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Monday, September 17, 2007

Why Uhuru Announcement Was A Big Blunder For The Kibaki Camp


Uhuru’s announcement has cost the president a lot of votes. Here’s why…

How many mistakes can a presidential candidate make and still get away with it, without being punished for them, even when they are the incumbent? That is a question whose answer Kenyans will soon find out.

However in keeping to my contract with my dear readers (which I take very seriously) I have done a little research on possible voting patterns countrywide and the results have surprised even me. But more on that in my next post.

In the grassroots (where I need not remind you all good folks, is where the majority of votes are) the move by official leader of the opposition, Uhuru Kenyatta to support President’s Kibaki’s re-election bid has cost the president a number of votes.

What is now emerging is a clear anti-kikuyu sentiment that is creeping into some of the president’s long time strongholds. Uhuru’s announcement is being viewed by many ordinary Kenyans as a clear sign of the tribalism that many have suspected runs very deeply through the current administration.

The big danger here is that it hardly matters whether this is true or not. What matters at this juncture and matters terribly, is the public perception of things.

What would I have done if I was running the Kibaki campaign?

I would have made every effort to ensure that the President...

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Taabu said...

Chris, I ask you again, kwanu UK alikula nini ya kwako? Common brother give son of Jomo a break, he is just human with a political skin to save. You don't contest elections to lose, or do you?

Just applu a brush of numbers on untruths to disguise between propaganda as facts. Now your survey will predictably elicit vitrol and praise in equal measures. While Emilio's apologists will read loads of malice, Tinga's enthusiasts will HUMMER you with thumbs up. But that is neither here nor there. What is here and now is that we are celebrating and condemning smokescreens populated with decoys. I promise (not swear) the parent of all propaganda is just being conceived and the gestation period is less than 100 days. We haven't seen anything yet.

Pragmatism and fence sitting can be CONVINIENTLY used intercheageable. FYI you stand no risk of thorns from growing hedges pierce your junction astride the fence provides you can balance comfortable and happilly on top. The race is hotting up and only the true horseless can afford the luxury of vintage stands. Andyou know what? Being the only vegetarian dog also makes me join Emilio and UK in the history books, ama?

Anonymous said...

Chris,I will be calling a press-conference soon here in Kumekucha in which i will first of all introduce my family to all of you bloggers; bibi ya luke,watoto wa luke na paka moja pussy ya luke. after which i will formally launch the vehicle I have chosen that will take me to December 2012, floating thirstless&blissfully oblivious of the lumbering, blundering politics that will be the next 5 years, with footsoldiers swearing and sweating in the name of the newly coronated owner of K E N 2 0 0 8

TUKO HAPA PARTY will NOT be an alternative(never) to either PNU or ODM+K and our brand of politics will be much the same,nothing new i doubt that vijana reformers like derek,kalamari,vikii mwalimu,PKW who offer an alternative point of view will be in my team. i have pre-excluded Kioko and vikii/derek hater "anonymous"

kitandawili?tega! kitandawili?tega! i don't wish to rock any boat, i have no stand on anything and i am gumless. who am i?(if you said UK, you are right, if you said Aaron Ringera you are also right 100 points)

Anonymous said...

No Chris. In my opinion, Uhuru brought absolutely nothing to Kibaki's table neither did he take anything. For your information bloggers, there are no undecided voters in Kenya. Everybody made up their mind on who to vote for long time ago and changes can only happen if and only if(Iff, Are you reading taabu?) any of the three candidates drops his bid. Anything short of that will only be a sideshow and can never trigger any realignments.

Luka, those cops will be ringing your door bell at exactly 6 oclock this evening. You must know Taabu's new address and if you dont, then you better log off from Kumekucha now and go find out coz I promise you it will not be funny. One of those experiences you want to forget immediately.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Vikii, i have never believed that you were NSIS. but anyway, just in case you are, i know the magic word to escape, my get-free card if you will; "nolle prosequi"
how can i be arrested when i love my country?if you're corrupt, i love you, if you're not corrupt(meaning you are a pumbavu) i love you. i love all kenyans, looters and mungiki alike because we are all the same. gumless, conformist non-boat rockers with no stand and sold to the highest bidder at the drop of a feather. corrupt dunderheads in whose hands a voter's card is a curse and the bane of our very existence. tribal groupings under the umbrella of an amorphous association loosely known from time to time as Kenya. and above all, alternative-less robots stuck in the rut of stupid every 5 years swinging the same sorry excuses back into parliament every time without fail so we can harp on about woe is us

anyway, i am thirstless Bwana Vikii. i am happy with Kenya as she is. she needs no improvements or change whatsoever. time to get on with building the economy
kitandawili?tega! wakenya waliamua. waliamua nini?tukae hivyo hivyo


Anonymous said...

