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Monday, October 08, 2007

Exporting Political Trivia Abroad

Listening to President Kibaki’s daughter Judy, Nairobi Stock Exchange chairman Jimnah Mbaru and Equity Bank chairman Peter Munga during the launch of Diaspora for Kibaki (D4K) lobby in London leaves one with the gut feeling that our political bad manners are genetic.

Instead of extolling the development record and virtues of their candidate, the trio wasted a golden opportunity and instead turned Cumberland Hotel in central London into another Uhuru Park Raila-bashing. Speak of old habits dieing hard or failing to learn from previous goofs.

The rainbow face of Mr. Alfred Ndemo, the D4K organizer, told it all. The chap could be seen squirming in his seat anytime the troika opened their mouth to spew arrays of trivia. And boy, one would be forgiven for imagining that tribalism never boards planes to London. Sitting incognito, I enjoyed myself to the full from a rich menu of exported hate speeches delivered in first language.

Surely the road to political self-destruction must be immaculately paved with tempting parking lots which Emilio’s campaigners cannot resist populating.

Raila Odinga secretly met John Githongo in London last month

Guess what John Githongo's nickname was when he worked at State House

When will PNU wake up and get a serious campaign going?


Anonymous said...

Yes Taabu, they are busy frying themselves to ashes. What a bunch of tribalists nostalgic to the past? And they thought Agwambo was unlectable. Well Kenyans are ahead and leading their leaders. To Mr. Vikii, I am booking all his earthly possessions because if he lives to his vow then he hasless than 70 days to be Kenyan. Someni hi meanwhile

So between Kiraitu/Mwiraria and the Vikii whom do we trust on unelectability. No loud-mouthed excuses please.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect, a very general commentary. I know you can do better. The guys could not have made you that are actually yawning! Do you have any specifics? Transcripts, perhaps? Can we get a second opinion?


Vikii said...

Feel free to trust the Kiraitu/Mwiraria axis but remember they have been wrong before.

We are here and please dont do the same thing you are warning against------"spewing excuses and cries" here in January. Excitement is allowed though

Anonymous said...

Taabu. You seem to drunk with tribalism. I wonder what you do on a day to day basis apart from writing silly articles in praise of Raila. You seem to be a web idler. What have you done to make Kenya a better country? You are the type referred to a Pumbavuuu because all you do is to waste time in the internet writing rubbish. How much is the blog paying you? Nothing! You must be one of the many jaluo jingas who are shouting for equal distribution of wealthy yet they spend the whole day on idle political talk. jinga wewe.

Anonymous said...

Poor gullible Kenyans(sigh), looking for any sign of life from walking cadavers(read the elite ruling political class&their running pals) that will give us hope for change in our already fractured and increasingly fragile future. A corpse has nothing new to offer even if it tried. I am a Pumbavu like you but i do not delude myself into wearing the same greasy t-shirt twice while smiling. Looking for an ALTERNATIVE from corpses who have spent the past 5 years grooming and perfecting themselves in the art of everything BUT fact&issue-based politics will leave you pulling out your hairs in tired frustration. I don't care whether its ODM or PANU-can someone say same coin different sides?
Be advised that only 2012 and 2012 alone will hail the beginning of a new day for our politics as we know it. Until then whether ODM or PANU wins doesn't matter(stifle bored yawn) its just the same old man turning on his bed blissful sleep slightly interrupted
Can someone explain to me how if ODM wins they will implement zero tolerance to corruption on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd prime and deputy prime-ministers respectively?

kalamari said...

Numbers in political rallies rarely mean much but something must be cooking when one candidate pulls a personal best of 50,000 attendees (in and outside the stadium); his opponent? closer to half a million. Those excited by the crowds that followed Kibaki in Rift Valley are simply ignoring the spectacle that gathers around a condemned man at any local village market. Even I want to witness those final political foot steps. Further, the frantic efforts of the trio that includes Judy Kibaki, trotting all over London, addressing Taabu in Kikuyu (not among the seven languages he understands) is too little too late. The way I see it, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) must be alerted every time these PNU jamaas are sighted in London trying to make huge deposits in nondescript banks with off-shore links.

Anonymous said...

Noise or no noise, opinion polls or none of them, Raila is losing this election - A shocking fact it will be to many.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to end corruption in Kenya. RO should freze bank accounts of all kikuyus when he becomes president. This money should then be distributed equally to all Kenyans outside Mt kenya. That is the only way we can bring equality. Patrick Opondi.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Opondi, are you reasoning with your brain or your foreskin?

Anonymous said...

I a regular contributor to topical issues in the print and electronic media,many which are cached on the web by the Kenyan main dailies.Either out envy or just shear attempt,an imaginary folk,purporting to share my name(Patrick Opondi) has been posting a series of articles on the blog,to attract readers using my identity.
I feel happy if his esteem is propelled,by the use of my name.I encourage him to continue using the name positively,though he appears brainless and may be detached to reality.In this case,the public will have to continue consuming his gabbage,under a hidden identity.

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