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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Baraza is Still in Office: Kwenda Rokota Hio Mtu

One of the pet subjects of this blog right from inception has been how there are two completely different laws. One for the Kerubos and another for the Barazas. This is in keeping with the Kenyan tradition of having two of everything; businessmen have two books of accounts one for the KRA and the other for personal use, majority Kenyan men have two women, one to bear their children the other for “hepi”.

Over the years I have given many examples including the one where the police are a favourite option for debt collection. In one case I personally witnessed a couple of years ago, this guy was owed 700 bob for some products they had given on credit. He bribed the police 1000 bob to have the guy picked up. He was locked up until a relative turned up to pay 3000 bob (includes interest). Nice tidy profit and they got paid. Was this Kenyan a genius or what?

In the spirit of the new constitution many Kenyans had hoped that the law would start being a little more equal but alas, the Nancy Baraza saga proves that this is just not the case.

We know that in the Baraza case the police have said they have enough evidence to prosecute. So what are they waiting for? If Ms Baraza was an ordinary Kenyan she would have been in police cells for the last 11 days waiting for the police to make that decision.

Kwenda rokota hio mtu (go pick up that person) is a well known Kenya police mantra. If you were some nobody Kenyan resisting being searched at the Village market on the date that my birthday falls on, a phone call later somebody at Gigiri police station would have been barking that order; Kwenda rokota hio mtu. That would have been due process for them.

Instead 11 days later Ms Baraza is still at large,

One good thing that has come out of this whole episode is that Kenyans have learnt the true character of their deputy CJ. She has not had the common decency to read the writing on the wall and hand in her resignation. Instead she has opted to cling to her office as if she were clinging to dear life. Very Kenyan and very disgusting.

And then some brute of a man comes out and makes a statement to the effect that “big people” are always being harassed by small security people in the country every day. Had Hon Fred Gumo been an ordinary Kenyan he would now be rotting in jail serving multiple sentences. The man has assaulted so many Kenyans (including the famous slapping of a returning officer who happened to be a woman during a general election) that using the term “brute” to describe him is being very kind. Is he trying to make excuses for the deputy CJ just because she comes from his part of the world (tribalism?)? Or is it because the DCJ let off Kerubo lightly with only a pinch of the nose when Gumo angechafua?

Why don’t we change the constitution so that we constitute committees (or even better commissions to enquire into the conduct of…) to deliberate every time somebody commits a crime?

P.S. Fred Gumo... suggested that security guards be trained on how to treat VIPs.

He said it was unfair that some of them were subjected to public embarrassment by guards who do not know them. “In this country we have people who are important. If you are an important person – if you are a minister like me, fortunately I am known by most of the security people. There are people who have just been appointed. They should handle people with care, not roughing them .”

The part that had be rolling on the floor was when he said; "fortunately I am known by most security people.”

Of course Bwana Gumo, you are known for your extremely violent ways.


Mwarang'ethe said...

In the spirit of the new constitution many Kenyans had hoped that the law would start being a little more equal but alas, the Nancy Baraza saga proves that this is just not the case.


Oh, poor Kenyans!

To KNOW means to PREDICT.

When people's capabilities of PREDICTING is DISMALL, it tells us that, their positive KNOWLEDGE is also, very DISMALL as well.

To the extent that, Kenyans cannot predict the outcome of political events such this so called New Constitution, is an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of lack of:

(a) scientific knowledge of politics and political affairs.

For instance, it is impossible to predict what Chris will do tomorrow. This is so because, we have no scientific knowledge about his movements.

However, when it comes to large aggregates of people/nations we can predict with 101% confidence because, such large aggregates are amenable to a SCIENTIFIC treatment.

As such, instead of lamenting how we have been disappointed with this, and as we SHALL be after the 2012 Opium Session, we would recommend the following:

(a) enter a serious library and acquire the necessary scientific knowledge of men, or

(b) sit at the feet of the Africans TEACHERS who STUDY these things scientifically.

