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Monday, April 25, 2011

Poor Sad Kenyans Nailed on the Cross

By KK Blogger

What a speedy ruinous transition from the most hopeful in the world to the saddest in under a decade? The true state of sad Kenya can only be traced to the own making of Kenyans themselves. They made the bed and must brace themselves to lie on it.

That Kenya is at crossroads is susch a remarkable paradox where human, material and achievements are celebrated irrespective of how have been acquired. The media are culpable in this context thriving on fanning emotions of the Kenyan people rather than promoting ethnic harmony. Secondly, leadership lacks direction whipping ethnic allegiance at the expense nationhood.

As revealed in a recent research, Kenyans are amongst the saddest which tells a million since majority are prone to depression worried about where the next meal would be coming from whilst those inciting us against each other worries the least about this. Majority of us lack the relaxed social contact and emotional satisfaction we need, we thrive on exploiting others to an extent where illegal drug lords are celebrated deemed as leaders.

How is it that we have created mental and emotional suffering manifested through corruption, land grabbing and exploitation the poor while at the same time keeping t the poor masses together as they follow ‘leaders’ blindly? The ilk of Ruto, Uhuru and Sonkos are the ones I have in mind. Whilst we struggle for psychological survival, we celebrate this people against the backdrop of stress and emotional exhaustion we are going through. But the truth is that they are lavishing themselves in extravagance at our expense while our children, siblings, families are dying of hunger, diseases not able to afford basic health care, least of all able to put food on the table.

These people are deeply ambivalent about our welfare or the state of affairs, rather are concerned about wealth, material gain and at the pinnacle this is how to protect what they have ‘acquired’ at all cost thus the hullabaloo about ‘time for youth leadership’. Incisive questions in this regard are whether this ‘bus’ offers any solutions to unemployment, drugs, crime , diseases and lack resources to jump start businesses or offering any vision for the future of Kenya with clear strategies. Hell no, the culture of impunity is what this promotes, with ‘me/my’ at centre of it all. The end result to all these is that we are bringing up children who will be celebrating drug lords, those with no respect to humanity , grabbers and in the long run perpetuating moral profligacy.

It is a pity that mainstream politics no longer taps on these issues and has abandoned the attempt to provide a shared vision capable of inspiring us to create a better society. As mainstream voters we have lost collective belief that that the society has bestowed upon us to shun such personalities for the sake of harmony in our midst. With this in mind it is possible to piece together intention of these ’Johny come lately’ politicians who personify dysfunction behaviour. If we spared a second in order to have a proper understanding of where these actions will take Kenya or transform politics and quality of life for all of us. This would change our experience of the world around us and change whom we support or vote in.

Instead of blaming the society, religion, values education, governance the responsibility is ours, resonating around our behaviour, culture and values. The buck therefore stops by the doorstep of the media, instead of promoting harmony in the society; they are constantly thriving in fanning animosity between different personalities an extension of divide between their communities. Positive stories/news that would help Kenyans celebrate their diversity positively are relegated to ‘less worthy stories’ as opposed tribal warlords galvanising their tribes to fight their personal wars.

This decay will result in a generation lacking vision, direction or future that which celebrates thugs, Mungikis, drug lords and proponents of widening the gap between the poor and rich or just society and broken society.

But again aren't we an enterprising lot and the envy of many neighbours? Surely the road to self destruction must be immaculately paved with golden pebbles. Ours is akin to marvelling at the beauty of every floor on our way down oblivious of the hard pavement waiting to split our collective skulls.


Kiroboto na thuiya said...

Instead of celebrating Easter and what one man did 2000 years ago to save the mankind, Taabu can only post this nonsense post.
The moral of Easter is Jesus gave his life unselfishingly for us all! My question is what are you do to help someone or to reverse a bad situation?
This post should read "What can we learn from the cross"?

Anonymous said...

thank you for the early pre-sunday sermonette complete with sanctimonious title.don't worry its KK wildwest we understand sometimes the temperature gets a little too hot to handle sometimes. close the door gently on your way out and happy easter

Anonymous said...

You not only lost me for a moment but through out all those pragraphs. Anyway, I am elated by the fact that it was all written in jest - you're obviously not that serious. It seems as if one si describing life in of those American ... neighbourhoods or countryside.

Anonymous said...

What is African about Easter apart from religious subjugation to a foreign culture? Poor lot!

Anonymous said...

Moi is now a level gave us reason to make allowances.kiraitu told him to wash what management means! Kifaki is worst leader of all kenyans will ever. Remember. Thief,corrupt,impunity and corruption. Good roads is not his! Its donors bypassing the ministry and doind direct funds tobprojects.ashidwe dana

Anonymous said...

