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Friday, January 06, 2012

Nancy Barasa Update: Why Nose Pinching Says Something About 2012

Observe the signs carefully and you will know the future, we are told by those who predict stuff. We are also informed that the gate of anything is very important, observe carefully what happened at the “entrance to 2012” and you will know the future.

This is gibberish to most of us but if for a minute we humour this mumbo jumbo then the incident at the village market last Saturday and more importantly the repercussions which are still unfolding could mean that we have entered the year of the under dog.
See earlier post on this subject: Why Nancy Barasa must resign
This will be the year when humble Davids will fell Goliaths. Who knew Rebecca Kerubo Morara before Saturday? And before her nose was allegedly pinched. A nobody security guard stationed at the Village market to frisk all lady’s (albeit the less violent and non-serial nose pinchers) entering the up market mall. As you read this the Deputy Chief Justice’s job hangs on the balance and even if she remains in office the rest of her term is bound to be extremely shaky. All because of a small nobody security guard called Rebecca Kerubo Morara.

This could just be a sign of things to come. Great news for the long suffering down-trodden Kenyan. It could mean that if indeed elections are going to be held this year then we will see nobodies elected, probably up to the highest office in the land. The mood on the ground certainly supports this theory.

Meanwhile the chief justice and JSC have already received at least one private petition to sack Nancy Barasa from a Mr Peter Gichira Solomon. He says in his petition;

“My petition for the removal of the Deputy Chief Justice from office is informed by my worry that, on one hand, public dissatisfaction with the way this issue is dealt with may strike a fatal to confidence on the Judiciary and the rule of law at the very inception from the New Constitution,

On the other hand, if the law is given the highest priority and justice is done, then a reputation for the Judiciary and the new dispensation will forever have been established.”


Mwarang'ethe said...

This could just be a sign of things to come. Great news for the long suffering down-trodden Kenyan. It could mean that if indeed elections are going to be held this year then we will see nobodies elected, probably up to the highest office in the land. The mood on the ground certainly supports this theory.


Let they will be done.

After your/Kenyan will is done in the 2012 Opium Session, we SHALL keep on asking that nagging question:

How does the election of an unknown person/s change the Kenyan situation?


Before we leave, we just mention something BORING that Kenyans as USUAL SHALL miss in their Opium DELUSIONS and ILLUSIONS.

On Jan, 5th, the Year of the Opium Session, it was reported this:

"Six thousand acres for Isiolo resort city."

Reading further, we saw this:

"Assistant commissioner of Lands Muthoni Ngaruthi says that the land identified would enable the Government to set up the facility while chief economist in the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Simon Korir, says the project, to be funded through a Public, Private Partnership (PPP), will cost Sh18.9 billion."

When you listen to our NOT LEARNED friend Kilonzo who introduced the PPP laws in our so called Parliament, he was very eloquent on the benefits of the emerging FASCISM.

Since these kind things are BORING to the Kenyan Opium smoker, we will not say much about them.

We only say that, since we have seen these arrangements in BY GONE AGES when the ANCIENT Romans used them, we are off to dust our ANCIENT books so that we can watch these ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES with a LEARNED smile as we watch KIDS such as Mutula Kilonzo delude themselves in their CHILDISH learning.

Anyway, with that BORING and IRRITATING observation, we are off to enjoy:

The more victimization is up on their back
The more foolish they become
The more victimization is up on their back
They satisfy Lord for less

Anonymous said...

What is this news Iam hearing that Al-Shabab is about to carry-out massive terrorist attack in Kenya/nairobi?

Chris, why are u not warning your readers?

Anonymous said...

Chris Kumekucha,
Don't even expect to hear any positive acknowledgements, no matter how tiny or even begrudging by antagonists of Kenya's new constitution-forget about it!

