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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Checkmate Politics=Speaker Kenneth Marende

Kenya's version of checkmate politics entered its finest phase when the 10th parliament convened this afternoon to elect their speaker. Boy and what a drama in the August house both of hilarious and of the absurd ilk.

With Kenneth Marende Otiato and Farah Maalim elected as Speaker and Deputy respectively Kenyans have predictably transformed themselves into spin masters at their best. Apologists from both end of the political equation are reading what they believe can sell while shamelessly displaying scant political under currents.

Until we see the high-octane political chess game for what it is, we can only succeed in fooling ourselves. Trust our SCOUNDRELS for politicians to leave us jerking off our limbs at their expense as we spew epithets and vitriol at fellow Kenyans as these chaps make deals with the devil.

Politics made in Kenya
It is ALL raw politics, stupid. No amount of sanitizing will diminish the present political tension and only self-deception can mask that fact. To some Speaker Marende is now an honourable member of LSK who will serve all and sundry fairly. My foot! Well, tell that to the birds because they can pay by flying high in the sky.

Marende and Farah's elections may have provided the much-needed cooling of political temperatures as ODM revels in the token celebration of miniature victory. But the truth remains that this may be the firm foundation of turbulent political times ahead.

We probably haven't seen anything yet. Sample this: domination of all important House committees and come June (if the political rubber band cooperates for that stretch) no budget. Simply put this may be the LULL before the STORM and we are in for interesting times. Welcome to politics made in Kenya, na bado.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the article lacks some clarity. Just seeing the face of Karua - minster of justice?! - was worth it.

Anonymous said...

ahaha, phil you'are an idiot! aki ya nani

rhyymemaster said...

Phillip or whoever you are. Stop behaving like a warthog, forgetting only too soon. We won't forget that an injustice was done on Kenya. Now is just the beginning. Bado mapambano

Anonymous said...

When Moi was visiting injustice on Kenyans, he had the backing of a similar venal group like Kibaki does from some of you who read this forum. Kenya does not belong to an individual and this tribal poison that is thrown back and forth does not help the jiggers-infested brains who are promulgating such backwardness. Kenyans voted, there was a winner and a loser. The loser, instead of accepting the verdict and conceding defeat, he went ahead to terrorise Kenyans.

At one point today, I thought somebody was contemplating a very pleasant surprise. Reportedly, some party at one point thought of calling up some imaginary 'nominated' MPs to help bolster their numbers when it looked obvious that they were losing. Apparently, somebody refused to issue a late-night gazettement of the nominated MPs who had been called up to a Nairobi Hotel ready to be sneaked into Parliament.

What happens next, Will PNU have 100 ministers and assistants in order to sustain its discredited cling to power? I wonder.

Vikii said...

Well, the truth of the matter is that I do not hold Kenneth Marende in high regard. My use of "brilliant" to describe him has always been in quotes because that is what those in the ODM call him. What I said is that he is expected to perform the duties of HOuse Speaker not an ODM chief whip. If he wants to be speaker for long , he has to show SOME impartiality especially when crucial business is being discussed. There are no two ways about that one, people!

Did someone say "domination of House committees"? Well, once again Marende is not a parliament chief whip but a speaker. Every political party forwards its nominees to the house Committees. They do not need to consult Marende or have him veto the names forwarded. While it is a fact that ODM will have a majority in some committees courtesy of their numerical strength, this will not be the case in all committees.

Kenneth Marende won the elections of speaker and we are congratulating him. That is a massive achievement. But those expecting us to become some sort of converts or 'apologists" are mistaken. House business is not like running a party secretariat and that is why we expect, actually demand, that he beaves like a speaker not like a party youthwinger inside the house.

Anonymous said...

@Vikii, Would you have said this "House business is not like running a party secretariat and that is why we expect, actually demand, that he beaves like a speaker not like a party youthwinger inside the house." had Kaparo won? Just wondering whether you sustain your fa├žade of 'neutrality' even when inside you you're wishing you were born tomorrow after what happened today was over. Wake up Baby, Mwai will be slapped tonight for no other reason than failing to use 'power' to make Nkaparo nthe speaker'. Shame on you, go and prostrate before Bro. Kalonzo and wipe your ire at him.

Frank said...

