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Friday, March 16, 2012

Breaking News: Election Date Is 18th December 2012 To Be Announced Tomorrow

Kenyans will go to the polls in historical general elections this year after all. The election date is 18th December 2012, impeccable sources have just informed this blogger. This date is set to be announced by the IEBC tomorrow morning at 11:00 am at the Laico Regency Hotel (formerly Grand Regency) in Nairobi.

This date has been arrived at after a meeting between the principals and the IEBC earlier today where it was agreed that President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga will dissolve the coalition government on October 18th 2012 paving the way for general elections 60 days later on 18th December 2012.

But keen political observers are still puzzled as to why President Kibaki has given up his 3 extra months so easily. These observers believe that working overnight and overtime it is possible for the powerful G7 faction that is very close to the president to get this commitment to the IEBC made earlier today rescinded. Although if this happens ODM can still pull out of the coalition and force the December 18th election date.

The election date has caused a lot of anxiety to Kenyans in recent times and if the announcement is made according to plan, this will help ease tensions in the country.

I will update this post with new information shortly after 11:30 AM Saturday 17th March (Kenyan time).

IEBC has just announced that election date will be held on Monday 4th March 2013. This means serious trouble for Kenya because the truth is that the principals agreed on the December 18th date which means that something changed during the night. This is very dangerous for Kenya and means we are back to January 2008 where President Kibaki would agree on something but later be over-ruled by his radical advisors. Insiders reveal that there is a huge possibility that one of the coalition partners, Raila Odinga will pull out of the government which will effectively dissolve it and force an earlier election date. 


Mwarang'ethe said...

The election date has caused a lot of anxiety to Kenyans in recent times and if the announcement is made according to plan, this will help ease tensions in the country.


If an OPIUM/HOPIUM addict misses his fix, he becomes very agitated. So, we understand why Kenyans are agitated about the date of their usual OPIUM SESSION.

However, as you head for the OPIUM Ballot box, verily, verily, may you bear this in mind:

(a) The modern Parliamentary system "democratic" was concocted so as to ensure King's debts, which were PERSONAL, became PUBLIC DEBTS, i.e. you and YOURS kids burdens.

It is for this reason, the BUDGET day is the most crucial in the Parliament's calendar.

In other words, the role of your MP is just to give CONSENT for thy ENDLESS TAXATION. Nothing else dear reader. If they tell something else, they LIE.

Many of you will read this and dismiss it as the usual stuff. It is fine. However, bear this in your mind.

The FRUITS of this FISCAL BARBARITY, to which the OPIUM SESSIONS are all about, will become clear in our generation for those who are not already PENSIONERS.

(b) without going into intricate details, the idea of UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE of the 20th Century, is the greatest delusion ever fostered on mankind.

Anyway, since most of us prefer to live like BRUTES(SHEEP), i.e.

(a) with no sense of the PAST (history),

(b) the PRESENT (you cannot understand the present without understanding the past), and

(c)the FUTURE, how can you understand the future when you do not understand the present?

Anyway, we leave matters at this point and continue enjoying:

When is the PAY DAY Mr Big Man?

Anonymous said...

By all accounts let's hope that the breaking news will translate into much awaited pronouncement in matter of hours before noon time.

However, I will want to be counted among some of the people who don't want to be regarded as the well known accomplices in the unfortunate traditional business as usual of seeking regime change for the sake of change, or for whatever reasons just because the open season for national general elections has been declared by the powers that be, IEBC.

And are the majority of us, the electorate of course, going to roll up both our regional and national sleeves just to get ourselves dirty to the point where we will end up resorting to the very ugly business of kicking out many of the spotted political hyenas from electoral office, only to end up replacing them with a similar pack of stripped political hyenas for another term, fiver years or more?

All in the name of shallow demorcatic change and futile exercise at the ballot box as were the destructive and none progressive elections of December 2002 and December 2007, given their current disastrous consequences that are still being felt througout the nation?.

Last but least, what do the electorate with good and patriotic intentions stand to gain nationwide this time around, as opposed to the now disastrous outcome of December 2007 deadly national general elections?

By the way, does the whole country really need to experience another one or two wasteful terms under people like Kalonzo Musyoka, Weakleaf Mudavadi, Joseph Saitoti, Balala bin Lala, Moses Wetangula, Mutula Kilonzo, James Orengo, Muruguru, et al, or worst of all, under Raila Odinga, after his abysmal political record as the first and last politically unnecessary prime minister?

An appointment or so-called one of the viable political soultion at the time that should only be blamed on Kofi Annan and the diehards at the British foreign office?

With all due respect the victims and survivors of post election violence, the names of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were left out for obvious reasons, because they will be battling for their own separate lives at the ICC, while trying so hard to avoid becoming longterm dormitory housing-mates with Lubanga, Charles Taylor and company by 2017 or 2018.

Anonymous said...

@Daniel Waweru,
Where art thou to comment on the breaking news? You have been missing in action for far too long, to the point where many will hate to see you just jump back in at the heat of the moment after the electioneering kicks in high gear by October or around mid November. DW, where is your analysis and kadhalika?

Anonymous said...

Did Kumekucha really mention that the election date is around the corner just waiting to be announced by the IEBC?

If that's the case then let the campaign season begin, and the art of electioneering Kenyan style reach new heights given the pending high drama at the ICC.

Well, well, well, what a good Christmas bonus it's going to be for some lucky politicians, and the beginning of all sorts of nightmares for others who will have nothing to lose other than their deflatd egos, inflated parliamentary paychecks, the idle crowds and troops of journalists chasing after them by the time their inevitable losses hit home between December 20th and 27th?

After all it will be the best of times for the winners and the worst of times for the losers, and zilch for the rest of us who will have to continue on scrapping for a living while elected politicians devise ways to share their loot for the next five years.

The presidential contenders are not going to be able to recycle themselves back into parliament as was the case in the past, and that is going to be the only consolation for the rest of the country once the general elections are over.

Anonymous said...

Is march december.

Anonymous said...

March is not December, but it always appears eight months before December, or comes two months after December. Which ever way you want to look at it.

As for the election date, Kibaki and his henchmen have never been known to keep their word, regardless of whether their lives or the lives of the people they love and cherish depend on it.

Kibaki's handlers and those who have benefited most from his time in power are the ones most worried about holding an early election by December of 2012 rather than at a convenient date such as March of 2013, or even August of 2013 as it's already being rumoured within some circles around the city.

They need more time to consolidated their power, move or shift their spoils from 2007 to safer grounds (offshore accounts), strategize and then find the best next alternative of how well they can circle their wagons in the event they get overrun by "outsiders" as well as their so-called political enemies and opponents from their midst by March of 2013.

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