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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poor Governor-Elect Sonko Selectively Arrested

The rich also cry. Poor Sonko is cooling his heels in the cells. It appears some people have never forgiven Makadara MP for showing his bling-bling all the way to parliament and leaving hitherto seasoned politicians sprawled on the ground in shame. And the Kenyan media must be exposing their post-molars in joy after hounding and convicting Hon Mbuvi without the benefit of plea.

Typical Kenyan voters will start parroting in favour and against Sonko's incarceration while conveniently ignoring that the MP is a mirror of themselves. We get the leaders we deserve and Sonko is just one among the many robbers and murderers we elect after every five years. Soon fingers will be pointing in every direction accusing perceived political opponents. This perfect and apt drama to take over from where Ruto left with his Hague antics.

The political Kenyan will jump to innuendos without asking the basic questions like why the the same CID who cleared Sonko to vie as MP are now hounding him. A civilized society would have witnessed heads rolling yesterday. But sorry this is Kenya which is almost exclusively defined by double speak.

If Ruto is preparing to demand a full refund from his advisers for dangling him in front of the ICC sharp fangs, then Sonko's advisers must be hanged for exposing their client to the valgaries of political office given his heavily packed cupboard of skeleton.

Sonko should have known that one must be very afraid when flaunting wealth whose source is as dark as his/her past. Consorting with Maina Njenga and Kamlesh Pattni rightly paints you with the huge brush of guilt. Poor brother bling bling Mike Sonko! Next stop Shimo-La-Tewa.


Anonymous said...

thank God my mp is not the most educated, but at least he isn't a thief. wasee wa makadara, poleni. yaani that's the best you could do?sonko must be cursing those that misled him into joining politics. lesson learnt - some thieves/drug barons are more equal than others. wacha he pays for his past sins. meanwhile other weirdos - maina njenga, pattni etc are...coming soon. By the way, those misleading eugene wamalwa to stand for prezi had better warn him to stop dreaming. yes we want youthful leaders but we need to be careful- now look at the mess with this sonko dude.

Anonymous said...

Malipo ni humu humu duniani. The drug lords are a marked lot: the 4 Rennneberger was talking about:

1) Mwau (govt official)

2) Kabogo (Central MP)

3) Joho (Coast MP)

4) TSS (Msa tycoon)

Envy? Well, leteni ingine

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for the police commissioner Mathew Iteree to establish a new department within the police force, known the Fugitive Apprehension Task Force (F.A.T.F.).

So that the newly formed strike force can dig deeper, exhume and activate all of the pending and dormant arrest warrants of 'who is who' in the circles of politics, business and criminal underworld in Kenya?

The public is eagerly waiting to see more arrests take place around the country, besides the arrest of one Mr. Gidion Mbuvi.
I hope Gidion Mbuvi's arrest will not end as a publicity stunt or a disguised uniformed favour that's extended from police commissioner in office to another retired police commissioner?
Talking of corruption, how did the former police commissioner secure the property in question?

Was it granted to him as a gift in kind, a reward for some work well done, or as a token to buy the usual silence and protection from higher up places while he was in still office?

Someone needs to dig a little bit deeper into the can of worms that Gidion Mbuvi has just opened after years of official cover up, collusion, complicity and corruption.
Who was the officer in charge of Shimo La Tewa GK Prison at the time Gidion Mbuvi's escape? What became of him?

Is he still in the GK prison system? Was he fired, forced to resign, sent on an early retirement or recycled as usual?
Who is Eugene Wajohi beyond his immediate political encalve?

And who or what is Eugene Wajohi beyond the shadow of his uncle the late Wamalwa Kijana?

He still has many more rivers to cross before heading for the State House in 2017.

Kenyans will have to wait and see whether he can qualify to be elected as a senator or governor of his respective region.
BTW, I thought Ruto, Balala, Joho, Kabogo, and many others were still "seasoned youthful leaders" in their own right and prime?

I have always wanted to know who are the real Eugene Wajohi, Weakleaf Mudavadi, Uhuru Kenyatta, Gidion "Gidigidi" Moi etc, when all things are considered in the world of ever shifting Kenyan politics?

And, what new political palate plus a fresh set of ideas will they - "sons of so and so" - bring to the national table, on their way to the State House in 2012 or 2017?

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:45 PM
Do you really know who your less educated MP is? Do you really know him that well as to vouch for him in future?

Crazy-Boy Sonko, Maina Njenga, Pattni, Wamalwa, are part of Kenya's political Hydra, and no body is going to stop them from getting involved in running for office because in politics, the end justifies the means.

M. Pesa said...

Of course the police want to be 'seen to be doing something' in regard to recent waves of corruption and soar away crime in good old Kenya. So they go for Sonko, the newly elected Makadara MP. This is after they had given him a certificate of good conduct to vie for the said seat! The police even comically took him to court today, late in the evening knowing very well that the court was closed for the day and the good judge possibly sipping cold tusker somewhere away from the madness of criminals.

