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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Open Letter to the Blindly Ambitious KACC

Dear KACC,

I have watched with growing alarm and utter dismay as you ruthlessly pursue government officials at all levels accussed of all manner of corruption whether past or present, petty or grand and i have decided enough is enough! its time to send you this valuable piece of advice through this suitable public forum to prevent you from dancing yourself lame before the music ends

Maybe you are not aware of this fact but your predecessor very much believed that this is Kenya-meaning sacred cows are still very much alive and well in this country and its your job to tip toe on egg shells around them especially since many of them are still in power today despite being in public office ever since this country first gained independence 46 years ago. You see this is Kenya and petty offenders are the ones used to quacking in their boots and facing justice quickly not the "untouchables", not the ruling political elite.

My question to you is why are you so intent on upsetting the apple cart? who are you trying to impress by arresting for example senior government officials like MP for Makadara Mike Sonko based on crimes he allegedly commiited 4 years ago?this move smacks of age discrimination which just like gender discrimination is illegal and has every right of earning you a nolle prosequi from the sitting Attorney General under this new constitution

By throwing Mr. Sonko in jail you are telling us that had he been older and more highly connected not to mention deeper pockets he would have at least been spared the embarrassment of spending 3 nights in jail.Just like his youth supporters who rioted outside the courts today I urge you to stop these double standards because all your tough talk and brandishing of Charterhouse dossiers in public from that American ambassador fellow is beginning to make Kenyans believe in themselves again. Stop lying to us that the light at the end of the tunnel can be something else other than a train.Don't fool yourself the public are cynical no one believes that anything good is coming out of this country before 2012. can't you see the dark cloud of ICC hovering around like an evil spirit?how do you think that is going to end?Its no wonder many local insurance companies introduced a policy to cover political stability

Kenyans are no longer gullible anymore, we know that the big fish can never be caught because there will never be sufficient evidence to prosecute their arrest-with or without a new CJ or AG. Go back to chasing policemen who ask for Ksh 50/= bribe, at least they make our lives miserable on a daily basis therefore we feel vindicated when we see the long arm of the law catch up with them. Forget about and leave those "untouchables" up there alone! Have you ever asked yourself KACC how they got to those public positions? We put them there stupid and we are happiest when cheering them on as footsoldiers. God knows no one from my tribe could ever be corrupt or incomptent! That generation were all number 1 in class and flew abroad to study.

Mursik is not only for the Hague warrior there are other warriors like Mr.Rono and Mr.Wakessa who can't afford plane tickets but still loyal to their masters and waiting in the shadows. Bottom line KACC?

Kenyans want you to stop raising their hopes falsely. We have seen this all before there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Unless you are going to arrest the whole government settle down and wait patiently for 2012 like the rest of us. cheers


Taabu said...

Wee wachana na KACC, kwani wamekula mbuzi yako? BTW you must be an AGEIST by protecting youthful (40sh) PC Matt. who actually ordered Sonko's arrest. You are biased for YOUTH and it is your time, ama?

And you dare insult mursik at your own peril, you have been WARNED.

Anonymous said...

As is often the case with some articles from well intentioned authors, the "Open Letter To Our Blindly Ambitious KACC" leaves a lot to be desired.

Hence, a very valuable educational opportunity as well as weekly space at Kumekucha ends up being wasted in the process.

First of all, "Kenyans have a right to know, to be consulted and to participate" in the nationwide war against endemic corruption.

Therefore, one would have expected a well researched article - or an open letter - stating the reasons why the writer thinks or may have discovered why the KACC is not performing its required duties as per its given mandate, as well as violating the constitutional rights of those accused of engaging in various corruption schemes.

Unfortunately, making broad sweeping statements and pontificating against the KACC, doesn't do much justice to the very critical issues that the writer may had set out to address or expose in the first place.

As for Mr. Gideon Mbuvi, many voters from Makadara constituency, segments of Nairobi residents, a fair number of Kenyans from all walks of life, including myself were very elated when a fresh face and a new kid on the block was first elected to parliament. We all thought that he would be a breath of fresh air for a change.