The way I see it, Kibaki has nothing to gain but additional campaign funding. Accepting and propagating UK may have been the small print in sourcing Baba Giggy’s dollars. The clear political beneficiary of this unholy alliance is debatable; however, the looser is KANU…which makes you wonder what type of party independence/sovereignty was being talked about in the near past. Oh, and Chris, back to your four thieves’ analogy; why would Kibaki accept a big fat donkey from the country’s biggest donkey thief …. and why would Vikii (the man whose chalice is overflowing with ‘Kalonzo-like’ integrity) support it?
You see, as far as donkeys go, the harmless one hidden in Railas’ garage is a small young one that can be nurtured to grow into a horse of supreme unicorn status…. as opposed to the big eyed nasty gray haired donkey that has just been hidden in the basement of State House.

Lastly Chris; why don’t you do yourself a service by being the first in the world to journalistically acknowledge that this thing of ours is indeed a two horse race?

Taabu said...

There are two types of leaders: those who take an initiative and persuade voters to embrace it and those who let air fill vacuum and they patent the very void. Picture this: Emilio emerges winner and the only PANU (sounds Kanu clown or derogatively Panua) MP, ODM wins most seats and other regional kingpins start HORSE TRADING and blackmail.

The world over opposition's vulrenability makes them unite to unseat incumbent. Kenya is doing the EXACT opposite - ODMs going it alone and Panua forming the centre of honeycomb for all predator bee parties. Are we re-inventing the wheel or the currents underneath are porously masked by the surface turbulence? Something is definitely not right.

Democracy is the worst form of governance but for lack of any viable alternative we must stick with it. Its classically practiced on parties while Kenya is busy folding these vehicles but shamelessly give lip service to apparent motion with no real political movements. Are we fooling ourselves or the whole world?

Anonymous said...

Mukumbau when you visit dont hit me below the belt again. i noticed u cant even spare me. I will be giving you a call. later

Anonymous said...

Hi - Im a journalist in Sydney, Australia writing about the Kroll report and wondered whether you know anything about Nicholas Biwott's propertyy in Australia? Is there a way to email you? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I can imagine that his close friends who are mainly of his tribe organize the Presidents re-election bid. They cannot see beyond their nose to know what is in the grassroots.

My friend traveled to western, Busia to be precise to sort out some land issues. She says the mood there is Kibaki Toka, Potea Na Uhuru (PNU). He has not done much to help their suffering. For how long will they suffer in Budalangi, what about those in Kano.

Her back is aching because of the road which is in a pathetic situation, how would the president and his cronies know about it when he travels by air and transports his vehicles by rail.

People fear being hijacked at night when vehicle slow down because of the road. At least Moi of Kroll fame or his advisors where wiser, they would have prepared the road early this year for his tours/campaigns by road.

It is too late now, he should just start packing. Changing his from Potea Na Uhuru (PNU) party to Pumbavu Anglo leasing National Union (PANU) just after a day will not help.

The late Karisa Maitha once said that wajue hi ni mara yao ya mwisho kuona kiti cha urais. He must have been very pissed off to say this while in government. I hope this comes true.

One propaganda that some primitive Kikuyu’s are now spreading is that Raila leadership will cause anarchy in Kenya. How can one leader who has support of over 40 tribes in Kenya cause anarchy by trying to save Kenyan’s from greed of one tribe. 40 cannot be wrong only 1 can be wrong.


Pissed of Kenyan

Chris said...

Mr annonymous journalist from Australia,kindly email me using the email address prominently displayed at the top of this page right below the blog title. That is; umissedthis(at)

By the way I think PANUA describes the new party perfectly well, with all it's prostituting ways (thanks Taabu). What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Was Uhuru Kenyatta expected to join a kihii party? Only a fool could have expected Daniel Arap Moi, a former president, to reduce his dignity and campaign for a kihii. Soon, Ruto and Kalonzo will join President Mwai Kibaki as he seeks to unite the country. What is Raila Odinga offering Kenyans? MOUs? What are these MOUs he has been singing abouit for the last 5 years? The idiot can only convince stupid fish eaters to follow him. Why can't the rogue sell his second-hand hammer and use the money to construct toilets in his native Kavirondo gulf? Do you know these birodo salvages are still using the bush. After the act, they use wild leaves to wipe off their black buttocks as toilet paper is still unknown in this primitive part of Kenya. kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

now now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with PNU, PANUA or even my own party HAPA HAPA party!please Kenyans, what do you really want?can somebody tell me? you are all really a man-eat-man society! you KNOW you don't really want change!no, everybody just wants things to stay the same VILE VILE!UK has been so discerning in telling us that he is not prostituting his body politically, he is simply just giving Kenyans what they want; an ALTERNATIVELESS lifestyle condemned to repeat what has been before, which will be again. The message is loud and clear; don't rock the boat, don't even get into the boat, in-fact WHAT BOAT?Kroll report? that is the corruption that never was. Daniel Arap Moi, he is a statesman, don't dare accuse him of ever ruining the country!
let us love one another and lay aside hope of ever moving forward or changing.TUTABAKI NA KIBAKI HAPA HAPA

Anonymous said...

