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Friday, January 04, 2008

What Will Happen In Kenya Next

If you are on roof of your house...

Find out at the bottom of this post why frequent updates are no longer possible in this blog

The most dangerous thing you can have in a situation like Kenya’s is somebody who thinks they understand the situation but actually DO NOT.

It starts with cocky know-it-alls leaving comments in this blog about “incitement” characters like John Michuki who are sure that this is Luo problem.

In my view Raila Odinga does not have the power to stop the chaos, even if he went on his knees on live TV.

The statement by the President yesterday tells you pretty much what is going to happen next. I don’t want to say it because it would be incitement.

The solution?

I have already appealed to Kenyans to reach out to our Kikuyu brothers and isolate the small clique of mad men and women who have caused all these problems. From the tone of comments in this blog, that has mostly been ignored.

So I am afraid the next agenda is to worry about your personal safety if you are in Kenya and to get to some safe place and pray very hard.

God have mercy on Kenya.

I came across another article by another inciter who is not even a Kenyan. He’s based in Trinidad. He says;

But don't blame it on mere "tribalism". Kenyans are not fools, and they know they have been betrayed.

Read the full article here

P.S. To date Uganda is the only country in the world that has congratulated Mwai Kibaki on his “re-election.” The US quickly withdrew their congratulations hours after they had announced it.

P.S. 2 The news from Kenya is all very bad and if we were to report the true situation and give you updates, it would be incitement according to Michuki and most Kenyans. If for example I told you that most of the killings in Nairobi are being done by Mungiki wouldn't you classify that as incitement? We all have to tone down the news and report very carefully while still giving Kenyans a ray of hope while there is really none.


Anonymous said...

Good Thinking Chris.

Tensions are already boiling high on both sides and any effort to cool them is commendable all grievances notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

I have a fear:

1. That Kenyans will let this go and incubate their anger for another day

2. Mungiki will once again be used by politicians to slaughter Kenyans.

If we do not sort out our mess now, we are in for a rude awakening in future.

Half n Half said...

"We all have to tone down the news and report very carefully while still giving Kenyans a ray of hope while there is really none."

I find this statement very defeatist! Are you telling us (and I will be first to admit that am outside) that we have no hope? that I may not be able to come back home as scheduled? What exactly are you saying with statement?

Anonymous said...

Chris have you been threatened by someone? Very unlike you....

Anonymous said...

Chris stop acting like the proverbial ostrich that sees no evil or hears no evil once it buries its head in the sand, you are in bed with the likes of Philemon Othieno who is working day and night, offline and online to ensure the violence continues so that more Kenyans are brutally murdered. Do not exonerate Raila as being incapable of stopping the violence. Raila has the capacity to ask Ruto to cease this senseless killing by Ruto\'s militia, or are you telling us that as long as those are killings instigated for ODM, that it is okay to kill innocent wananchi? You never cease to amaze, stop trying to pass the buck to Michuki, atleast the GSU have managed to rescue and evacuate people from Ruto\'s constituency before his murderers got to them, did you ever bother to find out what activities Phil engages in when he is not blogging so as to contribute to the deaths of innocent wananchi? so that he can come back and blog later that those deaths are on his favorite scapegoat: Kibaki\'s hands. It is akin to murderers and their enablers who kill and say they heard a mysterious voice instructing them to kill as their excuse for doing so. Ruto must stop the killings, the Mungiki are avenging the deaths that Ruto is causing indiscriminately in his constituency and around the country where his band of murderers is systematically eliminating particular ethnic groups. What the Mungiki are doing is wrong and similarly what Ruto is doing is despicable. Both actions are resulting in the death of KENYANS. It is time Raila called the shots and asked his ex-KANU crook party hopping lieutenant to cease murdering wananchi.

Anonymous said...

Ruto's Militia Kills

Mungiki Kills

Chris Publishes fake documents n inflammatory essays catalyzing the killings n genocide....

you are all criminals n will pay dearly when time comes

check the rwanda situation....

then no one will have mercy on you

Anonymous said...

Chris the cocky-know-it-all thinks his is the only truth. He seems to be on the ground throughout Kenya. 1 Kenyan and his band of inciters know the truth, while the rest of us 35+ million know nothing but a lie. His is research conducted on Google, and interpreted with the help of his highly educated brain.

