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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Throwing Stones On Behalf Of The President?

Raphael Tuju's chances of becoming president of Kenya are slimmer than those of my Grandmother, so why throw stones?

In the days of President Jomo Kenyatta the old man would settle his scores with nothing less than blood. That is a why a poor man called Pio Gama Pinto (amongst other slowish Kenyans) lost his life for simply retorting to a Jomo Kenyatta insult. Kenyatta called him an idiot and Pinto replied; you are also an idiot in front of witnesses.

Daniel arap Moi was the first to come up with the idea of having hooligans emphasize his political stand to those citizens who were a tad slow in catching the drift.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s handlers are said to have emphasized to their boss that there is now way you can become a big man in African politics without a hooligan wing to take care of business. The dreaded Mungiki are the folks who have been handling that end of affairs for the son of Jomo and it all culminated in the sad events of January 2008.

Now assuming that Raila Odinga becomes the next president of Kenya like some Kenyans believe he will and Kumekucha introduces himself somewhere in the province where I was in fact born by a strange twist of fate (although I am NOT a Luo), chances are that yours truly will suddenly find that it is raining stones on him.

What Kenyans need to discuss on a very serious note are those presidential candidates who do things in the old hooligan ways and those who do not. Sincerely in this day and age there are some issues that should be pretty clear cut. Raphael Tuju should be allowed to carry his presidential campaign anywhere in the country he wants to go and if I was a presidential candidate and folks claiming to be my supporters did such n idiotic thing as to stone a nobody with no chance at coming anywhere near the presidency in a century, then I would step down from running for the presidency. Pure and simple. But alas, there is nothing simple about Kenyan politics, is there?

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Anonymous said...

Chris, RAO should not step down in running for presidency just because of some minority hooligans. All he can do is express his feelings about the incident since he cannot control the actions of everyone.

Mwangalendo said...

Alas....Chris is dreaming again....this time of RAO stepping down because his misguided supporters chucked a few stones with the intention of cracking open Tuju's skull!!

Wake up and have some coffee man, it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

Even if Tuju lost his life in an organised hooliganism incident, it would just be passed of as an accident or case of a nobody busybody being at the wrong place at the wrong time!!

Anonymous said...

So many politicians, especially those vying for the presidency love to circle their wagons and protect themselves by the usual trademarked disclaimer that always alludes to the fact that they are not responsible for any threats, actions, violence, etc caused by independent groups or lone hyenas (wolves) out there.

Further, they even can't control or stifle people's actions and emotional outbursts of anger during a tight roped political campaign cycle.

Yet when chips have fallen where they may, a member of parliament will not hesitate to jump up screaming to high heaven and uttering politically incorrect remarks on the floor such as,

My tribe is under attack! Point of order! Point of order Mr. Speaker, Sir! My tribe is under attack yet they can't be here to defend themselves. Point of order, Mr. Speaker! Point of order! My tribe is under attack!

How about, the overly concerned politicains learn to scream the following through a megaphone,

Order! Order! Order! Our tribe is out of line! Our tribe is out of order! My fellow tribesmen, you are throwing stones at defenseless civilians who are not able to protect or defend themselves. Order! Order! Restrain! Restrain! My fellow tribesmen, stop it, halt it. Do not shame us. Do not shame our tribe. Order! Stop!.

Blah, blah blan, the next time "outside politicians" like Raphael Tuju and many others come under attack or are showered with a barrage of stones during the course of 2012 campaign season?

Raphael Tuju's chances of becoming president Kenya are slimmer than those of my Grandmother.

Are you really sure that Raphael Tuju's chances of becoming PORK are as slimmer than a fifty gauge glavanized roofing sheet at the railway's depot?

Or will the unexpected political events during 2012 force some of us to eat our bold statements? Call it a humble pie if you will.

While at it, just name one candidate of real substance with a nationwide as well as international appeal who is some how guaranteed to become Kenya's next president?

And if Raphael Tuju's chances of becoming president of Kenya are slimmer...than anybody else's, then what are the real chances that Raila Amolo Odinga will become Kenya's president, given what many Kenyans from different regions and political camps have already seen, heard, read and figured out about the man, the politician, leader of ODM, the son of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, and the soon to be known as the First and Last Prime Minister of Kenya?

By the way, what greater good if any - at all - for the Kenyan people, country and our East African neighbours as a whole can ever come out of such close minded political enclaves like ODM or PNU after December 2012 and beyond (2017)?

Anonymous said...