These detractors of the document which was promulgated on 6th August 2010 will be quick to point at the "flaws in your eye" and never see any of the gains made by Kenyans since that historic day at Uhuru Park

Just imagine billions of tiny insignificant "Kerubos" living in any part of Kenya can now actually even dare to think of standing up for themselves whenever a giant "Baraza" decides to pinch their nose, slap their face, maim their limbs driving one of those "big cars" etc.

This is a victory beyond anything that could have happened 5, 10, or even 40 years ago. Of course many opponents of our new document are either so well off that they do not live within this banana republic called Kenya, in case however they do live here most likely they are more familiar with where "Kerubo" works (Village Market) not where "Kerubo" lives(Gachie)

Beyond a shadow of doubt this first half of 2012 belongs to the heroine of the hour Kerubo. It remains to be seen whether the millions of other "Kerubos" will repeat the same phenomena at the ballot boxes when they go to vote in 11 months time.mmmmmmmmmmh!

kumekucha said...

Anon @ 8:15Am... Thank you. I feel you.

Kerubo power it is!!

When I started this blog in 2005 many people told me that I was wasting my time. Can a house fly bring down an elephant?

Today I am proud of the little humble contribution we in this blog have made so far. The road ahead is still pretty long and even more treacherous than where we have passed thus far. But the great news is that we have started on that epic journey. A feat many would have written off as impossible just 5 short years ago.

I agree with you that the fact that today the Kerubos of this banana republic can even be heard is a giant step that only those who know and understand what we had before can acknowledge.

The new constitution is not perfect and neither is it a magic bullet. It was never meant to be. What it is is a small foot through the door for the down-trodden and as Kerubo has proved it is enough to make a beginning.

Kerubo power to you!!!

Chris Kumekucha

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Just imagine billions of tiny insignificant "Kerubos" living in any part of Kenya can now actually even dare to think of standing up for themselves whenever a giant "Baraza" decides to pinch their nose, slap their face, maim their limbs driving one of those "big cars" etc."

Plus Chris


To be honest, if this is what you guys understand to be the purpose of Constitutional reforms, then, all is fine.

At the same time, we ask, what is the difference between this case and that of GBM Kariuki?


Our take on this saga is this:

- If the facts we hear can be collaborated, then, what Baraza ought to have done is very simple.

After cooling down, she would have personally apologised to the lady and the management of the place.

Now, it seems she has not done that as we hear. If so, this is baffling.

Okay, the CJ has called the JSC meeting. Our take is this:

- given the composition of that body, Baraza will remain as a judge.

- the new constitution has ADDED NOTHING to what this body is going to do. It shall use the OLD LAW.

By this, you need to appreciate that, we have:

- the Law, and
- the Constitutional Law.

Yes, Kenyans think they understand the Constitution. However, that Constitution can only be interpreted as per the LAW.

Back to the JSC. The reason for the above observation is this:

- Those who make that body are also lawyers and in senior public positions.

These are like the AG, a Supreme Court judge, a court of Appeal judge, a HC judge, etc.

Should they recommend some serious measures againt Baraza, they would have sharpened their own knives.

- However, should they decide to take some serious measures, be assured, THERE IS MORE than meets the eye.

If we are correct in the last statement, these measures will be taken as a means of putting in someone that powers be wanted in the first place.

If the last statement is correct, then, this created baying of Baraza's blood will be used to achieve PRE - DETERMINED outcome.

With that, the caution is this. Be careful not to be used as a DUPE by others fighting for things you do not understand.

If you doubt these observations, let us check these things in 2 month's time.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

See them fighting for power,

Anonymous said...

Beware what you wish for it may come true when you encounter energized and radicalized versions of 'Kerubo' near you, under the confines of your very own roof or homestead.

Barasa finds herself in the kind of spotlight she never thought, nor even imagined to find herself during the intial stages of what was viewed by many as a continuation of a very long lustrous career, [2012-2017].

On a brighter note, the media attention surrounding the Village Market episode, has strengthened attention and raised public awareness on the need to address the acquired godlike complex and bwana kubwa sydrome that have become everyday modus operandi for so many mid-level and senior public officials.

