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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Amkeni Kumekucha!!

Results continue to trickle in from all over the country but all indications are that the Ayes have it and they have it emphatically.

Some initial observations;

The desperate people who spread lies and used every trick in the book to deny long suffering Kenyans the best thing that has ever happened to them, are still very much around and scheming. And so passing of a new constitution is not the end. Rather it is the beginning of the long road to the Promised Land. In my book Kenya has NOT given birth to a new constitution, Rather Kenya is pregnant with it. With modern technology we already know exactly what the new baby is going to look like. But what is going to follow are a lot of discomfort. Morning sickness and so on. And then finally there will be the terrible pain of giving birth. And so while celebrating Kenyans should brace themselves for what is to come before we can see and actually hold the new-born. However the really good news is that this woman called Kenya who has been barren for decades is finally pregnant and that is great news!!

Kalonzo Musyoka’s political career is in serious trouble (did he not vow to resign as Vice president if his people did not vote for the new constitution?). If you doubt what I say, ask yourself a simple question; what will Kalonzo Musyoka bring to the table as his bargaining chip? Because if he promises anybody that he is able to deliver Ukambani then chances are that he will be laughed off the room. In my view although William Ruto is in a better position, he will still have similar problems because there was a spirited YES challenge in his own turf and that is despite the best efforts of both retired President Moi and himself.

Of great importance and what nobody is talking about is the fact that the new constitution gives the ordinary Kenyan mwananchi enormous powers that they have never had. This power comes with lots of responsibility and for the whole thing to have the desired effect Kenyans will need to be made to sober up and realize the implications of this added responsibility.

Provisional results as at 7:39 am Kenyan time;

2,066,722 33% NO
4,164,679 67% YES

12.00 HRS
YES 5,234,547 (69.3%)
NO: 2,322,169 (30.7%)

Official confirmed results (207 constituencies) in announcing the winner from IIEC (20:40 Kenyan time)

YES 5,954,767 (67.25%)
NO 2,687,183 (30.35%)

Constitution has been approved by more than 50% and has received over 25% of the vote in all the provinces of the country.


Anonymous said...

Kenya will go nowhere, with journalists this stupid. Why do you promote this notion that voters should be controlled and "brought to the table"? If the people who voted NO followed their conscience and not politicians, they should be commended for thinking for themeselves. If you voted YES so that you do not embarrass your favourite politician, you are a fool. Why cant journalists promote correct thinking, instead of this idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Chris/Phil/Taabu et al,

where were you for the YES celebration breakfast this morning 5:30am Uhuru Park?many Vuvuzelas blown and shouts of YES rent the air as we sipped on Phil's WIMBI porridge and downed it with traditional maize and beans dish GITHERI/NYOYO.
no sign of any of the YES campaign team anywhere just a bunch of us ordinary mwanaNICHI revelling in the fact that last night we went to sleep poor and today we woke up in "America"

Kindly RSVP for the post refaRANDAM celebration lunch at "Kosewe's" tomorrow afternoon 1:30pm will you?no ROBBERS please

Chris said...


Luka Mwenyewe.

Nani Kama Luka? You tell me.


Phil said...

@Luke count me in that lunch Ronalo kesho...

@Chris, how tenable is the continued stay of Ruto, Shabaan, Poighiso in cabinet? Can they counted upon to support cabinet resolutions in future? How about collective responsibility of the cabinet in bunge?

Me thinks the country has yet to see the real tsunami. I think Kibaki should buy time and let Ocampo give him the excuse of reshuffling cabinet.

What about Cardinal Njue? Can he stand at the pulpit and offer guidance on anything of public interest in future? It was quite interesting to see congregations boo catholic priests inside church when they try to preach anti-katiba sermons.

How about Arap Moi and cronies?

Anonymous said...

Lets wait for this constitution to stand on its feet and do the miracles that gullible Kenyans have been made to believe.

Oh, and the MP's will not be taxed even if the new constitution says so. So we start breaking the law from Day 1.