The preacher has come out to tell the choir it is my way or the death way. You are just another POS.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Phil, Sam '2012' and Hellen Okello, who are your paymasters? In whose bed do you sleep? Whose blood is pure enough for you to drink? Bet none of your children sleep hungry!!!

Okello has already mentioned his intention to run for presidency in 2012. Heck I will get into the race too.

Anonymous said...

90% of Kenyans have remained calm or are reying to make sense of the last week. It's the 10% who are inciting, looting and killing that shame us all. Keep playing with the 90%'s emotions/intellect/patience, we'll all come after you as you have come after us. Then we shall see what you are made off. Leave us alone to get back to our normal lives. Kenya is bigger than you and will be around longer than you have/will be been around.

Hellen and Sam, we the blogging community in the world are on your case, and are going to expose you full out. You Kenyan traitors!

Anonymous said...

I characterize what is going on as genocide and it is high time Ruto and company are charged in the Hague. Remember the famous poem: When they came for the Jews I did not speak because I was not a Jew,...
People this is a serious matter and at the end they will also come for us all as this is about power and not justice and democracy

Anonymous said...

Let me first start by saying that I do not support violence of whatever nature, against any tribe or sex. Next, there are some guys in this blog, who, before the elections had the courage to call other tribes "Unelectable", "Kihii", "Stone throwers" and so many other names. Now these are the same people crying about what they call "Tribal Posts" in this blog. So you have come to realise that tribalism strikes even those who instigate it? Anons (3.49 AM and 4.29 AM), I don't know what you are driving at but if you are peace loving Kenyans, I don't see any reason why you should drag Phil's name into this. I hold no brief for Phil or the ODM Team for that matter. But you guys should appreciate that the cause of this problem is a rigged election. Why can't we address the root cause of the problem first? Once again I ask, why are PNUists in this blog and everywhere across Kenya afraid to confront the reality: That Kibaki rigged the election and that is the cause of the violence?

Raila himself is also to blame. I think he can easily talk to his supporters to stop the killings. Organized gangs have taken advantage of the situation to loot, kill and rape!

One thing however is certain; Kenyans will never forget what Kibaki has done, but most of all, I lay blame on one man; Samuel Kivuitu. All the 300+ lives that have been lost are on his head and will haunt him forever!!!

Chief Dr. Al Hajj MA Nanga, MP.

Anonymous said...

Okello fails to meet the requirements to run for the Presidency in 2012. He is a Ugandan citizen and thus fails to meet the criteria. Besides that people who work to incite the deaths of others deserve to be permanently barred from ever running for political office other than as representatives of their fellow prison inmates.

Anonymous said...

anon@4:48, I don't speak for those two anons, but I must point out the hate, vitriol and incitement Phil has been spewing on this blog. Two days ago he presented a forged ballot paper and purported it to be PNU mischief. What Phil forgot and I believe him to be the one who shared the same ballot paper with the BBC (given it was sent to them by an ODM activist) was that it only had two candidates on it yet there were eight candidates running in the Presidential election. What was Phil doing with ballot materials that were supposed to be in ECK custody? What was ODM doing with these materials since we know whom Phil works for? Why did Phil have to forge a ballot paper in a poor attempt to frame PNU? One can surmise that Phil's motive was to further inflame and incite those doing the killings. Those blaming PNU for a rigged election are acting in a manner that is similar to the pot calling the sufuria black, it is a known and documented fact that ODM did its fair share of rigging. It is time Kenya started expeditiously carrying out the death penalty for those found guilty to have engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide, it is evident that human life has become too cheap to some for lack of severe consequence for those who continue to take the innocent lives of their fellow Kenyans be they ODM or PNU supporters. As for Kivuitu I concur, he should have done the right thing, he should stop blaming others for his own actions and immediately resign and set an example so as to start to bring legitimacy back to ECK.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:48, I am the anon 4:29.

I don't vote at any level coz I don't support crooks. Kibaila are failures in my eyes. There is no difference in Kibaila, and Musyoka is a dreamer who should have no place on a presidential ballot. All those large turnouts prior to the elections are Uhuru park was not by the working everyday person.