Without forgetting the so-called wannabe latter day David Livingstone or Henry Morton Stanley, namely, the obnoxious expatriates, wazungu, watali and a large percent of Kenyans - little Europeans/North Americans - from the Diaspora.

While Kerubo Morara's stance is good for starters and may have taken many by surprise, it's going to be very difficult to change attitudes that have become so entrenched over the years.

Taabu said...


1) Ati Kerubo power? Well dream on brother. There is only one Mohamed Bouazizi and he is not Kenyan. LOL!

2) Please accept that you are CONTITUTIONALLY ILLITERATE then stop all delusuion with your tddler fantasies.

3) Watch out watch out what you wish for. Luka warned you before and soon you may have to ask domestic permission to post on KK lest ............

Anonymous said...

Just imagine millions of tiny insignificant Kerubos.

We must somehow start from somewhere, and Kerubo's stance will be a point of reference for many, a wake-up call for the rest of us, and a real deterrent to other would-be offenders, so-called carriers of bwana kubwa syndrome.

Which is which? A house fly or a horse fly? Have you ever had the misfortune of being bitten by a horse fly?

Anyway, point well taken, but FYI a house fly can never ever bring down an elephant in the same manner a frog does when the two encounter each other in a puddle of water that is brown and murky after a storm.

Kerubo has given new meaning to the old phrase, don't tread on me with a new version in her honour, don't pinch my nose.

Why not jump on the opportunity asap and make as many t-shirts as you can with the Don't Pinch My Nose logo on them.

Watch out, don't let them pinch you fair and square on the nose in the course of 2012. lol!

Anonymous said...

wacha zako wewe kwani how many PISTOLS do you want MRS.KUMEKUCHA to hide from Chris?

Please sleep with ONE EYE OPEN from now on and if you go to Village Market kindly check the HANDBAG of------ first

Anonymous said...

So, the lazy unprofessional Kenyan journalists did not even bother to pretend that they did not copy and paste this below from Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

There are those of us who are not busy this Sunday morning, although many God fearing - and loving - Kenyans are already busy heading out or getting ready for their Sunday communal worship services and fellowship.

Where thousands choruses of Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on us all, and forgive us our - multitude of - sins will be heard over and over for the next six hours.

In light of the ancient tradition of forgiveness, we're not only reminded but expected to do unto others what we ask or request of the good Lord to do unto us in terms of granting mercy, forgiveness, blessings, second chances, and protection from next week's multitude of temptations that have become part and parcel of daily life.

Hence one of the reasons Nancy Baraza has my concerns for her troubles and unending wishes for her be upfront, come clean and prevent prolonging the cuts and bleedings - media lynching - that continue make rounds in all sorts of manner.

Other wishes are for a long career for her, although not necessarily in her current capacity as the deputy chief justice depending on the outcome of the ongoing investigations and the ultimate ruling by the JSC in matter of days.

Whatever the outcome will be, Baraza going to face a very rough patch of road ahead regardless as to whether it leads her to a different reassignment in the within the judicial system, or some where else where her contrinutions will benefit those in need at one point or another.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Baraza has run out of options, all alternative avenues of avoiding a show down with the JSC and the public have been exhausted. The only option on the table for her right now is not to step aside but to step down because she has become a negative risk rather than a postive or an assest to the JSC, judiciary and country after what happened at the Village Market and most importantly, her actions thereafter. I said it before and I stand by what I said, she was not fit for the job due to her temperement, coupled with "strong-headedness", arrogance, vengefulness and intolerance. There were other more suitable candidates that were overlooked. And as far as the matter is concerned, it's appropriate for the JSC to close that chpater, once and for all. A message needs to be delivered to anyone out there and especially the general public, that no one is above the law. ~ [name withheld].

Anonymous said...

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga spotlighted promising overhauls in the judiciary and soon to be innovations and evaluations within the judicial system across the country.

