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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oligarchies Unite for The Final Assault on the Sheeple

Since at least July, 2011, we have witnessed some major political moves which we fear many have not noticed, or, understood their full bearings in the scheme of things. At the headquarters of the the Western Empire, we witnessed some CREATED drama about debt ceilings and all that, live on the CNN and such other propaganda channels. So as to resolve this created circus, both Democrats led by NERO Golfer HOOVER Obama, and the Republicans agreed to form an unconstitutional super - committee of 12 TYRANTS. These 12 TYRANTS were mandated to to find out where cuts in the USA’ government must be made. Needless to say, it must also, “decide” who shall plundered more so as to raise more revenue to bailout the OLIGARCHY.

Once these 12 TYRANTS who are working BEHIND CLOSED DOORS like the Kenyan KANU of 1980’s decide who shall be plundered, their findings must be adopted by the USA’s Congress or automatic cuts must come into place. The question is, if the 12 TYRANTS who are conducting their business behind closed door meetings can order the elected leaders of the American people, we ask, where is democracy in all this? The main deal is this. The farce that goes for the Western democracy (which we call OPIUM SESSIONS) is now dead. Times are too serious for even the farcical democracy. Live with it!

That famous "evil" genius Machiavelli, wrote this:

". . .I have not found among my belongings anything as dear to me or that I value as much as my understanding of the deeds of great men, won by me from a long acquaintance with CONTEMPORARY AFFAIRS and a CONTINUOUS STUDY of the ANCIENT WORLD; these matters I have very diligently analyzed and pondered for a long time, and now, having summarized them in a little book, I am sending them to Your Magnificence."

Machiavelli, although totally misunderstood by those who call him devilish, taught us very valuable lessons on human character. Let us therefore, heed his counsel and travel to the ancient world for some insight on contemporary affairs. Leaving out a lot of details on the whole affair of war between ancient Athens and Sparta, we just note that, in 411 B.C., Athens, having been at war with Sparta and its allies since 327 B.C., was becoming FINANCIALLY EMBARRASSED and socially exhausted. To remedy the grave situation, they IMPOSED NEW TAXES on IMPORTS and EXPORTS, but, all this did not work. In other words, AUSTERITY was not working.

As a result of the deteriorating economic which must as a rule lead to social, cultural and political deterioration, the Athenian’s GOVERNING ELITE, i.e. the oligarchs, decided to overthrow the Athenian "Democracy." We put the word in this manner because, honestly, there was no democracy in Athens. So as to organize the OLIGARCHIC COUP, the oligarchs met secretly with a guy called ALCIBIADES, who had been exiled from Athens, and, who was working for the King of Persia who had in turn formed an alliance with Spartans. Having agreed to have Alcibiades recalled to Athens to lead the oligarchic coup, they sent another guy called PISANDER to plead Alcibiades case in Athens.

Unfortunately, most people in Athens did not like the idea of overthrowing the Athenian “democracy.” Even some Generals did oppose the coup. These generals were the first casualties of the coup. So as to convince the Athenians who were against the idea of an oligarchic coup, he would call them separately and ask them something like this: Now that, the Spartans and their allies have joined hands with the Persian King who is supplying them with money, ships, men etc which we do not have, can Athens survive unless we bring the Persian King on our side? Seeing the grave situation as it was, they would reply, clearly, it was not possible. Having gotten this answer, he would then speak straight to them and tell them this:

Well, then, that is impossible unless we have a MORE INTEGRATED GOVERNMENT, with the powers in FEWER HANDS, so that the King may trust us. At the moment what we have to think about is our survival, not the form of our constitution. We can always change that later, if we do not like it. And we must bring Alcibiades back, because he is the only person now living who can arrange this for us.”

Having made it clear to the Athenians that, they had “no choice at all,” and they could change the constitution later if they wished, they gave in. In other words, the Athenians gave in to the idea of a UNITY/COALITION GOVERNMENT which was in fewer hands. This brings us to the 2011 drama.