Like I've kept on saying, less than 50% of the eligible Kenyan voter voted in the last election for all presidential candidates combined. Majority of Kenyan's see no difference between these crooks.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Phil, Sam Okello, Hellen Okello....You are GUILTY as charged!!!.
You have used this blog to spread lies, rumours and propaganda, to incite violence and bay for human blood.
You will pay, trust me, you will pay for this violence. The chicken will COME home to ROOST!.
Again, you 4 individuals, you will pay esp. the Okellos!

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is, Raila has the majority in parliament. He can be president sitting on the opposition bench. If he really is for the people, then he can bring whatever bills he wants to parliament and his party can pass those unhindered. Why does he want statehouse so much. Raila show me what you can do from the opposition bench first with a simple majority before you try and sell me your project statehouse.

Anonymous said...

Stop press: Thousands of muslims violently dispersed on mombasa island as they demonstrated peacefully after friday prayers.
The demos starting peacefully from sakina mosque which worshippers calling for kibai to resign and for peace in kenya. but when they reached gulshan just 200m from the mosque the gsu broke into them with tear gas and rungus. A fight between the muslims and the gsu ensued and it lasted 3 hours leaving scores injured. Things are calm now.

Anonymous said...

anon@5:20, those who are guilty will carry their own cross and by themselves, they are mistaken if they believe ODM, PNU or any other political party will help them carry their individual crosses when they meet the consequences of their actions.

Anonymous said...

Raila, why were you not mobilising the people the last five years when parliament was giving itself such hefty pay rises? Why were you not clamouring that the money would be better spent eradicating poverty. Ohh the need to be president so that you can fulfill all those MOU you signed overseas. YOU AUCTIONED OUR COUNTRY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDERS. YOU ARE A TRAITOR!!!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 5.22 - Raila can use the vote of no confidence to remove Kibaki from power n thats supported by the Law....This will be according to the constitution n no innocent blood will be shed

He can also use the court route Kibaki only appointed 10% of the judges so i dont see how he can influence their decision

Kenyans Lets follow the Law otherwise we will live to regret in future

Lets remember no one is above the Law

Anonymous said...

The apologists for calm, complacency and careful reporting bring to mind a famous Twiga quote.."kaa hivyo vilivyo.."

Anonymous said...

"In my view Raila Odinga does not have the power to stop the chaos, even if he went on his knees on live TV." I highly doubt that statement.

Yesterday protesters refused to go back home unless Raila told them to. I'm sure the sensless looting would stop if he did too.
Besides, there is no Mungiki in Kisumu, Coast and Eldoret and whats even clear is that this people are targeting the GEMA people living there.
A little short sighted on your part Chris.

Kenyan for Kenyans said...

I sympathize with Chris' position. I have received emails from people who are alleging ethnic violence. These are sometimes detailed reports. Sometimes they are too detailed. They reveal which tribe is hiding where. Such reports should be forwarded to humanitarian aid agencies NOT printed on the web to incite criminal elements who wish to target certain populations.

All Kenyans who have access to reliable sources should report these kinds of allegations to the UN, Red Cross, and other humanitarian aid agencies. The Red Cross has a branch in Kenya.

REMEMBER: there are elements out here who would like to manipulate us to fit their agenda.

South Africa, which sent election officials to influence the results is one. So is Uganda, which has troops in Nyanza and the population of Kisumu under lockdown, and whose leader is vocally anti-Raila and is quite chummy with Kibaki. And so is the United States.

The US sees Kenya as a strategic ally in the "war on terrorism." It wants to build a military base there. And we all know how friendly the US has been to democratically elected African leaders like Patrice Lumumba... Not to mention the fact that the US' current commander in chief was not elected by the majority of Americans.

It would seem that everyone has an agenda in Kenya and that the agenda of Kenyans is likely to be overlooked if we do not ensure that TRUTH rules the day.

Therefore, pay close attention to what you post. If you post something that gives away the location of members of a particular ethnic group who are in hiding, then you are a collaborator in ethnic cleansing. If you have already done so, then please remove such postings immediately.

Anonymous said...

