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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Why Nancy Barasa Must Resign

…Opium sessions have to end

What happened at the Village Market last Saturday is the big problem we have with our leaders past and present. And it is a problem that we must correct NOW if we are to change the destiny of our dear beloved nation.
Impeccable sources close to the late Mulu Mutisya assured me several times that there was nothing that used to jazz the King of Ukambani more than the kind of attention his entrance anywhere elicited. I was once in an office when Bwana Mutisya walked in and everybody stood up to attention and those who were wearing hats removed them. He arrogantly waved his hands and walked into his office. A man who never saw the inside walls of a classroom causing such ripples used to give Mutisya the kind of “high” that was well above what one can expect from opium or cocaine. And so it is safe to assume that he must have had a shattering and memorable orgasm the day a very well educated man and learned friend called Kalonzo Musyoka knelt down before him in seeking a career in politics. And there is evidence to prove that the kneeling was super effective in achieving its’ objectives because there were no general elections in site but a couple of weeks later Musyoka was seated inside parliament. The MP he replaced in Mwingi was shot dead by a crazed administration policeman in an incident that has never been fully explained to this day and in the hurried by-election that followed Wiper was in Bunge. Just like that!! But that is a story for another day.
How did Miguna Miguna's financial problems vanish so suddenly?
Our leaders have these opium sessions from being called mheshimiwa and from making grand entrances in public places where business comes to a stand still because of them. Like the time shortly after the President of the Republic of Kenya went on national TV to talk matters of national importance in the form of telling Kenyans lies to the effect that he had only one wife called Lucy and that anybody else claiming otherwise was an imposter. About two days later “the Imposter” Mary wa Munene (better known as Mary Wambui) made a grand entrance at a supermarket at the Sarit Centre allegedly to do some shopping accompanied by some heavy GSU protection.

I am persuaded that a poor security guard called Ms Kerubo tried to interfere with one of these opium sessions last Saturday and that was the crux of the problem and the real reason why all hell broke loose. She claims at one point she was on her knees begging for her life to be spared gun pointed at her. What really terrified her was the fact that her late father who was also a security guard had lost his life identical circumstances.

While confusion surrounds the allegation that the deputy CJ fetched a gun from her car which she used to threaten the guard (because CCTV footage does not capture this) it is clear that the deputy CJ threatened the guard and she also refused to be frisked.

People who refuse to be frisked in public places amaze me and I tend to doubt their intelligence because after all for whose benefit is the frisking being done? Is it not to protect you? And so by refusing to be frisked you are actually saying you do not want to be protected from possible terror threats which are very real in Kenya just now, especially in public places like shopping malls.

In the minds of a vast majority of the folks seeking political office this year the furthest thing on their minds is serving the people. Instead they are ejaculating just thinking of all the wonderful opium sessions they are going to enjoy once in office. In presidential motorcades, governors’ motorcades etc. The people’s agenda is a distant third on their to-do-list. No prizes for guessing what number two (or number one on some lists) is. It is getting rich.

Now is a good time to rudely interrupt these ongoing opium sessions by asking Ms Barasa to resign immediately. You can be sure that it will not stop this human vanity nonsense, but at least it will be a wake up call and we must start somewhere.

My dear fellow Kenyans, let us call for the immediate resignation of the deputy CJ. No stories, no excuses, no delay.

For the record the deputy chief justice and vice president of the Supreme Court of the current banana republic of Kenya hails from a place that is not far away from the village of my late mother and my relatives over there are very proud of her and her achievements. Naturally they will not take kindly to this post. The Bukusu are much more violent than the cowardly Akamba and I am sure if I went ahead with my planned visit there soon I am bound to find myself in a situation where something much more lethal than a beer bottle will be flying in my direction. But alas I love my country more.

Breaking News: Chief Justice Mutunga Calls Emergency JSC Meeting To Discuss Barasa


Anonymous said...

Nancy Barasa must step aside. For credible investigations to be carried

Taabu said...


Wewe wacha zako. You are a SEXIST to suggest that Dr (soon) Baraza resigns. Kwani which planet are you from? And what a paradox that you sympathize with Kerubo Morara who refuses to watch TV memorize all public faces.