However, whatever you do, please, avoid the following:

(a) TV's,
(b) newspapers, and above all
(c) the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

The choice is yours.

With that, we leave as usual to enjoy:

Afican Teacher:

I like to be teached by African, African Teacher
So right, Natty like to be bright so bright
so bright so bright brighter bright

Anonymous said...

Mimi Mluya

Tuwache mchezo paya na sheria

Paraza ashikwe mara moja

Anonymous said...

As always you are very right.

Predictably, as many might have heard, the most common consolation of Kenyans whenever people like Gumo spill garbage is that come december or is it August, they will elect new leaders and throw kina Gumo to kaburi la sahau...
Truth is that this is yet another billion shillings exercise in futility since our constitution is a real dissapointment regardless of whoever is elected.

Taabu said...


1)We wachana na mambo ya TV and please NEVER QUOTE any newspaper/s here lest you incur the wrath of ........

2) HBD in arrears. So Nancy spoilt you big day. And by the way how old are you PENSIONER (no faking please)?

3)Brace yourself after attacking Gumo. He will get you and he has jeshi to just that. And what is wrong with Gumo and Jirongo (CJ????) defending one of their own? You are simply jealous of Ms Nancy.

4)You attach alot of premuim on these laws. Wait till the real twist to the TAIL appears. First Kobia has the 'CV' credibility which prompted him to leave WCC unceremoniously. Add that to BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT bar and Nancy is home and dry. NA BADO!!

Anonymous said...

Chris my brother,
I am in a FOUL mood because if ONE Kenyan man has TWO women how many GUNS should ONE Kenyan woman have?keep the answer to yourself stupid!

Stop being impractical ati "in the spirit of the new constitution"... Gumo&Baraza are OLD SCHOOL i.e. if you want to become a "BIG PERSON" you have to behave like one and HOLD A GUN(s), PINCH A NOSE or SLAP A CHEEK

Forget about Chris and his high moral Christianity of "spiritual advisers, prayer, church etc." BURE KABISA

PS: -Happy Birthday bro,and why is @TAABU asking you about PENSIONER? The RETIREMENT AGE in the new constitution from blogging is

kumekucha said...

Thanks for the brirthday wishes Luke my broda.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...


Some of the things you need to know are things you don't yet know you need to know.

How comes you can't even grasp a simple fact of the way life still is in Kenya of 2012?

Oh yes, forty-five years after the last bunch of Kaburu civil servants, business owners, settlers and even some missionaries (of all people) left the country after collecting very hefty compensation packages and hardship allowances?

Who do you think you are? Wewe kitu gani? Wewe nani hapi nchini? Wewe ni nini? Kwani utaweza nini, wewe?

How dare you question the sanctioned status quo that have helped maintain healthy social cohesion, law and order in Kenya since the mid 1960s?

Why are you and your ungrateful ilk advocating for a drastic reduction of social stratification and making the country - which is still the envy of our neighbours - a classless society?

Who wants a country where every Kenyan child has unlimited and unquestionable access to some of the best (important) homes, schools, teachers, nutrition, child care, after school programs, recreational facilities, trasportation, hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, and security in their home counties?

As well as a guaranteed annual vacation time in the exclusive resorts along the coast of Kenya, in the Seycelles islands, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia?

What are you people trying to do? Start a revolution of some kind? And then what? An Animal Farm - 'Mtiki na Wanyama' - type of democracy or what?

How ungrateful! You people wanted a change of government leadership under the disguise of 'Yote Yawezekana Bila Moi' etc., and all of your political wishes, dreams, hopes and grandiose expectations were granted in December of 2002.

You people went on to demand for a new - different - Constitution and it was handed to your kind on silver platter with no strings attached.

You cried, fought and clawed to be able to realize the dream of home ownership - for the first time in forty-five years - in some of the best neighbourhoods in Nairobi, Mombasa and rest of the country, and it was granted to you people.