France Got it right.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kenyans,
I am convinced beyond no doubt that ODM has nothing to do with this mess (I am neither ODM supporter nor a PNU symp).

The fact has been mentioned: KENYANS ARE NOT FOOLS to see that BIG MAN has rigged themselves to power.

If you are blaming RUTO now, please answer my question to convince me that RUTO is killing Kikuyus:

Why didnt Kalenjins attack Kikuyus in the year 2002 after their favourite candidate lost to Kibaki? Why now?

There is only one man who can stop this mess: KIBAKI. He is the criminal, the monster we all thought could change Kenya.


Anonymous said...

Pls delete those first few comments they are inflamatory ad provocative to the vast majority of Kenyans who are mourning a stolen election.

In the spirit of careful reporting etc.

Anonymous said...

Chris you rock, you are the only guy who knows the truth. Even this priest is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Chris you rock, you are the only guy who knows the truth. Even this priest is a liar.

Anonymous said...

anon@6:13, France got it right it just confirmed what we already know that both PNU and ODM manipulated the elections to suit them where they saw fight. That said it highly hypocritical when there are publicly available images from Rwanda that show French soldiers training militia that would later butcher innocent Rwandese in acts of genocide. France lacks moral authority to comment on such an issue given what they did in Rwanda. Ask yourself what France has done for Kenya other than earn hard earned money from Kenyans through their sale of Peugeots.

Anonymous said...

@An 5.22
If Kibaki was a democrat and Kenya was a democracy, it would be easier for Mr. Odinga to pass laws, etc through his majority.

But Kibaki is corrupt and will offer money to parliamentarians, use GSU and Army to threaten. He will murder opposition members. Mungiki will kill and rape.

This is why it is urgent that this monster goes into retirement.


Anonymous said...

Another blog takes the lead towards fair reporting.

Kumekucha, please don't follow. You know the mantra well that you have perfected it - "Negativity Sells"

chris said...

Good idea anon @ 6:20 am. This thing should go both sides.

I agree with you that the majority of Kenyans are very angry.

I will delete the offending comments in a moment.

Those asking if I've been threatened... Can't you read? Have you asked yourself why these people are talking with so much authority and confidence? Kenya ikona wenyewe but not for long, it wil revert to its' rightful owners soon. The blood that has been poured cannot have been in vain.

mike said...


mariannebriner said...

Anon 4.29 / 4.42 / 4.48 / 5.20 and all the others who have finally come to see the true colours of the Okellos!

Somebody had asked me why I hate them so much. The answer is simple: I did not hate them, I just despised them .... not because they have stolen my money but because they have used and misued my compassion. The money of the book was meant to go to orphaned children in Kenya .... that's already bad enough. But then there is another fact: Somebody has brought out the Sam Okello is Ugandan and not Kenyan. I have been told the same already more than one year ago. But that's not important. Fact is that they ran into some legal problems to continue staying in the States in May/June 2005. Sam wrote to me then that they got two weeks and would have to leave. He did not give me any reason why but asked me to help them to either come to Spain or preferable to get asylum for them in Switzerland. I contacted all people I knew including Swiss Officials also in Nairobi. I got Sam a lawyer in the States who had direct access to the US-Attorney-General - I offered them also to settle them here in Spain, even giving them an apartment for the beginning.

Then all of the sudden, Sam told me that this highly qualified lawyer had put him into direct contact with the AG-Office and now they can stay in the States for an unlimited time.

No thank you, nothing .... everything was taken for 'granted' by him and especially his wife.

And then when they had settled their residence problems the big cheating for the royalties of the book started. Instead of passing our joint agreement sharing the proceeds 50:50 he presented one signed by him and Hellen under the name of his Company.

I do not want to bother you will all the details - but I had sent to Chris all details and correspondence and I am willing to prove this to anybody here too.

Chris feared to publish them because they had threatened him to 'close-down' Kumekucha like they did with my blog since I had started to talk about this ..........

Since then they 'ruled' Kumemucha and Chris published all their incitement and hate comments.... which they published not only under their own name but also using some other names... but all with the same hate content.

When I said above that I did not hare them - it was true. But I have started to hate them during the last days when reading all their hate comments here.

