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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nairobi Java MD Faces Life Imprisonment

The Managing Director of popular JAVA Coffee House was yesterday arraigned in court and charged with defiling two Kenyan minors aged 13 and 14 years old.

A calm looking 41 year old Jon Cardon Wagner appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Stella Muketi for mentioning on Friday when city lawyer Mohammed Nyaoga pleaded with the court to grant his client cash bail. Wagner, who is an American citizen, was ordered undergo a DNA test and then remanded at the Muthangari Police Station until Monday when the magistrate is expected to make a ruling on the bail application. Officials of the US Embassy were seen taking notes in the courtroom on Friday. The case shall be heard on August 26, 2008.

One police officer speaking on condition of anonymity revealed that they made a decision to arrest and charge Wagner after they had been able to establish that hotelier paid two women a total of about US$500 to lure the girls, whose identity remains unknown, from their homes in a slum on the outskirts of Nairobi to his residence in the upmarket Lavington estate. In addition to the current charge, police are said to be investigating at least two new complaints of statutory rape against the American, which were received at Muthangari Police Station following media coverage of Wagner's arrest Thursday. A sign that police are taking the matter seriously could be seen when Wagner’s arrest was conducted in person by the Muthangari OCS while journalists from the mainstream media were summoned to witness the arrest.

According to Kenyan law, (Penal Code Chapter 145. Defilement of girls under 16 years), any person who ‘unlawfully and carnally knows’ any girl under the age of sixteen years is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment with hard labour for life. Additionally, any person who ‘attempts to unlawful carnal knowledge’ of a girl under the age of sixteen years is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment with hard labour for life.

Discreet inquiries by this blogger reveal that tens of innocent Kenyan girls have fallen victim to Wagner's insatiable sex-drive. Indeed, many of the hundreds of girls who have been employed at Java as waitresses, cashiers and supervisors have had to be forced into sleeping with Wagner before collecting their employment letters at the firm’s head-office at ABC Place along Waiyaki Way. In one shocking incident, this blogger was able to trace one of the girls – originally from Western Kenya – who confessed to having been appointed a restaurant manager in one of the Java outlets despite her obvious lack of experience or qualifications in the hospitality industry after Wagner allegedly slept with her over a period of time and also allegedly infected her with the HIV virus.

During Wagner’s widely publicized arrest, one young damsel emerged from the stately home clutching a handbag and calmly walked out of the gate and on to the road towards the bus stop. In Nairobi upper class restaurant circles, Wagner’s sexual escapades are a poorly kept secret and it is indeed surprising that it has taken police nearly a decade to catch up with this notorious sex pest.

Nairobi Java House began a culture of gourmet coffee drinking in Nairobi nine years ago and has grown to have eight posh coffee shops in the capital and around the suburbs employing hundreds of Kenyans. Java is hugely popular with upper upper-class Kenyans, tourists and expatriates. The Java group also exports Kenyan coffee to USA and Western Europe.


Anonymous said...

Although I condemn the behaviour of this American, I still pose the question why nobody ever tried to sue the former President Daniel arap Moi. He has during more than 20 years used - or better misused - young girls aged between 12 and 16 years who had to be brought to him by some Head Mistresses of the Moi's Schools for Girls spread around the country. This is a fact and not just rumours. And I am also sure that Moi was not the only high-class Kenyan who preferred those young girls, especially virgins because they assured them of not being infected by Aids. I repeat, I am glad that the police finally acted but I also ask that they should apply the law to all and not only to this single case. These young girls have suffered enough and they deserve all our support.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

(The Sad) truth be told: several -maybe even many?- of the 'foreign investors' expatriates, missionaries, peace keepers, NGO workers and aid contractors and the other world savers you encounter in third world countries are sex tourists. Kenya is no exception. Sheria za kwao ni noma so they don't do it there but thankfully, siku hizi there is some progress in catching and prosecuting them kwao. Happened recently instato to some guy who did with some boys in Asia and posted the evidence of his escapades on the internet.

Then there's those just out for a different experience with adult commercial sex workers. Hapo sasa siwezi judge sana juu it involves two consenting adults. Lakini I know for a fact that prostitution is illegal in many countries including Kenya. Maybe everyone should just experiment in their home countries so wakiishia to invest or save the world', that's what the energy actually goes? Or get into some legal arrangement of some sort. Now the questions of what's ethical, moral, religiously acceptable, local's complicated.

PS: A Kenyan guy (some Magondu) was recently accused of raping a disabled 14-year old in the States. Yawa!

Vikii said...

I sure used to love the one at adams Arcade. Used to be a cool place for a date.

What this fellow deserves is a decent castration using a burdizzo. If, as the blogger puts it, his sex-drive is insatiable meaning his barbarity is irredeemable, then we, the decent people of the world, are left with no other option but to call for his immediate castration. I am now beginning to see the logic behind the fervent Njoki Ndung'u/Beth Mugo calls for castration as a remedy to this sickness.

You see, we all have our sex fantasies (Mine is with women older than me, 26-40). What really is trully sickening is this obsession with minors. For heavens sake a thirteen year old is a toddler. By screwing this chic, you are actually transforming her to a sex maniac for life. Chances are that she will become a prostitute, a lesbian or a drug abuser. It is sick and wrong!

