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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

YES or NO; Kenya Must Decide Wisely, Act Responsibly

As I type these lines, the whole country and the rest of the world are holding their breath for Kenya. I have my voter's card next to my keyboard and I will not lose sight of it until I cast my vote early Wednesday morning.

President Kibaki has just finished his live address to the nation live from Nairobi, even as the YES and NO camps prepare their own last minute statements to the media houses. Kibaki's address was short, but put emphasis on the importance of this process.

As a Kenyan who has followed and participated actively in the struggle for reform in this country, I say a big Yes to the proposed constitution, but at the same time say a big NO to any form of threat, violence, bribery or coercion during the referendum period.

Kenya may seem to be divided over the constitutional referendum, but my hunch tells me that by this end of the day tomorrow the IIEC nerve tallying centre at Bomas of Kenya will be pointing to a massive YES win and an apparent endorsement of the draft by the Kenyan voter. The NAYSAYERS have ratcheted up a well-funded, media-savvy campaign to persuade the Kenya voter to reject the proposed constitution, but in reality they have not offered a better alternative. The anti-draft campaigners have dwelled more on half truths and distortions. It was also apparent that the NO campaigners were desperate to use the draft as a 2012 campaign dipstick.

On the contentious issues of LAND, KADHI’s COURTS, ABORTION and GAY MARRIAGES, it was embarrassing at times to watch and listen to NO campaigners propagate falsehoods against the proposed draft. The fact of the matter is, a NO vote is an endorsement of the current constitution, which is a retrogressive and mongrel constitution that was sired by the Kenyatta and Moi autocracies after endless rape of the beloved motherland. These dictators who never won an election in their whole lives, were aided by crafty individuals like Tom Mboya and Charles Njonjo. Nearly 40 years between them, we still see evidence of waste, gluttony and plunder. A whole Kenyan generation has been wasted, thanks to the current constitution. How sad.

The pro-draft campaigners have all along given us facts and it is not surprising the anti-draft campaigners have avoided face to face debates on the issue of this draft. Not that we expected any intelligent argument from people like Daniel Arap Moi (of all people) or Cyrus Jirongo, but as a democrat, I maintain that everyone retains the right to vote the way they wish. One wonders how this man Moi made it to be president for 24 years. I guess the faulty constitution and his dictatorial tendencies aided and sustained his rogue regime.

Kumekucha Blog urges Kenyan voters to make the most of this historic moment by voting YES in the referendum and usher-in the most consultative constitution in the world ever. The YES vote will determine our elevate the quality of Kenya's future governance. The new document will heal and steer the limping Kenyan nation towards constructive change and accountable leadership.

Kumekucha Blog strongly endorses the proposed constitutional draft and has no hesitation in urging the Kenya electorate to judge the draft fairly, consider what is in it for future generations and vote YES.

Voting YES means a stronger, a more united and an equitable Kenyan society. It also means giving oneself powers to change that very constitution without having to wait for four decades.

Katiba Mpya, Kenya Mpya

Comment by Chris…

History beckons, destiny beckons

I am overwhelmed with emotions as I sit down to write this brief passage withion Phil's post.

I can’t help thinking about all those people who never made it to this day. Some of them fought very gallantly for change. Others like that youngster called Brian lost their precious lives after being torn apart by a blast at Uhuru Park whose motives still remain unclear (at least officially).

For many years I have assumed that many of the political reforms I and others have been championing for here in this blog would probably be enjoyed by our children and more likely our grand children. But shockingly in a few hours Kenyans have the chance to change Kenya forever sooner than anybody thought it would happen.

I don’t remember the last time I was so lost for words. I started out this post wanting to write many words but have ended up with just a few paragraphs.

And so be it.

My appeal to you my fellow Kenyans is just to repeat what I said here earlier. And that is whatever side you choose to vote, vote with your conscience and be prepared to take full responsibility for how you vote. Don't vote and then regret later.

Still I have to agree with Phil that we in Kumekucha are GREEN all the way. My hope and prayer is that Kenyans will rise to the occasion. Let the people decide.

Chris Kumekucha


Taabu said...

Well said and preached. But while at it, what are the consequences for Kumekuchans who choose to vote NO?

Kesho lunch on me no matter how you vote. Choose venue, will you?

Phil said...