The moment the author of this article only listed Ruto, Uhuru and Sonko, I knew he was an ODM sympathiser who could not see beyond his party. The same ills he has listed have been committed by Raila, Mudavadi, Kosgey, Ngilu, Ntimama, etc etc...
Actually, one cannot talk about blind loyalty by a suffering populace without including raila's name. The man has and continues to steal too much from his kin and yet they celebrate him as their 'saviour'. Just check in, or other blogs operated by Luo's.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:43 PM
Don't even bother, it is a very sensitive topic for most of us, because your very own national identity card, passport or whatever foreign IDs that you carry with you or on your person have one or more European names attached to them.

What's in a name?

Ati, Moses Gaston Collins Olukai, Cliff Peter Fredricks Maligo, Raphael Alfred Jonstone Maremwa, Samson Eugene Patrick Kiteme, George Fred Churchill Waitito.

What's [so] African about Easter?

Go figure or wake up and ask the Ethiopians, Egyptians, Algerians, Tunisians and many other Africans who were lucky enough to encounter and embraace the Christian faith several years after Christ's death, way back when most European tribes had no clue whatsoever of monotheism and Mosaic law was all about.

What about foreign culture?

Do you still use cutlery or are you comfortable with using your own beautiful hands?

Anonymous said...

"Unapo sherekea na kufurahia shida, kifo, mateso au ugojua wa mwenzako, kumbuka kwamba wewe pia yatakupata na kukumba hivi karibuni. Maisha ni kupanda na kushuka. Upende usipende."

Anonymous said...

What is in a name? Well you may be a Peter but you had no choice from what your parents supplicated to. But now as an adult you don't have to submit to the same shit in the name of religion/subjugation. You even have the choice of RENOUNCING your SLAVE name.

Name=cluster of letters singularly put together for tagging/identity.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:28;

why are you treading in KK with a foreign tongue? why not stick in your village and stick to dorobo, kalenjin or whatever s@$% you call your mother tongue o'wise wacha kuropokwa while the irony is on you. If you can't do that, stick in taabuville and shut the f#$^ up!!

Anonymous said...

The "subjugated" will always remain enslaved to the subjugator not realizing the key to emancipating themselves lies in their own minds, the bonds they think are holding them captive are no longer tied around their necks anymore but in their minds is where the real and true handicap is.

Mark you not everyone can handle so called "freedom" it is easier to spend the rest of your life blaming others for your problems and seeing imperialism in every western action than it is to live as free men doing whatever you please. with great freedom comes great responsibility

Mwarang'ethe said...

Poor Kenyans! You shall weep in vain. And, the tears shall drop to your stomachs.

We warned thee that, the New Constitution was the LAST opportunity.

You, led by Ivy League FOOLS, squandered that once in a life time opportunity in discussing USELESS issues like more MPs, useless senators, two or 10 centers of powers, devolution and such jazz.

Now, all you are trying is to spin the earth backwards on its own axis. Keep on trying and pass mursik please.

From where we stand, very firmly by the way, we know this for sure:

(a) Society is not founded on the IDEALS, but, on the NATURE of man.

Sample this. In Chapter 2 of the New Wonderful Constitution which is labelled THE REPUBLIC, you will find these words:

(2) The Republic of Kenya shall be a multi - party ... founded on ... national values ... in Article 10.

When you jump to that Article 10, you will find a lot of USELESS words like patriotism, unity, sharing, rule of law, human dignity, equity, social justice bla bla bla.

Oh men, do these idiots believe in this CRAP? This is why we find these values very AMUSING:

If you are a keen student of man in society, you find this:

(a) Life is COMPETITION, and,

(b) competition is PEACEFUL when FOOUD ABOUNDS, but, VIOLENT when mouths outrun the food.

As such, in the wild, you will find animals devouring each other without any qualms.

However, in civilized societies, men devour each other by the DUE PROCESS OF LAW.

Now, if you look at Kenyan situation before the New wonderful Constitution, we had violent competition for little food. Thats a fact.

Now, with the new constitution, we shall require more taxes/ROBBERY. As any idiot knows, the more we tax, the less food we gonna have. Thats another fact.

If we are going to have less food than we had before the new constitution, and therefore, we can expect even more violent competition, how the hell do you expect to realise the values of Chap. 2, Article 10, which require abundance?

In other words, the new constitution is contradictory like a document written by a nursery kid. And, if this is the "best brains" we have, may God help us.

Anyway, we off to listen to:

"they keep us hungry, and when you gonna get some food, your brother has got to be your enemy."