The DCJ must be applauded for proving that what men can do women can do even better. At least Iron Lady Wangari is now not alone.

You see judicial independence cannot allow another dept (security) to frisk a whole DCJ. You see just like Alice Lakwena, Nancy's magical powers deleted the relevant CCTV footage of the gun.

This is Kenya (remember Rambo movie from Kiraithe?).

No Baraza no judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Why would she resign when the government is still lead by those responsible for the 2007/08 genoside?

She didnt or led to the killing of anybody!

Anonymous said...

Barasa displays impunity then blatantly lies about it.
Mutunga to give judicial staff mortgages from the dwindling government pot.

Chris said...

I didn't realize that you were so humourous Taboo. Lol!!!

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Many of those defending Barasa are doing so simply because she is a woman. As that nice lady calling herself Nyege points out in her Facebook comment below; are we saying that we shall have two different standards one for men and one for women with the one for women obviously being lower?

What rubbish!!!

Let Barasa resign without waiting for pressure to do so.

Mwarang'ethe said...

BLESSED are those who partake REALITY ONLY,

such REALITY smokers shall never be disappointed when OPIUM Sessions come to an end and the reality rears its head.

We know with 101% confidence that:

(i) the so called reforms/reformers were/are about PYRAMID CLIMBING ONLY.

So as to climb the PYRAMIDS, those at the TOP had/must be toppled.

So as to topple those who are/were at the TOP, the OPIUM is spread around to create ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES of freedom.

So intoxicated, with OPIUM, as an example, the CROWD digs DEEPER in the already EMPTY pockets so as:

- CJ Gicheru can walk away from the PYRAMID TOP with a good pension to eat as he does legal practice earning millions,

- smiling Wako can leave the PYRAMID TOP with a good pension to eat as he works for that NEO - Colonial body earning millions.

(ii) having "VISITED" the so called LAW SCHOOLS, we know that, they produce not learned men/women, but:

- thieves and murderers.

NB: We have no facts about this case. However, whatever the facts are, what we have said is correct 101%.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Building church and university,

Deceiving the people continually,

Me say them graduatin' thieves and murderers;

Anonymous said...

Wapi Mzalendo Kibunja when you need him? please come and arrest BRAZEN&IMPUDENT @Taboo?

The new constitution supports women to EMPOWER themselves and i for one FAVOR all Kenyan women carrying GUNS as part of ending high levels of domestic violence in the home

BUT not if it means WATCHMEN & WATCH WOMEN will be accosted by gun totting "Rambos" like DCJ Baraza. For too long we have overlooked and under appreciated our "soldiers" or "Afandes" or "Ninjas" as we used to fondly refer to them in the late 60s when i was growing up.

I only wish the late great policeman Patrick "crime buster" Shaw (R.I.P) was still around to stop these middle and upper class VIGILANTES who terrify ordinary MWANANICHI like Kerubo Morara simply doing her job to grow the economy

Anonymous said...

Who is Nancy Baraza?

Anonymous said...

Tongue-in-check is always welcomed at any time, unlike the tongue-lashing that ordinary raia like Kerubo Morara must endure on a daily basis.

If I may ask, when and how do those who are fortunate enough, expect 75% of Kenya's Kerubo Morara to find the time to watch TV in order to have the luxurious avenue of memorizing all public faces of who-is-who among our self-serving waheshimiwa?

Let alone find the rare golden opportunity to rise from the lower rungs of Kenya's systemic social stratification.

Lest we forget, electricity is still very much a scarce resource, political commodity as it were, that is rationed throughout the urban areas.

By the way, it's a well known fact that there are so many Kenyan women in Kerubo Morara's shoes who usually get back home in the late hours of the day or night, tired, only to find their most demanding second shifts (maternal) waiting to drain whatever last ounce of energy that's left in their frail body frames, after having spent the whole day on their feet trying to safely keep other obnoxious parents with their ungrateful children, unappreciative shoppers and unconcerned strangers from harm ways.

Mmmmm! Others may serve at the frontlines, as gatekeepers and guardians of the night so the rest of we can continue enjoying our wonderful lives.

Anonymous said...

Who is Nancy Baraza?

