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Monday, October 08, 2007

Is Kiraitu Murungi Running Scared?

The first signs of the effects of the mammoth crowd that stifled Uhuru Park last Saturday emerged yesterday when during a church service in Meru energy minister Kiraitu Murungi told the congregation that unless the Mount Kenya region voted as a block, they might as well forget about State House for another 5 years.

This coupled with the other accusations about ODM being heavily funded from abroad are sending a very clear message to all those who are observant. It is finally dawning on the President’s team and his allies that they are staring defeat straight in the face.

Personally I do not see how the president’s campaign can be saved. It is rare that I make sweeping statements here in Kumekucha but the truth is that Mwai Kibaki is finished. I say this is anger and sadness because the truth is that the president does not have a message to sell. His campaign team has no idea what they are doing. That is the truth. Even the team he sent to London basically repeated the same old mantra, that ODM will bring chaos to Kenya. And while it is normal and acceptable in politics to attack the other side and point out their weaknesses, you don’t do so before you have sold yourself first.

So what does a second Kibaki term have to offer? Somebody please tell me, I may have missed the message. By the way the definition of selling a message to the people is not reading some carefully prepared boring speech. It is telling us in a language we understand and with examples exactly what you are planning to do.

The president’s team is telling Kenyans that this administration should continue. What exactly does that mean because we have seen many things in the Kibaki administration that we do NOT like. So should we vote in the president to continue with them? For example there has been a very focused and determined effort to gag the media. Of course the word being used is “control.” So the next question is who needs “control” more? The media that broke the Anglo Leasing scam to Kenyans when the opposition in parliament were fast asleep.

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Tom said...


Quit asking dumb questions. You have been indirectly undermining the government all year long and now that Raila is leading in the polls you can scarcely conceal your delight. The main thing Kibaki has to offer going foward is more economic growth and prosperity for all kenyans. Every objective non tribalistic kenyan knows that economically speaking, Kibaki is by far ahead of the other candidates. Regarding the subject of corruption, kenya has improved greatly in the area of corruption - corruption was well entrenched and was never going to be eradicated fully in five years. And to flip the coin, what do you think Raila will offer kenyans now that you are supporting him so hard? What's his track record in Kibera, in Nyanza, in Moi's government as Minister for Energy, or in Kibaki's government as Minister for Roads? Kenyans like you are blindly agitating for change for change's sake. Hopefully you will get what you ask for. Mtoto akililia wembe mpe!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

'Chris', it is perfectly alright to use everything at your disposal to campaign for your man, and if I could do the same for mine,trust me, I would.
I only hope your psychological warfare -scaring your enemy dead, making them feel like they have lost- won't work. Man, you make it sound like we don't even need to go to the polls! True, the opinion pools commissioned by whoever show that Raila is ahead of Kibaki. Taht's very recent news and the reason I'm holding my breath for the poll of polls. That's what will determine where we are headed. If we are to borrow from majuu like you always do, even 'kichaka mdogo', rais wa ile nchi noma sana duniani, had been going south for a long enough while, but won mara ya pili bila hata kwanda kotini after the elections. Hata kama mara ya kwanza watu wengine hawakuamini kwamba kulikuwa na demokrasia kweli. Halafu baadaye, akawadanganya wananchi wake kuhusu vyobo vya vita vinavyoweza kudedisha watu mob sana mara moja kwa ile nchi ingine, baadaye akawahamia na kudedisha watu wake mob hata kuliko waliouawa na wale wadhii wa tisa moja moja. Aje? Uchumi, pumbavu! (or how do you say, the economy, stupid! Taabu?). Hence, hail the 6% growth rate!
Anyway, I do not worship the economy, but kama imekua, imeku..? Imekua!
But, for the first time, ever, we have the most hotly contested presidential election in Kenya, perhaps it is the father of all elections, after all.

Anonymous said...

Chris, not all of us are scared. I for one have done my math.This scare seems to have emanated only from the turn out at the "thunder" meeting which was put at 400k persons. Now we know that Nai has 1.1m registered voters. So where were the other 700k? We know ODM supporters are very ardent meeting attenders. They close their businesses to attend meetings and life for them comes to a standstill cos of a meeting so we can safely say that MOST Odm supporters in Nai were at that meeting.If most ODM supporters are 400k, then I am not scared one little bit.

Sue said...

PKW kusoma kiswahili ni ngumu lakini nilipita vizuri sana.

Economy imekua wapi niende nikachune?

Anonymous said...

Anaa thing. If I remember well, William Ruto read "some carefully prepared boring speech" last Sato which rambled on and on.I just dont know where you get off concluding that Obaks is finished.Show me one citizen of any country in the world who has not seen many things in their Gava that they did NOT like and I'll show you a blue cow.There has never existed a perfect Gava and there will never be,Raila's included in fact I shudder at the thought of a raila one.This Gava has i'ts own mistakes, granted,but I believe it has taken us some way despite inheriting an almost failed state in getting things up and running.You gotta give it that.And I prefer the devil I know. Any time.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen I am truly worried. ODM can not do any better than Kibaki has done as a far as corruption is concerned.Both the major candidates have known thieves surrounding and supporting them. There is absolutely no way you could ask a thief to help you clinch the presidency (in the case of Raila, 2m votes thru Ruto, Kosgey)then you turn around and ask him to account for his deeds/wealth. You reward him with not just a cabinet post. Maybe something like the Assistant Deputy Vice President. Anyway, fact is,we will surely have thieves in a Raila cabinet if he wins.Do not for one moment forget that Raila has owned up to "protecting" the biggest thief in Kenya aka Daniel Moi from the Narc Cabinet when they wanted to fry him. How will he fight corruption with this record?