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mark you not everyone can handle so called "freedom" it is easier to spend the rest of your life blaming others for your problems and seeing imperialism in every western action than it is to live as free men doing whatever you please. with great freedom comes great responsibility

4/23/11 1:48 AM


Seeing imperialism in every Western actions.

Okay, give us one action of the West which was not imperialistic Sir?

However, the above is not the main issue. What we have tried to educate you is this.

There are institutional mechanisms in place, put into place in the colonial times, which make it absolutely impossible to "live as free men doing whatever you please."

For instance, assume you had savings of KES 100 2 months ago. Assuming a loaf of bread was KES 20then, you would have bought for your family 5 loaves of bread.

Now, since bread is like let us say KES 30, you can only afford 3.3 loaves of bread.

So, if this is the institutional mechanism in which we are operating, how the hell do you mean live free as you want?

How can a man live free as he wants when his earnings are consficated/robbed every day?

To be free, you just first destroy the vampire that is eating your earnings. To do so, is to destroy imperialism. That is what we mean by ending imperialism.

Wake up and see the reality and not your fantasies!

Anonymous said...

@Messrs Supplicant and Supplication,
Welcome to 2011. By the way, did you really have to dig up that ancient word from the days when your scholastic achievements were cherished by your whole ancetral clan? Mmmmmmm. Remember Pastor Muthe Mbongo, with his religious fervour and biblical expressions that were always caked in layers of an archaic language?

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, for every one confirmed Ivy League FOOL, there are over 500 Envy League NINCOMPOOPS who are highly laced with POISON IVY and vitriolic ammonia.

All confirmed Envy League NINCOMPOOPS are registered lilliputians in the world of academia and intelligentsia, and they suffer from a severe malady of inferiority complex of the highest degree.

Always be forgiving and understanding of them in anyway possible.

These types of folks in our midst can't help themselves but lash out at others at any moment, on any given day and for whatever reasons.

Best medicine is to ignore the outbursts and irrational behaviour 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, for every one confirmed Ivy League FOOL, there are over 500 Envy League NINCOMPOOPS who are highly laced with POISON IVY and vitriolic ammonia.

All confirmed Envy League NINCOMPOOPS are registered lilliputians in the world of academia and intelligentsia, and they suffer from a severe malady of inferiority complex of the highest degree.

Always be forgiving and understanding of them in anyway possible.

These types of folks in our midst can't help themselves but lash out at others at any moment, on any given day and for whatever reasons.

Best medicine is to ignore the outbursts and irrational behaviour 24/7.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

So how exactly can i get rid of the vampire?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:07 AM
Heard you loud and clear. Don't forget to make offerings of rice, vegetables, and fish to the goshintai and other kami, so as to get absolution from the jingu daguji.

Anonymous said...

More than 750 Unarmed/Innocent Black [dark skinned] African Migrants Have Been Killed in Libya.

Evil ghosts of the Libya 'Revolution' and organized elements of demented abductors have been systematically abducting, torturing, and lynching dark skinned African migrants who are trying to flee from the soon to be wild fires of a deadly civil war in Libya.

So far, all the world has been shown is reminants of destroyed tanks and vehicles belonging to the Libyan military.

Yet there have been no confirmed reports nor pictorial evidence of any captured Libyan soldiers or even remains of dead Libyan soldiers killed in skirmishes that have been going since the tribal insurrection that was started by ragtag bands of self-proclaimed Libyan tribal rebels.

Not a single photograph of a captured Libyan soldier or Libyan dead soldier has managed to grace the front pages or headlines of major newspapers in France, the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Germany or any one of the NATO countries.

Nor have the leaders from the NATO countries raised any concerns or voiced outcry over the ongoing abductions, torture, detention, executions, and public lynchings of innocent dark skinned African immigrants who have been trying so desperately to get out of Libya since the violence erupted.

Many dark skinned Africans from South of the Sahara cheered and supported their fellow neighbours in North Africa when protests, unrests and revolutions started gaining momentum in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and later in Libya.

Least did many of them ever think that there would come an evil time when 'dark skinned' Africans would end up being targetted due to malicious rumours that were manufactured by some racists evil ghosts operating under the disguise of a people's revolution against the regime Muammar Gaddafi, his sons and henchmen.

The UN and leaders of the NATO coaltion must address the issues senseless executions and lynchings that are now on the rise in the rebel held territories.

Most of the victims are being abducted from refugee camps, major roads, while others are being pulled from vehicles that are trying ot take them to safety beyond Libyan borders.