That is why "hard labour for life" sounds like child play. After castration, this dude should be locked in those Nyayo hse 1 by 1 cells. Yes, those windowless black-walled dungeons where Wanyiri Kihoro used to be held. Those who have read Kihoro's first book, Never Say Die, are aware of the second or third chapter, 'Life as an Ambhibian'. What comes to your mind? hosepipes? Now that's what I'm talking about.

Acolyte said...

This dude must have stepped on the feet of the wrong people because white folk esp those with money are free to do what they want with no abandon whatsoever.
But I echo proud kikuyu woman, a large percentage of the foreigners we have in Kenya are there as sexual tourists, taking advantage of the poverty of Africans and the corruption.
I don't know if this dude will see the inside of a jail cell but I hope people at least become aware of these bastards and what they are doing. Kenyans need to do away with the senseless Mzungu worship that has been going on for the longest time.

Anonymous said...

Kenya needs better law enforcement to curb child trafficking, human trafficking, sexual harassment (at the work place), and rape. Better yet we need to empower our young boys and girls so they do not fall prey to international and local sex schemes.

Most of these tourists who go to kenya are sex tourists, thats a known fact.

Anonymous said...

Same thing will happen as chomondley, as we all know there are two sets of law in kenya , one for the haves and the other for the have nots.Soon you will hear that the man has been released due to lack of evidence,then he will be deported and he will eventualy return quitely after things have cooled off.What are we whining about yet we still have maasai men marrying off their teenage daughters in excahange for cattle,isnt that the same thing as being paid 30k to provide young girls.We need to as a society look in the mirror , we whine about child sex, mugabe yet we are guilty of the same crimes we shout about , how many girls are defiled by olmen in the villages and slums everyday , then it is suddenly a big deal when a muzungu does it.

Anonymous said...

We cannot let foreigners run loose in our own country. The Italians in Malindi need to be arrested too.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Acolyte- I think majority of Kenyans and other Africans need to live in a white dominated society kiasi to appreciate the ujinga ya worshiping odieros. No idea when that'll happen, if ever.

On the other hand, every hooker is out to get themselves one. Crazy!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 12.29. Great post. Spot on. It is true the guy should be appropriately punished if he is guilty. As usual however, the inferiority complex eating at Kenyan souls fails to see the double standard. We let off Maasai, Samburu, Somali and Giriama men with a slap on the wrist for doing exactly the same thing as the Java guy. I would not be surprised if it was the poor girl's mother who sent them to the mzungu. 500$ is a lot of color for a slum dweller. Our media is the most disgustingly stupid of all, pretentious self-righteous garbage. Instead of educating ignoramuses such as the many on this blog to see things in their proper perspective, they whip up emotions(because it is a mzungu) just to sell newspapers. Why don't they express the same outrage when 70 year old men are sticking their wrinkled plongs into twelve year olds? They should be teaching and extolling people on how to be upright and principled citizens, and to judge everyone by the same standard. Idiotas! Is it a wonder this nation will be jogging on the same spot for a long time to come, led by sheep leading sheep as it were?

Anonymous said...

Has he been castrated yet. Me thought he was a cool guy. Met him in Mama Ngina Street one day and he was a happy dude. KUMBE!

Anonymous said...

And when Robert MUgabe despises them and sends them away, he is guillotined. Some times, I think Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe are Messaiahs.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen is a child sex pest. you covertly support child sex u r an evil freak !!

Anonymous said...

This guy sure needs a good teaching...behind bars for life. But I think we should stop trying to focus on the foreign/sex thing. Kenyan men are quite something when it comes to looking for under age chics. And these chics love the extra buck or just the outings. Society is to blame here and I don't even understand that some guys here are praising Mugabe and Idi Amin...they are suppressing their fellow Africans...

Taabu said...

Some people like this Amerry-Can makes devil Mugabe look a saint. But just as others above have said we need WHOLESOME reflection and redefinition as a society. We still let NGOs make money out of nothing and shame ati saving Masaai girls. We need education and the media is shamelessly play in our simple court of exclusively rousing emotions.

But again you cannot blame the Masaais etal because honestly WHOLE FOCUSED strategy has been fomally formulated to wean them out of this barbarity and offer alternative way of living?

Despite many quations, first things first teh American must have pliers squeezed where it pains him most. Nothing more nothing less. That leaves you with the moral gab of TOP NOTCH laywer-Ojiambo, Kilukumi, Nyaoga. Where does the moral compass of these dudes point? Ama the end (money) justifies the means. I hear opening a file in their offices in KES 1m minimum, mmmhhhh???

Anonymous said...

not forgetting FGM as practiced by mungiki and maasai. bring out all the crap

Anonymous said...

how about that fellow that nigerian jamaa that married akinyi of whatever pub that was, when she was 14 i think is the age mentioned here.

many here are hypocrites and are probably jealous at someone who makes enough to have girls brought over. the age thing is just the nearest tool for hitting back at any vulnerability.

that said, community education is the key, but from the foregoing, kenyans have long given up on morals and cashing out on resources at the earliest possible opportunity is the norm. many of these "victims" see no hope in the future and take earliest chance available either willingly or having been duped. even more or just as guilty as this man, are those who make it possible to happen (guardians and escorts), whether knowingly or by being so gullible.

Mcheku said...

Wow! You people are on another level, you will defend the indefensible, ati we are jealous because the man has girls brought over? You can dare say that on a public forum and still think you are sane?