Now that's a good question that can be anwered if you click on what happened at the village Market last Saturday as it appears in Why Nancy Barasa Must Resign. Guess you weren't aware of the milestones some of us have made since the glass ceiling was shuttered a while ago.

Taabu said...


Hata wewe kwenda. You are not only a SEXIST but a toxic RACIST (Luis) too. No wonder you are now e-inciting people to have 'Dr' Nancy fired so that your 'dear' auntie can replace her. Shame on you NEGRO.


Now you have upped the tempo and gone further to incite CJ shamelesly using first language and he is threatening to fire his deputy. What do you expect from the JSC with fire-tongued akina Ahmednasir? Kichinjio, poor Nancy.

Nancy has aologised may be all she needs is to do the same to Ms Kerubo personally to stroke the poor lady's ego.

Na wapi the loud-mouthed activists to defend Morara's rights. You can only imagine the heat if Nancy had swapped shoes with Mutunga. Maybe both Chris and Luka (alpha SEXISTS) would have tosted bila kurusha chupa/s.

On a serious note I smell siasa ya kumalizana in this saga. And it is all ...... fault. You know we are into 2012 and never rule anything out during this 'opium session'.

David said...

I don't think she should resign but she should apologise to that lady.

Unknown said...

Taabu, you sound so pathetic! Just shut your unsalted trump!

Anonymous said...

Kwani Nancy amekula mbuzi ya nani? LOL

Anonymous said...

Espousal of such a motto as; "Ni Lazama Nitambulikane na Kuheshimika Kila Mara, Wakati na Popote Pale", was not just limited to the league of one time self-made political heavyweights like Mulu Mutisya, but it was also fully embraced and obviously flaunted by Kihika Kimani, Kariuki Chotara and our very own former Sultan of Mvita, the late Shariff Nassi and others who are longer with us.

Unfortunately there were so many former officers in government who fell victim to rogue senior civil servants who were engaged in the similar antics bordering on quasi personality cults, such as James E. Mungai (police), Hezekiah Oyugi, among others.

The DCJ - for lack of a suitable acronym to much the incident - will have to spend a large portion of 2012 engaged in damge control and public relations in order for her to earn back any semblance of credibility the public mighty have thought she had when she took the oath took uphold and defend the constitution, while at the same time find ways and the means to reform the archaic system of the judiciary from A-to-Z.

Further, she will have to continue explaining herself and her own doctored version of what she thinks really happened, whenever any doubts or misgivings are raised by some of her colleagues and the genreal public.

Time will tell if the DCJ decides through her actions to begin seeing the plight of Kirurbo Morara in the face of every downtrodded Kenyan woman encounters on her daily escorted travles around Nairobi and rest of the country.

Talking of majority of the urban and rural Kenyan women who reside beyond the enclaves of members of the judiciary and her current social cocoon.

Anonymous said...

One more reason why the DCJ must resign is coz there is no way she will know how to defend the rights of the ordinary Kenyan woman when she treats the likes of Kerubo like trash?

Anonymous said...

I smell siasa ya kumalizana in this saga.

Kweli? How so, when the saga was of her own making, literally brewed during her own free time and away from her official or private premises.

She's the kind of person who is used to making legal pronouncements - and rightly so -in chambers, where she is in sole control, without the public, newspapers, cameras, reporters, etc. being there.

Unfortunately, Village Market is not the kind of place under her immediate jurisdiction, and there was no way nor the time for Kerubo Morara to be issued with a gag order, threatened, or silenced for whatever reasons under the free skies of Gigiri environs as was the common practice in the past years.

Hakuna siasa ya kukatana miguu with regard to Nancy's embarrasing scuffle with Kerubo Morara, conduct unbecoming her office and all she has stood for since the day she was admitted into the legal community on her own merit.

First of all, let's not even go there, by trying to frame the saga as a political set-up or trip-switch of some kind that was instigated by some political or cultural entities.

Nancy failed to be sagacious enough, she made a costly blunderher that will haunt her for a long term to come.

She has made her own bed, she will now have to spent sometime in it while frothing for all it's worth, and as the public looks on in the course of her career.
LOL! As far the so-called career loud mouthed activists are concerned, they only will step forward or dare stand up to be counted when and if the incident or presumed violation affects their own - the select few - in one way or another.