What else do you people want? Why don't you peoiple just leave the rest of us alone rather than try and become like the proverbial camel's niose under the tent?

Come on, why don't you people learn to mind your own business and leave us - importnt people - alone because not everyone can be smart enough to be among important persons in government or in the country.

For your - Chris' - information, In this country we have people who are important. If you are important important like me only then will understand how we do end up getting drunk with hubris, a classic drink for important people in Kenya.

Always RVIP & RIP - Respect Very Important People & Respect Important People - at all times.

Anonymous said...


This story has been going and on and it's begining to makes us sick!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13 AM
I couldn't agree with you more, however you are at liberty to cease and desist from sampling STORIES and every comment that is served at Kumekucha Day-n-Night Cafe. It may be the only wise move that will make it less sickening for you, unless your desire is to continue popping nausea medication, one bottle (325 coated tablets) after another until such a time the JSC will deliver its eagerly awaited findings.

Anonymous said...

There are those who are defending Ms. Baraza's actions, by stating that she absolutely did nothing wrong.

While there are others who are already condemning her for overly overreacting in a minor incident that she could have just brushed aside with self-deprecating humour.

So, the question is, what would you have done in the spar of the moment hard you found yourself trapped in Ms. Baraza's shoes?

For goodness sake, lest we forget the fact that all she did in the heat of the moment was slightly pinch the nostril nerve of the person who already was overly encroaching upon the inner sanctum within Ms. Baraza's important if not personal tent or sacred space.

Mind you, every woman of independence means, quasi independence means, or dependence means has a well guarded scared space, and anyone who dare cross the line or invade the scared space, does so at her or his own peril.

Let the courts of public opinion deliberate whether her questionable actions were mitigated by her instinct of self-preservatuion, or motivated by an act of self-absorption.

And come to think of it, who amongs has never induldged themselves in the spacious arena of self-absorption, every now and then?

Members of the jury appointed by the court of public opinion, I would like you to be aware of one over looked fact, namely, Ms. Baraza was at the right place, at the right time, and for personal reasons, but happened to encounter unfortunate circumstances of incident that were blown out of proportion at the time.

I rest my case, and request the JSC to throw the first stone?

And that includes all the people who live in glass houses located at the 'Court of Public Opinion Eastes'.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:49AM
Hear!Hear! mate,
Spoken like a true "big&important person"! with all the influence a person of your large status commands
speak on Tycoon,the peasants are hanging on every word you say

Anonymous said...

What is old man Gumo trying to leverage other than pander to people whose help he will desperately need when trying to capture a senatorial seat in a certain county of his choice?

Anonymous said...

1/11/12 10:30 AM
Camarade, salutations. Long time no see since the unceremonious departure through Chingozi (Matundo). Have you been doing anything interesting lately? I hate to inform you that peasantry is now an alien political terminology in Maotize, Tete, thanks to VALE, Murilo Ferreira's leadership and their concerted efforts with Riversdale. The residents of Maotize, Matundo and surrounding areas are peasants no more, due to a variety of economic development projects, such as the electrical plant, fisheries indusry and boating sports, etc. at Cahora ('Slow') Bassa. By the way, camarade, we must have a tête-à-tête sometime.

Anonymous said...

Aiiyaaye! Better late than never. The birthday wishes may be losing some lustre, but you know what, belated Happy Birthday to you.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Tell Kerubo that, next time, she will meet the MOST IMPORTANT people of this earth and not someone like Baraza:


Anyway, we leave in a huff to enjoy:

Innocent Blood:

when he reached Spanish Town they refused to hear what he was saying,

So they walk away and say:

"Come on, let's form our own government"

Then straight after that you could see where the rebellion start.

Anonymous said...

chris- this is how one man built Nairobi!

Nice to see vintage kumekucha back. please can u did up on bildad kaggia's legacy and how he died a very poor man after operating a posho mill for many years and why kenyans have forgotten him?

Taabu said...