So, according to some people on this blog, because the Maasai's and Somali's do it, we should be happy to condone the activities of the HIV-laden mzungu who is 'helping out' our teenage girls? First and foremost we (Kenyans of sane mind) condemn it when the wrinkled Maasai's and Somali's and whoever does it. That is what institutions like FIDA and CRADLE try to do, day in, day out! So dont tell us Kenyans think its okay for these child predators to continue with their business.....speak for yourself!

This is disgusting to say the least! I am very ashamed of some Kenyans on this blog.

Phil said...

Vikii, wacha unaafik ati ...older women fantasies..hehehe! Anyway adams used to be my favorite also (it was the first Java) especially during the referendum days and the 2007 elections. Used to do my Kumekucha posts at the cyber just above Java Adams.

Mcheku, this is trully unacceptable. This is a fellow who is on a HIV virus spreading spree; that restaurant manager was also bought an apartment in the valley arcade area and ex-Dubai SUV thrown in as well just to keep her quiet. You can imagine other helpless girls out there looking for honest employment after graduating from Utalii and like colleges and falling into the preying hands of this monster! Its simply outrageous.

I do not think it is fair to equate this defilement and statutory rape with when an old maasai man seeks the hand of a 14 year-old, pays dowry and marries the girl.

I hear you Taabu. Pliers would be gentle. I would suggest placing his b**ls between VICE and then gripping them tightly.

Vikii, can you update us of events in Mwingi? I hear there's a 2012 presidential candidate in the making.....

Anonymous said...

Sad, very sad indeed... but justice especially in Kenya can be bought.. how pedophiles have bribed cops and judges in Kenya?! and I am not just talking about the foreigners but will include wananchi who have done some despicable things...

Ken Thumbi!

Anonymous said...

maasai's and somalis have culture that is superior to the nairobi fast life. I would be happy to marry off my daughter to a maasai or somali man.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 2.12pm. You are one ignorant dunderhead. Please offload the primitive mindset. Where in my post have i expressed support for the Java guy? I was asking twits like you to look in the mirror and change the shameless and hypocritical mindset which thinks it is normal for Africans to molest and sexually exploit underage girls and in the same breath express outrage when mzungus do the same. Have some principle to stand on for God's sake. You seem to be suffering from a virulent form of mugabeosis.

Phil, when Maasai and Samburu gerontocrats sleep with 12 year old girls, it IS statutory rape by law. Did you read about the Maasai man who married a six year old because he had been denied the 8 year old sister by the Govt? What kind of sick perverts are we coddling and excusing? Some of these wazees would win Gold medals in the pervert world championships.
Unless we take stern action against our own people who encourage and practice this kind of primitivism, parents from poor families will continue to see their young daughters as sexual commodities to be exploited for commercial gain. With attitudes like those of anon @ 2.12 above, i am not very hopeful this will happen any time soon. He is the type who probably thinks it is comical and heroic that an 80 year old can still get it up, and is least concerned who he is getting it up for.

Anonymous said...

Since maasai's marry young girls then its ok for whites to have sex with underage girls. end of story. leave the white dudes alone !!

Gazarine said...

za1. I agree, rapists should face the pliers
2. Old 'African' men should also face the pliers when they marry 12 year olds
3. Before one is convicted, it is very unfair to cal him the kind of names I see here. Very unfair especially if it is Kenya POlice we are talkingabout here

Anonymous said...

No amnesty for criminals like Kibaki, Kimunyua, Prof Njuguna Ndungu, Prof Njuguna Saitoti and this white one misusing Kenyan minors.

Anonymous said...

Why continue to dignify comments from Vikii and his ilk with a reply? Waste of time, bure kabisa. By the way VIKKI must you 'diarrhoea' on every thead?

Anonymous said...

is it life imprisonent or imprisonment with hard labour for life?

Bobie Bristol said...

This jamaa needs to be Hang, Drawn and Quartered; and let that be a lesson unto others as this also becoming a problem with Kenyans in diaspora returning home home for the same reasons

Anonymous said...

It is because VIkii is writing the truth that most of you people do not want to read? To me, Vikii is writing the RIGHT stuff, away from the IDOL WORSHIP that a clutch of bloggers here are accustomed to. He is going FAR ahead of praising everything that you wish to castigate and backs it with impecable reason and discourse. Unfortunately, as they say FACTS are ARROGANT, VIkii's truth are so bitter that your only fightback is to castigate. Success unto thee.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS - it was today reported that a Kentan Top Official is accused of buying sex while on official duty in Norway. He did not use any condom during the while 'exercise'.
For details go to http://africanpress.wordpress,com/

Phil - maybe you can tell us who this man is?

Anonymous said...

Idol worship? Who is the idol, Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo, Obama ama nani? As far as am concerned, each one of them has 'fanatical followers', who cheer them on and still think highly of them even if they steal elections, hotels etc.

Anonymous said...

In which country does the law not have a double standard? Show me one. Just one. I suggest that any one of you black males here on this post go TRY and do what this man has done to underage white kids in the US. Similarly have a white American male do the same. Compare the societal outrage and the outcome.
Contrary to my principles, but arguing against the premise that we have a double standard and consequently the sexual predator should not vilified, I will support the double standard and the vilification, especially if the comparison being made is between an 'old' Giriama, Maasai, Samburu or Somali man. There is more dignity that route than can ever be with a white, wealthy,presumably HIV-infected predator. Spare me this nonsense. To the gallows, I say.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.20 so typical of you to put just kyuk names as those abusing minors, do you have to sink to a tribal level? Sex with minors is an issue affecting young girls from every part of Kenya and is been done by Kenyans and jungu's of every walk of life

Anonymous said...