I can bet the MP's will increase their salaries again against the new law in the next 6 months. Kenyans as usual will just make noise and forget.

Kumekucha tu kama siku ingine yoyote!!!

M. Pesa said...

I hate to kick a man who is already down but let the truth be told here and now.

Kalonzo is finished.
Kalonzo is damaged goods.
Kalonzo has been exposed as an opportunist that he is. Ngilu will secretly relish this humiliation as she takes over lower eastern political mantle.

The main reason is that at first he was in the NO camp, then he became a watermelon (red and green) before belatedly becoming a chameleon and being converted into a reluctant YES man. What a bloody flip flopper. That's a classic guide of how not to play politics.

You could clearly see it in his eyes when he addressed rallies that he never meant a word he said. So basically the church carried the day in Ukamabani. For 25 years as Makau Mutua has written consistently, Kalonzo has done absolutely nothing for his people and that's called poor leadership.

Most of the development projects are actually funded by churches and others as I discovered when I drove from Thika through Mwingi, Machakos and Mavoko last week. I'm not then surprised that Kambas gave Kalonzo a wide berth and opted to listen to the church.

As for Ruto, nothing new here. He's been confirmed as the de facto Kalenjin chieftain for the few who doubted. Arap Moi has been left with a bloody nose and can now finally shut up as he awaits to face the moment of truth.

The church has lost its muscle and clout when it comes to shepherding the flock and reminded Kenya is not a theocracy but a secular state. As for Kenyans, they did the right thing and voted YES. Now the hard work begins. As of now, I will toast to that!

Anonymous said...

kalonzo should not be allowed anywhere near the presidency. he was too weak to walk hand in hand with his supporters,instead choosing to flip around like a looser! I am embarrased that some of our leader cannot take or make difficult choices but still want to lead this great nation. Kudos to bwana ruto for showing some ability to take a side and stick to his leadership insticts

Anonymous said...

Raila fanatics are out to finish Kalonzo by posting demeaning comments but they should realize by now that Kenyans will not latch onto Raila propaganda machinery now or anytime soon. Kalonzo will become a president because God will annoint him and Kenyans will vote for him irregardless of what this bure kabisa blogger says or what chris from ukambani or phil from kibera says.

I cannot believe that these leeches cannot even celebrate a YES win without trying to drag to the mud Hon. Kalonzo's name.
Seems the passing of the new law did not change the rot in some minds.

Mwarangethe was always right.

Anonymous said...

You darkie lakers please spare us these hate stories on kalonzo. If YES was stronger in ukambani, you would not give credit to kalonzo. You need to forget about kalonzo and concentrate on uhuru and ruto, both of whom will make your state house dreams a nightmare. Nobody in ukambani is looking for someone to follow. If people voted for the church because it brings development, then they are thinking of their interests first. Ultimately your interests should come first, not the fortunes of your godman.

Anonymous said...

Why waste time discussing Kaloozer?

Totally damaged goods

Anonymous said...

How come all poverty studies I have seen put luo nyanza at the top as the poorest. If your leader is much better than kalonzo, you should be doing very well. As a kamba am offended when I come to these blogs and find luos discussing us. Please discuss your things. We will deal with our problems.

Anonymous said...

Kambas will always be stupid! The most stupid ethnic community in Kenya! They should not even open their stinking mouths where there is serious discussions...flipfloppers!

Anonymous said...

People use their smartness to have good lives. If our darkie brothers are smart, why are they the poorest. And talking of stinking, I think people from that region do stink a lot.

Anonymous said...

stupid? stinking? methinks some one is projecting.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate for people from Luo Nyanza to think that their culture of human worship is a universal attribute of all cultures in Kenya. Other communities exercise independent thinking and judgment from their leaders. They are not herded into voting a certain way by a single leader's interpretation of the katiba. So don't be surprised to see some Akamba, Luhyas, and Kikuyus vote differently from their leaders. And, by the way, nobody gets beaten up in those communities for voting the "wrong" way. In short, only in Luo Nyanza can a single man tell a whole community of men to drop their pants and get circumcised and they obey without question.