I do not know what is in their mind - they are crooks and criminals and I am not saying this alone.

Others have written to me telling me that Sam had stolen scripts and ideas and published stories and books under his own name already in the past.

I thought it was time to say this here. You are free to attack me - I do not care because I know that there are a lot of decent people out there reading this and understand why I had to say it.

mariannebriner said...

correction: it was May / June 2006 when they had legal problems in the States and not 2005 ........

And maybe they have threatened Chris again to close down Kumekucha because he 'allowing' those comments talking the truth about them to be published. I remember that they said something like this just a few days ago inviting some bloggers to start their own blog away from Kumekucha together with them........

Chris - please give an answer to this. But don't be afraid to tell us the real truth and not some 'soft' excuses. You owe this to all the people who have trusted you upto now.

Anonymous said...

I am a Luo and I think Raila is not a good leader. Kivuitu saved Kenya when he declared the results. How can a leader have fanatical following, that is a sign of weakness and recipe for anarchy.

I had an opportunity to meet Ramogi Achieng Oneko before he died and he told me if Raila ever becomes the president of Kenya that will be the end of our beloved country. That was an elder, he was detained by Kenyatta yet he could speak like that of Raila.

I am telling my fellow Luos to accept the elections and seek alternative solutions peacefully instead of violent protests and anarchy.

As for our fellow Nilotes and beloved cousins the Kalenjins, please dont stoop that low. Butchering women and children is just barbaric. I never for once imagined you can stoop that low.

Let us start the process of healing the nation.

mike said...


Anonymous said...

Kenyans are all losing. The economy is dying a slow death:

a)tourist evacuations planned.

b)N.S.E. closed.

c) Standard failing to put up even a Friday online paper.

d)Major airlines rerouting.

e)People staying away from work even though they desparately need the money.

I suggest that the opposition begin exploring several peaceful options:

a)Latest from Kibaki: he is willing to go through a re-run if the court orders it. ODM should get their papers to the courts.

b)ODM should focus on mobilising other parties to pass a vote of no confidence in the president via parliament.

c)ODM should continue to pursue the reorganisation of ECK in the intervening years (2008 - 2012).

The country needs to normalize as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Raila used a very stupid and ill informed campaign strategy. You dont threaten those who are in power and who are also the investors in the county and expect them to hand over power to you. They have risked their capital and lifetime only for someone to come and threaten them he will distribute their wealth to the poor.

John Koech, Nairobi
I know the ODM pentagon members are very happy when they see CNN showing the world kenyans hacking each other to death. ook at it this even these pentagon members are investors and are loosing in this game. Raila is relying on slum dwellers who have nothing to loose to stage an orange revolution like the one in Ukraine - he is very mistaken. These people should be busy working in the areas they work. They will sonn get tired and hungry and go home - and today Nairobi was very calm.

You cannot have a situation where everyone is equal as Raila was saying in his campaigns. He has managed to spread tribalism all over the country telling all other tribes that they are disadvantaged because of Kikuyu. He went further and said that he would replace meritocracy with tribalism in the public service - what a crap!

Goerge Bush rigged in 2000 elections and won. They say he was elected by the supreme court and not by the americans. Raila should concede defeat or go to court.

I was suprised even those ODM stations like KTN are now advocating return to normalcy and that Raila and Kibaki should share power. Shame on KTN, this is the time they are seeing sense after broadcasting tribaism for the last five years.

Kenyans have never fought a war. I am surprised that only the slum dwellers are articipating in the protests. I have gone across all the middle class estates and no jaluo is demonstrating. An orange revolution like the one of Ukraine can ony come if all the people are participating. The ODM elites and selfish Luos are using their coallegues in the slums to destroy property and kill their coallegues to make it look like kenya is burning. By the way I have watched CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera,how come only Jaluos are protesting?

By the way kenyans are actually cowards. Very few will dare to be tear gased or locked up because of a political course. Kenya will return to normal soon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 7.34

Standard newspapers will soon close down. They used own money to campaing fro ODM instead of being impartial. In the process the advertisers shunned them and they are now highly indebted. With the loss of ODM the expected revenues from ODM government advertisements have gone with the wind.