Did you ODMers read The Standard today. The paper that speaks alot about the ODM. You mouthpiece said that nothing happens in Nyanza unless Raila says. Please read that piece three times and underline and count every word that says POVERTY. You will know why things are not fair in the community and why they depend on handouts. It runs deep buddy.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.10 PM
Please please leave Obama alone.
He is an American and has nothing to do with this Rapist Wagner of JAVA.
I hope when you were writting your message you were sober and not under influence of some kind of substances.

poa bwana address the issue on hand or go to your room and sleep.

Blake said...

Isn't it amazing that whites continue to promote the worst sexual perversions in Africa while we watch helplessely? Besides the economic sexual exploitation of young girls, they are now busy promoting HOMOSEXUALITY in Kenya through undergound gay coalitions, right under our noses. We need to wake up Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

This animal called Wagner must have refused to pay protection money to our bent cops after a decade of free reign of deflowering young girls off their innocence. I mean, everyone in Kenya, even kids know that if you're rich you can't go to jail...unless you refuse to part with your cash. I once had my car stolen yet when it was circulated and recovered, Lang'ata cops wanted me to pay them 10k of my hard earned cash which as you may have already guessed, flatly refused. 20k is just enough to make your file disappear and intimidate witnesses. Our police are just as vile as this rapist cum paedophile. Should Kenyans boycott Java if this sex pest is convicted which I highly doubt?


Nbi Kenya.

Ngunyi Ngunjiri said...

Let us all boycott JAVA!! I cannot support the business of a sexual predator-NO!!!NEVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Wagner should be taken to Kamiti na afungwe milele.. ..You mean he was also HIV positive..

Even if they close java...No problem we still have many coffee houses mushrooming in every street...Latest being Coffee World on Moi Avenue karibu na stanchart, though it is noisy coz of the busy street and its small the services are splendid and if you really need a serene place ...Then Savannah on Museum hill is the place to be.....Can the women who lured the girls also be caught and funguad and the key thrown away coz if this jamaa is HIV+ do you know 2 girls lives have just been wasted?


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 1.31pm you say:

"...if the comparison being made is between an 'old' Giriama, Maasai, Samburu or Somali man. There is more dignity that route than can ever be with a white, wealthy,presumably HIV-infected predator..."

A predator is a predator is a predator is a predator, it does not matter the color, when will you get that into your thick skull?
Did you know that wabeberu used to claim that Africans can be hit as hard as possible on the skull with a rungu but nothing happens, because, according to them, there was no soft tissue(like a brain) underneath. Their theory was that the African skull was just a very hard joint like the one in the hip socket, the only tissue inside being bone marrow. You are making a very strenuous sweat soaked effort to prove the wabeberu right after all.
In your enlightened estimation, you are saying there is more dignity and honour if your six to 14 year old daughter is raped by a Samburu man than if she is raped by a HIV+ Mzungu? How pathetic. WHERE AND WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?! You should have some dignity yourself when you make such thoughtless utterances.

Anonymous said...

Don't Close your eyez when you really know what is really happening, First if I may ask who caught him at home? Several repoters i guess & some few policemen. That means you "the media" are the "policemen" and the "magistrates" ,cause how do you judge him before the magistrate does? We all know this is a plot for money which is very open, and is also aplot by some haters "loosers" from other organization. Amutatoboa my friends, infact i heard there will be another Java in afew hours poleni sana, guys lets be realistic, hustle for your life your own way not through somebodie's, im not a worker @ java nor a relative to him but a very honest guy and a customer, I also suspect some sucked wokers are behind this, I know, But you know what? you guys are very bright to plot something like that, you really deserve some credits but remember malipo ni hapa hapa hapa hapa DUNIANI!!! Be watchful cause ukicheza na watoto watakupaka mafi! Those kidoz will one day tell the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen:
Yes, I say I would rather my 14 year old daughter was MARRIED to the Maasai, Giriama or Somali, than being raped and abused by an ill-intended, HIV infected white buffoon. Get that into yours, the thick skull, I mean. To even suggest that there is a parallel here is simply stupid. Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

As long as the guy has money, he'll fight his way "legally". He'll just hire a top notch lawyer who'll exploit our "constitutional" loop holes. By the way, did someone say he's American. Can someone go back and dig a certain law that was signed btwn Kenya and the US. His legal options are many. Or he'll just pay off the girls not to appear in court to testify against him. By the way R.Kelly got away with it.

Am one who likes to follow the law but in such cases am just appalled. I suggest after the burdizzo, weka fire ants to gnaw at his pendulum pole pole !!!!

bluecherry said...

manze ave shangad reading these posts one after another waiting for someone to say what i thought was common knowledge..havent you guys ever heard of his CIA connections???apparently the perv came here as an operative (thats english for spy) over 10 yrs ago!! why do you think he has conducted his lewd business in relative freedom till now?? i agree with ey this month and pissed off someone..remember the american embassy officials at the hearing?? haiya watch this space there is a major diplomatic PR nightmare approaching..i agree he is a PERVY PERVETED PERV and needs justice kenya style...a few years or more in kamiti in a vermin infested crowded cell being raped nightly by rough inmates will give him a moments pause to consider his actions i guarantee. BAD MAN,VERY VERY VERY BAD MAN. giving HIV to kids?? EVIL!!!