The African Union is a toothless organization, which is no different from its past ornamental shell, the defunct OAU, while African governments have been convenienlty silent over the mass killings of their citizens since the civil war began.

There were estimated 1.5 million dark skinned African migrants in Libya, before several eyewitness accounts confirmed that some of the dead were dark skinned African immigrants workers origanlly from Niger, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Central African Republic, Equatorial Gunea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Darfur (Sudan), Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Entrea, Zimbabwe, Republic of the Congo and Guinea.

Giving a new meaning to 'an enemy of an enemy has become a ghostly enemy' of the dark skinned African migrants trying to flee the already chaotic (hellish)situation in Libya.

It's feared that the NATO funded 'revolution' will end becomig a protrcated tribal conflict in Libya, now that Muammar Gaddafi has already managed to arm and turn several Libyan tribes against the other opposing tribes in the rebel held territory.

Anonymous said...

General Secretary Banki Moon, President Sarkozy, NATO Generals, President Obama, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, Prime Minster of Great Britain David Cameron, Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton and many others, what is your real objective in Libya?

Regime change, as in getting rid of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, sons, henchmen, tribe and military machine?

Perpetual funding of a protracted civil war among the already distrustful tribal factions of Libya, while turning ablind eye on the heinous atrocities that are being committed against former dark skinned African migrant workers who are trapped in various refugee camps around Libya?

Making sure that the Libyan crisis don't exacerbate the fuel prices in your own countries as well as unfore seen political uphevil in various nations around the world?

Anonymous said...

Bwana Vincent Kilonzo learned the hard way why the anger, frustration, agony and humiliation of other unnamed three dumes had given in to determination, with an underdog (survivor's) mentality in the course of the last eight years.

Two of the three dumes always laugh it of with a cliche, "regrets I have had them but only few to remember" and life has been worth it ever since we went our separate ways, whenever they asked about their one time companion.

Of course there are always three sides to a nasty or juicy domestic story, with regard to 'she said, he said' and the reality that brews between a couple to the point where they either decide to dissolve a marriage or to reconcile for the better and learn from their previous individual and collective doemstic mistakes.

All things considered, whoever said "uwe mrube si kwa sura tu bali kwa utu pia" real knew what is always at stake when a couple gets embroiled in domestic battles and wars of attrition.

When all is said and done, people can't wait to hear from Balozi Yvonne Khamati-Kilonzo and her side of the story, unless she decides to go diplomatic by sweeping the whole incident under a diplomatic gossip rug in the hopes that it's not worthy for public consumption.

Unfortunately, Vincent Kilonzo is now among the increasing number of Kenyan men who continue to join the unfortunate if not embarrassing league of male victims of domestic abuse in Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
More than 750 Unarmed/Innocent Black [dark skinned] African Migrants Have Been Killed in Libya.


When the commotion began, the first thing the PRESSITUTE and the Ivy League of FOOLS told you was about Gaddafi hiring BLACK mercanaries so as to kill Libyans.

That should have alerted INTELLIGENT Africans, or, rather, if you like "All confirmed Envy League NINCOMPOOPS" to what was going on.

However, intoxicated by nonsense from Ivy League of FOOLS and their pressitute, the CNN, BBC etc, Africans cheered arrival of freedom in Libya.

The story was documented here under:

"Race and Arab Nationalism in Libya."

NB: The "international community which includes the ICC has not heard or seen these massacres.

And, since this is the case, let us continue cheering these freedom lovers of Libya as they do their work as we see here:

Meanwhile, let us continue enjoying:

Lock them up; oh, not the BROTHERS,
But the ones who SETS 'em up at

Anonymous said...


Why don't you head over to Jukwaa and also post your comments there? I hear many establishment figures read Jukwaa and maybe some of your brilliant ideas "may" help.

Anonymous said...

mysterious KKBlogger,
Well you couldn't have put it better-Kenyans are poor and the poverty afflicting us is self-inflicted but administered dependently by the political elite.
But this time around the mass pressure is about to explode with the combination of rising exaggerated cost of living plus the electioneering campaign period set to unofficially kick off in 3months time and lets not forget the continuation of the Hague suspect trials in September

This lethal Molotov cocktail is set to explode and the resulting blast will overturn the state run economy once and for all shifting the balance into the hands of the hoi polloi where power ought always to have resided

Anonymous said...

anaon 12:59 aka jaluo onyango oloo of raila worshiping blog jukwaa.

Nice try but KK is prime unlike that trash blog where those who dont BJ raila's ego are devil reincarnate, where loosers like politicalmaniac aka mafi, adongo mjinga and other silly fellows are the law.
No wonder phil has found a home there since KK could not take his crap.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

Did anyone of you view on youtube the dispicable, gruesome and atrocious public lynching of a Ghanaian migrant worker by the Libyan rebels? Fleeing migrant workers have become targets for open season practice shooting by the Benghazi led rebels.

