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Monday, January 14, 2008

Shocker: US Exit Poll Now Shows That Raila Won Presidential Race Convincingly

EXCLUSIVE: Kirui the Whistleblower Exposes How They Stole the Presidency

Amid mounting evidence that Mwai Kibaki DID NOT win last December’s general elections, a U.S. government-backed foundation has now released results of an exit poll conducting during the elections that clearly shows ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga winning the presidential race convincingly.

Indeed this is the first piece of statistic that comes anywhere near vindicating a Kumekucha poll conducted shortly before the elections that gave Raila Odinga an overwhelming 60 per cent of the vote.

Still, the kind of international politics being played out behind the scenes is very complex because it was the very same Americans who released a poll just before the disputed elections showing a Kibaki win. This was followed by an exit poll also showing a Kibaki win. The two polls raised eyebrows more so because all previous polls gave ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga a clear lead.

Even stranger was how ODM would have convincingly won the vast majority of parliamentary seats with voters clearly in an angry mood against the president’s point men, voting a huge percentage of them out. In one bizarre instant in Webuye the ECK would like Kenyans to believe that voters rejected Kibaki’s Musikari Kombo and yet gave Kibaki the winning number of votes in that constituency (Webuye).

The latest exit polls shocker proves what most Kenyans have known all along—that this was a stolen election. What this also does is to place responsibility for the hundreds of deaths countrywide squarely at the feet of Mwai Kibaki. Indeed many Kenyans are now insisting that when all this is over, Kibaki must face criminal charges, not only for rigging the elections but for the astrocities that resulted after security forces were given orders to shoot to kill. It is believed that it is this order that resulted in the deaths of so many innocent women and children. Some of these bodies were shown piled together at the main city morgue in earlier posts in this blog.

The consequences of stealing an election when Kenyan voters were obviously in a very angry mood as they voted would have been very clear to any right thinking Kenyan. Yet Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki went ahead with his circus of December 30th 2007 which has thrown the country into a very serious crisis and caused many Kenyans to lose their loved ones. Incidentaly the current post-election crisis in Kenya is one that will take decades to recover from.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that some analysts believe that the Americans seem to be now doing a “Mobutu” on Kibaki. After propping up and supporting Mobutu Sese Seko for years, the Americans suddenly turned against him in the 90s.

This blogger remains skeptical of the true intentions of Uncle Sam. Only time will tell.

Read full story about exit poll that shows Raila won presidential race.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for the TRUTH

One thing is for sure,The Truth will Prevail.Truth cannot die.

Ukweli utasimama.

Wanyama said...

I can't understand why you are posting more and more evidence about Raila's win yet the unborn knows that Raila won THIS election. Unless someone is a Stone Age tribal pussyfooter who was taught that stealing is an act of honour or may be geniousness, I think honesty dictates that Raila won the Dec. elections. Everything has its appointed term. Arrogance and patinece too have thier limit. Kenya will unravel sooner than later and I hope some people who are being blinded by arrogance, greed and grandiose will not call for sanity, Kenyan-ness and nationhood. Justice has a way of establishing itself however long it takes. Ya Mungu ni mengi.

Phil said...

BREAKING NEWS! 11h00 Local Time

AIC church in Mathare (Juja Road) has been razed to the ground by unknown people. Blogger was at the scene and currently there is tension in the Mlango Kubwa areas, more refugees taking cover at the Moi Air BASE. It is unclear if there were any souls inside this church.

More later.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows who you were campaigning for. To ODM supporters Raila had to win and any other result was rigged. That is why the violence metted on innocent people due to blind hate.

If anyone genuinely belives the elections were rigged he/she ought to ask this; was Kivuitu under any threat before he announced the results. ODM wanted Kivuitu term to be renewed so that the elections would be free and fair, which Kibaki did.

I wonder what would happened to the innocent people displaced had Rila won. Raila is on record refering to a certain community as ADUI (enemy) and what he meant was revealed after he lost the elections.

john oilepo said...

Kivuitu says he was under pressure, he announced the results under duress and he doesnt know really who the winner is.
EU observers say the elections were flawed, so do domestic observers, so do EAC observers. The list of independent bodies doubting the results is endless.

Philip Roy said...

With all this evidence going around, it would seem that the most logical thing for Kibaki to do, would be to resign or try and be more humble if he intends to remain in power till 2012 or beyond(coz I know they will try it)

Anyway the evidence is out there for all with eyes to see, the question is what to do about it?