Guys just ignore Kioko he is still smmarting from the effects of eating the DOG he exhumed last decade.

Anonymous said...

Stupid fish eating kihiis are only good in stone throwing and wife inheritance. No cause to worry. within a decade, AIDS will have wiped off these toothless jaluos from the shores of the Kavirondo Gulf. At last Kenyans shall be saved from ujinga politics of the Ojinga family. Kioko.BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

Chris your full of mucus or puss in your big head!!! How did you even pass your kindergaten grade? basic arthimetic seems to be a nightmare for you. How come you ended up having a breakthough (even though figures are terribly wrong?)... c'mon speak up! dont shit on yourself. Of, course your son did that for you... right? I cant belive your depending on your 2nd grade son to activate your sophomore pea-sized mucus-oozing brain!!!

Hit the gound nice and realize your totaly wrong, the idiot running (Odinga Dictatorship Movement) cannot even spell his name let alone fight for silly MOU's that cannot put a handfull of Omena on his idiotic clowns!

Walman. Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

PANUA (great humor Taabu). Thank God I didn’t come up with that one. Naturally, as you all know, I must add my two cents on this one…. I just can’t resist. It is safe to say that there are very very many political parties and groupies that the PANUA party is embracing at this very moment. The truth is that there’s a lot of money to dish out to anyone willing and able to show some affection to the idea of ‘erecting’ baba Jimmy. That established, if you carefully observe the ‘feeding’ frenzy at PANUA headquarters, and if like I, you are a man of great opulence and taste, you will mercifully plead with baba Jimmy to please stand upright, pull up his pants and turn around to face you.

While I’m the mood, I realize that this Kioko chap needs a serious sit down. The science that is psychology teaches us that when a man realizes he has a small brain, it is because he is thinking too much. The repetitive words regurgitated by this man from British Columbia, clearly shows that his is not a small brain.

Anonymous said...

How does one sit down a psychotic lunatic like Kioko? We must understand that Kumekucha, just like every other market place, has a mad man. They sometimes walk around naked, sometimes get violent or whatever. but they exist with their illness. Not only is Kioko a nuisance in this forum, he is also an international embarassment to the whole country. I can only pray for god's blessings upon him and that he will see the light and seek treatment for that disease that is eating his mind. I wonder how canadians are managing with him there.

Am surprised Chris is doing nothing to rein in on these people. Ive asked him to publish IP addresses here and we help him to smoke them out, but it seems he is just tooo scared of NSIS.

We know as the elections draw near, and opinion polls show their candidates are falling behind, they will be madder (literally). Luckily for the rest of us, that ailment is not contagious physically or electronically. So we can afford to ignore that intelligent madness.

Anonymous said...

When you feast on a DEAD DOG buried 3 months ago the decomposing fleas take permanent residence in your head. Leave Kioko alone nature will sort him out he is beyond any form of medical or intellectual repair.

Anonymous said...

Vikii you are NSIS, please sort out IP traffic from Canada and Wisoncin to this blog-pay them a visit waimbe wimbo wa taifa tafadhali

Anonymous said...

Nimesikia Luka. I promise to set up a commission of inquiry to look into the findings of the commission of inquiry.

Anonymous said...

I think we should call a spade and not a big teaspoon!!!!
Ever since i started following posts on this blog i have come to one conclusion.

The name of this blog should be changed from kumekucha to PRO RAILA.BLOGSPOT.COM

Why dont you give wholistic commentaries e.g. when u say that Kibaki has blundered by taking the support of kanu and Uhuru, you should go on and say that Raila has blundered by ganging up with a scandle ridden, leader of the murdorous Youth Kanu 1992 and the most elequent and former champion of a goverment that not only made people poor but it went ahead killed the poor people.

Raila is recieving support from people like Ntimama, Musalia, okemo and the ex-kanu lot in ODM.

So please announce your stand (TANGAZA MSIMAMO) so that next time i will know am reading an absolute truth!!

A very dissapointed Richard.

Anonymous said...

Richard usijali. We noticed this a long time ago and that is why some of us took it upon ourselves to register our protests every single day. We are here to remind them that they can always run but they can never hide.

I have never seen such dreamers in my life. And you know what? They will shut down the blog when the fool loses the election. That will be too bitter to swallow after years of propaganda and worship.

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