Come to think of it, Libya is a country where the Moors (Berber, Black Africans and Arabs) lived together in peace for centuries before the Ottoman occupation from 1551-1911.

Anonymous said...

If I may ask, which cross did you have in mind, or rather what type of cross? Was it the wooden, mental, plastic, concrete, fiberglass, or ivory type?

Who are the high priests of politics and usual well connected culprits that are responsible for having nailed most of the "poor sad Kenyans" on to the heaviest crosses of abject poverty, killer hunger, daily corruption, volatile ethnic politics, nationwide instability and ignorant parliamentarians?

By the way, why do Kenyans in their right minds so addicted to carrying very heavy political, economic and social crosses from one abysmal general election to the next, only to end up being nailed on to the same crosses by the very Judas politicians who claim to represent them in the temple of self-serving politics?

Do "poor sad Kenyans" have a chance of being liberated by a collective resurrection (not insurrection) after three decades of wallowing in the dark and oppresive tombs of poverty, sadness, anxiety and business as usual?

Anonymous said...

About ICC dealing a 'fatal blow' to impunity, some pointers to how judges make decisions can be found on the below link. So even if Trendraflova reads standard newspaper for info there's other factors still that can make her reach a capricious and unjust ruling. Good grief.|hig|14-04-2011|editors_highlights

Anonymous said...

While many Kumekuchans in Kenya and Europe are still celebrating and enjoying what remains of their long Easter holiday weekend, and others are just getting over with their Easter Monday blues, I would hope that they are doing their due diligence ("tuyi tilijensi"/"ndiyu ndilinjense") and getting ready for the next phase that will shape and determine Kenya's future for the next ten years.

Is there such a thing as 'Easter Monday Blues'?

Or do the rolled stones left by the empty tomb wipe out all the blues that one might have had since the start of the fasting season that is better known as 'lent' in some religious circles and among dedicated diehard abservers?

There is such a thing as Easter Monday Blues when alert Kenyans begin to ask Where do those so called contributions to charitable organizations, churches, the proverbial NGOs, and especially projects slotted for Kenya go?

One well known organization, name withheld for obvious reasons, claims to have made more than $35 million (roughly 1.1% of it's total net worth) in charitable donations in the last six years "to fund various pojects in Nairobi metropolian and around the countryside".

$35 million? Yes, $35 million in charitable contributions has been directed at (poured into) one East African country alone, according to their claims.

Yet the executives, so called "charitable tourists" or "fly-by-night Johnny and Janie Do Dooders" have failed to produce a single audited financial statements dating back to April of 2004.

Now that is what makes people like so and so, you know who, suffer from 'Easter Monday Blues' becuse they fear that one day their world will come crumbling down like a house of cards.

$35 million earmarked funds for Kenya since and nothing concrete to show for?

Yes, $35 million, it was and still is according to their claims as of last weekend gathering.

I do clearly unsterand why some generous folks fly first class or no longer fly commercial but have gone with private jetting companies ever since.

Anonymous said...

Have a longstanding commitment when it comes to avoiding ethnic extremists and their generals, wherever they may be, and √°lways a cultivate peaceful approaches of working with liberals, moderates, and progressives from communinities with known extremists.

Anonymous said...

Is the ICC an International Changua Concert, Internalized Chafua Cornerstone, or Interahamwe's Chief Chamber?

Anonymous said...

Wacha habo Bachenya bote babebe misalaba yabo mpaka bapate akili yakutua hiyo misalaba kujiwekelea bawenye kila mwaka na kila wakati.

Nilasima bantu bachuwe kuchiokowe benyewe ikiwa banataka uhuru ya nchi yabo na ya bantu bote bamakabila yote ya Chenya.

Angalia bantu bengi bakwetu huko Kongo bando banaendelea kubebe mislaba yabo ya bure kabisa miaka mingi baada ya vita ya bakombozi kutoka kwa Babelikichi (Beligiums) .

Utaona bantu bote bakwetu bando bana liya, baumea, banauchungu na bakuba kila siku huko Goma, Bukavu, Uvira, Kisangani na Kinshasa, miaka mingi baada ya yule Mkubwa Mobutu na Mkubwa Kabila balitolewe kwa vita ya banduki, mtutu na gombora mingi.

Shauri yabo Bachenya bakitaka baendelea na hayo mambo mabaya ya banasiasa ya basantula, batumula na batumbuka.