Unbeknown to many, were Mr. Gideon Mbuvi's past brushes with the law and the outstanding bench warrants issued against him.

Furthermore, the general public had no clue of the criminal menatlity that lurked in the heart and personal history of Mr. Gideon Mbuvi.

So far, if the state can prove through court records that one Gideon Mbuvi alias Sonko is an escapee from a national prison located in Shemo Latewa, then Mr. Gideon Mbuvi should be considered a fugitive from the law, a runaway convict, a danger to society, and a person unqualified to stand for any public office in Kenya.

As stated earlier on, the public hopes to see more high profile arrests being made in the coming weeks and months besides that of Mr. Gideon Mbuvi.

NB: Don't take my comments personally but take them for all they are worth in any objective manner, because I am sure, you could have done a better job given your time tasted skills in the art of communication.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Is this a tongue-in-cheek article?

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Njue and Kenyan Catholic bishops have just lost the perennial "War on Condoms."

Catholics are in a new world and there is no question about it, there is no ifs or buts, because their boss, Pope Benedict XVI has sent an intentional message which has been heard louder and clear by those concerned around the globe.

There are many who are reeling about the pronouncement on the use of condoms, while there many others who are cheering and celebrating the church's shift on its traditional stand on the same.

The "Light of the World: The Pope, the Church and the Sign of the Times" will shift the politics of AIDS back onto the larger radar screen now than the politics of contraception.

By stating that the use of condoms by people infected with H.I.V could be "the first step of responsibility, of taking into consideration the risk to the life of the person with whom there are relations."

Pope Benedict XVI is "implicitly" saying that "you cannot anymore raise the objection that any use of the condoms is an intrinsic evil."

He has conceded that the issue was not about procreation but rather disease prevention - regardless of gender.

Southern African Catholic Bishops, the lone voice in the wilderness of H.I.V/AIDS have been vindicted.

The trailblazers were way ahead and bold enough to declare the use of condoms as a preventive measure against H.I.V in 2001.

At a time when their counterparts in West Africa, East Africa and Central Africa were "adamantly opposed to any violation of the church's teachings and stand on the use of devices like condoms.

The boss has spoken through "The Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Sign of the Times."

kumekucha said...

Luka my broda,

You should have known by now that tongue in the cheek articles don't work in Kumekucha (remember my attempts over the years?). Some folks feel intense pain in the brain when they have to think and therefore using that part of the body or even going there is a NO NO. Brace yourself for major e-blows.

Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed and laughed through most of this hilarious piece. You missed the Vioja Mahakamani boat my broda.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

The government should make sure that Sonko "bling Bling" returns where he belongs, behind bars and in prison. He did the crime and he should finish doing the time, plus the added sentence for escaping from prison.

Spending some time in prison after having tasted the political powers of an elected official will help him understand the world better and maybe find a way to undertake a radical, nonconforming concerns for social justice or courageous willingness to undergo political martyrdom (loss of his Makadara parliamentary seat) and emerge a reformed individual and even better citizen by 2022, or a wised up and savvy politician in 2027.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect to your previously well crafted tongue-in-cheek pieces, I beg to differ with you on the afore mentioned piece for obvious reasons.

IHMO, suffice to say that a good quality tongue-in-cheek piece goes a long way in always excelling the educational, informative and entertaining works (pieces) at Kumekucha.

Anyways, good morning to all of Kumekuchans, wherever you may be. Have a great day.

And, BTW, let's cross our fingers and hope that the crisis between South Koreans and North Koreans does not escalate to the point where they will be forced to duel it out with weapons of mass destruction.

Let Peace Reign During the Holiday Season and the New Year.

JEFF said...


The art of making fast cash has been handed down from generation to generation. Our colonizers handed it to our 'founding' fathers. Our 'founding' fathers handed this to our fathers. And now it is our turn to 'make' money. Why are we the guilty ones? We are only carrying out our duty of preserving the 'culture' for the 'benefit' of our children and grandchildren.

Wacheni wivu!

Anonymous said...