Phil said...


Jon Cardon Wagner is now officially out on CASH BAIL of Kshs. 400,000/-.

He was also ordered to deposit his passport with the court.

His case shall be heard towards the end of August 2008.

Anon@.6.02AM - This story was filed after thorough research and interviews with current employees of JAVA. This blogger visited no less than four operating Java restaurants and spent at least three hours at each before filing this report. This blogger also had a chance to talk to one of Wagner's domestic servants at his Lavington home. This blogger also read Occurance Book (OB) entries at the Muthangari Police Station. There are now THREE official complainants, one of defilement of the two minors and another separate two of RAPE reported on the OB and currently under investigation.

We could have exposed much more had it not been for our respect for the Court of Law. Besides - investigation are still on going and Wagner might face more charges - it is not our wish to jeopardize all that.

But I wonder, how do you doubt the report when you cannot challenge any of the accusations? Does Wagner have a certificate from any of our VCT testing centres to disapprove whats posted here? Maybe it is time we questioned your mission here. ARE YOU WAGNER yourself or his current girlfriend trying to do some damage control, perhaps??

Anonymous said...

Vikii..I am 40 tena sexy supuu. Tuonaneje?

Anonymous said...

You do not respect the Courts of LAW. Once a matter has been brought before a judge, you stop writing about it completely. That is the basic LAW in court reporting. There is something called subjudice. You dont report about it again the moment a prosecutor makes a mention before a judge or magistrate. You only wait for what is said in court. BASICS

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 6.54pm.

In your self righteous bluster, you forget that there is no such thing as marriage to a 14 year old under Kenyan Law. If you do that you are committing statutory rape on a minor who is incapable of saying NO, let alone knowing whether she wants to play or not. This can get you a sentence of 20 years to life. The problem is that our courts don't hand down the sentence or enforce it because of the fear of hurting so called cultural practices. Culture implies intellectual development of a people and hence attainment of civilization. Well, marrying a 6 - 14 year old under the guise of culture can hardly be described as cultural development now can it? In fact it denotes an inability to apply logic because of the perversions and distractions of suffocating barbarism. This is the kind of hypocritical ignorance you are proudly defending.
Inasmuch as the Mzungu should be severely punished as a pervert, we Kenyans too should not pretend to be paragons of virtue when in the same breath we applaud 80 year old men for achieving a hard-on for a six year old. That is otherwise called pedophilia, and it should be punished whether you are a Mzungu or a proud ex-moran. Do you now get it, you pathetic twit?

Vikii said...

Anon 7.51, are you a woman?

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikonnen:
I’m stomping my foot as I type and hope I don’t have to do this again. So just for the record.
I cannot dispute the problem of marrying off a 14 year old to an 80 year old. But let's back up for a moment and consider the standards that we use to make that judgment. Where do Kenya's laws come from and subsequently what do they represent? In the end, for as long as the law makes provision for cultural practices, neither you nor I should be the judge of a culture that neither of us belongs to. Indeed, it is the owners of the culture who have the responsibility to speak out against any part of it they find deplorable and seek to change it. I have put it as simply as I can to accommodate your narrow mind and will henceforth only respond if you so make sense.

Anonymous said...

What happened to guilty until charged??? All you on this blog have no clue. Can't you see a setup when you see one? Fungueni macho. This guy is being set up BIG time, fellas. Semeni whatever you want...I think one just has to scrutinize the issues further to see the question marks. This business turns over at leat 20m per day. Tell me which Kikuyu Mafia using insiders from within the company wouldn't want a piece of the pie? Mukitafakari hayo, I will not profess to know the guy, but i dont think he is more interested in sex more than the next guy. I know for sure he wont be the first MD to supposedly include extra curricular activities as part of the interview. (Anyone recall the Nation saga?) I think people forget too quickly. Who has taken the time to scrutinize the way the media handled this story?Who takes the media along when making an arrest? PerfectSET-UP fashion. Live Prison Break if you ask me. This guy has probabbly built up such a great image so quickly that it has many people salivating including the competition. Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Am almost tearing reading this. Jon happens to be an acquintance of mine and I would vvouch for him any day. He's workers are some of the best paid in the industry and he never compromises on the quality of his business.For this reason he has stepped on many peoples toes,including of politicians who would have wanted to get a franchise of the Java brand (they always want to reap where they did not sow). He also stepped on someof his ex employees who had wanted to pilfer from the business. He is a gentle and humanitarian man with several Corporate Social responsility initiatives including assisting the less fortunate. I'd hate to be in his shoes right now because some kenyans have chosen to be racist (from the majority of the comments i've read) and this jury has already convicted him. Kudos to the few Anons who've seen that this is one BIG scam to get back at a foreigner who chose to do business the right way and steeped on toes while at it.

Anonymous said...

@12:51 am. Everything is a BIG scam, including the Grand Regency sale. Who did Kimunya refuse to give a cut? Hope you're tearing up on this one too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've been following this blog for a spell of time now. I do believe that Phill did indeed participate in this high profile frame up of Jon.

This is common knowledge to all and sundry and it is only a matter of time before we uncover who is behind this saga. We do know as Jon's friends that he is not involved in under age sex at any given time.