Unless they ae sold to a strategic investor they have no future. Moi does not own The standard group as most people believe. Its owned by some asians.

The best business stratgy is to lay yur game staight, Nation Media which is owned by Agha Khan have been in business for many years and have gained reputaion for their impartiality. By the way all the senior editors in Standard are Luos and ODM strategy advisers, surely you cannot serve two masters at the same time ie politics and business - but jaluos dont understand that.

Sam Okello said...

Marianne Briner,

You're trying very hard to make this about you. It is not. This is about an elction in Kenya. an election that was stolen by men who you dined, wined and slept with. The roots of the problems we're dealing with now started with peolple like you. You have no moral basis for injecting yourself into the affairs of a nation you won't care whether it burns or not.

Your continued assertions that I'm ugandan can only serve to show how paranoid you are. I'm Kenyan. Always has been. Always will be. I have a stake in the future of my country. What stake do you have? all I know is that throughout your adult life you've worked hard to sleep with prominent Kenyan men then blackmail or destroy them.

I ask you to shut up. You've demonstrated that you have absolutely nothing useful to add to the discussion going on. We will not let you turn a sad situation in Kenya to "Look at me, guys, it's all about me." Trust me, nobody pays attention to you, Marianne Briner. You've become an irrelevance and that's where we'll let you stay.

Enough about your bullcrap.

Abdi said...


I find your comments off topic. I don't agree with Okello's extreme position either, but here is not the place to settle personal differences.

This is a forum for all kenyans to discuss their views.

That the elections were stolen is clear. We just disagree on how best to vent. I have always been of the view that peace be given a chance under any circumstance.

I think Chris is just suggesting that those who "own kenya" are only giving tough talk, without much justice and reconciliation to offer. I believe he reliased that they are not ready to give up. They ll just use force no matter what the population thinks or does. So what next? Be like them so kenya can join Zimbabwe et al. Or be a statesman and despite the injustice accept it for the sake of the country. Thats whats at stake.

Muinde said...

As a Kenyan my suggestion would be;

1- Re-settle the victims back to their homes.
2- Compensate the families who lost their loved ones
3- The government should provide maximum security to these people 24 hours
4- All those victims whose KUKU`s and Bags of Charcoal were looted by OLD KANU Prime Minister in waiting Ruto`s militia men should be paid in full and be guaranteed security.

5- When the DUST settles, prosecute the perpetrators, Kenyans know them starting with Ruto in addition to his other fraud and corruption charges.
6- Kenyans should Reject the leadership of Raila and Kibaki because they are also OLD KANU Crooks and NOT Leaders.
7- There are fresh people who were genuinely elected and should be appointed by an independent body headed by the UN to run the affairs of our country.

After all, these crooks have demonstrated in broad daylight that they have no interest with the common man at heart.All they are looking for is POWER TO RAPE THE COUNTRIES ECONOMY EVEN MORE.

These people are greedy, selfish and the most corrupt Africans after Nigerians.

Then we sit back and petition the Hague international Court to prosecute Raila and Kibaki for misuse of OFFICE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Then Ruto and his militia should be locked up.

Anonymous said...

This whole issue is not about two individuals. This issue is about protecting the value of democracy and the instituitions of democracy, as well as the votes of the people. The very fabric of democracy has been destroyed, and you expect people to just accept it and move one. You must be kidding me! Yes, violence is not the answer, but neither is having an illegimate government in place. You can't fight this battle in court because the courts have already been compromised just like the ECK and other government insituitions in Kenya. Tomorrow, we may have other leaders who will compete for the presidency, do you want to see the same "shit" happening again? Why do we want our children to suffer tomorrow when we need to urgently address the issue of what has actually taken place. The basic tenets of democracy have been ripped apart infront of the whole world!

I am against the violence taking place, however I am not against the fight for justice of restoring democracy in Kenya. No individual has a right to destroy this very fabric because if we do this now, our children will suffer the same fate tomorrow. This cannot be compromised!

Anonymous said...

LAW , LAW , LAW THEN ORDER , We got the point he thinks he is above the law, he can steal the elections but people cannot loot Nakumat for food and water. Some people can steal while others cannot. George Owell ? A thought for today which came first the chicken or the egg. WAKE UP and remove the bandit in office before we even start talking of order. Status quo , NO THANK YOU.

mike said...