So you share same birthday with Fergie? Now I know your age PENSIONER. Happy birthday in arrears.

Anonymous said...

can we predict mwara's next essey comments

Anonymous said...

Its election year and the pensioner aka tribal inciter aka Taabu is back to KK with a bang. Those of us like me who have been with KK since inception are watching from the flanks knowing the venom this fellow is capable of. To the newbee's of KK, be careful when you see Taabu around. At past 60 years of age, the guy is just bad news.

On another happier note, happy bday Chris. I know you are turning 4_ almost 50 now!!


Anonymous said...

So you mean 60+ can blog? That must be a first and why the BILE? Maybe Taabu is better than your dad at it, LOL.

Taabu said...


Welcome back. And while you were away plenty happened here and outside it. We would urge you to update yourself. That said you are hereby reminded of our house rule. You either comply or get rooted out.

You are WARNED to stop your penchant for trivia and personal attacks. We have no room for it. If you think that is being highhanded, well sorry rules are there for a reason.

You come to KK on your own volition and you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to misinform people here. You don't know me (only assuming the Moniker Taabu is a name) and your purported knowledge is an act of delusion and deceipt.

FYI I have no problem with my age which you have no clue about except SLANDER. It is 2012 and any literate person can blog so stop entertaining that village mentality that blogging is reserved for a particular age group. You must be having a mental picture of somebody related to you and trying to project it here. Well, you are damn wrong.

This is the first and last time I have taken time to WARN you about your slanderous posts. You would wish to know that any such comments will be promptly brocked and deleted. Otherwise you are free to contribute and air your views on KK.

If you hate what Taabu writes, please seek pleasure elsewhere. Unfortunately you have no control over that. And as long as you visit this blog you are stuck with all its posts including mine no matter your personal feelings. If you happen to think please do so for yourself and not for others.

You would also wish to recall the genesis of your bile as these words from me:
DECEPTION/THEFT/CORRUPTION/DNA. So you are boxed. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My-2-cents in defense of those who are still in their 40s and 50s, but have yet to be inducted into the famous Hall of Sexagenarians.

Kila binadamu ana odometer, nawe pia utaufikia huo umri wa sitini mnamo mwaka wa 2042 au 2052.

Assuming that you're among millions of pre-denarians who were lucky enough to have been raised and schooled on Nyayo's free milk.

The beauty or rather the reality of age advancement is that it's not and has never been an exclusive reserve of the select few, but it's an equal opportunity biological process.

One of the main reason why 60% of quadragenarians and 64% of quinquagenarians always poke fun at sexagenarians in a demeaning manner, is because the latter are constant reminder what life has in store for the former. The unknown (unexamined life) is scary.

All taken into account, self-efficacy is all that matters as years come and go, as people move from phase of life to the next in accordance with the dictates of multidimensional biological processes.

Man is as much his human body as he is the language that dwells within his brain and mediates much of his thinking ~ Author? (find-out-for-yourself)

Anonymous said...

We never cease to amaze ourselves. And what's the real purpose of amazing ourselves at our own peril?

Certainly it's not to change our opinion nor someone else's opinion of how they should be treated when another - not so pleasant - side of them has been exposed to the public in an inglorious manner.

Oh, and one other inequity worth mentioning; how comes that the 'unfortunate incident' at Village Market has become a subject that is aimed to take people's attention away from the real political issues being considered - engineered behind the scenes - in the year of the General Elections?

I'd be willing to bet anything if there are people who now claiming that Ms. Baraza was - found herself - in the wrong place, at the wrong time, when she encountered an individual with a wrong attitude?

The central point about the whole 'unfortunate incident' is not about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it's all about being in any place, public or private, with a very wrong Bwana Kubwa attitude that's always laced with the expectations that one is more important or very valuable than the rest of the raia, and therefore are above the law or bylaws.

