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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mrs Fix-it in Kibaki’s Administration?

There have been a lot of similarities between the Kenyatta and Kibaki administrations. This in itself will be a very fascinating area of study for historians for many years to come bearing in mind the fact that those close to Kenyatta were so opposed to the presidency ever crossing the Chania river that they took several oaths to ensure that it would never happen.

The said river is what divides the Kiambu Kikuyu from the Nyeri Kikuyu. For those who do not know the 3rd president of Kenya is a Nyeri Kikuyu whilst the first was a Kiambu Kikuyu. And despite all the blood oaths the presidency did in fact cross the Chania River in 2003.

The crux of the problem between the two Kikuyu factions is that Nyeri Kikuyus have always felt that they did the most to fight for independence (Dedan Kimathi and company hailed from Nyeri) while the Kiambu Kikuyus were mostly collaborators with the colonial government and even helped them smoke out and arrest freedom fighters (From Nyeri). And yet when independence finally came, the presidency and all other big positions went to those from Kiambu. The position of Kiambu Kikuyus is that they are smarter, better educated and better entrepreneurs and deserve every good thing that has happened to them in comparison to the lazy dreamers from Nyeri.

The last time this rivalry was played out in presidential politics was in 1992 when Kiambu fielded Kenneth Njino Matiba and Nyeri presented Mwai Kibaki. In those memorial first-in-a-long-time multiparty elections Matiba (Kibaki’s junior officer in government for many years) gave his former boss a through whipping at the polls and ended up as a close runner up to eventual winner Daniel arap Moi. However there are those (including this blogger) who firmly believe that it was Matiba who was the genuine winner of those polls.

The politics between the Nyeri, Kiambu and Muranga Kikuyus has always been explosive and should be the subject of a post here in Kumekucha in the near future. But for today we need to focus on the presence in both administrations of a Mr Fix-it. That was the nick name given to the most feared member of Kenyatta’s inner circle one Dr Njoroge Mungai. Mungai built a reputation as the man in the president’s court to look to when there was a crisis or “an obstacle that had to be removed.” Mungai has been linked to the assassinations of many perceived opponents and threats to the Kenyatta administration.

It is now emerging that the Kibaki administration also has its’ very own Mr Fix it in the inner circle. A person who deals with complex political problems ruthlessly. And in the case of the Kibaki administration it is the last person you would expect. In fact it is a woman. Her name is Mary Wambui (pictured below). That is one name that sends shivers down the spines of many men in Kenya who are in the know. And for good reason.
Early in the Kibaki administration she acquired the nickname Wambui wa Munene but has a much more chilling nickname amongst the intelligence community these days.

Interestingly political analysts have never been able to identify the politics played out between the two wives of the president. There have actually been two extremely powerful camps close to the president. The Lucy Kibaki camp and the Mary Wambui one. The latter has always operated much more quietly and less dramatically but has always been the more powerful faction. It is the faction that is credited to have done the most in getting the president a second term in 2007 despite the odds.

What has probably clouded a lot of the significant events linked to the factions are the petty battles. For instance people have very effectively gotten rid of those they do not like by simply linking them to the Mary Wambui camp. That has always resulted in immediate sacking and sometimes physical ejection by the first lady herself. These turf wars between two women married to the same man have drawn attention away from some other more serious and significant events and operations most of them extremely shocking and revealed in great detail in my subscription-only raw notes. You can get a free sample of these particular raw notes by sending an email now to

One thing is for sure. One day very soon analysts of Kibaki’s presidency will sit up and notice just how significant a role this woman who never saw the inside of a high school has played in this presidency. 

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Anonymous said...

A dull attempt by Chris of diverting the heat from HADSOP aka raila...this is a stale post, at best a regurgitated collection of rumours. In fact a total waste of time!

Anonymous said...

Mary Wambui understands politics while Lucy Kibaki does not. It is as simple as that.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Interestingly political analysts have never been able to identify the politics played out between the two wives of the president."


So called political analysts are badly/half trained MONKEYS whose job is to mesmerize the ignorant masses with hope, ignorance, foolishness, fear and bullshit.

You doubt? Haya, Sample this:

On 30th, August, 2011, while under FIRE from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS POLITICAL ANALYSTS (a joke), the African Teacher, wrote these PROPHETIC WORDS on this blog:

"If you check at the Treasury website, TODAY, there is a new VAT law which is meant to EXPAND the:



We are referring to what is known as the VAT by the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS at the Treasury.

Where did that stupid policy come from?

"IMF calls for VAT reforms to increase collection."