Tunabakie amani, umoya na ustawi batu bote ba inchi ya Chenya. Zambe, Mulungu, Leza, Mwalangula ababariki na abalinde Bachenya bote

Anonymous said...

Sounds so cliche, 'people do change for the better or for the worse' and others 'do develop a real good conscience or a rotten one once they're caught between a rock and very hard place'.

I will will cut Ms. Simone Gbagbo some slack while she deals with her legal probelems anda myriad of personal issues.

Although I have to give it her for having requested or rather pleaded with the powers that be to donate all of her royal wardrobe and footware to those in need, especially the displaced women in various regions of Ivory Coast.

It's reported that Simone Ehivet left behind many unopened containers (as in shipping constainers with logo 'MSC') filled with crates of clothings, shoes, comestics, bubble bath soap, bedding sets, wigs, jewelry, non perishable dietry foods, diet pills, a variety unused excercise equipment, and many other very expensive accessories that were stored in some of her private residences in Ivory Coast.

Looters in Abidjan took what they could carry away from the presidential palace, but they still left behind a lot of clothing, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and imported perfumes that once belonged to the ambitious first lady, Madame Simone Ehivet Gbagbo.

Many of the looters must have been interrupted by sporadic gunfire resulting from mopping up and clean-up excercises by the Republican forces engaged in skirmishes with left-over elements from Gbagbo's loyalist forces, the young patriots and FPI's militia.

Anyway, prison life is not a brand new chapter for the one time daughter from Moossou, Grand-Bassam, a mother five of daughters, the last two with Laurent Gbabgo, due to the fact that she had been imprisoned a number of times during her so called the struggle for multiparty elections in Ivory Coast.

Many have wondered what became of Simone Ehivet's former husband, the father of her first three daughters, and how Laurent Gbagbo mange to unite with her as a comrade in arms under the FPI's political umbrella, and later claim as his wife, and the mother of their two daughters?

To be continued ....

Anonymous said...

An Imelda Marcos or what?

Anonymous said...

Hear ye hear ye hear ye!

What goes around, comes around. What goes up must come down, What sizzles must fizzle.

What makes its rounds by night gets stranded in broad daylight. What glitters isnt always golden brown.

A hot cheer leader must never be passed on to a seasoned quaterback, must never be held tight by a tightend, must never be received by wide receiver, must never tackled by anyone on the defense team, nor lined up for the linebacker.

Someone else from the other team always benefits from a 'Hail Mary Pass'.

Our dear Kenyans can be very funny at times as well as very diplomatic when they choose to be during good times.

Here is a liner that nearly caused a hairline fracture on my lower rib cage; kinda complicated "inheriting" a "Youth Activist" from Musikari Kombo (who inherited the same from the Late Mike RIP). ... Kilonzo bought a car with "serious mileage". He didn't bother to check the "mileage" at the "dealership" before paying cash for the vihicle that was ment for 'lease only' and 'as is'.

This is not one of those 'Yvonne Khamati-(minus) Kilonzo bashing moments by one gender, because many of her own gender have been at the forfront of wanting to get her or at her for one reasons or another but thanks to her ever circle of well situated vigilant bodyguards.

As the saying goes, Men love to have what they cannot get or what belongs to others, hence the "mileage" that Kilonzo failed to inquire about before signing on the doted lines at the "dealership ya mapenzi munda".

What made Vincent Kilonzo believe that he couls succeed where many others have desperately failed?

As a matter of fact, Kilonzo had been warned by members from her camp and his own camp, but the poor man was so blinded by love at first site that he ignored the frequents alerts generated by his good and caring friends.

The alerts would have enabled him to identify any unsual activities, then subject them to due diligence or enhanced due diligence processes that use internal and external sources of information on the subject, including wazee and wakinamama from the villages and urban neighbourhoods.

Kilonzo ignored a lot of suspicious activity reporting to the point where most of his long time trusted friends had to be issued with verbal restraining orders or worse, the unspoken 'persona non grata' that are issued by the galring eyes of the soon to be woman of the house.

So, many left Kilonzo to dance to his own tune, taste his own under seasoned oxtail soup, and wallow in his pity because coming to the rescue.

Wewe, kwani ni aje? Si uite wali watu wa media, wakina NTV, CTV, ili huyu mama akomeshwe. Otherwise, utateseka mpaka ukione.

But there is a child involved, how can I just walk away or let her get away with my child?

Wewe, look at the bigger picture. Hii mambo ya mtoto ni ya baadaye. Kwa hizi ni lazima uchunge maisha yako, nyumba yako, usalama na kadhalika.