And for all those who turn a blind eye to it like VP Kalonzo,"pole" for them....

Anonymous said...

John Oilepo dont forget the same Kivuitu stated he feared nothing not evn death. Infact there is one ODM supporter called Miguna Miguna who wanted to beat him before he was restrained but Kivuitu remained calm.

Having known Kivuitu for the last 15 years he is not somebody who can be intimidated. Kivuitu could not have declared Kibaki the winner had he any doubt in the results. The fact is Kibaki won and Raila should accept the peoples verdict.

Anonymous said...

One reason why I like reading this blog though I am anti-it, is the use of words like "Shoker!", or "Chilling! evidence" or even more, "Amid rising tension!", "An overwhelming lead of 60%". Talk of crap! Its called crafty writing. It amounts to none other than feeding the wishful thinking and solace for the ODM camp. Chris you are doing good work.
You are seeking solace from the "International Community", right? In my opinion, Kenya does not need them as much as other countries like Zimbambwe. Let them, esp the EU, go help its former colony clear up its economic mess. Then wanaweza kupitia hapa Kenya on their way back to their country.
Please pile up all the evidence, the observer's report, Kivuitu's own words like 'I dont know who won', all the poll stars that show Raila's win and head to the CORRIDORS OF JUSTICE, where you will be served. Othewise I will keep visiting Kumekucha to see the the ODM mentality.

blessed said...

When will kenyans from Central Kenya wake up from their delusion that this class of rich arrogant men represents their interests. Michuki, Kibaki, Karume would not care even if 50,000 Kikuyus are slaughtered.
I have just read Phillip Ochieng's and Joseph Karimi's book "The Kenyatta Succession"published in 1980. Im shocked at the similarity of the thinking in 1976 and in 2008. Karimi warns that the people that suffer more than any other group is is the poor kikuyu being used as a tool by the selfish billionaires from central Kenya. They play up the tribal emotions, to keep their poor tribesmen preoccupied with some "imaginary" enemies.
Unless the young Kikuyus see the true picture and intentions of this selfish clique that has driven the country to the dogs, they will continue suffering.
Kindly look for the book and see the true characters of these selfish old billionaires

Anonymous said...

Blessed thank you, teh elites will always use and dump them....Read Wangari Maathai's commentary yesterday it was beautiful. The other day a tout challenged me on kazi iendelee..Then after that he asks me for 10 shilings aikule githeri...The answer was simple kula hiyo kazi iendelee...My bros from central wake up...Sori i am talking to the wrong group..I forgot that i will find them out of this blog

Anonymous said...

Blessed, how many jaluos live in slums. Whom does Raila represent? In the roits after elections all i could see were jaluos on CNN, BBC & Al jazeera and i wondered whether kenya belongs to Jaluos.

I live in an estate where my two neighbours are jaluos and a kalenjin across but none of them raised a voice when the results were announced. We even met at the local in the evening and we enjoyed and laughed over drinks. My Luo friends confided to me that Raila uses poverty and hopelessness to make political capital. The poor people fo Kibera who are Luo have been used as pawns by Raila when his son is busy dating ansd marrying a kikuyu from a very wealthy background.

No wonder no Luo from the middle class is rioting. I think its immoral fro us in this blog not to condem this selfish behaviour by the likes of Raila to reley on the poor people to advance his political cause.

I have not come across anywhere in this blog Kumekucha condeming the wanton destruction of Kusumu city by Railas supporters. Its a pity.

Paul Wekesa

Philip Roy said...

Latest News:

Live on KTN

ODM on government side in Parliament..

Philip Roy said...

ODM moves back to opposition benches

Awiti said...

When US exit poll announced that Kibaki was winning, ODM side quickly moved in to say that the local people do not understand how exit polls are done and would mislead people coz of two things.
(1) Fear: Fear that if they dont say that they voted for President Kibaki, they will be hurt by the govt.
(2) Greed: That by saying they voted for president, they may receive a handout.

As such, the ODM roundly criticized and dismessed the exit polls. Now they are embracing them---Hypocrisy or rather DOMO!!!!

Philip Roy said...



Wafula said...