Some fact are also emerging that backs up the school of thought that he infact is a victim of black mail.

Anonymous said...

otherwise, all in all that is really wrong, the law should take its due course. Deliberrately invecting someone else with the virus is also a crime.

M.O.F.O said...

I cannot believe this. Jungus in Africa acting so self-righteous just cos it is Africans -and in Africa they are in.
@ To all the stupid jungus writing in this blog (and perhaps only one person with different handles) dropping in one or two 'Swa' words to 'try and hoodwink' local Kenyans' - as if- to defend this serial rapist (yeah, set up indeed- by the police to be caught, you evil pervert morons!), I am going to waste three fckng minutes of my life to address your foolish belligerence on this posting just because it affects my beloved fellow African peoples of Kenya. As hard as you may puff like angry baboons, chipmunks et all that are not used to seeing the law applied to their cause - by Africans, AND FOR Africans, here's a shocker - IT HAPPENS- and what's more - IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN A LOT MORE!I am thinking of all the white paedophiles across the planet being sought right now, and who initially had gotten away from the law for so long just because they could pay for it/use the smokescreen of 'their whiteness'.In Asia alone, over 25 white paedophiles very much like the Java guy have been on interpol's and the FBI's lists forever have been captured in the last year and arraigned in the courts of countries they perpetually sneak into for sex with children. And indeed the number is far much greater, thus watch out as more and more people just like this ass get caught after decades of wriggling your wrinkly behinds and pooping money to continue raping children come to an end.
I am even more astonished cos white people abroad in fact do not at all defend perverts and other criminals of their race as demonstrated here, proving that the white people residing like infestations in Africa are indeed the low-breeds, cowards and uneducated that could never make it back in their countries, and are thus busy doing nothing in Africa but feeling superior, spawning comments in African blogs and raping children. Truth remains that your kind are perverts who are corrupting the world and raping any young boys and girls infants, goats and other objects they can get their hands on everywhere, so suck it in(like you know how). In a widely publicized BBC report, one of your own was even caught in a hotel room humping a bike, but do I say. Wait till I circulate this report everywhere, and let the intelligent whites internationally pick this up and give it the echo it needs to stop Africa from becoming the next sex stop outside of Asia and Eastern Europe. Hope all the African bloggers here et all (but for the narrow-minded whites stationed in Africa defending a pedophile 'cos he's got resources to do it'- evil idiots!)join me in circulate it as well.
You can huff and puff and think you're going to scare people 'cos you're white',and then proceed to call everyone racist because you've been caught doing what it is you do best, and are only useful for- humping and selling through sex, but the fact remains that well, you are evil, pathetic sex mongers whose previous as well as present civilizations are based on sex and sexual perversion, and homosexuality, and I cannot wait 'til it brings down your civilizations and bites you in the ass, along with your cruelty, as it is already doing. You brought Aids, but the world brought you cancer and other unheard of diseases that are wiping you off faster than Hiv (which is turning around now, no wonder Jon was hard at work) ever did Africans et all. How's that for karma? The level of venom in your replies proves that obviously all here is true and YOU truly are the racists, defending a person and spewing venom just because he's white. Gee, you could have tried selling your arguments through sex as usual. You may have just won. Stupid mf mfs. And by the way, if you are here reading these articles AND COMMENTING ON THEM, aren't YOU an ignoramuses, as well? Sad, angry ignorant, pervert creature;you've had a v. easy time here yelling at v. nice local Kenyans who are so respectful of you and not even giving you the choice of words you seem to be looking for.
Try me,chipmunks.

@ Kikuyu Woman. I agree, most local Kenyans will never see 1. How they are treated like fools by politicians and 2. How worshipful they are of foreigners and will never have the same returned to them anywhere else.

@ Kiki Rakunnen
You angry, sad, pathetic,
pea-brained evil, pervert moron (but again, WHAT ELSE COULD YOU BE?)

With your loud hysterics, I can only guess you are Wagner, a boyfriend/
girlfriend, family/spawn of the culprit, devil's spawn- or possibly all combinations - which is v. normal with white people. I have also detected your multiple posts under 'Anon' because you simply are not as smart as you think, however mistaken you might be.
A couple of your fellow jungus are here have as well,and you can tell them that mixing 'Swa' with their English and conspicuously trying to speak 'Kenyanese' in order to hide their attempts and disguise as African Kenyans not only speaks of your pea-brains, but also largely of your collective scrap-bottom low self-esteem, obviously lacking. You know all this as true,you know it, and are here defending it. If you are HERE IN OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, RESPECT THAT and OR LAY LOW, same way you lay low in your own countries, you piece of unneeded infection -that cannot stand the sound of African people apprehending or talking back to you (get over it). And yes, this Hiv infested fellow white maggot is worse than Samburu etc men legally marrying 13 yr olds, whatever you say. May he be drawn and quartered by some fierce Eastleigh warrior(I heard he got to some somali muslim girls too - apparently cos they've got to be 'v.v. pure'), before he tries to pay his way out- the only thing white people can comprehend -ever since discovering sexual addiction and child sex.
And p.s , I don't hear you complaining about Warren Jeffs- and why is that, if the man marries 13 year olds himself, as the Samburus you speak about - or is it because he is white? Stupid, uneducated morons. If you are in for a shouting match, let's make a date at the mashada chat room,hiding out here posting your silly, stupid comments is not going to solve anything. Want to find your match? Meet me there. YOU are the coward,YOU are ashamed it is the truth, YOU are the creature with a pea brain (in the form of a bone joint), and YOU are the sheep following other sheep, as demonstrated by your blind round endorsement of a wanking child rapist just cos he's white. And judging from your irrational and incoherent rants, YOU are the one with particularly low self esteem and a lot of idleness. So don't call ME or my people names - and MEET me at the mashada/other chat room. Useless.Bring your wrinkly cancer-prone white ass out there instead of hiding here under various anon comments like a coward, and let's find out who wins the battle of the words and ranted feelings. I am waiting, bi*tch.

