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Friday, November 25, 2011

Kenya Engages Reverse Gear on New Laws

Kenyan leaders must be world beaters in speaking through both sides of the mouth. While on one hand we want to be seen as modern by adopting electronic voting in the 2112 election, we cannot hasten the process by 100 days. While Mutula is promising eradication of dead voters from the election register, he is can only guarantee mayhem if the polls are held next August and not his preferred December. According to the good lawyer those four months defines the difference between chaos and order.

And by sanctioning the official mutilation of the new constitution even before its full implementation, the Speaker to Parliament Kenneth Marende has laid the foundation to golden pavement of Kenya's ruin. He completed the national betrayal by using the flawed logic of innumerable amendments to the disgraced old constitution.

True we get the leaders we deserve and Kenyans must be feeling left home and dry. The present leadership has collectively conspired to butcher the very tenets of the constitution which was painstakingly promulgated after so much bloodshed that lasted over two decades. They better know now who will never serve their national interests.

The drafters of the new constitution must have seen the present monsters coming by leaving no room for ambiguity about the election date. But alas, now our good Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo will not stop waxing legal about the Armageddon that will be averted by four months.

We are our own worst enemies by electing the very dogs who will never stop salivating at the Kenyan carcase. These wolves provide ready and rich cannon fodder for conspiracy theorists who gleefully expose their post molars laughing at every predicament armed with hammers to which every local, national or international development is a nail.

We can author all the grand theories available in our heads but implementing them demands focused leadership. But with our present set of so-called leaders shepherding us to hell, Lucifer may consider himself dethroned from his own territory. What is more, the simplistic corruption of CON-stitution may have been very apt after all.

While the hitherto loud-mouthed NGOs lost their collective voices when they got embedded in the Narc government, the new constitution has provided yet another fertile ground for not only political horse trading with posts but obscene salaries for both the well-connected and the home boys. Meanwhile the rest of Kenya are all on their won. OLE WETU.


Anonymous said...


Wewe kwenda kwani Mutula amekula nini yako? We are a rich country with the best paying bunge job and why not give akina Nyachae better jobs. As you would always say NA BADO, UTADO?

Anonymous said...

Poor Kenyans, one step ahead ten steps back. Just when we blazed the trail with a new katiba in peace time look at the MPigs undoing the who thing even before implemented. Ours must be the third world curse no less.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"The present leadership has collectively CONSPIRED to butcher the very tenets of the constitution which was painstakingly promulgated after so much bloodshed that lasted over two decades. They better know now who will never serve their national interests."


"These wolves provide ready and rich cannon fodder for CONSPIRACY THEORISTS who gleefully expose their post molars laughing at every predicament armed with hammers to which every local, national or international development is a nail."

Bwa ha ha ha he he he he hi hi

In one paragraph, Taabu is a conspiracy theorist.

In the next, in the STRONGEST TERMS, he condemns conspiracy theorists.

It is easy. All that has happened is this. Kenyans were intoxicated by GRAND ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

Unfortunately, just like OPIUM, these illusions, delusions and childish fantasies melt in the face of the reality the virtual economist dwells on. In other words, welcome to the real world.

Anyway, we leave to enjoy we told you, this CON - Stitution (peace treaty) will not work.

Anonymous said...

Are there no couragious groups of patriots among us who are willing, ready and able to throw legal wrenches and political wreckers in the works when underhanded politicians engage in the usual reverse gear maneuvers on new laws?

Will the "reverse gear" engagements ever lead to deep cracks in the pinion seal, our own version of Tahrir Square?

Or are we, the people so divided to the point where we can never manage to bring about a pregnant moment that will force smoke to catch fire for a change?

While it's easy to get rid of "dead voters" from the registries, it's very difficult and tricky eliminating ghost voters and their handlers during local and national elections.

Anonymous said...