Chris, Kenya's candidates for president 2012 will have sleepless nights and very tough time ahead, because the 2012 presidential race will go down the wire, once the main contenders have been separated from the pretenders like Kaloozer Musukosuko, Weakleaf Mudamuda, Bafwoli Bafwoli, Saito Saito Ti, Ruru Toto, Ngingi Lu, Petpet Ken, et al.

Anonymous said...

Chris promised his readers he would publish the dirt he had on RAILA. He has been doing hide and seek hoping that we have forgotten.

Chris, please either PUBLISH of APOLOGIZE for CHEATING your readers. We are not all children to be manipulated at your whims.

Concerning your current post, its immoral and insincere to allege that Uhuru owns Mungiki. But given your obsession with insulting leaders from Central Kenya, its not suprising. You are now in your 50's and if you cannot be honest at this age, then you annot be redeemed.

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:41am said
"....And if Raphael Tuju's chances of becoming president of Kenya are slimmer...than anybody else's, then what are the real chances that Raila Amolo Odinga will become Kenya's president......"

You must have missed the recent Ipsos-Synovate survey October 15 and 23 which said Prime Minister Raila Odinga remains the most popular presidential candidate with 34 per cent of Kenyans indicating that they would vote for him.

Stay calm and keep breathing mate,no need to burst a capillary vein from onset myocardial infraction aka heart attack

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from undemocratic jaluos? These people no matter how much they master therasus to sound educated, they are primitive to core! Is there any other ethnic group like jaluos? Inferiority complex, self-importance, inflated egos, backwardness, ugliness inside- out... you name it!
Is there any other group of people in Kenya who literay worship Mzungu like wajaluos?

I think we should give Luo Nyanza it's own independence and they can have Raila as their King and his coveted Presidency.

Bure za watu!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46AM
what is therasus?

Anonymous said...

@8:24 AM

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms and homonyms aka best English Dick-tionary and this is the reason why is craved by Wajaluos?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46AM
Check your spelling of Thesaurus maybe you need your despicable Wajaluos to help you with writing correct

Anonymous said...

Self-importance + Inflated egos + Inferiority complex all in same sentence? Well either we have here an OXYMORON, PARADOX or more accurately plain jealousy thinly veiled in hatred.

Just ask the trolling KK Prof what language he watches CNN/BBC and see the god being worshipped by all except few want to accept.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the interruption. I will hate to say that I told you so, but I will not do it when the time comes around.

The majority of current MPigs's chances of being re-elected are far slimmer than those of Kalembe Ndile, Mukisya Kitui, Ndetei, Nakitare, Kamotho and the rest of the bunch.

Incumbent MPigs of the following counties ... lost by significant margins when voters went to the polls December, 2012.

Anonymous said...


What is this I was watching about "Raila Exposed" , which was broadcasted over more than 200 countries. And if you think is is a troll, this is not a joke or a troll.

WOW. You might be able to watch it on God's Channel in the coming weeks. The 'documenatry' is about the motives behind Raila in the run-up to the 2007 general election. It exposes the reasons behind massacre of innocents men, women and children in Eldoret church, his bewitched supporters, the real reason why Raila accepted Premiership post and much more. MUST WATCH!

Funny enough the author of this documentary is not Kikuyu any anyone from Kenyan but a JEWISH man who is a believer in Yeshua (Jesus). He said this piece of information has been kept away from the public.

Interesting MUST see programme!

Anonymous said...

The Raila protagonist brigade are out in full effect to smear the name of the PM. what a shame that you can only call him names hiding behind the keyboard under anonymous identity. SHAME ON YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm! 'Raila Exposed' on 'God's Channel'?

Excuse the unwarranted digression for a moment.

I had no clue nor any factual information that 'God' had any electronic channels on earth other than the ancient natural ones alleged to be flowing throw the Jordan River, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, and Red Sea as mentioned in the Torah stories.

With all due respect, if I may ask, Who is God?

And how do 'you people' feel the real presence of God through such godly channels made by creative human minds?

On the other hand, I am not a cheerleader of Raila Odinga, never have been and never will be in 2012, 2017 and beyond.

However, lost credibility is patented products that are commonly packaged in statements like, funny enough the author of this documentary is not Kikuyu [or ...] but a JEWISH man who is a believer in Jesus (Yeshua).

Eeeeeh! You meant a believer in Yeshua ben Yusuf? And why would anyone believe a Hibrinia who claims to have abandoned the God of his ancestors, nation, present day believers in Yaweh and the precepts of Jewish law, way of life (halakha)?

He said this piece of information (revelation) has been kept (remained hidden) away from the (Kenyan) public.

How so? What's new about the so-called piece of new political revelation, if any at all, about the post-election violence of 2007/08, including Raila's motives and actions?