Well Taabu, the new draft does not selectively apply to those who vote YES or NO. It applies to all Kenyans so if you voting NO will be a wasted vote.

At the same time, voting NO is better than not voting at all.

I am voting YES and I wont mind Ugali/Kuku choma na avocado kachumbari tukifanya postmortem while monitoring incoming results from the provinces.

Anonymous said...

wewe wacha ati join DJ and BC kwani sisi ni EVERTON? SG still captain bado mapambano lookout for the new PL season won't you bro?

Bw.Phil join us at post celebration YES breakfast U.P. Thursday 5th morning 6am Chris amekata RSVP shauri yake

Anonymous said...

What a long wait it was. Voting YES is inevitable to some us who have carefully compared the proposed constitution and the current one.

I am also hoping that after tomomorrow, all those who wanted this historical moment to be defeated without a good reason will search their soul, repent and join the rest in bulding a new Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Under the superstition of government, men commit errors that they cannot commit in their daily lives. Let us take Phil, Chris, Taabu and Philip as an example of a nation. Let us assume that, Chris happens to be a bit poor as compared to the other three fellows who own a lot of cows and goats. Now, in our daily lives, can Phil rob Taabu or Philip so as to give Chris? The answer is no because, we would charge Phil with robbery with violence and we would be very disgusted. Thus, in our daily lives, we have no powers to rob any other man.

Now, let us suppose that, in the last few months a certain robber has been stealing their cows and goats. To ward off this robber, these 4 fellows decide to form a committee of defence, in our case called Government. However, in the course of their discussions, Chris proposes that, the resultant government should have powers to provide for the poor. In such a case, the other three fellows would ask Chris to explain where the government shall get cows and goats since it does not have its own. Imagine Chris saying this. “The government shall take cows and goats from you three and give to me”. In other words, the fiction called government legitimises robbery.

In daily lives, these three fellows would laugh at Chris. They would laugh at Chris because, one cannot delegate that powers he or she does not possess. As such, since they do not have the power of robbery, there is no way they can delegate the same to their committee of defence. Unfortunately, when we form governments, we imagine that, we can delegate the power of robbery which we have never and shall never possess. To the extent that, this document “delegates” the power of robbery such that, X in Kisumu shall be robbed to provide for Y in Meru as we see in Article 43, is a sufficient ground to reject it.

Anonymous said...

Will Ruto and co be in cabinet by Friday?

Common sense dictates that they should leave cabinet for they are unlikely to support the implementation stage of the new laws

Anonymous said...

We see two forms of governance as of now, there may be more but these two suffice to bring my point home. The American system, the epicenter of capitalism and democracy has welfare programs to provide for the poorer members of their society. It could also be a tool to confine others to begger status, we can't tell. On the other hand we have communist states like Cuba where the government decides how much you can make and how much you surrender to run the state. Welfare is part and parcel of life there. We ask which is the better of the two? Which other system do you propose that is better than the two? Our constitution (proposed) borrows from both, does it make in more unacceptable?

Taabu said...

Kwani nani ROBBER here? Well, you could complete the analogue with one Mwarang'the being the hawk-eyed cop. What would he do to Phil hoping that he would act impartially and objectively? Over to you.

Lawrence Thiongo said...

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Phil said...

NO campaigners are as evasive as ever.

Even Porghisio is fearing attending a joint press conference with his own PS.

Phil said...


I know Kenyans like free things, but at least have some courtesy of requesting the blog owners before placing your advertisement here.

Because this is eve to a special day, we will allow this...but only this instance. Next time, it shall deleted.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu said...
Kwani nani ROBBER here?


In simple words, what we are saying is this. Taabu cannot directly rob Phil.

However, hiding behind the fiction of a government in terms of Article 43, he can rob him and feel nothing about it.


Anonymous said...
We see two forms of governance as of now, there may be more but these two suffice to bring my point home. The American system, the epicenter of capitalism and democracy has welfare programs to provide for the poorer members of their society.


Nothing can be further from the truth. America is no longer a free market nor a democracy. It has become fascistic society.

There are three dates that one should be aware of in America. These are 1913, 1933 and 1971.

In 1913, three crucial things happened:

(a) they instituted INCOME TAX which had been declared illegal in the previous century.

(b) They instituted the central bank. It was a culmination of a long running battle which started with Hamilton versus Jefferson at the founding of the Republic in 1776.