Alot of people have misunderstood what Justice Mutunga had to say about helicopters. It takes 4 days for judges working in far flung corners of the republic like Mandera/Marsabit/Turkana dispensing justice to the marginalised Kenyans, to travel to Nairobi when on break so they can visit their loved ones, and this wastes their vacation time so air travel is one way of ensuring they don't spend 8 days travelling by road to Nairobi to spend time with their family on a 14 days vacation

The country can afford a helicopter for every constituency if necessary. There is no shortage of money only a shortage of proper use of money ask the KKV (kazi kwa vijana) which is an ancient outdated concept but with billions of shillings poured into wasting youths precious energy in manual work

MPs have a travel allowance regardless of where their constituencies are, why should an MP whose constituency is within NAirobi county be given the same travel allowance account as an MP whose constituency is Turkana/Wajir/Marsabit?

Kenya has to move forward whether by choice or by force

Mwarang'ethe said...


Alot of people have misunderstood what Justice Mutunga had to say about helicopters.

It takes 4 days for judges working in far flung corners of the republic like Mandera/Marsabit/Turkana dispensing justice to the marginalised Kenyans,


So, according to the endless wisdom of our NOT SO LEARNED CJ Mutunga, lack of helicopters is the reason why the judiciary has been unable to dispense (you mean like that water machine?), justice to the marginalized regions.

If that is so, has justice been dispensed to those Kenyans who live in areas not marginalised like Nairobi where Mutunga does not need helicopters?

Since the answer is no, does he now need the new Airbus A380, the double-decked, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner to dispense justice in Nairobi?

No wonder Jesus had this to say to Willy Mutunga's of his age:

"And you experts in the law, woe to you (VIPERS), because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, (like helicopters) and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them."

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

You are also charged for
Chargin' de people too much taxes
Because of your mismanagement
Spendin' money
Then taxing the people for it.
You keep borrowing money
From the I.M.f. and the world bank to BUY HELICOPTERS

kenyaone said...

I said it once i'll say it again. We put the cart before the horse. the root cause of our problems in this country was never the constitution. It was the gradual erosion of our own morality and value systems. Until we find a collective way as a society to deal with those, new constitution means nothing. TJRC was the right prescription, but being practiced by witch doctors. Its always difficult to accept that 'I' am the problem and thats what I and all kenyans have to do. Our politicians are a real reflection of ourselves and we cant run away from that. The new constitution was just a scapegoat for us to avoid dealing with the real nastiness that we have become as kenyan society. Nyerere got is right, 'man eat man' society. As michael jackson said, you wanna get it right. It starts with the 'man in the mirror'!

Anonymous said...

@Taabu bin Mzee Shida wa Trouble Nyingi,

I had sworn to never ever respond to any of your custom posts, but I did end up detraying myself in the mix of things for all the wrong reasons.

Case in point, your posts (call them dialogues if will), always ends without a definition, leaving readers in the same worse condition as that of the mighty "reverse gear" political generals, MPS and other sidelined politicians.

Much is expected of posts when Kumukucha generously provides you with a deck or rather an open platform to engage (in) forward gear on what really matters to the people and the country at large.

By the way, are you familiar with Stesilaus (not Stanslous), a one time professional in armor-fighting from the ancient times?

And what became of him and his well respected career?

Wishing you a wonderful and restful end-year celebrations, while looking forward to reading informative and educative postings from you through out the course of 2013.

Anonymous said...

It seems as Kenya Engages Reverse Gear On New Laws, others within the same borders of the 48 year old independent nation are reversing gears on sacred commitments made in Holy Matrimony

Raila's Son Files For Divorce

More than any other generation this generation of young rambunctious and trigger happy finger are the worst statistics in marriage and the lesson learned is only fools rush headlong into anything without thinking twice about the cost and the price to be paid

Anonymous said...

It's legally permissible to backtrack and even engage reverse gear on the so-called "new laws" when the country has an ill-defined constituency.

Including the same old set of corrupt political leaders, movers and shakers, usual national mindset (of this is Kenya where everything goes"), and the evil personified as foreign economic hitmen/women (so-called "much needed investors" aka "nation's economic lifeline").

The more things change...?

Changing the characters, the script, the locations and even the major 'players theaters' will not help much in trying to stop the ongoing engagement in reverse gearing on new laws.

Anonymous said...

Do we really deserve the type of spoilt crop of politicians, deadwood parliament, corrupt civil servants, greedy and unethical business community?

Yes we do, and the onus is always on us big time. Lest we forget that there are many among us who will hate to be reminded that we were told so but we didn't bother to take it into account during the 2002 general elections, let alone the 2007 general elections.