That's what has caused the ongoing outrage within the larger Kenyan community, regardless of gender, ethnicity, profession, clout, marital status or the perpetual nagging fear that our person, one of us, is going to be sent parking over a very minor incident, yet there are others who have committed very serious - elephants - crimes and yet have never been held responsible, accountable or brought to justice.

Why are some of us so surprised that raia have burst into a chorus of everything went flawlessly, so we thought, but thank goodness, she has showed her true colours sooner than later?

Anonymous said...


There is this isolated but significant incident in Ms Baraza's saga that nobody is mentioning. Those who watched her LIVE vetting before MPs committe saw a man who accused her of highhandedness giving his plight of Nancy throwing him out of a seminar in Kakamega. The chap also gave a memorandum against DCJ claiming she was arrogant.

By then it looked mchongwano and sour grapes or cry baby but NOT NOW. Have the tots/chicken come home to roost? Me thinks so and the guy has been vindicated so soon. He must be muttering I TOLD U SO and LMAO. LOL

Anonymous said...

I recall the guy, the man's name was Okoch Moch (spl)., and there are many other similar cases in the past as stated.

Anonymous said...

Poor fella, it's her modus operandi during the "
unfortunate incident" and after that will stick in the public's mind. Image is everything, professional capital is vital, and there is no doubt that the incident will undermine her credibility as a member of the judiciary, and also the bizarreness of her behaviour at the time, will seriously damage her credibility as a deputy Chief Justice, let alone a CEO of any organisation.

Anonymous said...

Ms Baraza recanting her statement to the police proves she is as guilty as charged. With her legal experience she couldn't be intimidated nor incriminate herself.

And Iteeere has beeen left with eggs all over his face by Tobiko throwing back the file to police for incompetence. The legal bar for proving criminality is not bar talk. No wonder most cases involving big fish are often lost on technicalities like mixed up serial number guns. Police must be excluded from prosecution and we better have competent prosecution services.

Now it is upto the JSC to weigh in on Baraza's moral integrity. She must be handed the can if found or perceived to fail the BEYOND REPROACH bar. No more no less she must fall on the very sword she sharpened.

Anonymous said...

Breast cancer is now the number one killer - known so far - of women of 35-55 in Kenya,...striking one in nine women in the country, and killing many of them, due to late diagnosis

And of course, due to misdiagnosis that is so prevalent in so many parts of the country where medical facilities and services are rudimentary at best.

Excuse the digression while I vent for a moment, and rightly so in memory of several women, two grandmothers, a mother, several first cousines, nieces, countless number of mother/sister-in-laws, good number of great friends, colleagues, neighbours, former schoolmates and people who have been known to me in one way or another over the years.

Why the venting? I disapprove of the manner in which some politicians are so condescending to the Kenyan public after they - politicians - have been diagnosed with cancer or some other form of a deadly disease.

They love the habit of broadcasting their medical conditions or state of health to the public, only to add insult to injury with the wilful pronouncements that the Minister or Ministers in question will be traveling to a certain country - South Africa, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada or United States of America etc. - to continue with advanced treatment that's guaranteed to them and their families, while the rest of the other cancer sufferers in the country are left to fend for themselves, or resigned to their fate.

What's the point of an ordinary woman from the hinterlands going out of her way in search of regular chacks and medical advice for an early intervention when knowingly very well she can not afford the kind of good quality health care and follow-up treatments, that are very much available for the Ministers, the well connected and the very wealthy class of Kenyans?

Unfortunately for many women in Kenya, cancer is - always - discovered when it is usually too late, and the cruel statistics speak volumes.

So, what have the Ministers of Medical Services and of Public Health done for the common mwananchi since they took oevr their respective offices some eons ago?