"A WIDENING and simplification of the Value Added Tax(VAT) bracket could increase Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)’s revenue collection by an estimated Sh40 billion.

This disclosure was made on Thursday by Mr Ragnar Gudmundsson, a resident representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), at a Nairobi Hotel.

He was briefing the media on the forthcoming conference on Revenue Mobilisation in Sub-Sahara Africa, to be held in Nairobi between March 21 and 22, 2011."

NB: We can tell you for free that, this WIDENING will produce more poverty in Kenya even before it is implemented."



That was THEN, according to ILF so called political analysts.

Today, WITH A HEAVY HEART, we are reading this:

"Proposed tax increase will kill agriculture."

Farmers, producers and others in the agricultural sector are alarmed by certain provisions of the Value Added Tax Legislation Bill, 2011.

According to the Bill, the following goods are proposed to be standard rated:

Fertiliser, livestock feed, insecticide and pesticide, maize and wheat, milk and cream, LOCALLY ASSEMBLED WATER PUMPS and locally produced and ginned cotton."

Meanwhile, the POLITICAL ANALYSTS are telling Wanjiku that:

"To achieve economic development as stipulated in Vision 2030, the government and stakeholders formulated the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy, whose vision is a “food secure and prosperous nation.”



Simply, anyone who calls himself a political analyst ought to know and focus on what is of relevant to the common man/woman and not the COURT BUFFOONS and king's FOOL.

Anyway, since we prefer CHILDISH ENTERTAINMENT/CIRCUS to serious thinking, we leave to enjoy:

Not even some LITTLE FOOD for the poor,

Only PROMISES reach the POOR:

Luke said...

ati MPANGO WA.... is better than SERIAL SLAPPING hio ni bure kabisa. May the real EUNUCHS please stand up

Anonymous said...

Some of our departed members will either laugh it off or roll over in their graves for any post-humorous remarks made about the undisclosed yet very essential roles that were once played by the Maria wa Munene aka Mariam wa Grande (Gibri) in most of their former lives when they still walked on the face of the earth.

While those still living in our midst will roll their eyes in disgust, or smile discreetly but at the same time remain very grateful for the pivotal roles women like Mariam wa Grande (Gibri) play in their public as well as private lives.

Mariam wa Grande type of women are very essential ingredients or vital components in the lives of so many people from all walks of life, yet very little or no credit is extended to them.

On the one hand, they are very much hated by the spouses, friends, associates, and colleagues of powerful or distinguished men who have learned to accomodate them.

While on the other hand, the unforgiving public loves to classify them as conniving vixens with greed for power and wealth. But not all of them fit the classification.

Regardless of whichever way we choose to view the Mariam wa Garnde in our midst, they are here to stay, and they are the sort of women that society loves to hate but at the same can't do without them when all is and done, or in the hour of desperate need.

They will always remain as the unseen fulcrums and centrifugal forces within some of the most influencial entities and powerful political, social and economic circles of our communities.

Maria wa Munene may have kept Mzee Mwai Kibaki on the straight and narrow, one of the reasons Kenya may never ended under a Mubutu, Mugabe, Bokasa or the privious type of dictatorial leadership.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, anything else but not HADSOP..that looks like the mantra of chris nowardays. I wonder how much FORA is paying him.

Did you see that HADSOP cannot sue Miguna coz the book was dead accurate!! I guess in KK world that is not worth discussing...

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't know that Mary Wambui is involved in the drug trade with people like Ali Hassan Joho (MP from the Coast). What bothers me is how a duly elected president can allow his duly wedded spouse to engage in such. Chris is right when he always calls our country a banana republic.

Anonymous said...

Chris is bogus and is bribed to protect raila through his blog.


Anonymous said...

Don't you worry about Mr Kibaki. He's being entertained at Buckingham Palace by the Queen today together with 190 other head of states.

Let him ajienjoy.

Anonymous said...

@Fulani 10:52 PM
Maji ukiyavuliya nguo huna budi kuyaogelea. Kwa hivyo, would you please subtsantiate your wild allegeations or malicious accusations that Ms. Mary Wambui and Hon. Ali Joho are really involved in any illicit drug activity on Kenyan soil?

I hate to remind you that freedom of speech is one, but maji usiyoyafika hujui wingi wake in any way, shape or form, and that is why it is always in your best interest and that of the public, if proof or some sort of evidence is provided to support such serious allegetions as mentioned above.

And this particular situation, the onus is on you, @anon 10:52 PM.

Anonymous said...