Ni sisi wenyewe ambao tuliwatambua, tukawamini, tukawachagua wanasiasa wote walioko bugeni hivi sasa, wakati tulipo uza kure zetu ili kila mmoja wetu aweze kupate kikombe kimoja cha chai rangi kasoro sukari nguru - Akhmed Malaka, Malindi, April 14th, 2003.

Anonymous said...

what does 'OLE WETU' mean?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:10AM
OLE is a Maasai word and is a part of the language that translated into English would roughly mean woe!

WETU is a Kiswahili word denoting a collective grouping in this case it can be considered a Pronoun such as in English when one says I, We, They, Me etc

OLE WETU then means woe unto us, or better yet Woe is us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prompt explanation.
Woe is truly us, from flying judges to the story this weekend on the perks M.P.s get while sitting on committees, we, the regular mwanainchi, is truly and royally screwed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, woe is us indeed.
Kenya is ripe and long overdue for an overhaul of the entire system of resource allocation and distribution we call government and if only we Wanjikus (ordinary citizens) could seize the golden opportunity to kick out in its entirety all of the current sitting parliament members "unscrewing" fellows like you and i and other hapless and helpless wanainchi who are tired of daily shenanigans aired on television much to our bitter chagrin

Anonymous said...

The recent developments in the country all point to conspiracies.The few people in cabinet push for change of date to Dec.This has all to do with the ICC case involving UK.They need time to finalise the case and pushing the date to Dec may give them enough time.If that fails then they will use the Invasion of Somalia as an excuse to mpostpone the election indefiniteley(A country cannot go to elections during time of war).Do you really think Kenya was justified to invade Somalia?Were there no other cheaper and less complicated security measures that would have been taken to secure our borders?
To make sure that ICC does not call mungiki to testify,kill their top leaders.The conspiracy of the rich.

Anonymous said...

If "Ole is a Maasai word."

Then who was the famous Maasai or wilderness region known by the name "Wetu"?

And does Ole Kantai then translate into 'Woe Kantai'?

What about Ole Mosiro, Ole Olorropil, Ole Oletukat, Ole Ntulele, Ole Enoosupukia, Ole Olchorro, Ole Enabelibeli, Ole Suswa and many more?

How comes the word "ole" has been in common usage for centuries by the residents living along the East African coast [southern Somali all the way to northern Mozambique, including the Comoros and Reunion Islands]?

Lets we forget, "Ole" appears in many of the 11th, 14th, and 18th Swahili poetry, proverbs, sayings, stories, historical accounts and other writings?

Anonymous said...

No need for splitting hairs:

OLE WETU = woe unto us.

All else is heat, no light.

Anonymous said...

ETD (Excuse the Trivial Digression).

After consulting a reliable source, it turns out that 'Ole' is a prestine village in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

While 'Ole' is a male given name in certain East African normadic communities where male children are named Ole Tipis, Ole Ntimama, Ole Naikuye etc.

Last but not least, you're very correct; 'Ole' wetu = woe unto us.'

''Ole' wetu' is usually used as an opening remark or at times a closer phrase, or sound bite in a cautionary tale.

Anonymous said...

Were there no other cheaper and less complicated security measures to secure our borders?

Pursuing the aggressors across the lower north-eastern border may have been a lesser evil.

However, the great eveil or rather the other very costly alternative would have been to erect a huge wall all the way from the border with South Sudan, through Kismaayo and all the way to Jubbada Hoose ("Tip of the Scorpian's Tail").

A type of wall that can withstand mortar attack and all sorts of improvised explosive devices for the next fifteen to twenty-five years.

Do you think that Kenya was justified to invade Somalia?

Was Kenya justified to defend it's citizens and territorial borders by nipping the malicious infiltrators in the bud, such as tracking down the infiltrators in their own neighbourhoods as one of the many ways to try and contain future zealotry aggression?

Or should the powers that be have looked the other way by deciding to take no appropriate action and allowed Kenyans in the affected region to remain vulnerable like sitting ducks waiting to be attacked on a weekly basis or worse on a daily basis by marauding gangs from across the border in question?

Are some of us now busy trying to boil down the security issue in the Jubbada Hoose region to damned if they do, damned if they don't?