Is the God's Channel the same channel that hosts characters like Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggart, anong hundreds others?

People who have failed to understand a very simple fact of spiritual life, which is, different religions can coexist under the sun, if the respective religious leaders and their followers learn to embrace peace, respect and understanding of who God really is - Creator of the Universe who is above world (man made) religions.

And what about the producer ("author") of the so-called hidden documentary about 'New Revelation On Raila's Political Schemes After 2002'.

Is he one and the same, former Ashkenazi rebel from the Rhine, a man who could not stand his very own Sephardi and Mizrahi brothers and sisters from Morocco (North Africa), Turkey, Greece, France and Venezuela.

Just because he has been raised to believe that he's far more superior to those who are not like him and his people.

Lastly, I can't wait for the documentary producer in question to make and release a timely documenatary that will be crtically acclaimed once it showcases a different perspective of the ongoing plight of the people of Gaza, Jericho and in many neighbouring refugee camps in and around the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

11/17/11 5:48 AM

Is it what I think it is? A misplaced backlash against Raila's recent official visit to Israel, where he met with Benjamin Netanyahu in search of governmental assistance?

There are some religious extremists in Israel who are so much against their own government and the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyuhu.

So, they will try and do anything to discredit and embarrass the Israeli government as well as those who dare deal or associate the Israeli government.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:46 AM

I did not say it was aired on God Channel, I said it might be aired on God channel in the coming weeks! (what is hard to understand there?!)
I mentioned God channel because I believe this channel is available in Kenya.

The original segement was aired on Daystar channel another religious channel registered in US, and like God Channel broadcast from Jeruslaem.

And the reason i cited the producer of this docs is not Kikuyu or kenyan is because nobody can claim it is Raila's political enemies trying to discredit him.

This man seems to have studied Raila very well including the motives behind that interview Raila gave to BBC when he claimed President Obama is his cousin.

Btw, Raila is the 3rd highest political leader in the world ahead of his "cousin" President Obama.

I am not sure how will his supporters take this "revelation", given they have also been attacked on the documenatry.

Soon it will be all out in the web.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Kenyatta Africa's 26th richest man and the richest person in Kenya.Interesting times we live in indeed

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:28 AM

Point well taken and thanks for the clarification. I will be on the look out for the documentary when it airs or released.

The documentary may hold some pieces of information and answers to several nagging questions about Raila Odinga the man, former detainee, business tycoon, politician, regional kingpin, prime minister, and presidential hopeful in 2012.

And why he still wants to be Kenya's next president ("rule Kenya by all means neecessary") even after 2017.

As well as why the producer of the documentary, a former Ashkenazi rebel, a religious conscious objector of some sorts, opted to specifically zero in on Raila Amolo Odinga instead of others like Mwai Kibaki, Yoweri Museveni, Jakaya Kikwete, Paul Kagame, Salva Kiir Mayardit, Uhuru Kenyatta, or former autocratic president now turned elder statesman, Mzee Daniel arap Moi.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:36AM,
why is it so interesting to you that Uhuru Kenyatta is rich?He did not steal the money and worked hard to ensure that he provides for his family unlike many conmen running around Kenya selling fake land titles to unsuspecting Kenyans.GIVE THE MAN A BREAK!

Anonymous said...

Tuju is a good man, actually the best in Rarieda. But this guy has allowed himself to be used by those who claim to own Kenya.

Tuju knows very well he can not become a president of Omena Football Club at Ndori.

Why is he being misled to take 300 votes away from the man he hates most. He has his freedom to burn his money in such useless campaigns but he should first of all to repent in Kisumu.

School children were shot dead on his behalf and that's why Kisumu pple dont like him. This is the fact and not because Aguambo is after this hooliganism. Let the truth be told.

Anonymous said...

The same way people said a kihii had no chance of getting near state house is the same way those that defended the KIHII during that difficult time are dismissing and taunting the presidential candidature of the likes of Tuju and Peter Kenneth.
What a bunch of hypocrites!!

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

The man who was been interviewed on Daystar TV was talking alot of twaddle! I watched it here in UK and he was claiming Raila Odinga is a Moslem and a terrorist who massacred Christians during 2007-08 post election violence. We all know how well that plays in the Western media and society where islam is no.1 most hated and despised thing. And to claim Raila odinga was behind killing of Christians in Kenya - it will just make the audience blood boils.

Too bad for Raila, sounds like he has alot of enemies both within and outside kenya.

Not worth watching!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:57
Where did Uhuru work hard and where has he worked hard?

Maybe on his bottled drinks!

The guy is said to be the laziest Law maker in our republic (accord to Wiki leaks).

