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Monday, October 08, 2007

Email Political Campaign Gets Vicious

Here is a sample of emails all received today as Kenyans get completely immersed in their unique brand of politics in readiness for the 2007 general elections. ENJOY

He is bold for nothing important,
He is a team player but always ends up messing the team,
He is a liberator but he believes in doing it using stones,
He is a pan-Africanist in his dreams
A Democrat in causing chaos
A Nationalist with no national constituency
He has what it takes to destroy Kenyans to the Congo or Rwanda like country
Join other Kenyan's in rejecting this great destructive man.

forward this to 1000000 people

Latest: Tafsiri ya chama (PNU)

1. Poromoka Na Uhuru

2. Potea Na Uhuru

3. Porojo Na Ukabila

4. Pora Na Utoroke

5. Payuka Na Unyanyuke

6. Payuka Na Uanguke

7. Panga Na Ushindwe

8. Panda Na Ushuke

9. Pumbavu Na Ukabila

10. Potea Na Upumbavu

11. Party of No Understanding

12. Party of Nyayo and Uhuru

Raila Odinga secretly met John Githongo in London last month

Guess what John Githongo's nickname was when he worked at State House

When will PNU wake up and get a serious campaign going?


Anonymous said...


Page 1: Raila is Bad
Page 2: Raila is a Tribalist
Page 3: Raila will divide this country right down in the middle
Page 4: Kibera is a tourist attraction because of Raila
Page 5: Raila is a dangerous man
Page 6: Raila has no agenda
Page 7: Raila alisumbua Moi na Akasumbua Kibaki pia
Page 8: Rails is not trustworthy
Page 9: Raila is violent
Page 10: Raila killed 1500 people in the 1982 Coup
Page 11: Raila ni mnafiki
Page 12: Raila is a liar
Page 13: Raila has no religion-Ni Kafiri tu
Page 14: Raila ni mchawi-aliroga Karisa maita's Kamata kamata
Page 15: Raila is not circumcised
Page 16: Raila is a Tikteta
Page 17: Raila has no development record
Page 18: Raila said Kibaki Tosha. Now why is he telling us Kibaki Toka?
Page 19: Huyu pumbavu tu - kazi yake ni kurandaranda kila mahali.
Page 20: Raila Uuuuuwi!
Page 21: Raila Oyoooo yooo!
Page 22: Raila anafikikiria sisi hatuna vijana?
Page 23: Kwani Raila ni nani?
Page 24: Vote against Raila.

Vote PNU and save this country from Raila. Every other issue will
take care of itself again 'kama kibaki tena' PANUAAAA!!

Phil said...

He he he Chris, lets leave propaganda out of this. My in-box is full of anti-PNU e-mail complete with colour images. Similarly I had to upgrade cell phone handset because the inbox is full them propaganda.

Some characters will weep if we decide to post them here. Or you want to dare me?

Lets drop it! Ita haribu ladha ya siasa.

Anonymous said...

This blog is increasing getting populated with IDIOTS ranting and running on prejudice inherited from their villages. They must be disabused of these nude lies:
1. Petty hawking (groundnuts included) is not a preserve of Luos. Maybe they do it honestly to put food on the table unlike THIEVES who engage it as a cover before striking big time.

2. The mentally UNCIRCUMCISED like impersonator Kioko belives he is less black than Luos. Well if BEAUTY is not subjective then I would rather hug Lucifer than the GENOCIDE face Kibaki and Ogre-like Lucy.

3. The fake Kioko can chose to be a better DOG with diversified milios. Unfortunately the chap is permanently choked on his cut foreskin and can only bark one word (kihii) like a dog. Come on JACKASS Kioko grow up and spit the CUT, be a man and reason, stop shouting.

sayra said...

The kind energy been displayed here and in the country as a whole while you people are talking politics makes me wonder. If this is how we work and get down to make this a working nation ... tungekuwa mbele sana.

Let remind you beloved Kenyans a few facts that unfortunately you all have worked very hard to forget:

1st - Whether there is a change of government or not, political leaders will never bring a loaf of bread to your homes. You- the
citizen have got to wake up in the morning ... go do your thing during the day/night ... and depending on what you have done ... you will get yourself a loaf of bread. And if the politician happens to give you the bread, he will do it around the period of general election ... and then you who is playing small mind will elect him back to parliament ... when he's there he will join hands with the others and pass a bill to fund the building of a bridge that will link parliament and his office at intercontinetal hse so you don't bother him.

2nd - When will you stop making this people feel like gods? The politicians have become the small gods of kenyans. In the mainstream media they are carriers of headlines and have the most coverage in the electronic, broadcasting and print media. When a disaster occurs somewhere many will say that "we are asking the government to help us bla bla bla" ... when will we have someone say that ... "am asking the locals so come bla bla bla". Till the day we realise that we need to do things without refering to them then ... tutakaa hapa hapa.