@ Luke,

Weee wacha! Ati a crime committed ati 4 years ago would earn a nolle prosequi? where did you learn that? ( mwarangethe would ask)

Plus which country in the world doesn't have sacred cows? Furthermore, The sequence of the letter is inconsequential. Being a Kenyan youth isn't a ticket to thug life.

Is Sonko a senior government official? As you have just stated. Quoting my English teacher Luka you have done a poor job, sasa piga mangoti na kisha urare shini ukure six hot ones.

Anonymous said...

This is how 2012 politics will shape up:

Kalonzo - President
Saitoti - Vice President.

You can protest/cry all you like but that how it be!!!

Mutumishi wa Mungu

Kenya army blogspot said...

First of all, I gotta grudge on KACCA for arresting those cops that were collevting 50 bob bribes from matatus.

The real culprits the ones that are suppossed to be arrested are Matatu operators not the Cops. Matatu Operators have oppressed & stolen from poor Kenyans for a very longtime now & no one has ever raised this question. When it rains even a drizzle, bus fare hikes thrice, During rush hour busfare goes up...yaani fare goes up whenever those Matatu Operaters get a hard on for Kenyans cash.

I say let the traffic police take all the bribes they want from matatu operators. Infact the cops should raise the bribe amount from 50 bob to 300 bob like the town clerk raised parking fee.

Thats the way it should be & KACCA should desist from interfearing with the traffic police as they collect bribes from greedy matatu operators.

chola said...

Good job KACC.
A news broom swipes best. Swipe them all before their roots go to deep.
Big fish small fish no spearing

Philip said...

Kenya army,

Police don't take bribes from matatu operators, they normally collect "Traffic Control Levy".

This ensures that they work overtime without asking for a pay rise from the government and overtime fee, have you realised that in major highways they work past 10 o'clock regardless of rain? It also ensures that matatus make more trips and drop passengers faster through creating an additional lanes in all major roads, since the government has failed to add lanes to these roads.

Anonymous said...

So gava is run on drugs and the statehouse is the production factory!

Moi was not this evil.was he?

Kenya army blogspot said...

Kenyans forget so fast. All the atrocities that were committed by the former president zimetupiliwa katika kaburi la sahau. I have even heard idiots here & there saying that the former president should run for presidency.

Molasses from Kisumu said...

When will Raila sack that witch from Ukambani for corruption in water ministry?

I have noticed this blog has tried to avoid this story.
No wonder this blog is DEAD and buried!!

A blog that compromise to avoid offending pyschotic worshippers of the reptile from Lake.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.40am

The day that Stanley Emilio will sack the propagators of Triton, Anglo - Leasing, KAF Jet Fighters real perpetrators, ad rather die than... Etc then come back and ask your question. For now you can sip on the molasses broth and vomit the rest elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


Just perused by your open letter & the resulting comments, for me to avoid having "intense pain" in my brain as per Chris on Tongue-in-cheek-articles.

I will agree with you that Mursik is not only for the Hague warrior - Probably Bw. Rono & Wekesa were already too late, as the Hague Warrior had already "milked the cow dry"

So as you continue drafting articles that are meant to appeal to our conscience, we shall remain "patriotic" to your ideals & wait for 2012.

Before then maybe you can advise us where we can get "authorised uniforms" (police) so that we can be allowed to 'collect' money from wananchi without us facing charges of "armed" robbery.

Meanwhile 2012 beckons and we only hope that Prof. Anyang Nyong'os healthcare will help prolong our lives to 2012.

Corruption though can't be allowed to go on forever, like the late Bob Marley Sang, "the bottom will drop out" (au sio Mwarangethe)

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Luka so where will youthful leadership take Kenya?

Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my oh my gosh! I am really in need of a decerebration after failing to comrehend the open letter addressed to the powers that be, for all intents and purposes.

What the ... was I thinking? How come I didn't see it coming, or being dangled in the first place?

Ooops!I swallowed it line hook and sinker.

Anway, trying to blindly decipher the letter has been a futile exercise which has left me with an intense pain in my other side of the left telencephalon, and I am afraid the ongoing intense pain may end up causing an acute medullablastoma.

TWIMC, take the aforementioned and the my previous comments (re: Open Letter to the blindly Ambitious KACC) with a grain of salt.