Though no digital footage of the Village Market incident has been leaked to the press as yet, the Chief Justice is believed to have reviewed a new report on the matter investigated by law enforcement agencies under the direct supervision of the director of the CID.

The public's confidence in the new CJ is still intact, and there are very high expectations that the JSC will be forthright in discussing the direction of the unexpected turn of events involving the conduct of the DCJ, so that similar misconduct, investigation mistakes, complete disregard for the rule of law and blatant cover-ups as was the sanctioned mondus operandi from the past are not repeated.

An issue that has not been raised is, what happens to the JSC findings when it fails to reach an expected outcome?

Given that the definitions of what constitutes misappropriation of a firearm licenced to a second party or bodyguard and lack of real time information that is exchanged among the police, CID and judiciary, will be key or a thorny issue in determing the outcome of the DCJ's fate.

The CJ's and JSC's judgement on the DCJ's case will go a long way in establishing a precendent.

While at the same, all the public wants and expects of the JSC, is that it consists of an honest, brave, honourable, loyal and vibrant membership that takes rightful ownership of their profession without further blemishes.

Anonymous said...

The decision over whether the footage of Nancy Barazas escapades at Village Market will be made available for viewing to those charged with the mandate of investigating the DCJs controversial actions further raises the debate level over the massive failure of main security organs in using video footage to resolve criminal cases instead of merely relying on hearsay

It's not everyday that the "perfect crime" is committed and in the case of Rebecca V Nancy 2012 has unique ingredients of reliable witnesses, available video footage, and sufficient public outcry for justice. In past similar cases the Kenya police and judiciary have often failed to deliver any verdict of justice simply due to lacking the most essential of all 3 requirements i.e. evidence in the form of video footage

What excuse is there in 2012 for Nairobi the capital city of the republic of Kenya to lack a network of security cameras all over the city recording every move made by the millions of Kenyans who live, work, play and move in and out of the city everyday? The excuse about lack of money is nothing but that-an excuse

Future cases of "victim" Vs "suspect" will only be so lucky as Rebecca Morar Kerubo will be in her impending victory against Nancy Baraza (former) DCJ. this victory will be a hollow one if the benefits of it simply end with Mrs. Kerubo earning a handsome payout of ksh.5000 and a new title of "head of village market security" at the security company where she works!

Mwarang'ethe said...

What excuse is there in 2012 for Nairobi the capital city of the republic of Kenya to lack a network of security cameras all over the city recording every move made by the millions of Kenyans who live, work, play and move in and out of the city everyday?."


Bwa ha ha ha he hi hi wi wi we we ha ha

You give up your freedom in pursuit of ILLUSIONS of security, but, you SHALL find none of them.

A COMPETENT lawyer/historian cites PRECEDENT.

In accordance with that WISDOM, let us then, follow the questioning of Patterson QC during the 7/7 London bombings inquest:

Patterson:Officer, we then watched the footage -- and I don't think we need to play this, thank you ... of the men entering the railway station. In fact, we don't actually see them buying tickets, do we, in the footage? Were you able to find any footage or CCTV evidence that helps to explain how they got their tickets?

Answer: I can't recall the tickets being purchased.

Patterson QC: Then in terms of the journey south, I think you told us that there were no cameras on board the train, is that right?

A. That's correct.

Here is the REAL DEAL:

Patterson QC: When they got to King's Cross, in terms of the available footage, although there were quite a few cameras at King's Cross station, is it right that the only cameras that were recording for the relevant time was a camera in the tunnel?

A: There were 76 - - it was a temporary system.

King's Cross underground had a temporary system in place 76 cameras moving in sequence from one second at a time.

Fortunately for us, at the APPROPRIATE PERIOD, BETWEEN 8.30 and 8.50, it sat for 20 MINUTES on that ONE camera and that allowed us, at that period, they came through and we got the first sighting."

