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Friday, October 05, 2007

Why Exactly Did Kibaki Government Officials Nickname Githongo, Mujaruo?

Another piece of interesting information that emerged in the course of research for my other post, from my impeccable sources close to former ethics PS John Githongo is the nickname that he earned from colleagues deep in the Kibaki administration from April 2004.

They called him Mujaruo which is an obnoxious reference terming him a member of the Luo tribe. Githongo is actually a pure Kikuyu but it is clear what irritated and provoked his colleagues to give him such a nickname was the fact that he was more Kenyan than Kikuyu at heart. In other words instead of "eating" with his fellow tribesmate and enriching himself, Githongo chose to question and probe and generally do his job as a true Kenya patriot. In this case this appears to have been seen as extreme betrayal by his fellow tribesmen hence the sarcastic nickname; Mujaruo.

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Anonymous said...

He was called a munjaruo because of his greeat looks and build.

why does Raila dye his hair? Is it so that he can atttract younger ladies? Or voters? Are we being asked to vote for somebody who as at ease with his own age?

Taabu said...

Chris STOP being an alarmist. Why are you hate mongering in this post? What is wrong with beloning to any tribe? Who applied to be the sweet emotional accident of his parents' pleasure? Until we accept we had no say in being born to tribe X in particular, Kenya in general and Africa in genes we are only engaging in empty annd STUPID rhetorics, period. I don't care what language my parents speak because I am Kenya. Nothing more nothing less.

And again stop 'generalizations' and wild accusations about Kikuyus or Luos. They are just 2 out of the 40+ tribes in Kenyans. FYI Vikii who threatened to DEFECT from Kenya were RO to win the presidency doesn't belong to what you ascribe to him. Bw Vikii has all the right to say so and we must respect it regarless of whether it was said in jest or not, we care no less as Kenyans, or do we?

Vikii said...

I agree with you Mr. Taabu. I have a mind of my own and I do not need to rubberstamp pro Raila Odinga propaganda to sound nice and be termed objective. I cant just do that and never will. I know I would be called Jolly Vikii had I been a little bit nice with Raila but then people forget that I am not out to seek ridiculously cheap popularity here. If I wanted that I know where to get it. I choose to remain what some of you good people call 'intellectual parasites' and proudly so. Grade three mind-readers here insinuating that my beef with Raila has stuff to do with someone not declared Tosha only serves to clear any doubts I had about the excitement some of us draw from some of these little things. But that is democracy, bred, implied and advocated by The Agwambonistic principle.

About my defection, nobody should really care and I mean nobody. Nothing was said in jest! i rarely joke actually.Of course I will not be defecting coz a Raila Odinga win can only occur in some of our minds. Where else would you realistically expect it to happen?

And the fellow who talked about my lack of objectivity--U know what bro? I have been told that so many times it sounds grammophous. Tell me something I dont know.

Anonymous said...

That Githongo is being called mujaluo!! Oh dear heavens! It is the worst insult you can use on any self respecting Kikuyu!! I am not a jaluo, am Kisii, but if you called me a jaluo, I would urinate into your foul mouth. Oh poor Githongo!!He must feel like shit itself.

Anonymous said...

I am an ardent reader of the blog and have come to respect you, but this posting has brought several questions to mind. I personally do not see the purpose of this posting other than to play on the perpetual and sensitive divide between Kikuyus and Luos. It would have been more appropriate had you credited Mr. Githongo with simply being an upstanding citizen, rather than harping on afiliations with ethnic identity.

joeemgee said...

Tribalism is still rife in kenya n so...Githongo shud b feelin a milli shit....i wud crush yo balls if yu called mi this too

Anonymous said...

Soon there will be no more hate campaigns and tribal filth.This blog would remain a rich storehouse full of nostalgia and perhaps a never-to be-recaptured-truth that raila is the president of kenya

Anonymous said...

I dont see why Kikuyus are complaining that Raila didnt say Kibaki tosha again. If Raila didnt say tosha there would have been no consensus in the oposition in 2002 and Uhuru would have won against a split oposition so give Raila his due respect for the role he played in Kenyaa 2nd liberation.

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