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:17AM,
mmmmh!How do you know?and is the genealogy of the name Imperialist or African? anyway if what you say is true then They must use alot of hair colour in that HADSOP family LOL

Anonymous said...

Content approved by gurus of PNU's fiction or drivers of PNU's mbas factions?

Anonymous said...

If Kenyans want a clean break from Kenya's dark and evil past, they must not only look for (or elect) a Joshua, but take a hard look inside their own hearts, mindset, homes, villages, clans, immediate communities, and their modus operandi.

And then find the patriotic courage to confront the ever present national darkness and exorcize the collective resident evil.

Only then will we be able to walk away from fifty years of wondering in the wilderness of political stagnation, gross economic inequality, social injustice, perverted ethnicity, ever growing neo-colonialism, slef-inflicted bwana kubwa syndrome, regionalism, and our national past time - systemic corruption.

A pastime that rares its ugly head evry so often in its true colours of black, red, green, two white stripes, two spears, a shield and dominated by an invisible rabid cockerel in the middle.

Otherwise, Joshua will not be able to be successful in any way, shape or form, when it comes to leading Kenyans from all walks of life, far away from the current national darkness imposed upon us, the people, by fifty-years (1963-2013) of self-imposed wondering in political, economic and social wilderness of Kenya's equivalent of the Kalahari and Sahara deserts.

Anonymous said...

Geez us! Quit already with your HADSOP garbage.

It's not and will not carry. Nothing but cheap rhetoric

Anonymous said...

One of the hardest things for some of us to understand is the adoration accorded to the false political idols, tribal demigods and the golden calves (millionaires and billionaires) in our wilderness of Kenya.

As a result, Joshua's flawless journey of marching the people to Cannan will need a lot more convincing than both leadership skill and talent.

All he may need to do is remind Kenyans about the plenty of fresh drinking water and wine that awaits all those who agree to reach Cannan by the end of August of 2013?

In the meantime, striking off names of certain people who don't deserve or merit to be on the monument of "Gallant Kenyan Heores" will go a long way in honouring those who came before, during and after the struggle for 'The Second Liberation'.

Some of the political charcaters on that list have proved themselves otherwise, and their conduct unbecoming bona fide liberations speaks volumes since 1992, 2002 and especially after December 2007.

There masks need to be peeled back before more damage can be made along the way to the promised land.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Ole Kiyapi in march 2013 and we will be off to a good start.!!Vote for RAO at the risk of emplying his family members in top positions.They will milk the counntry dry just like Kenyatta,moi and Kibaki have done.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Kibaki, hate him, like him or ignore him, for whatever political, ethnic, economic, academic, personal or other reasons.

The man, Kibaki, - call him a toad the patient prince or whatever if you will - may not be a saint nor sinner according to our present day political standards, given his almost ten years of rule, or rather idle occupation of the ancient colonial house on the hill that was once the ancetral property to Ole Tiampati and his people of the land.

But there is one very essential national gift - blessing in disguise - that Kibaki has granted to all the people of Kenya, namely, a gift of not having detained any single Kenyan or some of those who would be so-called future self-anointed tribal messiahs or self-appointed politicians, factional talking heads, and exuberant peacocks with an extreme sense of entitlement.

So far, some people do not have noteable or any worthwhile qualifications for holding political office other than having been detained at one time or another under the former two autocratic governments dating back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

With all due respect to all former....detainees and other victims of the last two dictatorial regimes.

We, the people, are pleading with the next wave of Kenya's electorate to cast their votes wisely, rather than end up being hoodwinked into wasting the same on individuals or political characters whose only qualification is having spent some time behind bars without trial for whatever reasons deemed fit by the former old dictator and his successor aka the professor of village tyranny, with the help of their round-table lords of impunity, kitchen cabinet, and loyal brigades of henchmen and legions of sympathisers.

Well, just because someone or an individual was a long-term detainee at one time ro another, dose make her or him an authroity in every aspect of Kenya's political affairs.

There are more Kenyan women and men out there, who are better qualified than the current crop of career politicians whose nine year records are not worth a yard of development in their own regions and constituencies.

Anonymous said...

Excuse my digression as some deflated rants and rants are slinged in a distant direction aimed at two very powerful ancient sisters and their underlings who have owned the Earth since time immemorial.

The trio are Earth Mother, her sister Nature Mother and World Spirits who are always so unfair when it comes to setting their priorities in order during required house cleaning and restoring a balance in various parts of the Earth.

For instance, the trio got together at their last sisterly gathering some time back and declared an early exit vote for Levy Mwanawasa, Mbingu wa Mutharika, Muamar Gaddafi, and others.

Then later on decided to cast other unwarranted exit votes against Atta Mills and Kinuthia Saitoti (a contender to his country's throne), two cases which were really unjustified and uncalled for, given their tender age, political record and the some how small amount of their retirement funds stashed somewhere safe in an unmarked offshore accounts.

While at the same time, the trio voted and approved the certification of resident longevity permits for many others in the persons of Robert Mugabe, Omar al-Bashir, Yoweri Museveni, Joseph Kony, Joseph Kabila, Mengistu Haile Miriam, Hissene Habre, one former leader of an East African nation, Eduardo Dos Santos, Amardo Guebuza, Hifike Pohamba, et al.

In the meantime, the daughters and sons of Aunt Africa have always been left wondering how many notable names will be voted and inducted into the next final exit list, or will be served with their total recall orders before the end of 2012.

Will countries like Kenya manage to be spared the from the unwelcomed and unfriendly visits from the ever roving World Spirits that carry message from their Queens, Nature Mother and Earth Mother?

Tanzania has been exempted from the expected visitation due to having experienced a double whammy, where several of its citizens lost their lives in the two ferry dissaters off the East African coast.

Whose name will be recalled the next time around?

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna was very considerate when he wrote the book, because never went further than peeling the back the mask of Raila Odinga, at a time when the many in people had expected that he would unmask the 'Thee Acclaimed Deity' of some reverent and devoted segment of the Kenyan population.

Raila A. Odinga only got a national appeal in 2007 because Kenyans were fed up with Kibaki's inept leadership.

The following ... Raila got and the votes he got were not due to his popularity but a protest vote against Kibaki.

Raila used to shout on TV every day how would make Kenya a land of homey. He is an Executive PM and at the heart of government.

What has taken him so long to unleash the "magic" to make Kenya a land of honey.

He used to engage in cheap pupulist speeches at any funeral all over Luo Nyanza to win public appeal.
.... ....
Raila and his ODM are big devils like Kibaki and his PNU gang. All of them must go.
- Anon 2/11/09 10:02 AM

Phil said...

What a load of crap!

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