These PNUs posting here are pissing me off!

Anonymous said...

THE VIOLENCE NEEDS TO END BUT...we must solve the problems that caused it in the first place.

If we are comfortable with an artificial peace and band aid solutions, things will only get worse and we may be plunged into a REAL civil war in 2012.

WE MUST GET PEACE AND DEMOCRACY. We cannot have the former without the latter.

lt.leparasho said...

people like marriane brinner have no moral authority commenting on kenya's affairs..that woman has issues, i actually consider her out people

Anonymous said...

I agree that Marianne Brinner is a RACIST PIG. We should not entertain mockers of African Democracies here. If she was really concerned about Kenya she should tell us the truth about Biwott, but PANUA apologists will do anything to ride by her cover.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sam (for once).

Marianne, personal differences elsewhere. I have labeled the Okellos as inciters and hate mongerers, and I really do think that theirs is a personal agenda. Yet though I have my differences with them in terms of opinion, this is a forum for Kenyan issues, and how each opinion can destroy or build Kenya. Personal issues should be solved in their own private manners. Doesn't bother me how they got they got to stay in the U.S., but it does bother me that you feel this is a place to broadcast it.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon. @ 7.34 : the Kenyan economy is suffering but it will COLLAPSE COMPLETELY if we bury our heads in the sand and ignore the massive assault on democracy recently.

I too want to move on. I love my country but what is "normal" life for the next 5 years and an even greater massive eruption of violence come 2012?

ECK, the flawed elections are all issues that must be dealt with definitively for GENUINE PEACE.

Anonymous said...

The Kenyan economy will not collapse under Kibaki. He is one of the greater economists that have come out of Africa and Kenya. Check his history out.

His economic policies will reward Kenya greatly in the long run. But this debacle of an election we just had and the roles of Kibaila can fracture Kenya. If both can find a peaceful way forward, and somehow appease their paymasters and share power, Kenya should be fine. I just hope someone can do something for the have nots as well without suffocating the investment climate. Eventually a prosperous Kenya will benefit all, but how much longer do the have nots have to wait?

Most people who are demonstarting have absolutely nothing to lose. They have no jobs, can not afford basics and are probably shelterless now. So I agree that they must also be part of the prosperity.

Raila just ran a bad campaign of scaring away investors and not promising continuity while he slowly changed the pschology. He lost on the day I heard him announce he wanted drastic changes.

Anonymous said...

Quick question... is this Marianne the same "Jeff Koinange drama chic?" Just asking

mike said...

PNUs you are still continuing to piss me stiff. Stop arguing like frogs!

Silaha said...

Given that I have no patience with those who are going on and on about Raila and Kibaki when ~100,000 are displaced and ~300 are dead, I can assure you that I really could not give as single hair off a rats ass for any problems Marianne Briner has with the Okellos.

I do not agree with everything that Sam and Hellen say but they damned well have the right to express their opinion. Also, who are we to determine in this forum whether or not he is Kenyan. Ach, my brethren, you all disgust me at times.

The same holds for PNU people or ODM-K or the apathetic. We're but a microcosm of what ails our country.


Anonymous said...

Why do we keep beating about the bush? There is only one thief here, MWAI KIBAKI, he stole the elections from the people.

Unless we deal with the cause, we are simply very far from the solution.

Swaka in VI

Anonymous said...

PNU ODM ODM-K KANU = CROOKS with a few bright spots here n there.

Kenyan for Kenyans said...

"I am a Luo and I think Raila is not a good leader. Kivuitu saved Kenya when he declared the results. How can a leader have fanatical following, that is a sign of weakness and recipe for anarchy."

Your logic rivals only Kibaki's. Delay negotiations until the violence ends rather than begin negotiations to end the violence.

Also, you can't identify yourself as a member of a certain tribe and also identify as "anonymous."

Anonymous said...

How can you ever have a dialogue with an illegitmate government? If anyone can acknowledge that this is an official government, then this is a "farce". The only loser in this, is democracy, and no one else.