@ Vicki, ignore the poisonous racist biatches, and continue to post your interesting and factual comments. Btw, I'm hot and sexxy..and older..come here boy...:). Same with Phil.For thw whites shouting 'frame-up', know that Kenya police only act when it is really pertinent. Thus, there is cause for this-and. And so instead of angry, empty, pointless proclamations, SHOW proof if 'he is being framed' and while at it,avoid using 'kenyanese' language in an effort to 'sound local'.
You sound stupid.
Useless maggots.

@ African Kenyans. Learn form this vicious venom from jungus you've witnessed here. Learn it, and take it with you, and know that it is being replicated all over the world. Learn that worshipping wizungus back home only breeds comments and superior attitudes such as these back to you, and nothing else. Take it with you. Emancipate yourselves.

p.s the Moi rumour is false.

Kwa Upenzi Wa Vyote Black.


Anonymous said...

woyee, poor little esteemless m.o.f.o. Kwani umeshindwa kuget some juu ukona HIV ama niaje?

M.O.F.O said...

Nilipata your ma though jana,ju ni obvious munapeana easy,jungu anon 6.43,kama your fellow java chipmunk. Huna guts kuenda mashada - kujificha kama tu hapa?
Leta nyingine,mofo, na jua ukitukana really nice kenyans, una thing coming from me (literally)mofo btch. Nangoja.

Anonymous said...

@ Blake...I hear you.
Hizi ujinga za wazungu too much, hopefully watu wa Asia na Africa wataona that soon..

Nathan said...

Bloggers, there is no 2 ways about the law as suggested earlier. Why people say there exists a divide for the haves & have-nots in judicial matters all boils down the the prosecutor. Tom's (Delamare) case was handled poorly by an overzealous prosecutor who encountered a thorough and well-prepared defense lawyer. We just have to make sure the prosecutors are thorough in their work, otherwise those who can afford a good lawyer (and 1 not out to make a name for himself in the media) will get off. Not to defend Jon, this is not the first time such a case has been brought up, as a result of his business feud. But let the manner run its course, as it is before the courts. Believe in the system, hard as that may be.

M.O.F.O said...

I hear you.

As I correctly envisioned, the useless, diseased, idiot,over-sexed obiero maggots that hang around using our own language kiswahili (but with a distinct lack of rhythm -not smart people at all- ati mnafool who??) to insult Kenyans, promote discord and defend these kinds of typical barbaric, perverted and savage cruelty engaged by their own against others, are nothing but uneducated cowards with pea-brains and not enough knowledge or material to engage on a one on one basis as invited. Thus they defeat themselves in their long-believed superiority complex that holds no water outside the smurky and smoggy 1 x 1 cm cube of space in their brains that they call brains. Did ya'll unevolved savage and primitive selves creep back to the holes you came from and recognized true analysis/challenge when you saw it? Stupid maggots, typical cowards, proves nothing hold you in your positions other than the money that you so busily flaunt to keep your fast-fading positions- now taht China has all your money.
Nothing but cruel savages the world over, and should head back to their countries and stick your sickened, withered 'phlongs' up your own over-sexed people's asses,AND LEAVE AFRICAN/ASIAN CHILDREN ALONE!!!
Oh yeah, i forgot, ya'll the rejects without titles or land back in your own over-crowded countries, and so Africa and Asia are the only places you were able to come to escape the poverty and rejection that you face back home. Well guess what, soon you may just have to go back there to beg for this attention that you only get from v. kind people of Africa and spread your insults there and live through A HUNDRED- YEAR WARS as you had through the 1600- 1800's (not forgetting your useless world wars), you sick and twisted, primitive, cruel people that deserve no more than a monkey-flog on the street.RESPECT AND LAY LOW LIKE ENVELOPES THE WAY YOU DO IN YOUR COUNTRIES AS SERFS, OR LEAVE. DO NOT INSULT ANY AFRICAN HERE LIKE SOME ENTITLES PEOPLE.
My invitation is still open, for any obiero hanging here feeling like a god and needs to confirm with me if they indeed are. I have all your answers, na I have all the time in the world to attend to them,btches.

Btw, four of the 'anon' posts supporting the wrinkly hiv-ladden java obiero raping children are by thie kimi raikannen obiero if ya'll didn't know- there are v. many ways to know that, as me how. Where are you bitch? Slithered back to your for some more inbreeding, or back to the 'spa for fostering feelings of superiority against all evidence amongst euro-backward peoples?'
Proves your empty talk. I am waiting, btch. Mashada chatroom welcomes you - haaa! - instead of plugging hii site with your useless comments that are largely disjointed and need a chatroom. I already have your IP so it's no problem. Leta upuzi tujadiliane-or can you not even whisper now or finish what you started? Stupid mofos.
May the Java guy and all of who support his position die and suffer ten times worse than the way the children infected are going to,as true karma goes. Ya'll mmejicurse already.