Otherwise, they will never ever bother to rare their activists' heads in places where the are not able to earn some political mileage, headlines, air-time, two-minutes of news clips on TV, expand their war chests, and propagate their usual calculated agendas.

That's one of the many reasons why some of us really expect - this time around - that the Kenyan women from the lower rungs of society will wake-up for once, rise and challenge those who have had it made and enjoyed the double-matunda ya uhuru for so long time, now that the coming general elections are about to take us by storm.

And especially when it comes to the carefully choreographed distribution and awarding of the most coveted seats reserved for nominated female Members of Parliament in 2013 and 2017.

Anonymous said...

I think she should be sacked to set an example of how not to behave as a senior public servant, but can you see Kenya speaking in one voice, I wish people will grasp this momento and put this impunity dragon to death, if Nancy survices the sack, and God forbid there is fracas with the coming general elections is she really capable of remaining level headed and impatial? we all know the majority of those who died where poor kenyans.

Anonymous said...

wacha zako wewe,kwanicwhat do you have against Kenyan women PACKING HEAT (machine guns)?

if only Mrs. KUMEKUCHA was ARMED and DANGEROUS Chris would be blogging very sober posts from under the Sofa at night

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly. I feel exactly as the person who posted these remarks does about Nancy Barasa's latest embarrassing public episode.

I am not among those vying for Nancy Barasa's immediate resignation, or wishing to see her slam her career in the judicial doors for good, or have her driven out of the Nairobi cosmopolitan city to some other forsaken region of the country.

However, if those who are expected to understand certain issues better than the rest of the population, are not able to recognize why they have been entrusted with the very responsibilities that come along with their official appointments, then why should the people of Kenya deseve to have Nancy Barasa as their Deputy Chief Justice if she's not able to even recognize the dignity of every human being in Kerubo Morara's shoes and the importance of all the functions of all types of employment, be it in the public sector or private sector.

Hard to believe that an individual like Nancy Barasa who came from very humble beginnings not so long ago, still pretends to struggle to appericiate the importance of why Kenyans have chosen to do the kind of work done by Kerubo Morara and many other hard working Kenyans, as opposed to engaging in criminal enterprise, such as illicit brews, fraud, forgery lant title deeds (in Soykiamau, Movoko, along the costal areas etc.), contraband, drug trafficking, drug dealing, illegal maize and sugar exports/imports, embezzlement of the country's depleting treasury, robbery, peddling of stolen goods, pickpocketing, prostitution, murder for hire, etc.

One wonders wethers, Nancy Barasa has ever learned to appreciate the importance of all other issues, whether social, economic, cultural, political, or why Kenyan women like Kerubo Morara and many others, who never had the same chances she has been blessed with since her childhood, have to go through what they do in order to survive and feed their children on a day to day basis?

People of Nancy Barasa's higher calibre should never be faulted nor held responsible for the personal problems of those among us who are less fortunate, but none the less, they are still held responsible for how they conduct themselves while in public, including how they inetract well with the general public.

In our general thought as Kenyan women we often carry out this critique along two main question lines: "what in our society represents a direct attack against women of all ages; and, how might society more effectively enhance the life and dignity of not just women but of each person in our nation."

Both of these questions have implications for how we lead our lives in private and in our public capacities.

Nancy Barasa should have realised by now, that creating social conditions in which every Kenyan can do well must include and even give priority to persons and groups that are most disadvantaged

Anonymous said...

Wait till mama Lucy enters this saga and demand respect for women. After that the hubby will demand answers lest ............LOL!

Anonymous said...

the cctv tapes should be posted online that way the evidence is preserved!! Now where is Omar the human rights commissionar to defend morara's rights? Isnt it amazing how silent the NGO world is on this matter?

Anonymous said...

Women in positions of influence need to deeply respect one another and people from all walks of life, in order to be able to take them from where they are and lead them to a totally different place in our nation's history. Or else the deeply saddening episodes, tabloid press and what passes for dramaville plus divaville will remain the grand narrative of their future history. The next generations of young women will never get the widow of opportunity to learn, take glances, or even reflect on what it felt like to actually live in the extraordinary where their predecessors, cultural icons, role models and heroines endeavored to uplift the whole generations of Kenyan women against all odds.

