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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting Intimate With The Dead Is More Common Than You Think

Just when you think that your troublesome neighbor cannot possibly shock you more than they already have, they will tend to spring up a shocker that will leave you numb. By extension the human race is so full of surprises that the best policy for those with weak hearts is to decide that nothing will shock them anymore (not an easy thing to do).
In my rather eventful life I have seen and heard plenty but this latest bizarre piece of news just floored me.
Apparently the brand new Egyptian parliament has drafted and is preparing to pass a law known as the farewell intercourse law where husbands will be allowed to have sexual intercourse with their dead wives one last time up to 6 hours after their death. This is part of the reforms that are top on the list and also includes another bill lowering the minimum age for marriage for girls to 14. Yes 14, that is NOT a typo. Luckily there is a group of women in that country who are fighting the controversial laws. See details here.

However analysts are confident that the farewell sex law will sail through the Egyptian parliament with ease.

Surprisingly sex with corpses is way too common even in Kenya. My man on the ground in Eastern says that about a decade ago male attendants at the Machakos District hospital morgue having sex with female corpses was so common that some people had reached the point of accepting it as normal.

A handful of tribes in Kenya including a big one that has a famous presidential candidate for 2013 are known to have a custom where people sleep with deceased women as part of the “cleansing” ceremony before burial.

But the shocker of them all was the case of one Felicity Marmaduke who straddled a dead man in the morgue where she was working and claims that the man actually ejaculated and she ended up pregnantfrom the encounter. The incident allegedly took place earlier this year the US.

Having sex with dead women has been going on for centuries but the question is, is it possible to have sex with a dead man? Apparently it is depending on the way the man died. Death by hanging or a bullet in the brain is said to quite often leave the deceased with an erection. Or if they are in an upright position and remain like that after death. If a man can have an erection when they are dead then ejaculation is also possible. See here and also this detailed article.

Many of my dear readers will find the information in this post shocking and a tad sickening but to warriors of old it is stale news because it was common practice to display the corpse of a dead enemy complete with his organ fully erect, especially after raping their wives and daughters.

It really is a much sicker world than you thought is it not?

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Sayra said...

Sasa Chris,
I happen to be having an easy Sunday watching the shining lake as I listen to some reggae. And as always, i checked in for my daily dose only to be polluted with your story.
Si next wkend give us something more interesting ... something worth talking about. And not these freaking stories.

That is a request btw ...

kumekucha said...

Pole sana Sayra... from the bottom of my heart. But there are those chics who love horror movies who thrive on these kind of crazy stories. Let this be their weekend, the next one will be yours-probably have something interesting on technology which I know you love.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Recycled news! This story was on London Mail online in UK, and yes it's true Egyptian men were asking the govt permission to 'bid farewell' to their deceased wives. It was reported the 'farewell' could last upto 6 hours! Now, as disgusting as that sound, how do you get an erection to last you that long...and with a dead woman?

Taabu said...


Are you a SEXIST? Please reply to Luka and pad your cheeks.

Anonymous said...

Chris just brought the 'bf' ritual to the attention of some of us, and it is fair to note that it's the paper in question that may have recycled the centuries old tradition that is still being practiced in Egypt, North Africa and other parts of the world.

We're all aware of the fact that we no longer live in a twenty-four hour news cycle but we do find ourselves existing in environments where we are constantly bombarded with minute by minute barrage of breaking news, headlines news and whatever it is out there that there that passes for news in this day and age where ratings are very essential for the survivability of most networks.

The 'bf' ritual did it rounds on social media, radio stations, networks, appeared in several publications, etc.

Anyway, the centuries old tradition of violating the departed was reported a while ago, and as a matter fact, the shocking ritual was debated and lambasted by many university groups, medical experts, human right activists, and religious scholars from different backgrounds during summer of 2011.

Very little has changed in some communities around the world and it will take a long time to re-educate people to refrain from such perverted rituals and learn to respect the departed or our 'beloved dead' relatives.

Anonymous said...

A more than bizarre history of the final big bang - last embrace of dead spouses -, the desire to bind and control the spirits of the dead wives in order for them to remain faithful and loyal in the afterlife, and the continuity of a tradition that dates back to 440 BC.

With all due respect for the Egyptian people who may or may no longer sanction or carry out the last conjugal rites of a deceased spouse, it's very difficult for outsiders like some of us to offer other outsiders - non Wamisri - a unique opportunity, to understand a tiny slice of the bizzare history of a very ancient cultural ritual that has been an accepted as a way of life for many people whose lives continue to be sustained by the abundant fresh waters originating from Ziwa Nyanza ("Victoria"), one of the world's largest fresh water lake.

Whether we like it or not, there is no one, not the League of Arab States, the United Nations, The Hague, World Health Organisation, or even the quasi military rulers and the current government of some of the people involved in the ancient ritual can change the prevailing attitudes that are still infavour of the last embrace as a widower's right.

In the same way the course of the Nile river can never be altered nor reversed for a long time to come, unless the dormant Rift Valley decides to open itself and consume of the fresh water from Lake Nyanza and depositing them to the semi-arid areas around south and southern-western regions of Africa.

Where many ancient and modern Egyptians have remained silent about the bizarre ritual, Herodotus (c. 484 - 425 BC), the Greak historian, better known as the "Father of History" provides us with rare gilmpse of how some concerned bereaved relatives took immediate steps to protect the remains of their loved ones from being violated the people entrusted with funerary duties.

"The wives of men of rank when they die, are not given at once to be embalmed, nor such women as are very beautiful or of greater regard than others, but on the third or fourth day after their death (and not before) they are delivered to the embalmers.

They (ancient Egyptians) do so about this matter in order that the embalmers may not abuse their women, for they say that one of them was taken once doing so to the corpse of a woman lately dead, and his fellow craftsman gave the information."
- The Histories Book II, by Herodotus (c. 440 BC).

Some questions still demands real answers in our present times, and should be aimed at those lobbying for the passage of the "farewell sex" bill by the Egyptian parliament, and one of them is the following; Are the dead corpses of former wives able to fantasize physical pleasure in the same manner that the widowers do in the name - under the pretext - of 'the last embrace of dead spouse'?

By all accounts, many of us will never understand the sordid history of "dead love", or the indignity subjected to any human corpse let alone the curious lives of widowers and (those) people who continue to approve of sexual attraction to corpses of the departed.

All things taken into, the ancient ritual must have been responsible for giving rise to the real intended meaning of the old phrase, Over My Dead Body.

Anonymous said...

A crude as it may sound, some people may laugh at the incident of Felicity Marmaduke with dead corpse work of fiction. But unbeknown to many people, there are cases where men or prisoners condemned to die by hanging, have usually end up having an erection by the time they are dead or during the final stages of hanging, and even managed to orgasm. Postmoterm reports have attested to the fact about dead men behaving badly after death.

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