Such kind of literary crap cannot be presented to a court of law as evidence.
The open secret is that ODM cannot challenge Kibaki's disputed election in a court of law with the Hague included because they don't have credible evidence.
Let's preach peace and strengthen our institutions instead of killing a fellow kenyan just because he/she voted PNU.
Did you see any democrat killing a republican just because Al Gore lost in the disputed american 2000 election?
Do you think we Africans have a very low social intelligence?

Awiti said...

ODM moves back to where they belong--the Opposition Benches!. That is the way to go, we need a strong opposition, as HOO NDII EMMU

Davie said...

I am told all ODM MP-Elect slept in Karen and had their phones taken away so that they may not be contacted by PNU/Government operatives. I guess this is Democracy at its highest!.

Anonymous said...

Davie, You know this 'I was told...' makes you so cheap you'd better keep your big mouth shut. Many people are saying many things these days, including that Kibaki has just fainted at the sight of Raila in Parliament. So, cut the crap and go on making your money or at least spending some from PNU.

Ndepa said...

Orengo comes to the front to give a standing order ati they should not vote using secret ballot. ODM wants acclamation!---really democractic, arent they? But he was quickly dismissed!.
Now H.E President Kibaki of Kenya has voted. Amollo the Liar is voting now--he has voted for Kaparo

Anonymous said...

Blessed, let me introduce you to another side of the Kikuyus you seem to have ignored.
All tribes have these very poor people. And trust me, poor Kikuyu's do not support Kibaki, or a Kikuyu for that matter with the hope that he will do anything for them such as bringing bread on the table in the evening. I think that mentality is more on the Luo side than it is on the Kikuyu side. Most kiuks, including the poor, know very well that it is upon them kujitafutia. That is why they say, 'wira ni wira', meaning you dont look down on a Kazi coz you think it is not that dignified.
Blessed, check your leaning.

Anonymous said...

ODM Is very democratic, they are voting and then showing everyone their ballot. as ODINGa told them

Anonymous said...

Famous quote "We went into the elections using the secret ballot and you stole the vote". Immortal truth

The Rendezvous said...

Why don't the Gikuyus don't want to leave power.

If Rift Valley had 3.3 Million voters and Central had 2.5 Million voters, I assume Rift was for ODM 70% and Central was 92% Kibaki, They would almost cancelled each other as in votes.

Now tell me what about Nyanza which was 90% ODM and 60% Western where even FORD KENYA didn't get a vote.

What about Nairobi, Coast, North Eastern where ODM won almost all seats.

The Vice president was removed along with 20 cabinet Minister.

Does that mean, Kenyans were fed up with Kibaki?

Makena said...

Same boring shit being posted daily. Keep ranting while the rest of us deal with realities that face many Kenyans.

Anonymous said...


What takes you to this web site if it is shit to you.If you are living with the reality what are you doing in this web?

Shame on you.

Rotich T

Anonymous said...

The reality Makena is that people have died others have been driven from their homes. There is no way to go back as Kibaki MUST be president??
Do you think Kibaki presidency is worth all the deaths not to mention the pain and suffering??
Is this the reality you guys love??

Anonymous said...

The rendezvous.....Not fed up nilikuwa nimemshiba kabisa and that is why i am a disappointed Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

DOM Mp-elect are doing group thinking! showing their ballots to RUTO, because he has promised to kill them. !

Anonymous said...

Show your votes after voting? Gava ina hara Parliament saa hizi, walikuwa wamebuy votes, but do I say?
They either buy or steal hawa watu are too much!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@4:34, Jonesmus Kikuyu once met the ire of an eloquent legislator when he behaved like you're doing with your unbridled tongue. He was told, and I tell you the same 'You're a victim of severe mental degradation'. When has Ruto become a Killer like Michuki and Uhuru whose private Mungiki armies have ben killing people in Ngong? Visit a shrink, NOW.

Ndepa said...

Anon@4.38...and who are you again?

Anonymous said...

Anon@4:47 I'm who I'm

Beatrice said...

Anon@4.50--I thot so!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Paul Wekesa was the word jaluo imprinted on their forheads when you were watching CNN, BBC

Anonymous said...

Rotich T @ 4:20 aka Jaluo-infected.
Must have voted for DOM. Hope u aint been a recruitee of the Ruto Militia in Eld.

Let Makena aendelee na Kazi. In the meantime, dream on....

Anonymous said...

You ODMorons have a very short memory.

That same organisation was the same one that gave Kibaki a lead in there exit polls.

What is the need of the polls when you can change them to suit your hidden agendas.

Try another one.