Mtoto unaweza kupata mwengine ukitaka. Waachana na huyo mama aende zake.

Mambo ya 2012 iko karibu sana, na chochote kita weza kutokea, hali yake ni ya political appointment, si kama civil service

Kilonzo failed to verify the rogue diplomat's true identity (colours), probity and integrity, thus ended up being held to different standards by the mother of his child.

She would always introduce him as "the father of my child" rather than "my husband".

Poor Kilonzo failed to use a tiered approach dependent upon risk in all things marital.

Anonymous said...

Human beings never cease to amaze me.are we now analyzing the private problems gone public in the marriages of ordinary fallible fellow men/women who are just as prone to making mistakes as much as we ourselves are?

Even the most docile, timid, peace loving, respectful married couples experience stormy waters and go through turbulent patches in the course of their matrimony.
Some of them even end up getting divorced for various legitimate and/or invalid reasons. Its why the marriage vows state "for better or for worse"

What ambassador Khamati and her husband Mr.Kilonzo are experiencing is not unique to them alone, and whether or not it could have been avoided the milk has already been spilt no use crying about it.

The only grave mistake they made was choosing to air their dirty linen in the eye of the kangaroo court public which is a common mistake made by many media naive married couples. Why choose to ignore the private mechanisms in place for conflict resolution such as close family, trustworthy friends and even village elders?

There is no magic behind crying infront of a tv camera man unless you are an actor in Bolly/Nolly/Holly Wood. good luck to the couple whatever they decide concerning their future and that of their child/children

or Its clearly why the wedding vows they exchange during the "big day" include the sentences "for better or for worse".

even the most harmonious and peace

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worth analyzing about a broken record with an established character-cum-track record that's known to leave deep blemished marks in its wake.

Many coundn't agree with you more, that what the rogue ambassador Yvonne Khamati and her soon to be former legal husband, Vincent Kilonzo have been going through since the time the baby was born is not that UNIQUE.

However there is a lot of magic by involving the media in present day Kenya, unlike during the dreaded era of Mzee arap Moi, where men or women in Vincent Kilonzo's position or guagmire would have ended up in the notorious dungeons at Nyayo House or Kamiti Max, and silenced after having been detained, threatened, beaten and tortured for days or even weeks without adequate legal recourse.

Those days are now gone and spouses like Kilonzo have a right to defend themselves when any unfair means or unproportional external force are employed against them in such domestic cases.

So, Kilonzio did the right thing (safe move on his part) by going public, and allowing the media to capture the rogue ambassador and the diplomatic fanged dogs (police) in action, while they were busy harrassing the him for reasons that had nothing to do with diplomatic status of the rongue ambassador in question.

Otherwise, she would never have stopped or refrained from doing so, and it was going to turn nasty, but now she knows that she's being watched and it will cost her dearly in one way or another when future political reallocation (resignment) of high profile diplomats is due in 2013.

What's so unique about it? A high profile public figure engaging in conduct unbecoming their so called high profile diplomatic status.

Furthermore, the letting out of the diplomatic dogs (police) and unleashing them onto an unsuspecting spouse, in this case soon to be former husband Kilonzo, in a private matter, or rather in a domestic dispute that could have been well handled and resolved in private or in a family affairs court, was very heavy handed and uncalled for.

Believe it or not, it's no hair to many people's chins but the rongue ambassador has ruined chances for younger men and women who would otherwise have been consindered for such high profile positions, regardless of whether the appointments are based on merit or usual political grandfather clause.

FYI, such political appointments based on certain past connections are nothing new in the UK, USA, Canada, EU countries and in the other parts of the world.

So, what else is the rogue ambassador going to do in order to attract more unwanted attention to herself and the wider Kenyan diplomatic community?

Have we already forgotten the other ugly incident at Jadeni, which involved someone other than Vincent Kilonzo being manhandled as if he were a black mamba going after the rongue ambassador while on weekend vacation?

As for those who authorized the misuse of diplomatic fanged dogs (police), oh yes, 'misuse of goverment property', which they are, against a non threatening spouse (Kenyan citizen) in a domestic abuse situation, must be put on admisntrative leave, transferred or fired all together.

The days of wholesale impunity should be extinguished by all means necessary and never allowed to flourish again on Kenyan soil.

Anonymous said...

Respected citizens and wananchi waheshimiwa, it's time to pull down (recover) the remains of poor sad Kenyans from the cross.

As you all know by now, it's been over five decades since they have been hanging on the cross, and it's time for some good Samaritans to head out to the Musuem Hill (Kenya's version of Golgotha - Slums of Nairobi) and help bring down the crucified by freeing them from the grid of their endless pain, sadness, sorrow, misery, marginalisation, disenfranchisement, and Kenya's social trade mark for the lower class (PSK-poor sad Kenyans) that's better known as abject poverty.