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha Chris,
The name of the post is "why Baraza is still in office: Kwenda Rokota Hio Mtu" and in it you have rightly laid out all the main reasons why 11+ days later the DCJ is still in office with more than a strong possibility of having the severity of repercussions she might face for her vigilante escapades mitigated to much less harsher consequences than if Kenya was not a banana republic

Let us however also consider the possibility that another answer to the topic "why Baraza is still in office" could be because those charged with running the government of the day as well as those who report to them otherwise known as the maintainers of law and order know the limits of you and I, the Kenyan public at large and they are banking on the fact that any fallout resulting from miscarriage of justice on behalf of the plaintiff one Morar Kerubo will amount to nothing more than some muted muttering and grumbling in low tones behind closed doors of houses, pubs, churches and places of employment throughout Kenya

The government has absolutely no fears whatsoever that the people it overrules will, in the event that justice is not done and seen to be done, rally themselves and demand a verdict in favor of Kerubo;

If such an occurrence was to take place the momentum would carry on as Kenyans of all walks of life find their voice in demanding changes all over the political, social and economic system that is currently marking time at the status quo

The chained dog that looks at the meat too long without eating eventually dies of hunger because the will to live is killed by the chains that bind it. The verdict tomorrow will be a litmus test for Kenyans to see whether we have really been cowered into total domination by our years of failed leadership or whether there is still some "bark" somewhere deep down inside the underbelly of the Kenyan men and women who are still waiting for the 3rd and final liberation

Anonymous said...

If it's true that's she has recanted whatever she reported or said to the police in the first place, then she will not fall on any double edged sword or spear tainted with political venom, but she will definitely get burnt by the very fire she started at the Village Market, while the whole the village cheers and laughs at her. Where there is smoke?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:03 PM
Let them dare the people by granting them their wish, and what a gift it will be, given that the General Elections are just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

This is kenya.ask the same and only one. Tobiko!

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around, thanks to Tobiko who has just opened a deadly can of worms, and one of these days they will crawl back to bite his office where it hurts most, in the prosecutorial the butt, including that of the whole judcial system in the near future.

While Ms. Baraza may (or may not) be busy working day and night, calling in old favours and issuing well negotiated promissory notes, as she tries very hard to find legal ways and means to wiggle herself out of the "unfortunate incident" before the JSC delivers their findings in matter of hours, let alone a new police report in twelve days.

There are professional thugs out there who are busy watching events as they unfold, and they will definitely have a field day when their day comes to start demanding a recant of their confessions to the police and CID.

While at the same time their knowledgeable defense lawyers following Tobiko's calculated old boys network legal deflection maneuver, will find the legal swagger to seek dismissal of charges against their clients in cases where there is lack of CCTV usable or credible evidence of any involvement of a deadly weapon or weapons during commission of crimes - carjackings, robberies, assaults, murder, rape, home invations, verbrechen etc.

Welcome to the wild wild Nairobi style where thugs and goons will develop a presumptuous legal notion that, If she can dodge (the bullet) a case as tight as this, we can do it as well!

If she can use a gun (if indeed a gun was involved) and make it disappear in thin air, erase all usable evidence on CCTV, we can make automatic assault rifles disappear as well in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to Tobiko's legal swagger when it was least expected by the Police Commissioner and his counterpart at the CID.

Anonymous said...

Who can read what Tobiko stated and not be tempted to exclaim, "Is that mere rhetoric or the beginnings of circling of wagons by the judiciary?"

No, not so easy to tell if one has little or no knowledge of the disturbing if not shameful traditional history of cover-ups and self-preservation tactics within the judiciary, that are carried out for the express purpose of scratch my back and I'll scartch your back in due time (ukiwa kibindoni).

There is no doubt in the minds and hearts of observers with no dog in the current fight, that a thick slice of judicial bias may play a critical role in letting Ms. Baraza off the hook in spite of what she said or didn't say in the now recanted statement recorded at the Gigiri police station.

Is anyone listening? Does anyone within the judiciary and other branches of government really care about the plight of thousands of Kerubos out there?

Kerubos - women and men - who have been silenced or have decided against their own will to remain silent over the last fourty-five years due to the fact that they have heard, seen and later found out the hard way from childhood through adulthood that the odds are against them and will always remain stacked against them whenever they try to engage the government, the mighty important individuals in positions of power, or the well connected when it comes to dealing with any matters pertaining to procedural law.