Anonymous said...

Tribalism is gaining pace. This is a sign that erections are nearing.

This is what Kenyans can do best, it seems.

Tribal hate speeches are unlawful bloggers. Just wanted to remind you.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:41 AM
Thanks for your take. If it's a product of religious extremism and usual propaganda then it's not worth watching nor previewing at all!

Anonymous said...

What became of Pio Gama Pinto's widow and children after her husband was eliminated for daring to stand up and take no nonsense from Jomo Kenyatta, and engaging in a deadly rebuttal - na wewe pia ni mjinga?

A move that sealed her husband's fate during Kenya's infancy developmental stages and days of political uncertainity.

Did Mrs. Pinto flee the country and take refuge in the United Kingdom, or did she put on a brave face and remain in (Parklands) Kenya, in the same way the widows of Kungu Karumba, R.G. Ngala, T.J. Mboya, and J.M. Kariuki?

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud,
How is it tribal hatespeech to say Uhuru Kenyatta is the richest person in Kenya? Let us not become so politically correct that we become scared even of our own shadows! Yes hate speech is unlawful but freedom of expression within reasonable bounds is not

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:06 AM & Anon 6:41 AM

What is that all about? It's best to start from concrete examples we know, too many to name.

Many people have always given Raila Odinga a break when need be and on numerous occassions, but his diehard supporters always leave many "outsiders" at a loss.

There are some of his supporters who have said and continue to state that Raila Odinga is one of the few politicians who empitomizes courage and Nyanza nobility.

Courage as in holding fast, it appears, is a virtue to be found in people like Raila and a few others.

But it's hard to get the very same supporters to see the fact that being steadfast in a foolish action is not courageous since folly is not noble and courage is noble.

Courage seems to require calculation, as to seek the best place to fight and the opportune time to seek or run for presidential office, yet his current calculation (as it were) is the death of courage, social capital and national appeal.

But the lingering question is, what has Raila Odinga and the Odinga family done for Luo Nyanza and rest of Nyanza in the last three decades?

Where is the courage and calculated campaign that has yet to realize or manifest itself in regional endeavors such as the construction of brand new Oginga Odinga University, Oginga Odinga General Hospital to supplement the Agha Khan Hospital in terms of serving the medical needs of low income families in Kisumu and Nyanza in general?

Where is the modern Oginga Odinga Sports Complex with a world cup type of soccer stadium, given the religious fervor for soccer and premier league type of a decade old awakening in the region?

Will Raila, the Odinga family, friends of the Oginga Odinga and diehard supporters influence the Kenya Airports Authority to rename the soon to be Kisumu International Airport as Oginga Odinga International Airport instead of Tom Mboya International Airport?

There is still room for the choice, which means for doing things in a different but inclusive manner, and the choices of our day are not those of Kenyans who ushered in dawn of a new era during independence

Mwarang'ethe said...

Tribalism is gaining pace. This is a sign that erections are nearing.

This is what Kenyans can do best, it seems.


It is a sign that OPIUM SESSION 2012 is nearing.

Bwa ha ha ha hi hi hi wi wi.


In Egypt, they took their OPIUM a few months ago. When those who have an idea of what is going said all the noise in Arabic nations was a waste of time, we were accused of supporting Mubarak's of this world.

So, how is the childish revolution going on? Back to square 0:


Anyway, for us, we leave to enjoy:

Revolutionary Words:

Revolutionary words 'ave become entertainment,

Revolutionaries.. babblin' out angry words,

About changes we need, de system greed,

While they take it for a joke, sniffin' on coke,

Revolutionary words bein digested with bubble gums, pop corn, ice cream in tall inter-continental buildings

Mwarang'ethe said...

Uhuru Kenyatta Africa's 26th richest man and the richest person in Kenya.Interesting times we live in indeed


Some little CONTEXT to this MAD idea of publishing the ""richest"" list by Forbes and such.

Firstly, the list they provide is meant to fool the sheeple. These guys have NOTHING for there are other real players kept out of the limelight.

In fact, most of these so called Forbes rich are SPANNER BOYS.

Anyway, in 1873, America was hit by a serious depression. As a result of this depression, the ILLUSION that America was a land of "opportunity" was shattered.

As social and economic chaos spread, there was one incident where the riots and mob violence destroyed over $5 million worth of railroad property.

NB: Why the railways?

In an effort to quell the emerging radicalism, and to assure the sheeple that there was room at the top, men of wealth began to publish their success stories.

The myth of poor boy who makes, i.e. rags to riches, etc. became the AMERICAN DREAM. Now, they are extending it to Africa.