Anonymous said...

@4:05 PM
They are all very cagey about what happened at Village Market, they still don't know how to react nor respond, for fear of how the deputy chief justice, including her diehard supporters from the old judicial days, and their ever loyal colleagues within the greater law enforcement community might retaliate against their vital interests and "personal projects within projects" in the long run. None of them wants to dare tread on the deputy chief justice during her moments of temporary personal distractions that will resolve themselves in due time.

Anonymous said...

The NGOs are the least of Nancy Barasa's worries at this point in time. The guilty are very much afraid due to the fact that some of the NGOs are used as fronts for other unspecified activities that extend beyond prime objectives and the country's national borders. Most of them are known to keep double books or even three books for accounting reasons, one for the overseas donors, the other for the government's tax exemption purposes and the third book is designed for miscellaneous in-house budgetary operations, and other personal "cook jar" business. One thing is certain - some NGOs have an established tendency of redirecting funds from intended specific primary projects to other secondary areas, while at the same exaggerating the severity of the crisis as means to raise more awareness and "guilty money." And that's where the genesis of fear among other issues are bred, born and sustained in a cat-and-mouse game for the duration of their permitted operations on Kenyan soil. Don't you ever wonder where a minimum of $368,000, $500,000, or $670,000 ends up annually without ever reaching its intended target or recipients?

Anonymous said...

HAPANA! Ni lazma huyo mama a-resign. Hakuna haja ya mutu ku-kimbia hapana na pale aki-wave bunduki yake kustua wengine waki endelea na makazi zao. HAKUNA HAJA! Amejifanya yeye mu-clever sana.

Anonymous said...

What has Kim Jong Odinga said about this?

chola said...

She wants to show integrity of the high court she must resign.
This busines of gun tossing,chunaring people mapuwa, then you want to lasimisha msama.Hapana, Nancy Barasa resign.
Only with clean white kama pamba judisiary can kenyans build the second republic;not the like of Nancy.Risgn Mama for the good of kenyan and kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Where is Mama Lucy to stand up for women and show the way with her nonsense HEAT. At least doing so will have the spill over effect of dragging the CIC to call a press conference to remind Kenyans of the legit members and size of his dear family.

Anonymous said...

CJ - "What really happened between you and the young lady at Village Market?"

DCJ - "To tell you the truth, I really thought that my life was in danger.

When a starnger just bust into the pharmacy, looked right at me and continued walking into my direction with anger written all over her face.

There was menacing and vengeful snarl on her face. She was carrying some object which looked like a metal pipe that I thought she was going to assault me with at the time.

Shock overcame me, paralysis set in, I was not even able to request for immediate help at the time.

I starting sweating profusely to the point where even the pharmacist noticed something was not okay with me.

My other bag wasn't with me, nor was my mobile phone in my possession at the time.

In the meantime I was being confronted by an enraged woman, and I had no clue as to why she was stalking me and trying to harass for some unknown reason.

The pharmacists know who I am, since I am one of their frequent clients, and they were quick to call for help and bring the matter to my aide's attention.

Who then intervened and asked the young woman to keep her distance, and stay away from me, but to no avail.

Some type of confrontation ensued, and that's when I raised my right hand in self-defense and pushed her away from my path.

Part of her face or nose may have come in contact with the tip of my fingers at a time when my aide was still trying to move the hostile young woman away from me.

Because by then, I had already realized that I hard not brought my other subscription, so I walked out of the pharmacy and headed to the vehicle to get it.

On my back to the pharmacy, the same hostile and enraged young woman confronted me again, while releasing a barrage of expletives as she tried to strain me and accuse me of having walked by her without paying any much attention.

It's at that moment that I took the only object I had in my bag, my mobile phone, and waved it at her, warning her to stay away from me or else I will take drastic measures to protect myself.

Both of my aides arrived on scene once again and ordered her to stay away from and mind her business, ro else they call the police.

To the best of my recollection, at no point was she ever threatened, nor was a gun pointed in her direction or face by my aides or me or anyone else.