A few days ago, the Prime Minister of Greece, announced a referendum whereby, the Greek people would have voted to accept or reject the genocidal austerity measures required by the EU and the IMF (read oligarchy). Within a few hours, he was “forced” to scrap the referendum. On top of this, he was “forced” to resign with his post taken by a TECHNOCRAT chosen by all major political parties in a government of NATIONAL UNITY which will push for the austerity measures. So, why did the Greece Prime Minister do this? Simply, he was orchestrating a crisis so as to suspend the right of the Greek people to vote on any measure dictated by the rotten and degenerate oligarchy running the world affairs. For instance, the News Sky reported that:

Greece's Prime Minister has scrapped plans for a referendum on the eurozone bailout plan - telling Sky News he never wanted it to happen. The surprise climbdown, confirmed by the country's finance minister, came after emergency talks in which the opposition party called for early elections and immediate approval of the rescue plan. There are now unconfirmed reports that leader George Papandreou he has struck a deal to step down and hand power to a new coalition government if they help him win a confidence vote on Friday.” Source:

There you have it. The whole circus was meant to bring in an oligarchic government which means that, whatever decisions the single party state makes for the benefit of the oligarchy must be followed by the Greek people. And, the new Prime Minister, Papademos wasted no time in telling us what his job is.

For instance, speaking to the British Establishment propaganda house, i.e. the BBC, we are told that: the new Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has said the priority of his incoming coalition cabinet is to seek unity to keep Greece in the eurozone. "The choices WE make will be decisive for the Greek people," he said, adding that the euro was vital for prosperity. "The path will not be easy but I am convinced the problems will be solved faster and at a smaller cost if there is unity and consensus," he told reporters. Source:

And, if you have doubts who is his boss, here is his answer:

"The participation of our country in the eurozone is a guarantee for the country's monetary stability. It is a driver of financial prosperity," Papademos said after getting the mandate to form a Cabinet. "I am not a politician, but I have dedicated most of my professional life to exercising financial policy both in Greece and in Europe." Source:

Let us translate this jackal language for you. Monetarism is a concept of Empires, imperialists, jackals and hyenas. That is why for instance, as the Spanish Empire received more gold and silver from the mutilated, raped and murdered “Indians,” it was collapsing. As concerns FINANCE, just know this. Finance is a parasite on the real economy. As we all know, ticks can only be fat when the host is dying. In the same manner, the financial prosperity he talks about, must come at the expense of the real economy where most of the Greek people live and work. As such, when he says he has dedicated his life to financial policy, he says, he has dedicated his life to parasitism.

And, this brings us to the Italian circus. As the circus in Greece was “dying down,” Italy was subjected to a massive financial attack which drove its interest for 10 year bond to about 7%. This was the “hard evidence” required to prove that, Mr Berlusconi, elected by the Italians in their wisdom or folly, was not up to the job. So, what is the solution? Simple. Form a government of NATIONAL UNITY led by TECHNOCRATS such as the former EU commissioner Mario Monti so as to enact the “reforms” required by the oligarchy.

However, before the Italian President (we are told he is, just like the Queen of England, Sweden etc a ceremonial decoration. What a LIE told to the humanity since 1848?) could accept the resignation of Mr Berlusconi, he had to ensure passage of some draconian austerity measures which include: an increase in VAT, from 20% to 21%, a freeze on public-sector salaries until 2014, the retirement age for women in the private sector will gradually rise, from 60 in 2014 until it reaches 65 in 2026, the same age as for men, measures to fight tax evasion will be strengthened, including a limit of 2,500 euros on cash transactions, there will be a special tax on the energy sector and above all, that employers must be allowed to hire and fire people more easily if business is to be given a freer hand. What about this Mario Monti as compared to the Italians who will be fired and hired like the feudal serfs. He is a SENATOR FOR LIFE. Source:

But, who is behind these suspensions of what are already farcical democracy? Again, we turn to the British Establishment mouth piece where we are told that, in the past few weeks a kind of politburo has emerged. This POLITBURO of the United Oligarchic Republic of Europe is made up of three “democratically” elected leaders, i.e. the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Jean-Claude Juncker, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

In addition to the three “democratically” elected leaders, we have other FIVE TYRANTS on the table. In its propagandist manner, the BBC sanitises the FIVE TYRANTS this way:

Also at the table are five others chosen by their peers: Jose Manuel Barroso and Ollie Rehn from the European Commission; Herman Van Rompuy from the European Council; Mario Draghi, the new president of the European Central Bank; and all the way from Washington (but really from France) Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF.” Source:

We do not know who are the peers who chose these 5 TYRANTS to lord over Europe like the feudal lords. However, we hope, we have shed some light on what is really going in the Democratic West. But, do not worry at all, for, just like Pisander assured the ancient Athenians, we are assured by the BBC that this is called leadership in extraordinary times, for in BBCs words:
But what is interesting about this inner core within the inner core is that it has begun to flex its muscles. Leadership - that is what we have all been crying out for, isn't it? It has been pressure from members of the Frankfurt Group which has helped unseat recalcitrant prime ministers in Italy and Greece. That may raise questions about democratic legitimacy, but these are extraordinary times. Source:

Now, we seek not to express any views about measures, policies, follies etc taken which have led to this crisis, or any measures wise or foolish and childish proposed to solve the crisis. What we wanted to point is this:

The oligarchy has gambled big and lost. Instead of accepting their losses as one would expect in a free market which they preach to us, they have decided to unite under such names like unity, consensus, coalition, technocrat led governments, bipartisan committees and such pompous names so as to force down the “throats” of the masses their laws of plunder. Actually, may be, the French author, Linguet was damn right in correcting Mr Montesquieu’s juridical illusions when he noted that, The Spirit of Laws is Property.” If not so, are we not now witnessing massive legal changes in the so called Democratic West, so as to: (a) protect the oligarchy's stolen property, and (b) legalise future robbery by the same oligarchy?


Anonymous said...

Africans are only good for desctruction. They destroy everything including the hand that feed them.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The Title of this Essay is:

"Oligarchies Unite For The Final Assault on the Sheeple."

As such, where the title The African came from, we do not know.

kenyaone said...

no mention of an african or the african in the whole post so ultimately whats the relevance....article called the african rignt....???

Anonymous said...

I was tempted to just pass by or rather browse through anonymously this time around without a comment or two responses. However I couldn't help but notice the following fine print at the bottom of the article, posted by kumekucha at 2:05 AM on November 13, 2011.

One thing is for sure, the Original Post was posted at Kumekucha but not by Kumekucha or Chris who is known for his brand of insights gleaned from some of the biggest names in the business of politics, trusted old friends from within the inner circles of the movers and shakers, and several lesser known raia in our midst.

And other more informed urban as well as rural strategists who have expanded the field of civic education through informing and educating the citizenry inspite of all the dangers and risks involved in trying to exercise their constitutional right of accessing various critical through the information freedom of information act.

Chris where art thou? Don't remain in hibernation otherwise some of us, Kumekucha's waganga, may ended up be tempted to vote on various ways and means through which a micro spell can be cast on you, one of these days and for all the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

Chris is MIA trying to get a vehicle to use to get 2012 campaign money. After we discouraged him from getting ripped off by Multilevel Marketting Cons, he has decided to do a recap of 2007 when he was in the payroll of Odinga Demonic People.

Back to the post, as always, Mwarangethe has given us a very accurate account and helped many of us understand the kind of manipulations going on in the world by the so called WESTERN POWERS. If you want to know where Kenya falls in all this, ask yourself why the Kshs is gaining against the dollar at the time when we are at a War we cannot afford and there is countrywide strike going on...its all manipulations folks.

Mwarang'ethe said...

This seems interesting:

Congress: Trading stock on inside information?


For us, we leave to enjoy:


Deceiving the people continually,

Me say them graduatin' THIEVES and MURDERERS,

Me say: de Babylon system is the vampire, FALLING empire

Anonymous said...

Browsing the web and recycling past news is not intellectualism except for the lazy souls and the easily excitables. And what a contradiction that the KNOW-IT-ALL prof from IVY LEAGUE OF Sumarian folklore uses the same sources of info as BBC and CNN.

Practice what you preach please and be original. Just like using GOLD we must wait for word of mouth relayed across continents by runners, LOL.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Seems even Germany might be handed over to the gods called TECHNOCRATS:

"Germany's constitution is highly respected, but it also obstructs the transfer of power from Berlin to Brussels -- a fact that has hindered the rescue of Europe's common currency.

At the CDU's party conference this week, Angela Merkel may push for an overhaul of the Basic Law in order to hasten euro bailout efforts."


How making small SHIT bigger will help matters, we do not know.

We await the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS to enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing massive legal changes in the so called Democratic West.

One wonders where - in what European nation - the ripples of the domino effect will be felt next. Will it be France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, et cetera?

That's some kind of a narrative essay topic, more of another version of the book of revelation commenatry according to Kumekucha's professor of keeping it real when need be, tupende tusipende (whether we like it or not).

The year 2011 will go down in world history as a year in which many world leaders were ousted by all means necessary.

The unfortunated ones like Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali were ousted through force, call it Arab Spring (Revolution) if you will.