W'ell all suffer cause of politicians stupid games. Get your own life together and stop waiting for any politician to save Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Vikii please go do something useful with your life. Learn how to suck dick properly, if you're writing nonsense on this blog than you cannot be performing your primary fellatio job to maxmimum potential. So please get in contact with Kalonzo asap and consult with him on your deep throat technique.

Vikii said...

Hey, and ODM chaps can be very intelligent, just like their leaders. I can only envy you guys.

Anonymous said...

Chris - comments like those of anon@1:31 are uncalled for. I am an ODMer too, but trash talk has no place in a civilized debate. Vikii - take no heed.

mdawida said...

I agree with anon@1:53, vikii disregard the insults. We read this blog, and are tolerant of each others views and opinions but should leave no room for such.

Marende has so far handled himself well, being an ODM supporter, but loving peace more than the mayhem that has visited us, I hope he will listen to both sides of the divide and rule justly.

Maybe he can be the one who gets the two sides to listen to each other, who knows, peace may come soon thereafter.

stupid simple said...

a big relief for me and others.I wish to thank richard onyonka for being a statesman,saving the day and therefore shaping the history of kenya.
Looking beyond his stomach and standing for what is right.
I know lots of you don't get it but the other two parties that came in actually saved the day and this is why I personally wish to thank Richard O.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Judging by his performance in reigning in hotheads like Namwamba and Orengo, i think Marende will make a good and fair speaker. Remember, he now does not owe allegiance to ODM since he is no longer an MP. His Emuhaya seat will in fact become vacant. He has past standards of impartiality to live up to and even surpass and going by his acceptance speech, seems determined to do so.
It is erroneous for some ODMers to imagine that he is a speaker whose brief it is to promote the ODM agenda. To the contrary, his job is to prevent Govt bullying of ODM, which is not the same as being an ODM partisan.
Still, it is early days yet and only time will tell if he will make for a patriotic speaker. Having a hung parliament as it were makes his job doubly difficult.
The real battles will be in the political field and in that regard, Kibaki is already one up in that he has Raila where he really wanted him, as leader of opposition.
There will be no more talk of Govt of National Unity or power sharing as the political order was effectively defined when ODM accepted to attend parliament, get sworn in and to take up their seats. The fact that Raila was forced to swear allegiance to the President was a significant coup for Kibaki.
It is just a matter of time before some ODM MPs defect to the Govt side as Kibaki has up to 17 Cabinet postings to dish out, not to mention numerous Asst Minister posts. The temptations will too great especially at this time when the Kibaki succession battle is about to begin in earnest.

pimpalal said...

The conditions for defection aren't easy. If ODM MP's defect without approval from the party's big-wigs then their parliamentary seats can and will be declared vacant, pending a by-election. I dare any MP intending to defect to go back to an ODM constituency and run as a PNU cndidate in a by-election. I would love to see such blatant political suicide.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The political parties bill banning defections without party consent was never gazetted to make it legally binding so MPs can still defect. There is absolutely nothing Kosgei can do as ODM Chairman short of bringing the bill afresh and hoping it will pass.

Ochieng' Omollo said...

Though I am anti-DOM, but those ODMers insulting Vikii are not being fair. Stop the foul language. On the same breath, when pro-Kibaki fellows write nonesense on this blog, rem there are pro-Kibaki guys who mean business.
Going personal, the Mr. Kamau's and Mr. Njoroge's same age as the one Sam Okello are not busy blogging with us 25's here at Kumekucha. They are busy running their businesses and making cash.
Sam, borrow a leaf from them, what is this thing you keep saying, 'we shall overcome?' Shows you still have a very tribal head, it feels like you advocate for a tribal battle between Kikuyus and Luos or sth close to that. My two cents.

Anonymous said...

I do hope for once our MP's forget their stomachs and actually represent our interests. Whether in govt or opposition they have a valid role to play.
Ababu and Orengo are good medicine for Karua( Thank heavens!).
Just a thought- Is Vikii Mutula Kilonzo or related to him they sound like the same person??

I hope our MP's could keep their stand so we can reign in future thieves and avoid Alibaba and his forty thieves ( Read Mwizi Kibaki and his 40(6) thievez )taking our property by force!

Anonymous said...


you silly heffer Raila pledged allegiance to Kenya not the institution of the Presidency, which is being occupied by a senile thief!!

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