As for renting expensive tombs, don't bother with heading out to the dysfunctional Lang'ata cemetery, let alone waste time on raising funds so as to transport the remains to their various ancestral homes, because there is free real estate (Pumuzika Estates) within the Longonot Volcano and Menengai Crater.

Mmmmm! If that seems barbaric to many of you decent folks who never cared much about the poor sad Kenyans while they were still alive and in our midst, then seriously consider an alternative venue that will soon become popular with the passing of time, namely, Athi River Crematoriums or Roysambu Crematoriums.

Then sprinkle the ashes where they are needed most, in an eco friendly manner, around the coffee plantations and Karura Forest.

Sounds crazy to you in 2011, but it will be the norm in 2020 and beyond, when the funeral industry trends are embraced by the middle class Kenyans as well as the concerned civil society that will be more proactive when the moment is ripe.

Anonymous said...

@3:51 AM
They choose to solominize their marriage in a private ceremony while at a secluded beach hotel.

The naive public expected the same in terms of an amicable separation arrangment or worse, an amicable divorce between the two individuals.

If people choose to get married in private then should keep the otherside (fights, separations, acrimonious divorces) of it private as well.

Otherwise it only ends up becoming a soap opera, fodder for gossip, plate of comical jokes and nothing but a two/three minutes of infamous media consumption statistics.

Nef said!

Anonymous said...

why the fascination with the private details of other people's lives? My own problems are interesting enough to keep me distracted from the going ons in the house of Ambassador and husband.

Then again sometimes the troubles of others is a welcome distraction from the myriad problems we face in our own robot routine lifestyles. Either way feel free to indulge your attention to the fill of your appetite.

I Wish ambassador and Mr.Kilonzo the best in future whatever the outcome of their decisions

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Speaking for yourself or what? Well, it takes one to know one. Why the fascination? You tell us otherwise for a change.

Anonymous said...

take it easy, they will soon become a statisic. they were heard yesterday, they here to day and will be gone and forgotten by tomorrrow just like many others, including yours truly, can't even remember her name, the onetime news presenter and the 'finger of god' religious outfit. where are they now? who knows? why bother with them anymore? and who really cares after the fact?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4/24/11 12:59 AM

Jukwaa where raila is king AKA "jukwaa la Raila" is raila's cheering squad or platform any dissenting views are quickly quashed under the guise of not tolerating trash talk but when vitriol is poured over PNU and people from the Mt kenya region, it's considered wholesome debate, Now thats hypocrisy at its best, I should know I am a member but I rarely participate its a Luo forum any views outside raila praise and worship are not welcome, the few anti raila members allowed is mere tokenism.

Anonymous said...

While we are still at it, blaming or castigating others for always being fascinated with lives of other people, here is a very good recommendation for something better that will distract some of us from our own self-crafted illusion of a prison like mechanical and quasi-dead (if not stagnated) lifestyles, or as one calls it, (y)our own life robot routine lifestyle(s) being lived somewhere, somehow by someone/people who are not very much different from the some segements of the "poor sad Kenyans" who have resigned themselves to their fate of being nailed to the cross every so often, until death does away with them when their expiration date is due.

Movie, Drama, Suspense. (2008). Liann Neeson, Laura Linney, Antonio Banderas. 'THE OTHER MAN'. - A man discovers that his wife is unfaithful.

The most unfortunate aspect of his discovery is that it comes about after the fact, at a point and time where there is nothing he can do about it, and she never gives him the usual opportunity to vengefully rave, rage, vent, throw tantrums, let alone lash out at her for being such an unfaithful, unloving, cold, calculating, manipulative, conniving, double faced women that he thought he knew and loved all those years they were together.

So, being the juvenile that he has always been, like most of us when confronted with similar situations in our lives, he takes it out on his innocent daughter, a young adult who has learned to let things go and let them stay gone and out of her life, without dwelling on misplaced anger and what could happen.

That's one of the reasons why it's better to be mature enough and always know the reality of things as well as accept the fact that, When it's over, whatever it was at one time in our life, we've to let it go, let it be, let it die slowly out of our system, and out of our life and embrace new beiginnings.

Otherwise, why carry such a heavy cast iron cross that's always meant for the next victim? As seen in the movie, 'The Other Man'.

Best option is to get on with our life, unless one wants to remain stagnated in a "robot routine" state of lifestyle.

Go rent the movie The Other Man and watch it before December, 2011.

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