While the fortunates one, the likes of Brian Cowen, George Papandreou, Silvio Berlusconi and others (to follow soon) was forced to resigned in a more dignified manner that never brought any national humiliation to their respective European nations.

All things taken into account, the ripple effect will remain one of the many reasons why Kenya and many other third world nations will always be a geopolitical as well as socioeconomic pawns for the powers that be until they cease to be with the passing of times.

Or until they dare stand up against the political interests and vision crafted by world giants such as the IMF, WB, UN, European Commission, European Council, Frankfurt Group, WHO, WFO, et al

...democracy at its most extreme promotes radical individualism, which in turn fosters an amoral relativism with power and pleasure the only goods, to be pursued and acquired by any means possible.

Plato has left us several portraits of men who took the ethical pluralism of moderate Sophists to an etreme of relativism: good and evil are meaningless, arbitrary cultural conventions which can be ignored by the superman, who obeys the law of nature that says the STRONG deserve to RULE and EXPLOIT the WEAK

As for the Greeks who once created the so called Western Civilization, they have themselves to blame because of their Greek ways of giving in to outside pressures generated at the headquarters of the Western Empire.

The Greek leaders should have given the referendum a chance instead of having the the current draconian austerity measures passed and then shoved down the throats of the Greek people.

What my aunt loves to refer to as robo bakuli ya ugali au wali kazoro mchuzi na kadhalika.

The Greeks may no longer have one Papa Ndreou (Papa Ndirau) as their leader, but they have been left stuck with the same political script, but with a different leader, one Papa Demos (Papa Ndimo) who intends to keep the Greek nation afloat for a while.

Anonymous said...

Chris, pole sana. Some of us had no idea, no clue nor any information that things were elephant in your residential court that was once based at Syokimau.

I just heard it through the grapevine several hours ago that one of the five bedroom maisonette demoslished the other day had been your second home for the last five years.

Talk of double jeopardy, there were people, famous con artists, government officials, and other individuals who were naturally driven by self-interest and outright greed, who sold the two plots to you, as well as hundreds of plots to other unsuspecting Kenyans, knowing very well that the land was government property not earmarked for residential nor commercial development in any way whatsoever, as claerly indicated in the Nairobi city ordinance dating back to October 12th, 1969.

Then to add insult to deadly injury, the same government, call it Airport Authority, authorized the development of land within the area around the JKIA, including Syokimau, only to turn around and order the immediate demolition of your cherished home, including two hundred homes that belonged to hard working Kenyans who have been trying so hard to improve their lives and uplift their families in the last eight to five years.

Kwa kweli, doing evil and getting away with it is worse than suffering evil.

So far, it seems as though there people who continue engage in evil and get away with it at all times without ever having to suffer the consequences of the evil they have perpetrated on other Kenyans for decades.

Anyway, pole sana. I hope you will find some legal recourse for the breach of contract, harassment and destruction of your property by those concerned, and some of the surviving culprits brought to justice.

Mwarang'ethe said...

And, the TECHNOCRATS gods in Italy are very busy. They have already delivered the HEADS of the Italian people to the OLIGARCHY (or, rather, the PUPPETS) in Brussels.

Much is promised. However, we were able to spot something BORROWED from the GRAND REGENCY "SALE" in Kenya yetu tukufu.

It is this at page 6:

"Buildings located abroad will be sold by PRIVATE AGREEMENT, except when there are special conditions."

It seems Kimunya is a nice teacher after all. Bwe he he he hi hi

"Moreover, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Economy andFinance will identify agricultural state land to be sold.

If it is worth less than 400,000Euro, it will be sold by PRIVATE AGREEMENT."


In other words, just cut the land into Euro 399, 000 pieces and sell to the same guy with 100 registered companies.

Remember how we SOLD KARI lands at Kabete? Style hiyo hiyo.

Bwa ha ha he hi hi


If you have time, read for yourself the rest of the poisonous medicine.

NB: One more thing. Can a leader, leave alone, AN IMPOSED DICTATOR of a nation in terms of any laws, human and divine, ABSOLUTELY ALIENATE LAND?

Have any people given any leader such powers?

Can such powers be implied?


For us, we leave to enjoy:

So Much Things To Say

Anonymous said...


You are doing VERY well with AUTOEROTISM - 4/11 replies to your own posts. Self laundry I guess. Congrats, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Moron 5:14 am,

Instead of picking on Mwarangethe with cheap shots, why dont you raise counterarguments and we will see where that will take you.
Is it soo painful for you to think bwana pensioner??