Our country, regions, counties, towns, villages, and homesteads qualify as combined constituent elements of a banana republic because we, the people, have never had any problem with our current collective modus operandi since 2013. We, the people, are our very own worst enemy of the highest order. Just try taking a good look in mirror and get to know thyself as well as which side of you and how many times you have never bothered to stand up or risk shading blood in the constant fight against every day banana republicanism that goes on in our country.

Anonymous said...

Bibi ya wenyewe wamuuliza nini. Si uchunge mama wa kwako!!!

Anonymous said...


What has been going on lately in the diplomatic circles within our one time famous 'Green City under the Sun'?

Are the residents begining to smell something fishy, or are the locals - as usual - going to be blamed for the some other people's diplomatic and personal mess that has a way of following some of the diplomats to far away missions like the continent of Africa?

Remember the movie Constant Gardener, a 2005 drama thriller? Is life begining to imitate art or is art imitating life several years later after movie debuted?

Mmmmmm! A 57-year-old career diplomat arrives in Nairobi, Kenya on July 15 to take charge of the embassy, only to end up dead twelve days later. What a mystery that may never be solved.

Further, it uis being alleged that her death occurred soon after Kenyan personnel - domestic servants - at the Venezuelan Embassy (or diplomatic residence) filed a complaint because the diplomat had supposedly fired them according to local media reports.

The diplomatic incident gets enven more bizarre as more details emerge that Kenyan employees - domestic servants - were dismissed for refusing to retract their accusations for sexual harassment against the former charge de affairs.

So the question remains, why would a newly arrived diplomat or emergency replacement at the mission die or get murdered in cold blood for the sins or misconduct of her predecessor in a matter of twelve days?

On the other hand, under the my temporary advocatus diaboli immunity status, it does not hurt the investigations to err on the side of suggesting that when it comes to drug dealing, - if that was the case, it may not be in this particular unfortunate episode - there is no question of diplomatic immunity, because those international thugs always demand their dues on time, that is if they have been using any of certain diplomatic facilities or private residence as a diplomatic cover to run their underground business.

So far, it's common knoweldge that towns and ports cities along the East African coast have become major conduits of choice for international drug trade, and a favourable soft entry point for cartels, especially those based in South Amwerica, North America (Mexico), and West Africa.

Hence, the Kenyan public should not be surprised if and when reports are released or ongoing parallel investigations licks out reports to the effect that the deceased failed or did not have the necessary sharp skills in dealing with such matters or the agents - hitmen - of the Southern American or West African cartel.

Or if the current rumours are anything to go by, then it might have been case of domestic violence gone wild, or an inside job to cover up some previous dirty personal matters that had nothing to do with her.

Normally the hitmen will always leave a chilly calling card, or a unigue but gruesome signature of some kind that is well a known trademark warning by those involved in the lucrative narco industry.

But tying the feet and neck of their victims or targets is not one of them and they do not have the time for such antics that are below their murderous standards.

All the public can do is adopt a wait and see attitude until as more details emerge, or thorough investigations are completed.

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION: Chris of Kumekucha,

Don't release the following under mentioned comment to the public at Kumekucha.

Do you know why the Kenya police were really shocked beyond their wildest imagination, or anything they have ever seen or heard during their careers, by the time they arrived at the scene where diplomat's death occurred?

We are talking of guys, hardened police officers who are used to seeing dead bodies in worse conditions at all the times since the day they joined the force.

Can you guess the kind of shock and awe moment that some of them are still talking about among themselves is all about?

Well, do some homework by putting your ear on the ground, consult with some of your confidential sources, if any, within the police force or among those who are well connected with police crime scene investigations and the diplomatic police.

Believe it or not, people learn some new every day, and the police officers who were first to arrive at the scene learned a lot that will last them a lifetime.

Reports about the death may have to be santized in order for the embassy to save face as well as the alleged good name and reputation of the deceased diplomat.

It's going to be one of those cases where the killers will never be caught, or some unfortunate wanted local thug will be scapegoated in order to make it look like a murder that was committed by a local thug or intruder.

By the way, the local employees at the residence had nothing to do with it, including any local thugs around Nairobi, because the cause of death was way out of their league, let alone any of their imagination.

Anonymous said...

Some wannabe politicians and certain people will not cut it when the race for Nairobi County Governorship has come to an end.

Someone (name held back) has shown his true colours once again on NTV, although certain or rather most of the issues raised by Debarl Inea have been covered on Kumekucha in one way or another, several months ago.

Imagine the newly elected Governor of Nairobi dimissing concerns that will be raised by Nairobi residents in a very patronising or condescending - bwana kubwa - manner, such as, whose interest are you working for? What is your interest?