Is anyone listening? Does anyone really care about the plight of millions of Kenyans after December, 2002, or even December, 2007?

And worst of all, are majority of the people going to allow ourselves to experience the same old same old type of state of impunity and affairs that existed previously?

Even after August or December, 2012? Are we - Kenyans - who we really are?

Or are we what the rest of the world still thinks of us after the intentional and indiscriminate mass maiming and murderous assaults of December 2007 and January/February 2008?

All just because of the gross failures of Kenya's judiciary system.

Anonymous said...

Has Dr. Kobia spoken yet on behalf of the JSC? Will they stand their ground with regard to the findings, or will they be swayed side to wide for the next couple days? Or are they going to collectvely elect to take a conveniently swayed back posture by promising to leave no stone as they seek to find out more of what really took place between the two women?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:03 PM said
"Let them dare the people by granting them their wish, and what a gift it will be, given that the General Elections are just around the corner"

You were saying something about elections just around the corner? did you mean 2013 MARCH?By then you will probably have forgotten this post and will have re-elected the very same people who have just extended their stay in parliament&government till 2013

As you can see Kenyans have been beaten into total submission to the domination of the powers that be by years of our failed leadership. It is highly debatable whether there is still any ounce of strength to fight status quo deep down inside our underbelly.

We are now waiting for a miracle to usher us into the 3rd and final liberation

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:29 AM
The powers that be have the people where they want them, in utter political suspense.

They keep moving the goal posts, as well as using the power invested in them to decide what the width and length of the goals should be.

Some of us were hoping for the August or December political showdown, but they have beaten us to it, and we have no option but to content with the same old faces until the middle of 2013 before they can be shown the exits?

And only if we manage to get rid of some them, a task that will demand herculeean efforts but may end up with very little dividends in the ends.

We are really ..., and we have been ... proper by the MPigs, for they knew all along what was in store for the public.

As it turns out, the joke is not only us, those of us who have been shouting louder and agitating for more change political have now become the joke, the joke is us, as far as the Mpigs and their political handlers are concerned.

Come to think, 2013 is an ... year like 2007, and I just don't like what I ma behinning to findd out.

Anonymous said...

Why is Baraza Still in Office?

Will Tobiko and the JSC invoke res judicata one of the workable solutions my late grandfather liked to employ during squabbles and actual turf wars within the greater family?

I have to admit the fact that a person who is really aware of the law and its contents can so easily escape liability in a country like Kenya as well as in many regions of the world whenever there is a compelling likelihood.

Unfortunately for the Police Chief Mathew Iteere, the Gigiri OCPD, and Director of CID, ignorance of law is no excuse for carrying out shoddy - what may appear as "incomplete, inconsistent" and questionable - investigations when dealing or interviewing high profile personalities like Baraza among others.

Unforgettable lessons has been learnt and it's a crucial teachable moment for the police top brass in future cases where any statements issued by victims as well as alleged assailants will have to be put on tape as in VIDEO RECORDED of every word said, any admissions made, including police conduct throughout the whole investigation process.

If police depratments in countries like Rwanda have authorized and implemented the collection of evidence in digital form, why can't Kenya do the same in high profile cases?

Anyway, there is no getting around the fact that there are some people - diehard supporters of Baraza for whatever reasons - who have dung themselves in for the long haul, while claiming the women is clean, innocent until ..., and there is no single shred of evidence - CCTV footage - showing her toting a gun.

Therefore the alleged accuser and some segments of the society who are busy screaming get her! nail her, get her! nail her, get her! nail her! rokota hio mtu, should just call it quits, leave Baraza alone and let her go about her business as was the usual case before the "unfortunate incident" at Village Market.