Well, then go back to counting your toes....

Anonymous said...

The usual modus operandi of choice has always been to have many calculated attacks boardering on maliciousness, disparaging remarks, veiled arm chair abuses, and redicule directed against Mwarang'ethe, but very little or no arguing against Mwarang'ethe's positions.

For instance, had Mwarang'ethe raised the critical issue of international double standards, western world response and strong arm police tactics with regard to protesters in Tahrir Square and Martyrs Sqaure versus Zuccotti Park and Folev Square, he would have been called all sorts of names under the skies.

Or worse had the title of the current post read as follows; The Oligarchies Unite for The Final Assault on the 'Occupy Wall Street Protesters'.

On the other hand, the so-called CNN, BBC, VoA, certain democratic governments, concerned individuals in high places, church organisations, et cetera whould have wasted no time jumping or latching onto anything to do with Kenya Police Drives Out Peaceful Protesters from Uhuru Park
and making mountains out of it for the sake of political mileage.

The media houses would be busy running the police carckdown at Uhuru Park or Jamuhuri Park, under the usual banner of "Breaking News" or "Headline News" and "Travel Advisory" by some democratic governments.

While the so-called expatriates and their usual dependents would have been busy 24/7 facebooking (faking-it and facebaking-"updating"), twittering, skyping, texting and calling home, including their local papers, national papers and churches, informing them of how tense and dangerous the situation around them had became, and how fearful they were for their precious lives while trapped in a such a ...forsaken world.

All just because some peaceful Kenyan protesters, like their counterparts (Occupy Wall Street), had decided to make their united voices heard, rather than occupy Uhuru Park or even sleep over at Jamhuri Park.

LOL! We have yet to see very worried Kenyans living New York city, call their respective families, friends, embassy, government, national and local newspapers, TV and radio stations, seeking interviews, or reporting how things have turned chaotic in Zuccotti Park and Folev Square.

Anonymous said...

Some people may not feel the pain and anguish being felt by former Syokimau home owners due to obvious reasons known to humanbeings since the beginning of time.

Without adding a drip of hot liquid salt to injury, the following over used four phrases could have saved many from the current anger, heart breaks and disappointments being experienced by former residents of Syokimau, and other buyers of real eastate.

a) Due diligence.
b) Buyer beware.
c) Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith.
d) Protect your money at all times from Nairobery.

Due diligence real estate checklist is a must for anybody trying to invest their life savings, hard earned money or borrowed money in purchasing a plot, land, or house in and around the Nairobi Metropolitan area as well as all over the country.

Anonymous said...

Syokimau was just the tip of the iceberg and a taste of what is about to shock and awe many home owners residing in the urban areas of Kenya.

It's not a question of when or if the demolition might happen. It's happening today and it will continue for the next five years.

The ongoing demolition of houses and any other structures illegally built elsewhere on government property will continue as one of the many ways to nip corruption in the bud and a deterrence to would be potential buyers of stolen government property.

Aiding and abetting corruption, such as land grabbing, theft and illegal sale of public land in the urban areas will not be tolerated.

People can not publicly complain of rampant corruption in Kenya and then turn around and privately engage in the same.

The time has come to put Kenyans on notice and let them know that they can no longer have their cake and eat it.

Every Kenyan citizen should take personal responsibility in the fight against endemic corruption, including many other economic, social and political vices within the public sector as well as the private sector.

Or else there is no point of people expecting the civil service, parliament, government and country in general to change when individuals are not willing to do their part and hold their end of the bargain.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
Let no one deceive you that the goings on at Syokimau is entirely the fault of the government, as the saying goes it takes 2 to tango

In life there are very few important or big purchases such as the acquisition of land or Terra firma, not even a buying a house can be compared to acquiring a piece of land and the due diligence that needs to be done goes far beyond simply shaking hands in agreement with the land seller

While there is no use to cry over split milk let the appropriate actions now be taken against the fake sellers and con men dealers who duped hardworking but neglectful kenyans in spending millions to acquire and make use of land that was illegal. This afterall is a new Kenya and we expect justice to be served without fear anymore

The rest of you Kenyans living around Eastleigh Airforce Base, Wilson Airport and even road reserves such as the unveiled Thika Road new highway you had better make sure the same sorry fate is not going to befall you as it did your brothers and sisters shedding tears for us daily on TV as bulldozers tear apart their homesteads

Anonymous said...

The Syokimau evictees will be compensated, with tax payers' money of course...

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