So don't bring you myopic world view to Ukambani politics. If Kalonzo and Raila offer the presidential candidacies in 2012, vote you way and let other Kenyans vote their way, but please, don't burn down Kisumu or uproot the railway line if you messiah loses.

P/S Be in charge of your emotions and learn to tolerate other peoples polical viewpoints and voting preferences.

Anonymous said...

I know stupid. It is sleeping with dead people. It is running around naked spearing "evil spirits". It is taking the word of a mere human being as law.

Anonymous said...

What is this fascination by RAO haters. Yes, Luos voted almost to a man for Yes because RAO was yes, but what about Kalengins who did the same and voted no because Ruto was no. How come I do not see anyone spewing the same verbal murk on RAO and the Luos as a whole as RAO haters do? What about the Luyha's who voted overwhelmingly for Yes, who did they blindly follow?
Me, thinks that RAO and Luo haters love to hate the two, without any deragatory comments on RAO and the Luo community they can not contructively contribute to any meaningful debate.

incognito said...

What is this fascination by RAO haters. Yes, Luos voted almost to a man for Yes because RAO was yes, but what about Kalengins who did the same and voted no because Ruto was no. How come I do not see anyone spewing the same verbal murk on Ruto and the Kalengins as a whole as RAO haters do? What about the Luyha's who voted overwhelmingly for Yes, who did they blindly follow?
Me, thinks that RAO and Luo haters love to hate the two, without any deragatory comments on RAO and the Luo community they can not contructively contribute to any meaningful debate.

Anonymous said...

Ruto conceeds DEFEAT, great let us move on (will he get fired?)

IIEC showed great transparency using the media. If only Michuki/Kivuitu would have done the same in 2007, there would be no people living in DENIALAND about election theft. country.

Imagine this: IIEC screens go blanc at 4am with YES leading and few hours later they are back with REVERSED results. Great recipe for .......

Karibuni Kenya mpya.

Kenya mpya, karibuni.

Anonymous said...

@incognito.. WELL PUT!
@Mpesa. Thanks for the illuminating factor as to why the kambas voted for no. I guess if i was living there, i would have done the same.
As for Kalonzo, when will he wake up to the fact that playing wiper will never work in life? Even the bible he claims to worship says you can NOT serve two masters at the same time. Ruto has more respect in my eyes even though he made me sick with his manipulative lies. He stood his ground despite it all, Moi dragged him down. As for yes, wacha nijipigilia makofi. At this moment, NAJIVUNIA kuwa mkenya fitetly saiti saiti! Ohh YES we DID. I am Darn proud of western province. Jirongo can go hang including all the church leaders who in their arrogance assumed the position of Lord and Master. They had forgotten the almighty gave us a brain as well as a conscience. Idiots! Finally i will not be in danger of getting a stroke everytime i hear a man with no womb claiming he knows whats good for a woman when it comes to abortion!

Phil said...


Thats a Kuvuitu type opaque ballot box picture you have there. Very good for stuffing pre-marked ballot papers inside.

This referendum and future elections are on transparent ballot boxes. This is part of electoral reforms in Kenya.

Please change that picture, reminds us of 2007 stolen election.

Taabu said...

You better claim your lunch soon before Ramadham arrives. YES WE CAN, ama?

deroo said...

Good Elections and Congrats to all. This time round there was no sabre-rattlers in the NO camp. Thanx goodness it hascome to this end. Predicted and above all emphatic.

But now, the other bit starts. 2012Here we come...

No rest for the WICKED. They have been campaigning for three years or no.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back after your trademark tribal vomits. BTW did the cooks/watchmen vote NO?

You have been denied fuel for your BIGOTRY - sorry, he was on YES andd you said .........

Anonymous said...

Katiba - CHECK


deroo said...