We have now counted all the votes and Kibaki has won.
If Kibaki did not win why has ODM not gone to court?

We also have an East African court that they could go to if they feel the Kenyan courts will be biased.

Wacheni ujinga.

Just like the whistle blower case, that guy is a fraud and he has never worked for ECK.

Our journalist has a case to answer as they would have chased that story.

Charles Arube said...

Both Kibaki and Raila are power hungry. But, Rila won the elections. There's no doubt to that. Being what he is (a gentleman and a man who values honesty), I am certain Mzee Kibaki is having many sleepless nights.

He, I believe, is not doing what he believes is right. But, his wife, Michuki, Saitoti and others around him who have no qualms what-so-ever about such blatant cheating and dishonesty, are having the upper hand in his decisions. Who knows, maybe they have even made the Mzee to believe that he won.

With sich sleepless nights and such tensions, how long can the Mzee live? Kalonzo is very smart and he knows that his best and only chance is to wait and take over when Mzee is gone. It's then Kalonzo, who all along has been the best of the lot, will carry his agenda and Kenya forward.

Anonymous said...

Chris please give this site some credibility that it deserves.

This organisation is the same one that gave Kibaki a lead.

They have deleted there entry on Kibaki but news organisations captured it.

read here

Anonymous said...

Kibaki won the election? Despite all the glaring inconsistencies where he got more votes than those cast or the number of registered voters? Numerous observers raising concerns, missing 16A forms from a building under heavy GSU guard, and please don't reference the Bondo, Emgwen, Sigor list which Nation rectified but in the interest of denial some still insist is fact. I thought Kivuitu said he didn't know who won the election, a rather suttle way of saying he thinks! Let's face it. Everyone who goes into politics wants power. If Kibaki didn't, he would never have ran for President and wouldn't be holding on to the Presidency at whatever cost - Lucy and minions in charge or not; likewise, Kalonzo would not have hurriedly accepted the VP post while both sides dug in their heels. That is not the way to unify the country when you CLEARLY take sides! So lets not conveniently ignore patent facts as we spew venom. Kibaki has the option to call for an immediate rerun of the presidential election. But, we all know he won't do that. If he is confident he won, then he should go ahead and call for a rerun. If that is the case, I'm sure he was won over millions more votes all over Kenya after this debacle.

Kenyans should be concerned about the broken institutions and how they led to this quagmire. In the future, the same tactics will be used and then we will all complain because the person who said checkmate! wasn't the person we wanted. Then what will we do? Start complaining that we have been robbed of our right to self determination?? This is bigger than all the personalities involved. All these events will have a profound effect on Kenyas future and we'll be floored when we see just how!

Peace to ALL Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

Americans have understood that they can not support this stupidity.

Mathematics can not lie. Winning in 6 provinces out of 8 is a clear maths evidence which can be proved beyond no doubt.

Kibaki and his men have never been good at maths. The semi-illitrate Moi was better. At manipulating.

This tyrant must resign!!!
Where was he when Biwott was throwing real shit to Raila and others in the 90s?

Forget your damn tribes and support a revolution against this tryrant in Kenya. Fellow Kikuyus take up weapons and force Kibaki to resign.



mati said...

Kenyans we should forget tribes in Kenya and focus ahead. We have leaders and others in making. Kibaki and raila are not leaders.
These guys are crooks, money and power hungry, all they are looking for is to protect their ill-gotten, stolen wealth.

Kenya belongs to kenya.

Can you imagine a Whole economist man calling you " mavi ya kuku" these people are seniles and it`s high time We Kenyans go and re-claim our country from these seniles.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why it took them almost amonth to come out with this...were they also cooking their poll???

mkenya said...

I agree with you fully! Hiyo ni ukweli kabisa. Those two are just using innocent wananchii to get what they want. I wonder whether they care about what we wananchii want. Stupid power hungry waheshimiwas or washindwes!

Anonymous said...

Let Raila Odinga know that Kenyans rejected him on 27th Dec. Stone throwing and burning of property is not going to change that! Let him take his role as opposition leader or hand over to Mudavadi. The events of the last few days have shown that raila cannot be trusted with power, not even for five minutes. In 2012, we have have Kalonzo as our President. Raila should stop dreaming about living in the state house. it shall NEVER happen.

Anonymous said...

What is this mystery US exit poll you talk of?
Kwani, it took 2 and a half weeks to conduct and count?? That is no exit poll bwana!!

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