Now, you see that, the idea of publishing names of the ""richest"" men was a master stroke in fooling the SHEEPLE who are still chasing the AMERICAN DREAM.

The problem is that, you MUST BE ASLEEP to dream. Bwa ha ha he he

They also, added another twist. Men like Andrew Carnegie espoused the theory of schools as "ladders of success."

As a result, the wealthy families established institutes of learning such as Carnegie Institute of Technology, Cornell, Pratt, Stanford etc.


With that, we leave to enjoy:

we build your schools,

Telling us of your God above

Anonymous said...

Tell them Prof Mwarang'ethe tell them. Ivy League kitu gani? Tell them you beat all your classmates and peers but still refused the IVY League scholarship instead you started your ORIGINAL COSMETIC biz which sells and buys exclusively in GOLD.

You see you are only reside in the Diaspora to dispense wisdom and never to seek anything from them. Only you can stay there and NOT pay tax. True intellectual practicing what he preaches. Congtast.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:17 pm,

Why the bile? Kama you have any substance to offer say it otherwise your consistent rants against mwarangethe just shows how hollow you are.

Anonymous said...

While at it, consider the the evidence for wealthiness in social psychology and evolutionary biology, which shows as best they can that the stereotypes of wealthy people and those not so wealthy are basically correct.

Don't we ever get so sick and tired of the never ending whining, outcry, shock, surprise, amazement, wonder and at times outright regrets from some people in our midst who are still concerned about the wealthy status quo of certain known individuals in the country.

Does it really matter whether Uhuru Kenyatta is the the 26th richest man in Kenya?

Well, is he Kenya's 26th millionaire or 26th billionaire?

And who really cares at this point and time in our nation's history, fourty some years after independence?

Have we all not been granted the opportunity to rise above our homes, villages and ethnicities by going to some of the best schools in the country and colleges and universities all over the world?

Where many great minds ("best students") are engineered to blossom, thrive, and later inducted into positions of taking the reins of power, influence and leadership in various fields.

Hence, the issue should not matter as to who is the 26th wealthiest individual in the country, other than who are Kenya's top 500 millionaires who are under the age of thrity-five?

As well as where are Kenya's 300 billionaires under the age of fifty-five, and who are they?

Uhuru Kenyatta may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but that shouldn't have prevented the rest of us from moulding and paving our own economic gateways to prosperity, the moment Mzee Daniel arap Moi and his gestapo establishment left the helm of power and relinquished a chokehold on the country's economic sphere.

Anonymous said...

Was Tuju trying to hide a tiny mole or growth protruding on the leftside of his face? Why not have it surgically removed if it's that much of a bother?

Anonymous said...

Why are we bothering with the renovation of the old colonial parliament building and wasting huge sums money in the process? Why not just construct a new parliament building some where else within Nairobi? So that it serve both houses as well as the next generation of parliamentarians for the next hundred years? What became of vision 2030 and so forth? Was it a joke?

Anonymous said...

It is easy to discern that over half the comments in your "Throwing stones On Behald of the President" post are by bloggers whom you describe as "farting in their air-conditioned office after eating 3 course lunch meals"

Without a doubt these bloggers with the exception of myself, do not know what it means to go a day hungry and probably wonder why the power people rush to scoop the oozing liquid fuel flowing out of overturned road tankers on the road despite the threat of fire tragedies

To hear someone state that "where are Kenya's 300 billionaires under the age of thirty five and who are they" shows that people are looking at Kenya through the eyes of Muthaiga or even Karen better still Lavington and not to forget the comfort of the overseas Western foreign capitals of course

It is almost pointless to try and speak of wealth Vs Poverty gap in Kenya or even Africa with such people because their theoretical knowledge together with a life of plenty opportunity in Western Foreign Capitals clouds their judgment from any practical or realistic contributions to the debate about why the "rest of Kenyans" have not "paved their way to economic prosperity(sic)"

We can only hope that Jewish documentary filmmakers can focus on making a film on poverty in Kenya(a day in the life of Wanjiku is the Title I would use) to help explain things to our brother bloggers who are sincere but out of touch with any kind of reality of life in 2011 Kenya

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:07 AM
It's a ring and not a mole. Get your eyes checked soon.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute !!!!!!!!!!!46%!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sacarsm loading!!!!!! Loading!!!!!!.

Where are Kenya's 300 billionaires under the age of fifty-five, and who are they?

Get it right, it's the age of fifty-five and not thity-five of age.

Seems as if you're the one who is really out of touch with the real reality within Kenya and that among those who reside beyond Kenya's national borders.

I would have liked to argue, 'accompanies and cooperates with our human nature' but will not at this juncture due to obvious reasons.