One my aides carries a gun, but it remained secured in the holster during the whole incident, although it could have been exposed or ben visible from a safe distance while they were trying to restrain her.

And all I said to her as I walked away and back to my vehicle was, "you should know how to deal with people, kind of know them better and handle them with some respect. You can't serve people if you don't knwo how to deal with the public."

At no point, did I demand that she recognize who I was or what office I held. The rest of what is being reported or said about what and how it happened has been blown way out of proportion.

Where do we go from here?"

CSJ - "Who says we're here? The matter is still being investigated and I will need some fresh eyes to look into the whole matter and leave no stone unturned."

Anonymous said...

There are some Kenyan women - certain high strung personality-types - from various communities who are known for their quick hot-headed rage, trip-wired reflexes and will do anything to get even whenever they feel slighted, disregarded, or crossed in any way, shape or form.

That's one of the main causes why a large percentage of the Kenyan public is always subjected to the worst kind of treatment by men and women who work as security details (guards, police, private contactors, etc.) at various locations around the countrry.

For instance, while passing through or entering airport terminals, air strips, railway stations, bus stations, business establishments, public markets, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, night spots, residential neighbourhoods, public garherings, etc.

So, it's high that most security firms operating in Kenya, incorporated an updated sensitivity training, anger management, respect for clients, and constant self-restrain to their employees as well as in the field manual.

When all is said and done, Nancy Barasa will not get off the hook - Village Market - that easily, she's going to remain under heavy public scrutiny and will encounter public outrage from several segments of the general population.

As expected, more mudslinging is bound to continue, given the fact that she once headed the now infamous Kenya Chapter of International Women's Lawyer's Association (FIDA).

With all due respect to all the lawyers who risk their lives, careers, families and missing out on easy opportunitiees for big money, by doing the the best they can out of principle, and against all odds,
FIDA (Kenya Ltd.) is an organization that has been known to operate on the basis of expediency, not of principle, and maybe the time has come for FIDA to reform itself from within.

While the investigation(s) and events continue to unfold, Ms. Barasa should wear a sackcloth (metaphorically speaking) and apologize unreservedly and publically. - Unknown.

Anonymous said...

Anon@7:47AM, 9:00AM
Baraza's only mistake was getting caught. If you only knew what the following illustrious and big named Kenyan's have done in the history of this country you would forget about "nose pincher" Baraza

1) Total------ the bull of-----

2) President-----the-----president of the republic of Kenya

3) President-----the----president of the republic of Kenya

4) -------Mwau--------member of-----and former member of----

5)--------Ruto........member of ..........for...

6)........Jirongo........member of......

7)........Muthama........member of.....for........

8)throw in this list very many individual female politicians of the political fraternity class down through the years.

mmmmmmmh! so you see my frien Nancy Baraza is simply a case of bad luck otherwise what she did is nothing in comparison to these and many more others.

Anonymous said...

How could you? How could you let one of the worst kind of 'Opium Session' go unreported by Kumekucha?

Did you not mention that your up and about among the people for several months, gauging the potential impact of how the electorate are going to effect real change in their regions and rest of the country?

So, how comes that you missed wind of the fact that heads were going to roll after the Soykimau demolitions?

Opium Session in point; one in the person of Silvester Peter Ndeti, was hauled to court for forging title documents of a 515.2 hectares of land in Lukenya Ranching and Farming Company Ltd.

The question on the minds of his victim is whether the accused, "S.P." Ndeti will be allowed to go scot free as was the case with Pattni & Co., or forced to offer full restitution to all of his victims, or be subjected to revenge public stoning (killing)?

Or spend twenty-five years of life without parole at Kamiti, Naivasha, or Manyani GK prisons as the only way to avoid all of the above?

Lastly, will the now discovered fraudulent misrepresentations, dealings and shady business practices have a malign influence on his sister, the politician, in terms of local and national politics, given that 2012 is the year for Do or Die [G]eneral [E]lections (Uchanguzi Mkuu wa Kufa na Kupona?

Anonymous said...

DCJ Nancy is suffering from wild emotions given that there is no 'official' man to help tame her nude body. She only needs a PROPER JOB to sap those Bukusu energy. Any takers please?