In simple words, there were 76 CCTV's at King's Cross, but, ALL, except ONE, MALFUCTIONED for CRUCIAL 20 MINUTES btw. 8. 30 a.m - 8. 50 a.m on 7/7/2005.

And, that ONE camera, LUCKILY, LUCKILY, LUCKILY captured the only image we know of.

NB: Do not believe CONSPIRACY THEORIES of Mwarang'ethe please.
If you have the COURAGE read it for yourself:

Coroner's Inquests into the London Bombings of 7 July 2005 HEARING TRANSCRIPTS:

Anyway, since we know NOTHING, we leave to enjoy;

Time alone - oh, time will tell:

Think you're in heaven, but ya living in HELL;

Anonymous said...

well, I dont quite understand the brouhaha. Nancy Baraza should be institutionalized forthwith--it's rather obvious she needs psychiatric examination.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be a bearer of not so good news, Nairobi is still a poorman's town in the dust, and it has lost its previous reputation of being among Africa's ten green cities in the sun. I will continue to hold my piece - not 'peace' - until such a time the video of the purported sucffle spiced with a dash of nose pinching has gone viral. Otherwise, I will treat the allegations as any other rumours smouldering around a two days old bonfire left to die out somewhere along Jadini beach after a busy weekend of churumuri.

Anonymous said...

Women can be real brutal to their own kind. Here is an excerpt from an angry former schoolmate who has just completed her early morning usobooking session on her "dateups" as they call them.

...I knew her where back when before grandmotherhood crept up on our radar screens ... on my, how time flies ... she was so pretentious while at campus ... tried so much to epitomize (fake) the narrow world view of upper class Kenyan women and intellectual elite ... lacked social graces, awareness and depth about local and national everyday issues that affected ordinary women ... didn't have the ability to communicate anything of relevance when it counted most... I was not an expert on ... but .... there were moments when ... seemed plagued by periodic mood swings and subsequent recurring depressive periods ... would not have normal conversations with us for days, instead ... chose to busy herself with books... it's only after having reflective moments on what might have happened that I now strongly believe our former ... mate may have suffered from what case of Tusiata Avia's "WDUMS"... otherwise how does one explain what happened... one must be out of their mind to pull such a stunt in a public space ... what a way to end one year and start another on the wrong footing ....

Anonymous said...

Chris of Kumekucha, Luke, Phil, Philip, BobbyKiller, Mwarange'ethe, et al.

The boss has spoken, Permanent secretaries and public servants must resign by January 14 if they plan to vie for political office in this year's elections.

From now on, all civil servants will not be able to have their cake and eat it too, nor bite thr hand that feeds them on a monthly basis with a paycheck, perks and a lot of free time away from their work stations.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens next Nancy Baraza is finished. And that is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year all.

I pray to God that I will be a better person this year. I am scared of what the year holds, I want to not fail my family who depend on me. I want to succeed in whatever I do and hopefully make some money to spend now and secure the future of my children. I wish I knew how to make it this year. I work for a cruel boss and I have no courage to quit. The pay is good. Please pray for me that the Grace and Favour of God be upon me and that He blesses and guides all my work and plans. Also pray with me that God protects my family from harm, may it be diseases, accidents or deliberate.
Thank you all. Its me p.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:32 AM
Congratulations! De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum

Anonymous said...

Now Mutunga and JSC are expeditiously tightening the noose on Nancy's neck. The CCTV will either let her off the hook or nail her. No more wiggling space.

Anonymous said...

Bado umerauka?

Regarding your young brother, he has gone over his due diligence checklist so many times, and he does indeed know his prospects for making it into parliament, and his political calculations are right on the mark.

After all, Kibwezi will be cut into two constituencies, while the Embakasi constituency will give rise to four new constituencies. Four!

That's one of the reasons why he will only have himself to blame if he doesn't take the risk, throw in his hat and seek to contest in one of the newly created vacancies in this year's General Election.