Who is this cretin on about WATCHMEN AND COOKS (yes, WE HAVE COOKS, WATCHMEN, FISHERMEN, CANE-CUTTERS, SHOE COBBLERS and HAIRDRESSERS, TEA-PICKERS, and they are Kenyans) all the time. In your stupid brains, where have I mentioned a tribe. Is your other name Philip? Stop being stupid man. Grow up and shut up!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kenyans are not suited for democracy. democracy is for individuals, but in kenya it is for tribes. And members of a tribe will be beaten/abused for voting the wrong way. Surely if you are convinced by the church and you want to vote NO, you should vote that way. This notion of a certain leader controlling the votes of a whole tribe is too backward.

Anonymous said...

Stop hating on Kambas,they are good generous people who like giving to all without caring about tribes.Ever tried one of their brownie ladies?Do so and you will know what I mean...!

Anonymous said...

Lets not tae the route we are so desperate to leave...tribalism. If Kalonzo has shortcomings in leadership skills that is him. If Raila has mastered the art of marshalling support from the Luo that is him. These have no relation to the people. People are free to choose what they like based on the arguments and language that the leaders used to convince them. If they vote to a man for one candidate that is part of their rights. In the USA, we have diehard republican followers (tea party goers) and diehard democrats (the so called conservative right and left wings), do they tear into each other, yes but do they degenerate into deregatory remarks like I see here? NO!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:31 AM.
Don't suffer from an acute malignant narcissitic viral hate for the people of Ukambani. Am very sure that your immediate family and community are not any different from people of Ukambani.

Prove the opposite by introducing Kumekucha to any higher standards of living that are being enjoyed by your people, a better way of living that's miles above and beyond that of Kenyans from Kitui and Machakos.

Start by taking us on a documented tour to your ancestral home, village, sub-location, and location, and allow us Kumekucha to be the real judges.

Btw, how about we delete words such as stupid, idiot, backward and so forth from our vocabulary for the sake civility.

Let the collective reponse to "Amkeni Kumekucha!!" be we are waking up, we have woken up, we will wake up and remain awake from this day ( August 4th, 2010) forward.

Philip said...


You've got it wrong. You know very well that I don't use anonymouses. That wasn't me.

All in all we are now as one and the past is forgotten. Implementation of the constitution needs both ayes and naysayers.

Watching Kalonzo, then Raila. Now Kibaki has started his speech.

Philip said...

The truth is that what Ruto has achieved in this referendum, something that Raila achieved way back in 1997, is what most politicians, including Kalonzo, Uhuru, Kiraitu, Mudavadi e.t.c will want.

That is being able to control their tribesmen. I'm yet to understand how this will work in the New Constitution.

It happens when a tribe feels it's being oppressed by the government and then it gets a powerful leader who make them believe (whether factual or imaginable) that he'll fight against their opppresion, or will lead them to prosperity.

Moi's control over Kalenjins is over and he'll never succeed by pushing Gideon there.

I know this will still be important for those aspiring to be presidents even under the New Constitution.

How will politics change under the New Constitution? I don't have answer for that but I'm also seeing tribal factor may go down a bit but religion will climb and start playing a major role in future politics.

That's my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Stop shadow-boxing. And speaking of CRETIN who is a better representive of that creature than you who SHAMELESSLY calls Luhyas COOKS/WATCHMEN (ati blaming Kamotho). You cannot run from your stinking past, can you?

Your are a victim of your own poisonous hate. Your cheap swahili proverbs on targeting YOUR SINGULAR OBJECT OF HATE never succeeded to mask your pettiness.

Please dig for something else, at least for now you have been unarmed(politically).

And again, are you a CRETIN?

Anonymous said...

If Akambas don't want to be herded together by Kalonzo the way Luos are herded like sheep by Raila, why should a non-Akamba have a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

In 2007 Luo-ODM preached hatred for the Kikuyus because Kikuyus were not supporting Raila; then when Ruto stopped worshipping Raila, these fellows started name-calling the Kalenjins; and now they are on Akambas' throats because they think Kalonzo poses the greatest obstacle to Raila's presidential hopes.