Why can't the bungling and inept police, voted continuously for over 5 years as the most corrupt institution, go for the real big fish? If indeed they wanted, they would be spoilt for choice. From Goldenberg scumbags, Triton thieves, Anglo Leasing bandits and Grand Regency looters? Hell, they could even opt to look into Passat deal, De la Rue, Free primary education, IDP funds, Maize scam etc. These are the biggest thieves, liars, crooks and cheats ruining our economy and lives of innocent Kenyans who continue dying due to lack of medicare, bad roads, lack of relief food and books for kids in schools. What about the land grabbers and cocaine smugglers lurking inside the Govt that were recently named by the American ambassador?

I'm not saying that Sonko is innocent or guilty, that's not for me to judge. Most people view him as a modern day Robin Hood who just wants to help the poor by any means necessary. What I'm saying is this, there are many past files on big thieves waiting to be acted upon. Why be so so choosy when meting out justice? Pounce on them and lock the biggest criminals first and fast. They are the biggest threat we have as a nation! Sonko will then come in later....

Anonymous said...

The Kenya Police- the worst and most corrupt in the world just want to eat mbuzi from Hon Sonko. It's almost Xmas, everyone seems to be "eating" so why not our juha kalulu police force? Hehehe..eti taking Sonko to court at 5pm when they already know the judge is away and court closed! Tehehehe..

Anonymous said...

People "conned" by Sonko are too scared to come out in the open. He's seen as a dangerous underworld figure who hob nobs with dreaded folks like Maina Njenga and Simon Mbugua. Who is Sonko's accusser? Let them come out if they are brave enough to stand his army of hitmenn!

Anonymous said...

On 22 Sep when Sonko had just floored his opponents in Makadara, I warned that the guy might not see the end of his term. Immediately some anon hit back, thus “… dont judge lest you be judged. i sense some envy in your post. why have you never pursued the likes of deya [known child smugglers], mwau and many others.” I retorted, “I m not envious of Sonko but I am looking forward to the time when people will be elected based on their capability to deliver; not based on the amount of money they pour” Kumbe I was not very far from truth!

Anonymous said...

Can Mwarangethe tell us why Sonko was arrested and the economic ramifications that will come with it.

Anonymous said...

IF WE WERE A COUNTRY OF LAW IT NEED NOT HAVE TAKEN POLICE COMMISIONER ORDERS. ANY POLICE SHOULD ARREST ANY BODY WHO HAVE WARRANT OR THEY ARE ALSO IN CONTEMPT.let us be a country of law not individuals, the issue of order from above should end. Crime is crime and nobody should be favored

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yaah wat did he think... its was a PNU and ODM thing nt Nark..


Anonymous said...

kwa nini hutaki Sonko alete Francis (COTU) COMPE? hebu wacha he "shows his bling-bling all the way to parliament"

nothing wrong with FASHION STUNTS as long as they are appropriate bro. you better be advised of magical Fimbo la MO1 and FLYWHISK ya Kenyatta

meanwhile the new constitution is working just fine thank you very much lest we forget these are the same politicos who voted YES and are now stewing in their own juice. wapende wasipende wembe ni ule ule and the Mugumo tree is coming down constitutionally one razor blade sharp law after another-WATA DO?

Truly Uhuru is finally here

Anonymous said...

I am so chagrined by issues of law and order in the country, and how the police are trained to deal with them.

Gideon Mbuvi's arrest is a situation that doesn't come as a surprise or a shock, especially when it involves a individual with a questionable past like his.

But the public is left asking why now? Why was the arrest not made earlier on?

The public will read a lot between the lines and see what happens next or what really becomes of the arrest.
On the other hand, I would like to ask what the hell was Gideon Mbuvi thinking when he decided to run for the Makadara parliamentary seat, knowing very well that he had:

a) an outstanding bench warrant in his name.

b) jumped bail in a sh 18 million faud case according to court records.

c) escaped from a GK prison and was a wanted convict on the loose after having sneaked out from Shimo La Tewa prison with help of paid prison guards.

Those are some of the things that make you go mmmmmmmm.

Muru wa Gacii

Taabu said...

No rocket science there. In Kenyan holding political office is insurance against the law. Bunge provides you with the wherewithal to protect what you had fraudulently acquired and paves way for more EXECUTIVE fraud. Wako wengi, just count, will you?

Anonymous said...

When will Raila be held accountable for the molasses plant he stole from poor wanachi?

Anonymous said...

Gideon Mbuvi was "Selectively Arrested" for the appeasement of the kingpins of ODM and PNU.

Sister Martha Karua where art thou to console and counsel a brother in dire straits for a second opinion?

FYI, don't worry about your political prospects for 2012 because client attorney privilege is protected under local and international law.

Some of us embraced our brother-in-politics when he won the by-elections, and it's only fair and just that we be there for him in his hour of need (until proven guilty beyond a shadow of what goes on behind the scenes in our judiciary system).