3rd - From the books that i have read: the kind of leaders that people have directly reflect the kind of people he's leading. We have been having dump leaders ... does it reflect what kind of people we are? Well, from the things that am seeing and have been seeing since 1992 ... that statement is correct. If we kenyans are truly for change, then we need to get serious with life.

Am off. Have gone to continue making Kenya a working nation as you guys continue barking to one another on who is the best of the
presidential candidates.

kalamari said...

It�s now becoming clear that even if the elections were delayed by one year, unelectable Raila would still emerge victorious. Kenyans are simply pissed�.to the point that 25 year old Vikii abandons his $180,000.00 p.a. job for a shot at MPing in Kitui; to put an end to cultic politics (whatever that means). Kenyans are fed up mpaka Chris has been euphoriarized to publicly declare his love for ODM�without a shot-gun to his head. With much anger, Sue is determined to become a show-ground-gate-fee-activist whereas Phil is so mad that he now vigilantly lives on the lower level of that orange double-decker bus. Luke too is annoyed and practically traumatized at the prospects of double digit economic growth in a Raila administration. Just where will he spend his extra discretionary income? PKW is spewing fire at the obstinate realization that the incoming Raila administration is clearly not (no longer debatable) a simple recycling of the Kibaki way of doing things/ maintaining the status quo. Kioko on the other hand is looking for ways and means to leave the planet earth in 2008. How about you try landing on the sun?

It is this pissy attitude in Kenyans that will see Kibaki banished to the backbenches for the next five years�.unless the elections are rigged. Yes my dear brothers and sisters, Raila whooping Kibaki is a foregone conclusion. Election fraud is currently the only monster at the gates of State House.

Anonymous said...

The thing is that there are more pro raila shouters and less raila voters, and there are less pro Kibaki shouters and more Kibaki voters. You guys are good at shouting and throwing stones. We are good at voting, and when we vote Kibaki in, you will say we have rigged. But the game will have been done, and we will go ahead with building the economy of this great nation, having forgot the raila menace, noise, chest-beating and power hunger.

Anonymous said...

I think Kibaki will rig at least 700,000 votes.The gate is the pretence of double registration.

ODM mutaweza kweli???

Anonymous said...

Most developed countries countries have had to a stage where the oppressed rise up against the status quo to pave way for change.

Thats where we r at in Kenya.

kalamari said...

Anon after me, just how do you define ‘we’? In my estimation, when one talks of ‘we’ in a country such as Kenya, I’m quick to conclude they are referring to ‘us’…you know, the pissed off shouting Kenyans yet to embellish economic growth. Anon, ‘we’ are afraid to venture out in the night lest Mungiki strikes. ‘We’ are afraid to queue at the Kenya Airways ticketing line at JKIA lest some gunshots are fired. It is ‘we’ whose taxes ended up in Anglo-leasing type scams. Yes buddy; it is ‘we’ who can’t get a job anywhere close to the ministry of finance unless we pronounce liberation as ‘riberation’. Kibaki has messed up pwana. This is not just a matter of semantics. You see, ‘we’ took the mandate from Kibaki per the results of the constitution referendum. The chap has been in office legally albeit with no mandate. If I can recall correctly, it is because of ‘we’ (who were so good in voting) that nobody eats bananas anymore. That said, if by ‘we’ you mean ‘you’ and your small minority of Kibakists, then it is also true that by ‘great nation’ you must mean ‘great province’.

Again, the only way Kibaki will win this thing of ours is via massive rigging buffered by extreme election malpractices.

PS. Throwing stones to make a political point must be completely demonized. Additionally, Kibakis’ minister overseeing the unleashing of poisoned arrows and sharp spears in Kisii, clobbering a chap’s knee until it bleeds red blood, encouraging the leader of the murderous Mungiki to counter an unelectable opponent and buying voters cards via a man called Livondo; who’s bodyguard just killed an innocent chap in Hamisi, are actions that even the red fiery devil himself will deny knowledge of. Kama shetani mwenyewe amekata, nani anataka abaki?

Vikii said...

Kalamari you have to put down that crack pipe and it has to be now. You have a big problem dude. In fact it is no longer debatable that you have the seizure disorder. You just confirmed it to me now. How else would you explain the bragadoccio about the Referendum victory? Daniel Moi, Kalonzo Musyoka, Linah Kilimo and Uhuru Kenyatta were part and parcel of that victory. Now you cant tell me that their combined contribution to that victory was less than a million votes which actually separated the two competing sides unless of course you want to take Agwambopethism a notch higher.

You know what people? I fully support the Anonymous guy who talked about a lot of talking and no voting on the Raila Odinga side. These brothers are so braggish nowadays you would think they have already won these coming elections. I was looking at the percentages advanced by the so called pollsters and if the voter turnout in the last two elections is anything to go by, then Mwai Kibaki will not just win, he will win big. You see when you go to Kiambu, u wont see people on the streets, They will be tilling the land in readiness for the rains. The same thing with Nyeri. If you go to Kalamari's village in Siaya, u will find all people including old women at the market places talking high stakes politics. You would find exactly the same thing replicated at Phil's village in Bondo. That doest necessarily mean these latter two have a higher voting power than the former two, no. It means something else.