As for Mr. Raphael Tuju, the next time you cross paths with Mh. Rapahel Tuju, redirect him into changing his current political intentions, suggest that he stays away from Nyanza politics for the time being, so that he can concentrate his real efforts and resources on winning the minds, hearts and ballots of voters in one of the three new constituencies that will soon be hived from the current Lang'ata constituency.

He's lived and owned large properties in the wealth section of Lang'ata since the 1980s, and that should shield him by all means from being lumped together with the other carpetbaggers from the Diaspora and elsewhere, who will soon be flocking to the same venue as if Lang'ata was the version of a newly discovered Elodorado in 2012.

Chances of Tuju being elected as president or vice president are nil in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Over heard, walls still have ears in this day and age where mobile phoness have made a
lot in our lives conviently possible.

We're not close friends but we have been colleagues for a long time. An yes it's personal, Nancy was one us, a member of the legal community and she deserves whatever little consideration that is left for her. Imagine for a second, if she goes down now, then who among us will be targeted next? Let's not treat her as a common criminal or tyrant, but allow her due process.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe said
" simple words, there were 76 CCTV's at King's Cross, but, ALL, except ONE, MALFUCTIONED for CRUCIAL 20 MINUTES btw. 8. 30 a.m - 8. 50 a.m on 7/7/2005. And, that ONE camera, LUCKILY, LUCKILY, LUCKILY captured the only image we know of...."


You can't seriously be comparing King's cross Train Station London with the whole of Nairobi City?

Ok, lets stick with your competent precedent: - Those same 76 cameras you are talking about are all located within only 1 railroad terminal, how many cameras are located in similar Nairobi train stations, main airport, or even the various bus stations situated in and around the central business district? Its not fair to compare apples with tomatoes my and call both of them fruits without acknowledging the inherent differences that make up both

Anonymous said...

KID a.k.a PIG (paragon of intellectual gimmicks)

Ati a wise man states preceedent. Well you cannot avoid seeing the WHITe/WEST shadow lurking in all your posts. One minute laywers are fools and you are the only one schooled in everything the next you shamelessly quote them with QC to betray your inner feelings.

And before you make Wikipidia you oasis of knowledge you liberally make BBC/CNN you fountain of news before you see DELUSION and childish fanstasies in the same.

Well an ego can only expand annually so much and the word shame never exists in some skull. Ever heard of HYPOCRACY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lady Justice may soon translate into 'Lady Teachable Moment' for future generations of lawyers who may have to think twice before developing a strong headed personality for all the wrong reasons, and in public spaces.

Mwarang'ethe said...

You can't seriously be comparing King's cross Train Station London with the whole of Nairobi City?


Look, this case is a lot of USELESS noise about nothing. Whether Baraza goes or not, it matters not.

In fact, her stay would be ideal because, so weakened, she will dance to the tune.

More so, should she go, a "better" candiate will be picked. So, whatever the outcome, some guys win.

Bwa ha ha ha ha hi hi.


Now, as concerns the issue of the CCTV, what do you think of these statements?

"Police sources said detectives were satisfied that they had sufficient evidence to sustain charges.

The decision to recommend prosecution, police sources said, was mainly based on Judge Baraza’s statement, which police described as “self-incriminating”."


(a) we have a whole Supreme Court judge self incriminating?

Tell that to the birds of the air.


Now, hear this:

The police want to charge her for:

(a) unlawful possession of a firearm,

(b) illegal use of a firearm, and

(c) threatening to kill."

At the same time, the same police tell us this:

"But the driver and bodyguard, both police officers, in their statements:

(a) DENIED giving their weapons to the judge,

(b) They also DENIED that she HANDLED any weapon during the incident.


(a) the police have not established whether the policement gave her the gun.

(b) However, they want to charge her for gun possession.


(a) which WHICH GUN did she possess unlawfully?

(b) which gun did she use illegally?

(c) how could she have threatened TO KILL using a gun she never POSSESSED or USED?


