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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Serious Trouble for Kenya As Late Night Calls Change Election Date To March 4th 2013

The IEBC (Independent Election And Boundaries Commission) has just announced at a Press Conference that the election date for the next general elections will be Monday 4th March 2013.

This means serious trouble for Kenya because the truth is that the principals yesterday agreed on the December 18th 2012 date (as reported here last night) which means that something changed during the night. This is very dangerous for Kenya and means we are back to January 2008 where President Kibaki would agree on something but later be over-ruled by some of his powerful radical advisors.

Insiders reveal that there is a huge possibility that one of the coalition partners, Raila Odinga will pull out of the government which will effectively dissolve it and force an earlier election date. And so you can be sure that we have not heard the last of this.

What worries some analysts is that President Kibaki is displaying the same tendencies of not wanting to leave office that were clearly visible in the run up to to troubled 2007 elections.


Anonymous said...

We said a Mugabe is what Kenya is staring at.

Unfortunately, a Bagbo scenario will be the eventuality

People in power don't learn

kenyaone said...

Question is whether government will hand over Ocampo 4 for trial. And if at trial they will be detained. And if a the next president will be ready to hand over anyone else the ICC 'requires' and or the Ocampo 4 if they have not yet been sent to hague. Hence the jigging and rejigging and jigging again of the polls. March 4th may not be the final date!

Bobby6Killer said...

Chris, which late night calls are you going on about? Two days ago Hassan had hinted we'd have a 2013 election when he was quoted by Capital FM as saying:

"IEBC Chairman Issack Hassan indicated that the elections will be held after the term of the current Parliament expires on January 14, 2013."

Frankly speaking, as disappointing as it may be, there's no surprise in his March 4th date.

allensbank said...

Chris, are you trying to save face after your 'Breaking News' of yesterday has just been trashed by this announcement?

Anonymous said...

KumeKucha, you state that - and I quote:

"Kibaki is displaying the same tendencies of not wanting to leave office that were clearly visible in the run up to to troubled 2007 elections." This eventually led to his STEALING the elections and plunging the county into CHAOS.

This is tragic and the most unfortunate thing about this is that he will be BLINDLY supported by members of the Mt Kenya communities.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world do you get the idea that if Raila splits, the government stands dissolved and elections must follow?

For your information, here's the NARA:

Anonymous said...

Mjumbe Kumekucha hadharauliwi wala hauawi, bali raia wanaendelea kuerevuka hadi wakati ambapo wanasiasa wajanja na wenye uwongo mwingi watakapojipata mashakani kabla ya tarehe 4/3/2013.

Anonymous said...

who will count the ballots
how will it be transmitted to Nairobi

Anonymous said...

The IEBC is to blame for the whole mess of shifting the goal posts for the election due the fact that they are the ones who have been dragging their feet for the last four years.

And also the time has come for the High Court to make decision and establish a set date for the general elections in accordance with new constitution, so that the electorate and the rest of country are subject to the whims and sickening political games of those in power at any given period of time.

Has the IEBC already resolved the issues of the electoral boundaries? Or did I miss out on the timely outcome?

Anonymous said...

ata wewe bradday bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

There's lots of propaganda, innuendo and outright lies doing the rounds. It must be an election year in Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Oh, poor Kenyans!

We can say many things, but, we just remind the readers what we noted AGES ago that:

- there is the LAW and then, there is the so called Constitutional Law/laws.

More so, the whole legal trade/profession as is CURRENTLY organised is nothing, but, a HIGH CLASS RACKET.

As such, these lawyers are just modern purveyors of streamlined voodoo.

However, since this is Greek, we leave to enjoy:

Rasta/African Teacher can’t get no peace on the land,

Rasta children run them ‘way
Drive them ‘way (OPIUM SESSION organizers)

Anonymous said...

And there goes the INTELLECTUAL HECKLER intoxicated in his Sumerian folklore monologues.

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