The question is this: Why can't this Luo-based party find a way of achieving their political goals without hate-mongering and disparanging others? If they came to power, is this the way they would run the country? Already they have antagonized the Kalenjins and are now busy antagonizing the Akambas; are they on a political suicide mission or what?

Kamatusa said...

Viva! YES! For the resounding victory.... KENYA is larger than all this tribal remarks I see hear... If all the people posting tribal comments could put there photos, ID Numbers and Names then we would know what they stand for...but am sure they are all COWARDS! Shame on you!

But truth be told KALONZO will never see
the inside of state house which he so much desires. We need real leaders who are not scared nor afraid to make tough political decisions and stick by it. He simply doesnt marshall enough political clout.

I come from the RV and voted Yes because I know that it will bring far reaching changes and I have no regrets.

Simply put Ruto will not bow down to Kalonzo and that is the hard fact and truth
In Kenya today Ruto wields more political clout than man Kalonzo.

Anonymous said...

Kamatusa @ 2:10PM,

Glad to see that you have accepted the inevitable (slicing and dicing of RV) without resorting to the usual RV tactics of raping and murdering others to submission.

However, you seem to still harbour a piece of the old political mentality of one politician bowing out for the other. The new political ball game in town is one of competition. Come 2012, there will be as many as possible presidential candidates and NONE will get the constitutional requirement of 50+% vote to win outright in round one. So there will be round two where only those in first and second position will be allowed to compete. And if you care to know, my prediction is that round two will be Raila and Kalonzo. Again, if you care to know, if it is Raila and Kalonzo in round two, then Kalonzo will bury Raila in a landslide. Kalonzo only needs to work very hard to qualify to round two and to be lucky enough to have Raila as the opponent and State House doors fling open for him.

So, abandon this Nyayo-era mentality of a politican bowing out for the other.

Anonymous said...

To those luos badmouthing kambas I need to tell you one thing: kambas do not consider luos to be human beings. We call luos "nyamu" (wild animals). We only got interested in you when we thought your godman might tosha kalonzo. When that did not happen we forgot about you. If the final prezo race is between uhuru and your godman we will vote for uhuru (a human). Live with that.

Omuluhya said...

He He He we from Western province are proud to have backed YES! I dont know what and why people keep on hating on tribal lines.

This so called battle of supremacy between Rao and Kalonzo supporters should simply STOP! But in western their is no way Kalonzo can defeat Rao, NEVER!
And he knows it.

Kalonzo has no national support and appeal...he performed poorly in the general elections and even worse in the referundum. But I still wish him well as he awaits his 'Miracles', but statehouse for him NEVER EVER!

And just a thought! Wether he would have joined the NO! Camp, he wouldnt have made any difference but if Rao did join No!.....everyone knows including his haters what the outcome would have been. Mezeni Wembe

Anonymous said...

Woisheee! Kalooozer must be 'wiping' his tears. As he awaits for Miracles. As guys of Machakos showed him who is the new boss in town....Kiema Kilonzo! He has done nothing for us in the last 25 years.

He didnt even have the audacity to celebrate his silver jubilee in His own contituency because he knows that he has nothing to show.

He better roll up his sleeves because Kiema is coming up and will soon be the rave in Ukambani.

Kamatusa said...

Well....Ruto! Can actually drug Kalonzo in the mud, its only him and Rao who when they sneeze! Kenya's political landscape shakes! Kalonzo doesnt have that kind of clout.

He didnt have the clout to stand up against Moi in Kanu and had to wait for Rao... He didnt have the balls to join Ruto in No! Even though he knew that Rao was well ahead of him and at one point had even threatened to abandon Yes! After being boooed in Uhuru park and Oh! Not forgetting his own Ukambani backyard.

But as a new Kenya has been born, let us wait! But even if RV voted No! Let us remember that Kenya still needs RV.

Anonymous said...

You boons do discuss kalonzo a lot. My money is on uhuru.

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