After all a Kenyan politician has a right to be presumed guilty in the court of public opinion until proven innocent in the court of law.

In the meantime, we still have many more culprits out there who still walking around scot free and going about their doing business after having been involved in the following -

Anglo Leasing Scandal.

Goldbach Scandal.

Sale of the Regency Hotel.

Sale of Several Kenyan Embassies.

Importation and Sale of Counterfeight Medicines.

Military Contract Scandals.

Maize Scandal.

Sale of Public Cemetery Land.

Sale of Government Land and Gazetted Lands.

Kickbacks in the Construction of the VPs Residence.

Immigration Frauds.

Aiding and Abetting of Illegal Aliens - Sale of Kenyan IDs, Driving Licenses, Passports, Business Licenses, Work Permits, and Alien Certification.

Registeration of NGOs and their Foreign Personnel.

Extra Judicial Killings By Kenyan Police.

Rape of Minors, Junior Staff, and Unsuspecting Victims by Senior Government Officials, and Individuals in Positions of Power.

Trafficking of Persons (Somalis) through Kenyan Soil.

Post Election Violence.

Sale of Kenyan Land to non-Resident Aliens (Foreigners with Questionable Backgrounds).

Money Laudering Schemes.

Aiding and Abetting of Tourist Paedophiles.

Tax Evasion in the Tourism Industry, Horticulural Industry, Import-Export Industry, Local Business Communities.

Theft and Misuse of CDFs (A cradel for "It's Our Time To Eat Before The Next Elections").

Poaching in Kenya and Sale of Endangered Species.

Dumping of Toxic Waste on Kenyan Soil

Gideon Mbuvi, the devil we know and have come to embrace so dearly was "Selectively Arrested" for the appeasement of the well connected.

Utumishi Kwa Wote should also translate into Haki Kwa Wote and Jela Kwa Wahalifu Wote.

No more, no less, in light of Kenya Constitution 2010.

Anonymous said...

What do we do about the new comer in our midst, that one over there, oh yes, known as Gideon Mbuvi?

Comrade, don't worry so much about his kind. I assure you that those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad yaani drunk with greed for power.

Have you forgotten so and so? They came and left us still warming ourselves on the back benches of power.

Rumour has it that his rivals from Makadara have more to hide than Mbuvi.

You can't be that serious. Ayiiiiih! You mean to say that everyone has skeletons in their political as well as personal closets?

Yes I do. Let's finish with him then we will deal with the other two as we see fit.

Kenya army blogspot said...

" Anonymous said...thank God my mp is not the most educated, but at least he isn't a thief"

Anonymous dont flatter yourself. Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Onyango, Kamau, Kipkimbia, Moraa na wale wengine wote in bunge are thiefs

I say let Mike Sonko, Gedion Mbuvi, Gidion Mbuvi, Mike Mbuvi be. Its his time to eat.

Reuben Ndolo's time to eat came & went, Dick Wathika stole votes his time to eat came & went, Mike Sonko eat now its your time. Keshi ni mimi I eat & Go

Full stop

Anonymous said...

Charles Nairobi.
Mr SONKO(not his real name) a bad example to the young leaders of today.we wanted change..we wanted young leaders who understood what it was to walk from home to town in search of a job daily..a leader who can help further education and start self help projects we can see.we needed a leader we could TRUST to make it easier for Mama Ciku to access clean water,electricity,better housing and a loan to boost her business..Sonko its seems is interested in bling bling and going to clubs like some Hiphop super star..well this is real life.In his constituency there are heavily indebted families going without food,kids out of school,sick constituents in need of real and and urgent attention.Kenyans will all be wiser at the end of this soap opera.

Anonymous said...

Taabu pal, I concur with your sentiments fully. 100%. What you put in determines what comes out. It you vote for bling bling you get rotten and explained bling bling. That is Sonko for you.
And i know he is my refection. We Kenyans are the best hypocrites there is. Sonko didn't get out of Shomo with out help. And he has been living in Kenya all along. Why didn't the good Utumishi Kwa Wote hound him out of his hiding hole? He is monied? But these guys with miniature education like Sonko think that money is a penecea for everything! Bribe this one bribe the next and get Certificate of good conduct here and there! Well it all come to head sometime under the sun. His is now.
Personally i don't think much of this singleton. Good riddance I say.

Anonymous said...

I'm also shindwaing when Raila will be convicted for that molasses thing. When will he and Kibaki be convicted for making Kenyans kill themselves. Sonko is among the least of Kenya's problems. Kwa nini wengine hawafungwi!

Anonymous said...

Wengine hawafungwi kwa sababu hawa kuwahi kutoponya gerezani huko Shimo La Tewa, Manyani, King'ong'o, Kamiti, Kodiaga, Shikusa, Naivasha, Langa'ta, na kadhalika.

Sonko ni jambazi hatari ambalo lina hitajika kurudi kibindoni bila shaka.

Hatutaki wahalifu bungeni ua wawe viongizi nchini.

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