I read somewhere in this blog that Mwai Kibaki was infringing on Kaluki Ngilu's democratic, legal and constitutional rights by dismissing her from the cabinet for 'having a political inclination like all of us'. Now if this is not whack then nothing is. These people now trying to sneak legalities in the dismissal of Ngilu obviously forgot Mwai Kibaki's prerogative, accorded to him by the constitution and exercisable at will(yes without approval by anyone) to hire and fire members of the cabinet. It did not surprise me at all coz I understand Railic democracy pretty well.
One, we do not know why Ngilu was fired, unless someone is claimming to be Yusuf Ippo's brother. In my own very personal interpretation, which is not necessarily the gospel, she was fired so she could be separated by that bunch of chauvinisyic tribalists who are corrupt to the skin (Never mind it took her five years to discover and notice their ways). Kibaki did Ngilu a favour. He sent her to fellow reformers, who together with her have had absolutely nothing to do with this mess that has creeped Kenya in the last five years.

What was this post about? Nasty emails? How about The Odinga Democratic Movement which is actually The Luo democratic Party's sister party?

Good night Derek.

Anonymous said...

It will be a shock of many when Raila reads the defeat acceptance statement at KICC.


Anonymous said...

WAs Raila back @ the Coast again kufanya nini? hakuwa na mkutano huko...ama it is his democratic freedom right to visit mganga wa kaya akachanjwe , hus running scared now of PNU,...eeh uchawi haushindi....shindwe ....tuendeleeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

...and LDP= Luo and Dogs Party. I got this from Kioko's posting.

kalamari said...

Vikii, for the love of democracy, I pray that Nyeri achieves a 100% voter turn out. This will greatly boost the chances of Kibaki becoming MP. That said, I must not have been too clear. I was not insinuating that Raila was the only force behind the referendum results. What I meant was simply that Kibaki lost mandate… regardless of who campaigned against him and his draft.

However, now that you brought it up, can you imagine what the results would have been if Raila was on the banana side?

As you contemplate an answer, remember the rules of the street, “puff, puff, give”….. “pass it on the left hand side”.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari. Why don't you go to nyeri and hold a meeting on how to get a 100% turnout? You might end up in getting circumcised which could turn out to be a blessing later-on. I understand circumcision help in fighting AIDs. Do you how many followers Raila has lost through wife inheritance?

salf said...

Am the Anon kalamari is referring to. Call me salf.
When I said 'we' I meant Kibaki supporters and by saying 'you', I meant the bigotry Raila supporters.
U say Kibaki has messed. Your analysis is cripled. If the kind of work/change Kibaki has done for Kenya is what you call messing up, you are in denial. Or may be your expectations frm the govt were tooooo high.
Kibaki has a very good score card. Raila doesnt even have the exam papers, so no point of even grading him. You are talking of a great province! FYI, great will it always be. The guys frm that province really work. They dont shout ovyo ovyo, they are good in business! Hawajiinui, wako fiti mse.
They worked with their own hands even when Moi was clearly against them. You guys are blaming Kibaki for Kenya's messes, as if he has been president for 24 years! Come on kalamari and think. In your opinion, Kibaki has really messed up this country for the last 5 yrs! I think that is nonesense, an immaturely thought claim, a claim not soberly stated.
kalamari again, sayra just before you sought to let you know that if raila were to be president (of which he wont be), he wouldnt put a loaf of bread on your table. Maturity begs for each one of us to learn to work with our own hands fo our own welfare, and not to look to govt to do stuff for us like kids.
Some fellows have made following politics and looking unto govt their occupation, no wonder they will keep saying Kibaki has messed. Yes, its because there are no wages for wagging your tongue on biased political claims.
Whoever is to blame, but its like these elections are gonna be the most tribal! Even from the blogs, its clear that the elections might be just tribal titanism!
Well, blogger be advised. First things first - Mind your own Ps and Qs.

kalamari said...

salf, I'm not a bigot. Either way, how do you pronounce Margayan? The word Anglo-leasing is derived from…? When the presidents wife terrorizes workers at a news paper house, would you call that intimidation of the press? How about when you burn the actual papers? You must have heard the mention of the privatization bill. Do you know what it entails? If you do, what can you say about the IPOs that occurred within the past few years?

salf, there's more but I have to leave work in about six minutes. The few I have mentioned constitutes a total MESS….even in you warped account of the past few years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kalamari. I am haapy you got a job. I am sure you are hawking groundnuts around the city estates like most of your uncircumcised tribesmen. I hope Phil gets a job too. He needs to get some cash to buy some sugar for his mum. I understand the old cow has not taken sugar since Kibaki became president.

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