Peace out.

Mau Mau Warrior.

Anonymous said...

M.O.F.O, calm down.. tunajua ni wajinga..let time (na law) inform them of that bro. They know we have everything they don't..and that breeds hatred and anger and racism seen here..don't fall into that, let it curse them as it apparently is.

M.O.F.O said...

But it doesn't stop the fact that this mofo must die. That this has gone on for years is incredulous, and that ignorant and uneducated obiero losers would show up here to insult africans also is. More so even as they live on our land, milking it dry, polluting the air, wrecking the planet and taking advantage of ignorant Africans. When instead, they should be discussing how much to pay Africa in reparations, and quit the scape-goat excuses of ati 'we do it to ourselves' which, BY THE WAY, DOES NOT NEGATE THE FACT OF WHAT THEY, THESE SAVAGES, DID - and continue to do- and that surpasses any cruelty that might be shown by all others combined(think holocause, those stupid word wars...and indeed everything else)overt and subvert. And therefore,SIMPLY MUST PAY FOR IT, as all crimes MUST be. So, for the ones swaddling their fat over-sexed behinds here and other African sites, it is either free loans or go back home. You have no voice here or right to defend criminal acts against anyone ati cos ni perpetrated na white. Typical, shenzi mende kabisa, be gone! Mashetani na washindwe.


Mau Mau Warrior.

Anonymous said...

m.o.f.o the more you foka manenos, the more you expose yourself as a kaliwad juvenile, plz go hide in a corner and cry

Anonymous said...

It is a pity the way we are quick to condemn. Has anyone stopped to think the whole thing through. We walk the streets of nairobi everyday with men busy ogling 12 year olds, we see the girls and with support from some parents busy trying to hook an 'odiero' so that their lives can be better, we perpetuate these actions due to our circumstances and yet we want to scream and shout when we hear that someone is using what we put out there for them. We tell them that we don't care if they enjoy our young girls, because they will help them improve their lives, hypocrites we are indeed. I am not judging anyone yet and until the facts are produced and proven in court, I think we should excercise restraint in our name calling and our venom. Look around you, smell the coffee(forgive the pun) but we us a society are lacking in many ways and we need that corrected as soon as possible. Not by condemning, but in our small way by teaching, and encouraging our sisters, daughters, nieces and all to value themselves and not see sex as the only way out of their circumstances. Some of us have tried but society expects it and we fall prey again and again. Better him who pays for it than those who just take and pretend they love these girls and give them nothing in exchange and leave them holding babies in their arms to continue this vicious circle of poverty.


Anonymous said...

I'm Anon @ 12:51AM. Mofo, i'm not Kimi rakinnen or whoever it is you claim. I would never condone a rapist, paedophile , or any other sex perverts whether they are white, black ,blue etc. I was specific to the current debate on Jon and this is because i have his history and I know there are people setting him up. Jon himself would never condone it!.
Mofo calm down coz all that bile and hatred of people because of their skin colour will simply eat you up coz God is not planning to have an armageddon simply to wipe out one race. And my advice would be the same for any white person. And just because I chose to comment on the other side of the debate doesn't make me white. I am a full bred black Kenyan and proud to be one.

Anonymous said...

What a joke – raping 14-year olds is the national sport of Kenya. All those old Kenyan men must be laughing that he paid $500 for what they pay 100KSh.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Two women who allegedly supplied under age girls to this wagner pest have been arrested and, at least one other girl from a school in the outskirts of Nairobi who was allegedly defiled by wagner has brought forth charges.

And...for those with those police theories and JAVA conspiracies. Wagner was arrested from the pressure from a group of human rights/gender activists organisations that received reports of child sex exploitation in Mwiki. The pressure was necessary after the Mwiki Police RELEASED the women without proper or any bonding long before the children were taken for treatment. No one at this time knew who the Mzungu from Muthangari was. These groups have vowed to follow the case as was evident during the mention of the case at High Court when the Wagner case was found missing from the mentions of the day.

And.. for those talking about old men sex tourists etc etc adnauseum, that is the law. It will catch up with them.

By REAL MEN DO NOT ABUSE WOMEN....or children!

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:51AM, you wrote that " would never condone a rapist, paedophile , or any other sex perverts whether they are white, black, blue etc. I was specific to the current debate on Jon and this is because I have his history and I know there are people setting him up. Jon himself would never condone it!" If you truly do know Jon, then you know the accusations are not far from the truth. Yes, Jon presents as a nice guy, generous, fan loving and "accepting" of Kenyans but he is someone who had a dirty secrets. The secret is out in open and all we want is for him to take responsibility for his repulsive actions and face the consequences. Those young girls deserve justice regardless of your experience and history with him. From someone else who knows him.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter who the person is- black or white, Kenyan, non-Kenyan, whatever: If anyone who knows they are HIV positive sleeps with anyone without letting them know and without taking precautins, that could be a death sentence for the other person.
If anyone is worried that this might have happened to them, they should get tested immediately. If they feel they have been put at risk by someone else's actions, they should tell the police to stop it from happening again.
I belive in someone being given a fair trial and only being convicte if they are guilty. And if they are inocent, you shuld celebrate that. But if they are guilty, we shuld join forces to make sure they are put away and can not hurt another vulnerable young girl or put their lifes in danger

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