However, guess who is the biggest armchair farting blogger of us all at Kumekucha?

It's the one who really believes that abject poverty in Kenya is an exclusive reserve limited to his or her so called patented lifetime experience.

As if millions of other Kenyans, Tanzanians, Ugandans and Somalians have not experienced the worst of it, especially in terms of being born on the foul side of a myriad life situations during their early childhood and in places they have lived all over Eastern Africa .

What makes you think/believe that you are the (only self-appointed) with regard to in all things abject poverty and dirty poor living in urban and rural Kenya?

64%!!!!!! Sacarsm still loading!!!!!!! Loading!!!!!!! Loading!!!!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to digress from the topic at hand "Throwing Stones On Behalf Of The President" but allow me to briefly indulge in a short detour;

Now that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has been captured, it truly will become a case of the sons bearing the sins of the fathers. Talk about being haunted from beyond the grave

Notice the glee and Chesire cat like smile on ICC prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo's face as he prepares to travel at neck breaking speed to Libyan borders and pounce on the captured Gaddafi son.

The clever and educated fellows among us will not fail to notice the family ties connection relating to the rise and fall of Libya's former first family. There is no way young Saif would ever have spoken out against his father and joined the rebels who eventually executed Dad

Well, behind every bad man there is a bad family might not quite be a true saying in this case but the apple never falls far from the tree.If you come from a family of cloak and daggers there is little chance you will be able to break clean and be different from the stock that bore and nurtured you. That does not mean you give up hope though

Anonymous said...

So Kenya has 500 millionaires under thrity-five and 300 billionaires under fifty-five?mmmmmmh!

Sarcasm indeed! Mwarangethe's economic posts must have been read and used by the whole country while we were busy commenting here in KK LOL!

Anonymous said...

Who is Jerome Corsi in relation to Raila Odinga?

TheOracle said...

"Revolutionary words bein digested with bubble gums, pop corn, ice cream in tall inter-continental buildings"... This are ORIGINAL COSMETIC rhymes man, Oh! my we the SHEEPLE love this.

We are still simmering with Massive Hangovers, you see "Prof" we can't help but partake in this 2012 OPIUM SESSION in massive dosages.

But i'm sure you are armed with Antidotes tucked somewhere in the "Ancient Manuals" of sumeria..

Why not read as a verse from this Ancient scripts and then punctuate it with your usual throaty laughter of "Bwa ha ha he he ti hi hi"

Before winding up with a prayer delivered rather rhythmically in Jah Rastafari language.

I have Spoken!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmh! this interesting, are there two Oracles in Kumekucha?

Anonymous said...

Well according to Mutahi Ngunyi Kiboko cha Raila ni Tuju (Tuju is the antidote for Raila) but this is dangerous talk bordering on hate speech because Raila is not being forced down anyone's throat and even when the elections were stolen back in 2007 the PM was still the most favourite candidate to beat despite being unfairly cheated out of rightful vote share

Anonymous said...

I am not going to end this day (Monday) by giving out pointers on how to manage the much needed (eagerly awaited) Kumekucha's weekly posts, though I suppose I could.

I could tell you not to disparage your readers by letting some of Kumekucha's weekly reviews, sorry I meant posts, stay on longer than need be.

Just a reminder that there are three ways (to be explained at a later time) of transcending whatever it's that delays you from churning out new post and ideas every other two to three days.

As of now, try and keep Kumekucha postings updated, well, alive and interesting, as much as free time allows you.

Tafadhaliiiii (Pleaseeee)!

Anonymous said...

Let those who are good at throwing stones on behalf of the president (in waiting) as well as those wishing to have (see) Raphael Tuju put in his rightful place with regard to traditional politics of Nyanza, keep in mind that there is a very brilliant tactician who has helped Raila Odinga to remain relevant for far too long in all matters pertaining to grassroots politics in Nyanza and Kenya in general.

The yet to be known puppet master ("King of Nyanza Politics"), who has kept a very low profile for the last four and half decades is the person to be feared most, instead of Raila Odinga or Raphael Tuju or any other politician from Nyanza.

The man, the real puppet master of Nyanza politics was born in Jericho and raised in the wealthy neighbourhoods of Karen.

His family owns lots of property in and around the Nairobi metropolitan area, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu.

Raila Odinga's life and political career is morgaged to him, by virtue of having been saved Raila's life on more than four deadly occasions through well calculated political, business and personal interventions.

One of the high stakes rescue moments took place in the aftermath of the airmen mutiny of 1982, and without wich Raila Odinga could have been killed in mysterious circumstances or maimed for life.

