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Friday, October 05, 2007

Raila's Meeting With John Githongo

Sources close to former Ethics PS confirm that the meeting took place recently

As the country hurtles towards the general elections in a couple of weeks, Kumekucha can now authoritatively report that high drama has been unfolding behind the scenes.

My trail of this amazing story started with a hot tip from a trusted source in London that ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga had a meeting with former ethics PS John Githongo in that British capital very recently. Impeccable sources close to Githongo not only confirmed that such a meeting actually took place, but they added a number of sizzling riders;

- That the former ethics PS is intrigued by the seven point governance agenda...

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mogiyusuf said...

Vikii said...

I do not support Mwai Kibaki in as far as the war against corruption goes. He is a good man at heart but this very goodnes often times makes it impossible for him to bring to book perpetrators of economic slavery vested to Kenyans by some of those in his team. Ndarathi Murungaru comes to mind when I type this.

On top of not wanting to hurt friends, Mwai Kibaki and his administration are also victims of having crooks in the government back in 2003. One such crook is Raila Odinga most of whose supporters never get tired of attacking the Kibaki-Moi partnership. Raila Amolo Odinga is a fellow of normal intelligence because one minute he is writing newspaper commentries warning Kenyans of the implication of the unity of the country's three first families and the other minute he is telling people that Mwai Kibaki was prepared to take Moi to jail and he is the one who defended Moi and pleaded with the cabinet to exonerate him from prosecution. This is advanced double standards if you ask me. If it were not for this individual, then probably Moi, who is arguably the most corrupt man in the country's history would be in jail and Kenyans would have recovered money stolen from them by him and his family. Who is getting fooled here now?

Anonymous said...

And of course, he more or less withdrew his 7 (or is it 17?) malaika plan next day.

I personally think it takes an idiot to display such naive faith in a politician. Any politician, but especially Kenyan politicians.

Where was the great Raila and the ODM greats when MPs were voting themselves the best salaries in the world? Is this the same Raila who was fighting tooth and nail to have a ksh50m+ VP house?

And yes Baba Gidi's great defender.

Anonymous said...

The so-called pentagon is made up of 5. Two apepar promptly in the Ndu'ng'u report. Ruto's case is especially sickening. He basically sold air to NSSF giving them the impression that he owned Ngong forest.

Anonymous said...

Vikii you amaze me as the most immature blogger her in Kumekucha. Despite your attempts to appear objective, you always fail miserably in being personal. It doen't take a genius to see your reason for flogging and hatting Raila. In your small head which you fail to acknowledge by mistaking being loud-mouthed for being loud-brained, you cannot forgiove RO for refusing to declare Kalonzo tosha. You can deny all the much you want but brother you are only FOOLING yourself. You are simply too young mentaly to be objective. Continue ranting and good riddence.

Vikii said...

Ok, and what exactly is your point mister? Will you please come again?

Taabu said...

Anonymous please agree to diagree with Vikii. You have no right WHATSOEVER to deride him as being loud-mouthed because I am sure you have never seeing his torso live alone the face. It is people like you who instead of arguing shout and make human beings rivals apes in employing reasoning from the lower faculties. Stop it and NEVR insult Vikii or any other blogger here. If you must be abuse then I am sorry you visited the wrong site, look elsewhere please.

Phil said...

Chris, the meeting took place. Bombshell is coming. The REAL recording. Besides, Githongo knows he cant live in UK forever.

In order to complete this story and lay blame where it is due - ANGLO LEASING is KIBAKI and KIBAKI is Anglo Leasing. Period. Lets not victimize Murungaru and Kiraitu or Mwiraria. They were operating under instructions from (to quote Githongo) "the very heart of the Kenyan Government."

PS: Taabu - Why dont you ever also tell off those who insult us?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I for one welcome the involvement of John Githongo in any way, shape or form in a new administration of Government that will take up office in 2008. However i must sound a note of caution to John-it is unfortunate that a man of your stature (your character in true standing matches equally your reputation of true zero tolerance towards corruption) has to be involved with dishonourables the likes of which are to be found in both ODM+K and PANU.
Personally, i think that just like New Omo with Powerfoam any role JG would play if his service were to be offered in the make-up of any new Government administration is capable of washing clean that administration. However ODM+K and PANU consist of the new alliance of old looters from the past crafted with their successors(PANU) now promising to considerably age our wine in wineskins or the pretenders in reformist clothes(ODM) promising to turn the water they preach into a wine they don't as yet have, or Mr.11% who is handsome and surely that has to count for something

John anyone with eyes can see your character, that you were forced to flee in exile because of your unpopular stand against corruption. Your "fame" is not just about reputation or image, which mean nothing to majority of Kenyans but about true committment. What Kenyans have on record that John Githongo did in the few months he was still in the current administration is a record that is yet to even be whispered as a rumour about some of the current politicians whose names feature prominently today, even with their lifelong political careers
Still, i urge you to proceed with caution John in your talks with ODM

Anonymous said...

I want to confirm that Anglo Leasing is Mwai Kibaki and Kenren too is Mwai Kibaki (started when he was Finance Minister and that is why it was authorized for payment during his administration as Prezo).

Kenyans have been fooled again just as they were fooled in the early Moi days, (that Moi was good and those surrounding him were the ones who were bad new).

Chris asked the question here some time back; Who is Angle Leasing?

But obviously you guys were more more interest in hurling insults and creating foreskin blogs. Nobody was paying attention.

Anonymous said...

This blog is now becoming stale and its begining to sound like a CD with scratches all over. Nothing new to put on the table... absolutely nothing. Is this the best shot that you would have supprised us with after hiding beneath skirts for a while, chris???

C'mon chris & taabu give us STUFF that my grandmother doesnt know... Its either githongo this or githongo that... Its no wonder the guy is called a jaluo coz all you are the same... silly boys!!!

(mr. steel pulse)

Anonymous said...

Mr Steel pulse,

You are the one who is getting very stale and boring.
Just move to another blog if u don't like it here u
foreskin promoter.

It is very difficult to think when
ur brain is clogged up with foreskin you know.

Dawa ya Steel pulse

Anonymous said...

This is a kihii blog. No wonder serious issues cannot be discussed. It is true anglo leasing and githongo are old 1960 tunes. Can we discuss more recent scandals like the kibera CDF? anon.

Anonymous said...

is this blog a luo vs kikuyu affair ?where do the other communities fall,

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