Don't you know what a company is? What is your background anyway?

Probably you are not aware or might no be aware
(what contributes to the pathetic congestion in the city of Nairobi) LOL!

You don't seem to be aware of many things...

If that is the way he is behaving as if he has already arrived or been elected, then how shall he behave or treat the ordinary residents of Nairobi once he has both his feet firmly patched on a very expensive custom made desk within the governor's office?

Mmmmmmmm! Where is Chapter Six when it is needed to come to rescue and deliver the people from their past?

Why do you keep asking me question about my past instead of sticking to the issue at hand as we had agreed upon before I agreed to be interviewed by you?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mmmmmmmm! Where is Chapter Six when it is needed to come to rescue and deliver the people from their past?


On a serious note, Chapter 6, and in fact, the whole of the new constitution, so called, is a perfect example of what we may call:

- proliferation of laws and which is a SICKNESS of states CLAIMING TO BE FREE.

Men, and especially those who claim to rule, have a universal habit of multiplying laws in their vain believe that it will save them from tyranny.

Unfortunately, in multiplying laws, you necessarily create more government agents. This means that, you give a larger number of men power over others and thereby, you double/triple the likelihood of misuse/tyranny.

NB: Have you seen this: "Fresh blow to IEBC in Sh 3.9bn kit scandal."

We go on.

All written laws will be liable to evasion. To end these evasions, the law maker tries in vain to check this by use of menacing language and very detailed formalities.

NB: Check the DETAILED PROCUREMENT laws of Kenya.

We go on.

However, the lawmaker always find his expectations disappointed because, a FATAL struggle develops between the law maker and the citizen.

The law responds by subdivision, becomes even more complex, multiplies, but, all in vain because, men will always slip away from its proceedings.

In this war, law disobeyed calls for a tougher one. This one in turn is not successful, and they call for another one. This progression is endless.

Finally, the lawmaker comes to the idea that, the only way to win the battle is to stop making PRECISE LAWS because, experience tells him they are easy to evade.

As such, he responds with VAGUE LAWS. For such vague laws, see CHAPTER 6 of the New Constitution.

The problem is this. When you have VAGUE LAWS, you have RE-ESTABLISHED the TYRANNY OF MEN which you tried to avoid by multiplying laws. The men who will tyrannize may call themselves judges and litigants, but, it does not matter.

Sample this dear reader:

Article 73 (1) Authority assigned to a State Officer -

(a) is a public trust to be exercised in a manner that -

(i) is consistent with the PURPOSES and OBJECTS of this Constitution;

(ii) demonstrates RESPECT for the PEOPLE

Does anyone know what RESPECT means really?

We look forward to the day our new TYRANTS in the BENCH, will define what this means for until they do, NO ONE KNOWS what it means.

Isn't that wonderful?

Anyway, lest we waste precious time, we retreat to enjoy:

Humble African:

Anonymous said...

I suspected that kind of pratonizing and condescending mentality, and an extreme bwana kubwa aka plantation nyapara personality about Kidero, and now I am sure about it given what was confirmed during the NTV interview.

Kudos to the host for remaining calm, cool and collected. His guest ended up sounding like any elementary teacher, average clerk in any government ministry and a form two drop-out like me.

There was nothing unique, special or extraordianry about him, and what he said, or what he thought he could bring to the table in all matters pertaining to the overhauling of Nairobi, the city lies untidily in the sun, filled with all sort of garbage and litter with vehicle congestion and overpopultion, sounded like recycled sound bites Kenyans heard from the days of the previous 80s and 90s regime.

There are people like him, vetrans from the previous regime of the 80s and 90s, who benefited a lot from it and continued to rise within the exclusive business circles by managing to maintain footholds, secure grips and steady places in the little corporate world of Kenya, with the blessings and protection of the feared big man, his henchmen or underlings.

Times have changed but there are many people like him who continue to lead their status quo lives as if the old world is still here to stay and serve them as was the case in the 80s and 90s.

Unfortunatley, as most of them are now busy scrambling and struggling in search for the chance to become reinvent themselves so that they can continue to eat together as senators, governors, members of parliaments, diplomats, et cetera, they will be driven to ruin by their greed, deep seated status quo mentality and the misinformed notion that Kenyans probably don't know anything about what they have been doing in the last three decades and what they are all about.

The city of Nairobi and it residents deserve better leadership than having to be railroaded once again with recyled characters and politics (of eating together) from the old world of business as usual and everyhting goes for those in power.

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