Muru wa Gacii.

Anonymous said...


What part of the brain is the intense pain still being felt? Is it the prosen, mesen or rhombe?

Medicines and equipment are still being stolen from public hospitals
in Kenya. Who is taking them and where do they end up?

'Tongue-in-cheek'is a code word for?

@9:18 PM
The boss may have spoken but it will take years for the conservatives to take heed.

I don't recall your attempts over the years? Did I miss out on something in the past?

Anonymous said...

Artur Bro saga.
A narcotic/drugs story that we missed.All coming out now

Anonymous said...

Where do you see yourself ten to twenty years from now, 2010?

Good question but always very difficult to answer if one doesn't have the foresight advantage, or is not armed with a cyrtsal ball.

Backpedal to April of 1995, a time when Victor Oduor Opiyo alias Vince Sande Oduor first encountered Judy Auma in a very different setting, time and place where their respective community had gathered to bury one of their famous native sons who had become a vehicle accident statistic in Europe.

Backpedal again to August of 2000, a time when their lives had taken very different directions, as in east and west sides of both the local law as well as international law.

Then fast forward to November of 2010, when Victor Oduor Opiyo aka Vince Sande Oduor gets arrested in Nairobi, Kenya on drug trafficking allegations by undercover agents from Kenyan Anti-Narcotic unit which is headed by Judy Auma.

The question remains whether Kenya wil him extradited to Germany where he's wanted for drug trafficking, human trafficking assault and battery, three confirmed murders, money laudering charges, plus a slew of other criminal charges?

Anonymous said...

What are the Pros and Cons of the Gazettement of the New Electoral Boundaries?.

Why are some MPs supporting the IIBRC list for electoral boundaries, while others are vehemently opposed to having the list gazzetted in the name of public interest?

Who stands to benefit and who stands to lose the 2012 elections if the proposed list is gazzetted?

Will turf war(s) and wrangling over the legality of IIBRC take the country back into the what was seen during the campaign swamps of 'No Camp' and 'Yes Camp'?

What about the outspoken Isaack Ruto MP for Chepalungu? Will he be willing, able and ready to accept the responsibility to champion the process in light of the myriad of personal and political uncertainties that awaits him in 2011?

How about the Kenyan people in general, will they allow themselves to be duped, hoodwinked, confused, manipulated and regionally coerced by their short-sighted tribal political cheiftains?

Will the country under the new constitution be ready for 2012 general elections if the political wrabglings the what the IIBRC did or didn't do are allowed to fester for another eight to twelve months?

Where are the clergymen and women when their so called "voice of reason" or "rational views of moral certitude" are needed at this critical juncture?

How about Uncle Sam? Will the American ambassador and other donor parties contribute soem liquidity in smothening the process before it runs out of hand?

Anonymous said...

well, the witch from ukambani has bewitched the omieri's. they cant see, hear, talk or act.
lower your expectations, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:42 pm:
All very good points. I think the answer is really rather straightforward. One, to have the Ligale commission present, quite transparently, the criteria and methods used and how these informed their findings. Two, to have a public debate and scrutiny of these findings before they are legalized. Absent of this, your worst fears might just be realized.


Luka, nashangazwa nawe. isn't the reason the commission headed by the past director was under public skepticsm the fact that it feared to handly 'hot' cases and individuals? you have to realize Kenya is turnin out to be very democratic and just as years drag on. we might not be there yet, but we surely are getting there. if you followed imanyara as he tabled the report against the former police commissioner and that adversely referred to the former director of kacc, and the revenue boss, you'd think more clearly about your analysis

Anonymous said...

Siasa siasa and more siasa. Not good for our economy and cohesion.
If you happen to visit Kisumu please do visit Kisumu Impala Sanctuary. A tranquil place.
See a few of the varieties at KIS on this link

Anonymous said...

ligale and rozaa (current ODM members and parliamentary losers) had a job to do and that wss to fix the constituency business by creating safe seats for ODM, why are we then surprised that they did an excellent job? If PNU was asleep then thats too bad, they should have realised that those two characters could never be independent.

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