Haya, let us come to you BELOVED CCTV for we are reading this:

"Police also do not have usable CCTV evidence and said the footage could have been 'distorted and thus was unreliable'. Village Market Managing Director Hamet Ehsani, through a spokesman, said the footage was not interfered with."

More so:

"The police sources said although the location of the scuffle is covered by 16 surveillance cameras, they were given footage from only two. The management clarified that only two covered the place where the incident is alleged to have occurred."

So, out of 16 CCTV's, only two covered that area.

And, these are not USABLE EVIDENCE as the police tell us.

Anyway, we are not here to defend anyone. Just observing how Kenyans WASTE time with NON - ISSUES.

Without saying too much, we leave to enjoy:

I feel like bombin' a [court],

for you know that the LIAR is lyin'

Anonymous said...

The real HYPOCRISY can still be heard loud and clear coming from individuals, people, organizations and clergy who have remained mute due to close personal ties, or professional connections they may have had with Ms. Baraza.

Then there are those who are deeply sympathizing with her situation for variety of reasons, not to mention the rift that continues to expose a socioeconomic fault line that has been in existence for the last four decades between the upper middle class and lower middle class Kenyan women.

If we are wondering whether the class issue exists at all, it's because we don't know how the other 80% of Kenyan women live.

Or maybe we simply don't want to know and have chosen to bury our heads in the sands - of predatory capitalism and exclusive democracy - as we always do when such issues arise and smack us right in our upper middle class comfort zones.

Now that's HYPOCRISY at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Without running the risk of being tagged with politically incorrect graffiti, IWLTK why Rev Dr Samuel Kobia of all people was picked to be on the JSC sub-committee at a time when a cloud of a CV quiry still hangs over the manner in which he quit the WCC. Why was he brought on board?

Anonymous said...

What? The madcap DCJ is in office? Still? 10 days after???

Anonymous said...

My goodness, power can really corrupt. Why is Ms. Barasa still hanging around or rather holding onto what is soon to be her former office and cherished title? Why can't she set a precedent by handing in her resignation letter to her boss, Mr. Willy Mutunga, followed by brief public apology of some kind.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me,
Did Fred Gumo just say security guards in the country fail to recognise people in key positions because they do not undergo proper training? mmmmmhhhh OK!

He continued to say they “harass people with important and powerful jobs....
Chris this is yet more proof that Kerubo power is gaining momentum and very shortly the "people in key positions with important and powerful jobs" will be "harassed" by Kerubos all over the nation!

Let us hope the "Kerubos" who were going to vote for Fred Gumo as Senator/Govenor etc. now have enough incentive to leave him to retire with the rest of the outdated clique

Anonymous said...


Do you think truncating letters in your name to sound African and foaming at the mouth hizzing so-called Reggae songs equates to AUTHENTICITY? Well, FYI music is an art and all cultures have it in abundance. Please rant on that!!!

Anonymous said...

Mpanda gazi hushuka, and I can't wait to find out how many politicians will be forced to climb down their political ladders after this year's General Elections.

While I agree that 90% of the security guards, adminstration police and regular police need proper training, retraining and a mandated period of ongoing training through out their misunderstood and maligned professions.

There is a need for Bwana Kubwas of Kenya to be constantily reminded by the Minister of Internal Security, that people in key positions with important and powerful - government or corporate - jobs are not immuned from bomb blasts, suicide bombers, random acts of senseless violence, or ending up as collateral damage.

Politicians like Gumo and others of his ilk, whose time has come and gone, have always held the notion that they are entitled to preferential treatment 24/7, because they still consider themselves virtuous and better than the rest of us.

Yet, too often, no one ever asks the important practical questions: Why Gumo and other politicians tend to engage in conduct unbecoming only to get away with apparent impunity?

Why their warped sense of entitlement, including arrogance, rudeness, and callousness have never been held in check?

Why such behaviours should continue to be tolerated by the general public in this day and age?

Gumo and his band of politicians are outdated components of a political system that has been broken for far too long.