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha rise and shine! Many more mornings continue to come and go while there is "very little activity herein and therein".

What happened? Where art thou?

By the way, can some of us be autonomous without having and identity?

Or does having an identity cut down our options and cramp us too much?

To have or not to have an identity, that's no longer a choice between remaining anonymous or becoming autonomous?

Being anonymouse or autonomuse should not be the only option available.

Anonymtu or automtu sounds good when it is claimed for the sake of nobility, much less so when it is for convenience for as long as Kumekucha allows it.

Excuse _____ for the loss in translation.

Mwarang'ethe said...

@ 10.54, Anonymous said...
The recent developments in the country all point to conspiracies.


Which country are you talking about?

It is ALL countries. You are on your own!

Sample this:

"How Paulson Gave Hedge Funds Advance Word of Fannie Mae Rescue."

We were unable to understand the rest of that CONSPIRACY, so, we leave thee to read for thyself:


With that piece of the LARGER CONSPIRACY against the SHEEPLE, we leave in a hurry to enjoy:

They say the blood runs;
And it runs through our line,

And our hearts, heart of hearts Divine,

And John saw them comin' with the truth
From an ancient time.

Anonymous said...

It very refreshing for a change when a country like Kenya "engages reverse gear on" its so-called political and diplomatic stance on characters like Bashir of Sudan, a former long term neighbour in the north.

In the meantime, there are those among us who are hoping that some good comes out of the Egyptian elections, the type of good that will lead to more greater good for the whole country in the course of 2012.

Unfortunately, woe unto the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, for things will to remain the same, or worse if they continue with their same old habits and political ways of doing business as usual while expecting different results for their country and people during and after the ongoing elections.

The so-called general elections are rigged and a total waste of time and resources that would otherwise have been utilized on developing an infrastructure that been non existent for the last seven decades.

So far very little has changed in Democratic Repulic of Congo since January 2001, the day Kabange son of Kabila was selected (not elected) as an immediate replacement under the undue influence of the multi-nationals and hundreds of foreigners with deep pockets.

January 2001 - December 2011, has been a very long time with absolute no change nor progress for the people of the Democratic Republic Congo.

Kabange should have given way to a better leader and concerned generation of Congolese who want to see their country head into a different direction and better future for all involved.

Many would hate to see a repeat of Laurent Gbagbo, or worse a like father like son type of scenario if real political and economic changes do not occur anytime soon.

Do we ever ask ourselves why is the Democratic Republic of Congo still existing under a suffocating dark cloud left behind by the Beligium ghosts of old, the malicious, heartless, cold, calculating and merciless economic hitmen, and the notorious dogs of war. While the rest of the world looks the other way as thousands of Congolese people perish every three six?. ~ Emmanuel Dungia

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:17am
Well its no secret that in order to set the pace and precedent for incoming ICC indictments of her own troubled coterie of suspected elite political PEV masterminds Kenya had to be seen to loudly wail for the "excellent bilaterally relational" Bashir of Sudan

Ekaterina and her stern looking counterparts on the bench will shortly be issuing trial orders for 3 of the six suspects and it will play out better if objecting BAshir's arrest warrant has already set the precedent for objecting to what could turn out to be the fall of certain key political players in the local bigger picture

One can only wait with baited breath as the next 3 - 6 weeks will prove exciting at the very least

Anonymous said...

where is the post on PM

Anonymous said...

The Congolese people fell from the frying pan into the fire when they got rid of one wicked tyrant, then welcomed but later destryoyed another opportunistic political parasitic tyrant, only to end up being saddled with another chameleon tyrant who has sold the heart, mind and soul of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the industrial devil and other foreign evil commercial entities.

The time has come for Kabange to be forced out of office through the very same back door that brought him to power. If not, then the fate of fallen tyrants like Gbagbo, Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi and others awaits him soon or later.

Kabange has failed terribly in leading the Democratic Republic of Congo in the last ten years, and he will not able to do much for the people, let alone uplift the divided country from its current crisis in the next five to ten years.

And that's why the man must go, quit or be pushed out by force, or any other means necessary, regardless of well continues to enjoy the full protection and sickening blessing of the mining industrial complex and the ever greedy international timber industries that have already destroyed sicty percent of the Congo Rainforest.

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