Raphael Tuju is not contender to the throne that will soon fall vacant, nor is he a real threat to any of the four major presidential aspirants in 2012.

The 'Stone Throwers' should save their energy and wait to spend it on casting votes (and not stones) for their presidential candidate of choice in 2012.

I stand to be corrected, but Raphael Tuju would be better off switching camps and concentrating on seeking an electoral post in one of the many praliamentary seats (opportunities) that will soon avail themselves in the greater Nairobi metropolitan area.

Rather waste time, resources, energy, political clout, and stature in trying to restore his relevancy in Nyanza politics.

Anonymous said...

The decision to run for the presidency in 2012 may have not been easy for Raphael Tuju, but I am confident that with an outstanding campaign staff, field crew, political advisors, dedicated youth and community members, he will be able to give others a run for their campaign money, but will not sail through on very steady political winds.

Although 2012 should be an opportunity for Raphael Tuju to try and recapture his former Rarienda seat.

It's a unique situation for him, he will be do it in a Spartan fashion and be proud about it by January of 2013.

Tuju is always more than willing to ask people's opinion on things, he wants constituents and the general public to know and understand what's going on in their midst and how it affects them in both the short term and long term.

People's concerns are always his first priority, there's no fooling around on that. There are times when you may not always agree, but he listens.

As far as 2012 is lined up, his close political advisors should urge Tuju to try trotting back to his contituency and serve his people for a whiel before concentrating his energies on sprinting to the State House in 2017 or 2022.

Anonymous said...

@EDK (Editorial Department of Kumekucha).

As the whirlwinds of glorious as well as tempestuous end year holiday celebrations begin to head toward our various regions and intended destinations.

I would like to remind Kumekucha of the fact about the offer that was made fourteen months ago still stands, and it's not going to be withdrawn from the offertable table any time soon.

The offer involved a presentation of revolving digital pictorial on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, pending Kumekucha's approval and consequent evaluation of content.

The digital pictorial trial run would consist of a variety of pictures of interesting subjects from different areas of Kenya, East Africa and other geo-regions.

The pictorials of interest were taken during various trips in the last four years and will be displayed at Kumekucha's discreation and in accordance with stated house rules of COMMON DECENCY.

You have the apps for it. My old email and text numero are still the same old ones as of 2007.

Mwarang'ethe said...

For those interested in 2012 OPIUM SESSIONS in some other places, presented without any comment:


For us, just we leave to enjoy:

Children of Israel:

Anonymous said...

Mwara it seems Kiboko yako Iko! very funny.

Anonymous said...

Although you were heard loud and clear saying that is a very general statement I shall try to make more specific in my conclusion, you never got to provide your listeners with an "insider's view" of why Kumekucha has developed an irregular heartbeat, and why stagnation sets in for days or even for whole week at times.

What's going on? What's the real issue? And where art thou?

Mwarang'ethe said...


... why Kumekucha has developed an irregular heartbeat, and why stagnation sets in for days or even for whole week at times.

What's going on? What's the real issue? And where art thou?

11/23/11 8:05 AM


Bwa ha ha ha ha he he he he hi hi we we wi wi

NB: KK has materials it can publish if editors so wish.


What do you expect Chris to tell you when his NEW wonderful CON - stitution has proved to be an ILLUSION, DELUSION and CHILDISH FANTASIES which the VIRTUAL ECONOMIST prophesied ages ago?

Sample this, or, is this what you want Chris to discuss?

"Mutunga now wants flying judges."

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga wants helicopters for his officers.

He said Wednesday the aircraft were among the key requirements that would facilitate the work of judicial officers, especially in far-flung areas. With that, he added:

“If Kenyans want judiciary reforms, it is going to cost them. We will come to Parliament to ask for the funds.”


NB: Mutunga wants to use an helicopter to land at the Supreme Court of INJUSTICE when he will be doing a ruling on the OPIUM DAY, which will come when it is too late and he will declare, overtaken by events.


Okay, what about so called devolution which we RUBBISHED as CHILDISH from day one?

Hear this!

"A Bill whose passage will effectively lock governors out of county security committees is meeting stiff resistance even before it hits the floor of the House.

At the county level, the County Security Committee is to be CHAIRED by a person APPOINTED by the NSC, and has, as members, county bosses of the Kenya Police Service, the Administration Police Service, the Criminal Investigations Department, an NSIS representative who will serve as the SECRETARY to the committee, and a representative of the National Government.

It is thought the slot for National Government representative is set aside for county commissioners who will soon be posted to the devolved units to ensure compliance with the law."

Okay, let us include the so called governor Mr Mutula is yapping about.