Ironically, majority of those who have already come to Baraza's defense cum rescue, regardless of whether she assaulted Kerubo Morara or not, are the very same ('regional') crowd of people who at one time - in a very distant past - went totally berserk when a government minister by the name of Joseph Kamotho slighted a whole community in a very underhanded stereotypical fashion, withregard to the very same job (profession) Kerubo Morara was engaged - for no fault of her own - at the time she claims Baraza assaulted her and proceeded to threaten her life with a deadly weapon whose image has yet to be established on the so-called CCTV.

The question is, how soon can people forget all about their painful past?

On the one hand, it seemed as though it was wrong, quite repungnant and deeply chauvinistic for Joseph Kamotho to utter the views (that I will not quote nor repeat whatsoever) in a wilful manner.

While on the one other hand, it's now acceptable for Baraza to assault Kerubo Morara because of who she is, a nobody, a person of no value, one who is there to be seen but not heard under any circumstances, and above all an individual - like millions of Kenyans - who is beneath Baraza's station in life.

Is that what Baraza vs Kerubo issue is all about, or has boiled down to?

Or is there another hidden angle and more to the real issue than meets the naked public's eye?

Anonymous said...

Baraza is still in office as of now due to the fact that only so much about in-house politics within the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government can be understood by reason; so much falls far short of any reasonable explanation.

Is it any wonder that the public feels betrayed when so many senior politicians and top level government officials are suspended only to be reinstated and retained after having been caught or involved in corruption cases and other gross political, professional, financial, social, or personal miscounduct.

In heaven's name, to what extent will these political games and charade continue to unfold, and for what?

Anonymous said...

The JSC may end up finding whether a gun was really involved as it's been alleged. But let's hope it will not be the case for a variety of reasons.

IMHO, there is no need for her to step aside, but she should have quit by now to save herself from being burnt at the stake by the press and public when details of the incident begin to image.

For someone to be professor of theo-log-y when he or she doesn't believe in either Theos (Greek for "God") or the Logos ("the word") leaves one rather mystified.

In the same vein, Baraza's actions while at the Village Market spoke louder than words, and I, for one, can't imagine the country having a newly appointed deputy Chief Justice who doesn't have respect for the rule of law, let alone be among the first people who believe in law and order at all times.

My principal surprise lay in the fact that she scuffed her record and compromised herself in the process when she got involved in a very unnecessary alteraction in public and for all the wrongs reasons.

I am aware of the fact that one cannot judge another's motives with certainity. But it was blatantly obvious that she knew what she was getting herself into before the whole "unfortunate incident" got out of hand.

I have to admit that it's an episode in her life that she wants to forget forever.

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts. People like Ngilu are no exception. Given what is known by now, she would have been a real disasterous leader had she been elected president. BTW, what became of Yvonne Khamati? There was youtube moment doing its rounds after she had used her ambassadorial "UN" vehicle and security escort or bodyguards to gain an advantage in what appaared to be an acrimonious domestic wrangling with her partner or husband at the time. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Kenya seems to be changing but some journalists and media houses have a very long way to go.

The very people who used to sweat quarts whenever an unmarked white saloon drove by their homes or while they were walking home from a matatu. Or worse when the CID came knocking at their work place during the 1980s and 90s.

So, the following utterance of conflict of interest didn't come as surprise to many.

...for an indiscretion that would ordinarily pass without attention if there were more important things to write about.

What did the writer expect after after all? It was a whole deputy chief justice, a woman of course, that who was party to the "unfortunate incident" in which a gun is alleged to have been involved.

That's breaking news, call it headlines news in any civilized nation, especially when it involves a person of her stature.

However, an indiscretiion that would ordinarily pass without (much) attention is going to cost Nancy Baraza her job, career, good standing, friends in high places, colleagues in the judiciary ("out of sight, out of mind") and amny more.

Anyway, we all have a right to our opinions, so does the ddirector of the Media Institute.

Let's just hope that he will keep his day job and not be tempted to run for parliamentary election in his home constituency now that the field has been broadened.

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