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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Referendum: YES Opens Commanding Lead

Live Text:

22:15 HRS:
YES 2,982,847 (66.3%)
NO: 1,515,744 (33.7%)

23.15 HRS
YES 3,118,198
NO: 1,584,573

Rigging allegations have been made by the NO side comprising clergy ans some politicians.
IIEC strongly denies such allegations, saying these are provisional results.

23.30 HRS
YES 3,302,247
NO: 1,710,183

00:00 HRS
YES 3,387,869
NO: 1,710,483
Central Yes (715,906), No (123,865)
Coast Yes (185, 733), No (47,571)
Eastern Yes (472,001), No (360,067)
Nairobi Yes (266,900), No (107,316)
North Eastern Yes (63,290), No (3,060)
Nyanza Yes (723, 303), No (60,825)
Rift Valley Yes (449, 373) No (899,896)


01.30 HRS
YES 4,112,674 (67%)
NO: 2,039,416 (33%)

04.30 HRS
YES 4,147,194 (67%)
NO: 2,057,181 (33%)

05.30 HRS
YES 4,149,802 (67%)
NO: 2,058,992 (33%)


Anonymous said...

Its a shame for that Yes is below 70% despite those opinion polls.

Anonymous said...

Watch out lest Michuki orders TVs off and online updates. Oh, sorry, he cannot do that, he is on the WINNING side. LOL.

Phil said...


Have you had a loko at provincial turnouts, and whats been counted so far. Your comment is premature

Anonymous said...

Phil wacha kurara kwa kazi:

@22.40: YES NO

Central 645,043 107,569

Coast 175,045 44,087

Eastern 426,799 326,134

Nairobi 144,499 66,624

N.E 59,140 2,802

Nyanza 717,005 59,255

RV 363,637 822,708

Western 454, 924 87, 922


1. Raila has RIGGED for yes in Nyanza by stufffing in ballot boxes

2. Raila has sponsored ghosts No votes in Eastern to slight Wiper

3. Raila is double-dealing by supporting No in Central to reduce the YES margin and embarass Kibaki.

Huyu Raila tumfanyie nini jameni?

Anonymous said...

too early to call the shots. lets hold the guns


Anonymous said...

At this rate "YES" side could be humiliated in the largest province in the republic, Rift Valley. "YES" will be luck to get 35% in that province. Ruto amewaangusha huko kweli, kweli!!

Anonymous said...

And what was Musalia Mudavadi doing allowing the "NO" side to get 16% in Western and humiliate Raila?

And the Kisiis really came out in large numbers to vote for their two separate counties. It seems they were in a hurry to get a "divorce" from Luo Nyanza.

Anonymous said...

Whether RV votes the katiba up or down, by tomorrow that province will be no more. And the dream of forming the pan-RV community of KAMATUSA has also been flushed down the toilet by the new katiba.

It is time to build a pan-Kenya community with the building blocks as the Counties. Kenyans are tired of silly prehistoric ethnic grudges which have no basis in modern reality.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that some regions registered extraordinary turn-outs because they were quietly promised by their political leaders free stuff under the new constitution?

Anonymous said...

Phil WAPI WESTERN? Umenunuliwa, nini?

Anonymous said...

Poor Nyanza, damned if they don't vote (ati domo domo) and DAMNED if they do i droves (ati promised free freebies). Just like Raila damned through and through. But in that damnation lies the beauty their detractors would hate to appreicate, SINGULAR RESOLVE. Mezeni wembe.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! It seems Rao haters always have too try and make the guy look bad. He has simply delivered PERIOD! Mezeni wembe.

There is no leader and I repeat their is no leader in Kenya today who wouldn't like to be like Rao and have his people strongly behind him.

The 'water melon' leaders can now see the fruits of their labour...He he he

Even good old Kibaki said 'huko Kisumu watu walijitokeza haiya ya yai'... The new dawn is here. ALL HATERS CAN GO HANG! Atleast Ruto can be applauded for sticking to his stand and going all out.

Kalonzo cant even convince his own, booed at his own backyard ama haters will say Rao paid the hecklers... Kiema Kilonzo is a better leader by far!

Anonymous said...

Why do these Raila worshippers see Kalonzo in every thicket. They should relax, Kalonzo is not a mugger like their messiah who called murders and rapists freedom fighters in 2008.

Anonymous said...

The new katiba is almost here and counties will be expected to compete with each other for development. Now, what will the "haki yetu" crowd whine about when they lag behind?

Anonymous said...

Mama Lucy must be FIRED from SH for insurbodinating HE Kibaki. She was NO and that is reflected in the bigger NO vote is Centro. Otherwise she will untagonize HE from implementing the new law.

@Wapi genius Mutahi Ngunyi, the head for hire? He may delude himself that it is loney being a genius but he can only fool some people sometime and not all Kenyans all the time.

Credibility is very PERISHABLE. Ngunyi and his ilk (yes wako wengi) must RE-INVENT themselves. No wonder he went AWOL from his DN column after Njoki smoked him out.

kumekucha said...

Ordinary Kenyans are much more intelligent these days than what most folks here in Kumekucha give them credit for.

Looks like we lived to see the very unlikely dawn of a new era in IMPUNITYLAND.


Somebody confirm that I am not dreaming and this is for real.


Anonymous said...

Poor Chris,

In yet another of your inaccurate predictions aka 'Kumekucha Survey' that clearly belongs to the gutter, you proudly talked of a 85% YES victory. See here (New Kumekucha survey shows 85% victory for YES,

Its about time you admitted that you have just lost touch with Kenyans on the ground and you have are just another blogger with a big useless imagination.

Anonymous said...

Chris should apologize to his intelligent readers. 85%, was Chris under the influence of ukambani brew?

Anonymous said...

Hair splitting ya nini. Faulting Chris for percentages amounts to argument on semantics. Let us learn to accept what we don't love. And the beat goes on, karibuni Kenya mpya.

Anonymous said...

Transparency=IIEC giving media access to its raw data as fed into the server by Presiding Officers across the country.

Contrast that with 2007 when TVs shut down and .......

For those living in DEVIALAND imagine if IIEC screens went blank right now and when they resume the results are REVERSED. You can turn it all the way you like but you cannot cheat a whole nation.

Kenya mpya, karibuni.

Anonymous said...

I felt so honoured to be part of the process and I enjoyed beyond any expectations that had been projected earlier on.

I now lokk forward to the birth and growth of a Second Republic.

What a wonderful country to be in at this time of the hour - morning5:58 AM.

Anonymous said...

Lets wait for this constitution to stand on its feet and do the miracles that gullible Kenyans have been made to believe.

Oh, and the MP's will not be taxed even if the new constitution says so. So we start breaking the law from Day 1.

I can bet the MP's will increase their salaries again against the new law in the next 6 months. Kenyans as usual will just make noise and forget.

Wapi popcorns....and the free drama starts!!

Philip said...

You cannot water down the 'YES' victory by throwing insults to Raila or Chris, or saying that they didn't achieve above 70% or 85% victory.

They armed themselves,
and waited for the government to come and take their land,
but it didn't.

They armed themselves,
and waited for Muslims to come and take control of their churches,
but they didn't.

They armed themselves,
and waited for ethnic clashes to erupt,
but it didn't.

Then it dawned on them,
that they were deceived again.

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