Hamilton was for monarchy/feudal order. Jefferson wanted wealth dispersed with the people. In 1913, the Hamilton faction won.

(c) They EXEMPTED FOUNDATIONS from taxation. Using the money that would have been paid as tax, while burdening LABOUR with all the tax, these foundations of the super wealthy, under the name of humanitarianism, embarked on change of American education, control media etc to stupify the Americans.

In 1933, the USA government confiscated the American's gold. Before the consfication, the elite had moved their gold to Europe.

After consfiscation, the value of gold was raised and the elite brought it back. Thereby, they made a killing.

Also, in this year, the USA government came with the NEW DEAL. Initially, it was rejected. However, the Supreme Court was packed with compliant guys. The rest as they say is history.

In 1971, Nixon unilateraly rejected the 1945 Bretton Woods Agreement.

What is the result of all these changes? Here they are:

In 1970, the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY accounted for 10% of the S&P 500 earnings. In 2003, their earnings were up to 31%. Today, it is close to 50%.

Note this. The financial sector accounts for only about 3% of the workforce. In other words, 3% of Americans are taking over 50% of all yearly earnings.

What did Jefferson tell Americans about this issue?

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Are the Americans not waking homeless today? Dead right as we are now reading this:

"The Crisis of Middle - Class America," @

So, why should we copy such a fascistic system?

Anonymous said...

@Chris, Taabu, Phil and all bloggers,
Please join me at Kilimani polling station 5:30 am sharp won't you?
Truly Kumekucha and look for me wearing the GREEN VUVUZELA

please usivae ile nguo ya MWIZI(ROBBER) tena, sitaki kulala ndani.till now Sayra is incarcerated in....

Phil said...

What the information from the ground?

IIEC says all voting material has been delivered to all polling stations.

The police commish confirm policemen have been deployed to hot spots and all polling stations.

@Luka, I will be at Mashimoni Polling Station Langata at 6am to vote, before retreating for traditional wimbi sour porridge breakfast. Will be at Kibera Primary at 9am, when Raila Odinga is expected to cast his vote and address the gathering. Labda tuonane at Taabu's lunch.

@Kibera is surprisingly calm, no major incidents reported as of early this evening. Pubs and Senator beer (Obama) drinking joints are closed. Police patrol is evident, occassional vuvuzela blasts can be heard in the ghettos.

Apart from Moi who issued a statement earlier today, the RED BRIGADE comprising Ruto, Linturi, Kiema and others have been surprisingly quiet today. I think they were sufficiently warned against campaigning and/or peddling propaganda today.

I will publish my predictions early tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...


For me I am voting for the katiba for two reasons:

1. It dismantles Rift Valley Province which has been the main source of ethnic cleansing violence which has led to the deaths of three members of my family.

2. It checkmates the Presidency, which has been a source of terror and misallocation of national resources. I grew up under Moi's rule and I came to trully hate the institution of presidency.

For those two reasons I will stand in line for as long as it takes to vote "YES." May Justice be our shield and defender from tomorrow and for ever.

Taabu said...

I am staying awake the whole night and will sleep after casting my vote.

What a loaded GREEN RIOT ACT you have read. Please accept dissent from other Kumekuchans, will you?

Now you are WALKING alone tena in the wilderness, OLE WAKO. And please stop being a SEXIST, wachana na Sayra, will you? Lest...

Lunch on me to all your lot after bing served by the presiding officer, Westland-Sarit. And Phil, chagua venue iko na choo after taking your wimbi porridge, ama?

Please note that I won't ask how you voted. NO robbers please.

Karibuni Kenya mpya.

Anonymous said...

An empty argument. It may well be that the outcome of redistribution under collective arrangements reflect individual values and preferences, including altruism. The analogy of robbery is inappropriate if not outright fallacious.

Anonymous said...


I beg to defer. America may not be a free-market society but it is still a democracy. That is why the Tea Party are getting a platform to voice their opinion.

As for Kenyans, exercise your democratic right to reject or accept the new constitution. I will be voting YES!

Anonymous said...


Being a genious must be a very lonely affair. You are able to look at the bigger picture and see the inevitable consequences while the sheep are still following their leaders blindly.