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected, is it Baraza or Barasa or Parasa? And what's the meaning off the name and it's origins? Please educate. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I am not hear to judge, but am simply amazed by people calling baraza to see Kerubo kado so she can pacify her with some apology / payoff, others just want her to apologise and carry on being a DCJ. Supposing this is what happens, what will stop someone else pulling a gun on other Kenyans and scaring the shit out of them only to turn round and say sorry, if indeed she pulled a gun on a fellow Kenyan, this is gross misuses of power and she should face the full force of the law. Otherwise, the govt might as well release anyone in prison with firearm offences.

Anonymous said...

Woiiii! will the small tiny Kerubo (aka Davida) fell the big and powerful giant Baraza (aka Goliantha)? surely this will be an epic and history making battle not unlike the biblical historical account of David Vs Goliath!

But such a travesty of justice cannot be allowed to carry the day in 2012! What precedent will it set for the following individuals who will all rush to Court to be awarded the same windfalls as our female protagonist Kerubo:-

1) Derrick Otieno Vs Lucy Kibaki

2) Eastandard Vs John Michuki

3) Martha Karua Vs Carolyn Mutoko/Nyambane

4) Bookpoint Vs Nicholas Biwott

5) Chris Kumekucha Vs.....?

mmmmmmhhhhhh!2012 is already shaping up to be a year heralding the victory for the "small fish" individual Kenyan (voters?)

Anonymous said...

@9:58 AM
The smouldering gun issue may end up to be much ado about nothing when the dust and justice have settleg.

There is need for proof beyond reasonable doubt in order to establish the conduct affairs in this particular incident.

Given what several of the lastest eye-witness accounts have provided, while awaiting the video taken by a South Africa tourists with his three daugters, and other so-called Kenyan-Canadians - from the Diaspora, the Morara (Simba Marara) lady may end having no leverage to bargain whatsoever, let alone take the issue to court, other than her five minutes of fame.

The incident is now hedging on whether, a gun was involved, drawn, displayed, pointed at her, or if any unproportional force was used in straining Morara (Simba Marara).

Woe unto her if she cried wolf - faked hyena/fisi/nyang'au - where there was none. But if her account of events is established to be factual, then there will be consequences and Ms. Baraza and her security detail will definitely be held responsible for the conduct at issue.

You know who you have to admire? A Catholic hit man who blesses himself just before he strangles someone. ~ George Carlin

Glad to see that the CJ didn't circle his wagons as in the past, however, Lying to the police, providing false evidence, character assassination and disparaging of person's character should be considered as serious offenses that are cause for spending some time in our Kenyan prisons.

Anonymous said...

Listen, folks, while we embrace the first weekend of the year, let's be logical about this saga.
There's no sense in having two conflicting stories floating around about the same bonoko incident.

Something is very amiss with the version of the story that is being fed to people through the court of public opinion, and it's just not adding up.

There are two sides to this saga and I can't wait for the official version from Baraza's side to come out one way or another, or be released soon or later.

As the public continues to speculate about the presence of a bonoko, or lack thereof, my altruistic side still sympathizes with both women, to the degree where one of them has the benefit of the doubt without a bargain.

While the other woman shall remain presumed innocent until it is proven that she simultaneously held a bonoko in her left hand, and the handnbag in the right hand.

On the other hand, I have a self-indulgent side, that needs to express the fact that I don't want to be bothered anymore with the saga, when things are bad enough for so many people around the slums of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and elsewhere.

People are dying of hunger, from preventable diseases, water diseases, routine nightly attacks, common vehicular tragedies, families continue to be destroyed, and chances are a good number of us may not live to celebrate our next birthday because of some unforseen circumstances in the contract of earthly living.

So, why should my self-indulgent side give a toot about the saga when in the end it will be up to the courts to decide whether there is any merit or validity to the whole issue.

Of course, many people would like to see the saga play itself out for several weeks or more with an added bonus, a crescendo of some kind.

But why should some of us busy ourselves so much with looking for a little entertainment while enjoying someone else's suffering?

Anonymous said...

Heads will roll. Mitwe ita katika baada ya kutemua na watema haki.

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