Kenya is still what it is - underdeveloped - because of people and politicians like him and company.

Talking of politicians who have always been eager to change the system without ever being accountable to the public who elected them in 2007.

Anonymous said...

The poor lady is toast after a similar "unfortunate incident" in Makindu has added fuel to her fate that's in the hands of the JSC. The OCS Samuel Sericho based at Makindu, killed an unarmed person over a confrontation with his friend, a bar maid.

Anonymous said...

Some of things Mr. Gumo needs to know are things he used ot know and then forgot once he became a very important person in government.

What's the point of being an important person? If your father and mother is talking to you and you are not listening, your ear is pulled ... come on you ... listen. Do you take your father to court?

What about tomorrow, when some of us ministers are involved in some very serious issues, ... even members of parliament have committed very very serious crimes and have not been taken to court.

First of all, if some very important persons have had a bad day or woken up on the wrong side of the bed or are going through some very rough patches in their lives, then they should stay home rather than venture into public and take out their frustrations, anger and mood swings on people who are not that important.

Second, minsters, MPs and other very important people have been put on notice for the first time in Kenya's history, and if they commit a crime or get caught committing a serious crime they will be charged and hauled to court like any other common criminal in the land, without any exemptions or any sort of preferential treatment whatsoever.

The poor lady as Mr. Gumo have referred to her, will be the first high ranking official to serve as an example when all is said and done.

Very important people should be adviced that they are not above the laws of the land, unless the land is a Banana Republic run by the Bonano crime family.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Very important people should be adviced that they are not above the laws of the land, unless the land is a Banana Republic run by the Bonano crime family.

1/10/12 1:55 PM


Bwa ha ha ha ha he we wi wiw wa wa wa

Ati rule of law?

Which law?

The current "Laws" are for the SHEEPLE.

You doubt it?

"Mafia now "Italy's No.1 bank" as crisis bites: report."

"Organized crime has tightened its grip on the Italian economy during the economic crisis, making the Mafia the country's biggest "bank" ..."

"Organized crime now generated annual turnover of about 140 billion euros ($178.89 billion) and profits of more than 100 billion euros..."



By the way, did you read/see this?

@ 0.53

Did you get the MESSAGE or, you are still intoxicated by OPIUM?

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,

Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.

What have we found?
The same old fears.

Did they get you to trade
Your heros for ghosts?

Hot ashes for trees?

Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?

And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

Anonymous said...

"We didn't know her that well, but this day was bound to come sooner than later."

Anonymous said...

Afande, mimi nime rekoti statement mara mpili, kwansa huku Kikiri polisi station, halafu hapo headkwotas, na imekuwa konsistanti sana. Safis refolfa yanku haikuhusika kamwe. Mimi nilifanya nakumalisa ammunition training certification prokram, pamoja na ammunition hantling safety. Sasa hi mampo yaliyo fanyika yana husu safis refolfa ya huyu mwensanku ampaye amekiri kwampa makosa yalifanyika na kutenteka kulinkana na repoti ya huyu musichana. Mimi nilifuntishua kwampa, 'ton't point a kan unless you want to stafe off the akiresa, shoot or are koingi to use it in self-tifense, ama wakati wa preemptive strike, yaani kosi of action kwenye imachensi au kritikoli sichueshoni'. Afande, Matam alikupali yote hayo walikuampia hapo chani, hata alihojiwa na mkuu wa Ciyaiti. Sina ya kongesa saiti. Pato nina hitachika kuruti huko kwa Ciyaiti heatikwotas leo saa tano sa mchana. OCPT na OCS wa Kikiri wana nampari ya mopaili yanku ya kasi na pasonol. Afante, tafatsali, nita ompa transfa paata ya kesi kuisha. Moyo wanku hauna hacha ya kuruti huko chutishari tena hata kitoko. Kwaheri Afande.

Anonymous said...

Gumo is a buffoon. Off with his ear!

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