But do not give up. Not all Kenyans are intoxicated by the propaganda being spewed by Chris of Kumekucha or Phil of Kibera. This constitution is an embarasment to Kenyans if this is the best that a 'committee of kenyan experts' can produce.

I am voting a big NO and so are millions of other Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha has shared Some Final Thoughts and the rest is up to us to vote "whichever which way" we desire for our future nation (Second Republic).

WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE BECOME as a nation can only be achieved through WHAT WE DO from this day August 4th, 2010 forward.
Anon 6:29 AM.
Where were you at the time when the 'Committe of Kenyan Experts' were eagerly awaiting for your much needed expertise and urgent input?

Here a question for the "wise-sheep". Q. What happens to sheep that cannot get to greener pastures because they don't want to see beyond the horizon of the current constitutional closed iron gate?

Anyway, there is no tint nor hint of embarrassment in voting YES or NO in the next few hours. Stand up and be counted in the next several hours of need.
Let's just do the needful by voting today and later join the rest of the country when the results are celebrated by all Kenyans who want a better constitution, stronger country and better future for themselves and the next generations.
BTW, I am one of those Kenyans who are so gratified that Daniel arap Moi and his peers have lived long enough to eye-witness the historic moment that had been denied to so many Kenyan for the last forty some years.

Phil said...

wow. August 4th, 06h30 local time and voting is already underway. Your trully spotting an inked left finger in satisfaction.

Kenyans have decided. Very long queues witnessed all over the country at polling stations. People started streaming into polling stations very early.
Last time I saw similar queue was during the abortive 2007 elections which were hijacked by you-know-who!

More updates later.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Phil,Taabu, Chris et al,
I have just arrived back from Kawangware polling station not too far from Braeburn School where i dropped off a friend to vote. The time was 6:45. I have already exercised my democratic right at Kilimani Primary where by 5:30 am queues were already forming

The IIEC returning agent was late and i did not get to cast my ballot until 6:30 am. other than this anomaly the voting was peaceful and Kenyans have turned out in large numbers to give the country a new constitution. of course i voted YES

Wake up to change Kenyans!Wake up to change!Take control of your destiny and give this country a new constitution

Anonymous said...

Some of these fellows gloating of how they voted yes reminds me of the pride of the bull that emerges top in the race to the slaughter house.
Or that fish that quickly swallows the juicy bait and laughs at the other starving companions.

The clock is ticking, soon as they always do, the will all come back to Kumekucha crying how Kenyans were cheated to vote for a defective and non operational law.

Mwarangethe has done his part. I have voted against this ridiculous law. At least I will not regret my decision.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

I beg to defer. America may not be a free-market society but it is still a democracy. That is why the Tea Party are getting a platform to voice their opinion.


We would expect thee to know what so called Tea Party is all about. Distraction from the REAL issues.

Anonymous said...

I have voted YES and am proud of it.I better live with laws that I voted for rather than this old tattered Lancaster constitution which am not sure if anybody was asked to pass or was it just imposed on our parents and grandparents?

Anonymous said...

The anonymous Grace,
You're being a prophet of the doom. What particularly makes you think Kenyans will regret voting for the law? Why do you prefer the current law over the proposed? It is not enough to hide under Mwaragethe's ideas.

Anonymous said...

News flash:Catch 22 post referendum

Just imagine this. The church has called for reconciliation after the vote. Ruto/Poghisio/Naomi will latch onto that NOT TO BE FIRED. Now CATCH 22 is can they help impliment what they rejected?

Kibaki/Raila are damned if they act and they are damned more if they don't act. Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya ama you reap what you sowed?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:28 PM
Kenyans are not blind sheep, ignorant lamps, backyard goats, fish (salmon heading upstream), nor bulls (beef cattle) on their way to the meat processing plant.

We just happen to be well informed citizens of Kenya who want to see real change enacted through a new constitution. We are asking for no more, no less.

"Grace", let us be graceful for change and accept the referendum results, regardless of whether some of you "voted against the ridiculous law" or some of us voted for the draft constitution and a better future.

As far as regrets are concerned, Kenyans have had so many of them to remember since the mid 1960s, and majority of Kenyans no longer want to have any more regrets for the next five decades.

So the choice is ours, to head in the right direction or remain in the same old muddied waters as we have been for the last five decades.

I suggest, let's lead and others will follow in due course or by 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, & 2020.


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