What will that accomplish?

We answer. NOTHING. Oh, Lord, what a FARCE this is?



However, we can report some good news.

It is that, Wanjiku without the benefit of the FOOLISH education is starting to figure our what a PHD graduate from the IVY LEAGUE of the FOOLISH cannot figure out.

NB: Is this not land question we talked endlessly about when it was not fashionable?

Anyway, at 0.33, a Wanjiku speaks the TRUTH.

We salute her intelligence and wisdom which has become so rare in the FOOLISHLY EDUCATED CIRCLES:


Anyway, as we wait for other such rare exhibition of intelligence and wisdom from the poor, we leave to enjoy:

Sittin' in the midday sun
And wondering where my meal's coming from
After working so hard
Not even piece of bread at the yard

Chandler Cavanaugh said...

Kenyans Kenyans Kenyans! I read the comments posted on this blog and my heart is filled with utter sadness. You all have very little thinking capacity and you luck insight and tolerance and courage to free you of the third world democracy that you are. It is sad to see people of the same country have so much hate for one another. Why is this anonymous Kikuyu calling a Luo a despicable person? Your ethnocentrism is choking you and driving you to the grass. Due to your uninspired ideology you have become slaves of yourselves. I would hate to step foot in your third world country with bullshit laws that don't assure equal treatment for every individual. That is precisely why your Vision 2030 will be attained in 2100 if not never. GET SOME INSPIRATION!

Anonymous said...

Well stated. I see where you coming from and at times I do agree with you to some extent.

I just want to point out that there are those of us who should always follow the argument, and not try to bend it to suit our own purposes, and protect our so-called interests in the process.

That's what Willy "Nilly" Mutunga wa Sheria has been doing from the day he was elevated to become "Judge of Judges" in the watered down judicial system of Kenya.

Why should Chief Judge Mutunga wa Sheria seek the aid of helicopters for his deadwood judges from the old decadent judicial order when he should seeking for ways and means to not only clean house by getting rid of corrupt and tainted judges, magistrates, lawyers and clerks but to also construct new court houses in all of the new counties of Kenya?

Sounds so cliche, the more things change?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of justice, the so called new Constitution has done nothing and will continue to do nothing for the country and it's people in the next decade or so, unless the whole judicial system is changed from inside out, and from top to bottom.

The new Constitution continues to serve as an avenue for those who are well versed in all matters pertaining to CON-SITUATIONS.

Constitution = Con-situation. Tupende tusipende (whether we like it or not).

We as a people are damned and we were cheated big time - as a matter of fact we ended cheating ourselves in the first place - by the powers that be when the likes of Willy "Nilly" Mutunga wa Sheria was appointed as the new Chief Judge, or rather head of the old colonial council of judges.

We changed the bus driver of the old relic of a colonial judicial bus without ever bothering to seek new and better trained judicial bus drivers as well as making sure that the procurement of new and well equipped judicial buses that can handle the Constitution Highway (Avenue) was in order.

We the people have no one to blame but our own pathetic habits of indulging in trivial and cosmetic judicial changes rather than engaging in the same with surgical precision.

New Constitution has become nothing but national Con-situations.

Imagine Ksh 400,000 is needed for the wasteful upgrading of every seat in the next parliament?

Ksh 400,000 multiplied by the current seats in parliament = CON-situations, while zero, zilch, nada, kasoro primary schools, secondary schools, hospitals, modern police stations, sewage system, etc cetera, fail to be built in Kibera, Mathare, Dandora, et al.

Anonymous said...

Well Well Well,
The usual Kumekucha doom and gloom broadcasters are at it again lambasting and censuring Kenyans over "the backwardness of tribally divisive ethnicity"

You will be disappointed to note that Kenya is more than the typical banter and repartee displayed here week in week out according to whenever Chris Kumekucha posts a new story

Alot of the negative comments about retrogressive Kenyan development is nothing more than a case of "armchair commenting" quite possibly from someone who has never even visited Africa!

Thank your god/God/gods that Kenyans are tolerant and forgiving people otherwise such derogatory comments as @Chandler Cavanaugh 6:05am would surely have been followed by an outcry to match the ignominious tone with which they were written

Anonymous said...

Great minds such as Her/His Royal Highness-6:05 AM is as predictable as they come with their frothing view of themselves and how the world order should be operating to their exclusive benefit.

I bet you 6:05 AM must be among those enjoying the exclusive and protected lifestyles of the higher class within his/her first world society.

Who knows? S/he may be wealthier and famous than Bill Gates or even the late Steve Jobs.
Let's always give him/her all the accolades and rightful place within the higher societies of the world.

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