Taabu said...

Chris welcome to the world of swaering and sweating. You are in good company brother. Na bado.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sue, siwezi tarajia uelewe Kiswahili, Kiingereza kikiwa lugha yako ya mama. Uchumi umekua hapa hapa tu. Na bila shaka ukimpigia debe Rais (!) utaonaje?

Anonymous said...

The media has not been gagged yet...mtaimba na serikali ya ODM wacha sasa you an write anything

Anonymous said...

now i have a bombshell!!! i will soon be blowing your cover. THE MISTERY OF MR CHRIS' IDENTITY IS ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED!! wasnt that you i saw in nairobi's I&M building this afternoon?? i will soon be posting a picture of you on this blog!!

Taabu said...

medical caution: serial tongue-in-cheek may have you lyranyx chocked with fatl consequences. Monotony bores even the colourless fox.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is ragging behind in development. Under Kibaki, it has become the poorest nation in Africa. Under an ODM government, there will be an equal distribution of resources. There will be international airport in each of the 8 provinces. Raila will also ensure that minimum wage is raised to Sh15,000. per month so that an economical growth of 15% can be realised. ODM juu. Patrick Opondi.

Anonymous said...

One of the best things about this blog is the ignorance that gets displayed throught thoughtless comments. Constantly refering Raila to Kibera makes you look foolish because that slum like others around Kenya is Kibaki's responsibility or is it not? Raila proposed a housing scheme and this was rejected by Kibaki was it not? Raila track record in nyanza, is he an MP for a constituency there? Kibaki's economic growth, wasn't Raila and others in ODM part of it, or did it just suddenly baloon after the referendum? Are common Kenyans benefitting from this growth? How does Kenya's growth over the same time period compare with its peers? Has corruption increased or decreased under Kibaki? Anglo Leasing, Artur Brothers, Standard Raid, what has been done about these atrocities? What has Kibaki said about these major incidents? Has free primary education produced better results in performance by students? Will free secondary education do the same or better under Kibaki? What vision do these parties under PNU have to offer besides insisting on eing part of the next government? For what, what do they plan to do? If Uhuru is sincere, why did he not join Kibaki earlier if he agreed to his policies, he could've maintained Kanu in GNU. Yes Raila and others have been implicated in corruption, but to a lesser or greater degree than those in PNU? Isn't every politician who was active prior to 1992 associated with KANU? Who helped in the fight to create multi-partyism in Kenya, who did nothing but benefitted when it was realized. Why didn't those who left KANU in 2002, only do so after Raila joined and later left? How many politicians could face by-elections and get re-elected in a cosmopolitan constituency? Finally is NARC-K kind of useless now, seeing as Ngilu has held on to Narc and now Kibaki is using PNU? "This party will unite us!" what was Kibaki given to smoke when the party was launched? Ignorance is something that should be kept to one's self less they embarass themselves through speech or in writing, just a word of advice to some of the bloggers here.

Anonymous said...

Some you bloggers here like to broadcast youre ignorance. If Ruto is a thief, what about the cabinet ministers behind anglo leasing? Weren't Raila and co part of the government up until after the referendum? Did the Economy start improving then? If that is the case could that also be explained by the fact that the looted funds were anonymously given back and had they not been stolen in the first place wouldn't the economy be doing even better? How does our economic performance compare to our neighbors? Is the economy the only issue Kibaki should be concerned about when he was elected on a platform based on a number of issues, namely corruption? What President partakes in songs and functions of "opposition parties" ? What has the President said about anglo leasing, the artur brothers and the raid at the Standard? Is Raila a MP for a constituency in Nyanza? Is Raila responsible for Kibera? If so what about the other slums in Nairobi and throughout Kenya? Does it sound intelligent to suggest that because 400,000 thousand Kenyans of Nairobi showed up for the ODM rally instead of the total 1 million plus residents that ODM is not popular there? I repeat 400,000 people. Finally, isn't anyone who served any Kanu for any significant amount of time open to criticism over corruption whether they were directly or indirectly involved thorugh association? In regards to the Molasses plant, who faciliated the sale to Raila, and if if in fact it was a corrupt deal, then Raila should pay back the difference in price to what he paid, now compare that sum to the billions, billions of shillings stolen by first, Kenyatta, Moi Biwott and co and later Kibaki trusted liuetenants. Great arguments guys!

chief said...

In 2002, I was on holiday in Malindi with a kenyan friend, on the election day he requested me to accompany him to Mombasa so that he could take a flight to Nairobi. He had to vote for "Narc" as he could not stomach any more Kanu, and not Ford People either. he came back the same day and we went back to Malindi.
When Imet him again in 2005 he was a dejected man, reason the vote for Narc which costed him Kshs 15000 was trashed by President Kibaki after he brought into his Govt people from the parties that did not vote for him.
My friend George does tot want to be reminded of Kibaki and his gang.
I wish I had the right to vote, I could have supported my friend.

Chief Olu-Rexx Peters.

Anonymous said...

Olu-Rexx Peters, the fake chief. This is a kenyan blog and Nigerian conmen are not welcome. Are you not ashamed of the rot in your country. Please stop advising Kenyans as we are miles ahead of you.

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