Violence is not the answer to anything! BUT neither is cheating and thieving! The government belongs to the people, and not to the elite class! The Kenyan people have to realise this, and they did the rightful thing by voting peacefully, but Kibaki and his cronies had a different idea! This whole mess would have been avoided if they had not succumbed to their selfishness and greed.

Innocent Kenyans are dying now because of a political sabotage of the highest level. If we the people of Kenya allow this "rape" to go on then our children will suffer the worst wrath!

I leave you with a quote of inspiration by our own son - Barrack Obama.

"Hope is what led a band of colonists to rise up against an empire. What led the greatest of generations to free a continent and heal a nation. What led young women and young men to sit at lunch counters and brave fire hoses and march through Selma and Montgomery for freedom's cause. Hope, hope is what led me here today. Hope is the bedrock of this nation. The belief that our destiny will not be written for us, but by us, by all those men and women who are not content to settle for the world as it is, who have the courage to remake the world as it should be."

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello said that Marianne Brinner slept with prominent men in Kenya--Kibaki, Raila, Michuki etc.
I now ask this to Marianne, is it true you slept with men in Kenya? If not, then this is character assasination and you need to defend yourself against the accusations levelled against you by the Okellos...Did you sleep with men?
Now, lets hear.

Silaha said...

@Anon 9:10AM

Without dialogue what do we have? You want no violence either.

Maybe if you ask really nicely Kibaki and his PNU team will say "Yeah, you're right, this was a bad idea anyway."

Keep dreaming.

Read what MentalAcrobatics wrote:

The good news is that Kibaki seemed willing to negotiate and was "flexible" on a variety of issues. The disturbing news is that members of Kibaki’s camp who were in attendance Kaura, Mungatana and Wetengula were adamant that the poll result was not in dispute and that Kibaki’s presidency should not be up for discussion at all.

Sam Okello said...

Well-meaning bloggers have shifted the discussion here to issues like economic growth, pace of recovery etc. You have a right to do that. But the point, since the stolen election, has been this...that power needs to be turned to the man who won it. And we need to find a way to ensure that such blatant disregard for the voice of the people is not repeated.

It may serve our short-term interests to gloss over these issues and move on. But we'll only be moving on until 2012. Then what? Another explosion? I ask all of you to join us in calling for lasting solutuions.

Here are my proposals:

1. The electoral commission needs to be disbanded and replaced with one that won't bow to pressures.

2. A government of national unity needs to be put in place that will organize fresh elections within three months.

3. Those elections should be presided over by an independent electoral body, under the supervision of a reputable and mutually acceptable international body.

4. The results, once announced, must be accepted by both parties so that the nation can move on.

In my opinion, that's the only way to ensure that future Kenyans will have faith in the electoral process. Otherwise, let's all get ready to go down the path that nations like Zimbabwe have gone...where elections mean nothing. They might as well not be held.

You call mine extreme positions? Then you can continue debating the economy under Kibaki.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for a long time now and have never posted a thing. I understand that you are one of the few people in Kenya who have supported a party whose leader is not a fellow tribesman. That is a sign of maturity and kudos for that. However, you can agree with me on this: that most of Kenyans support the candidates who come from their tribe or have a key leader at the top brass of the party. Many Kikuyus supported Kibaki on this whereas most LUOS supported Raila. Kibaki was not a popular guy amnogst many Kenyans and he got lots of votes from GEMA and therefore could have won or narrowly missed and rigged. Why are other tribesmen are assuming that Kyuks rigged elections whereas Kibaki and his crony did? Why are guys taking the law into their hands instead of using other peaceful means? who said that some Kyuks who are now dying did not support Raila and other candidates? Does it mean that all Luos voted in RAO? Is killing other people the solution?

Use this forum to win Kikuyus into the ODM fold and not alienate them from the war that all other Kenyans are fighting .. poverty, corruption, misery, etc.

Gema people are as keen as others to get better distribution of resources and by fighting them Luos, Kaleos and others are simply aggravating the situation as Geme will not join the national clamour for change.

Let us preach peace and using our brains as instruments not crude weapons..

John G

Anonymous said...

To this point I now strongly believe that this blog has been attacked. The characters speaking here now sound like the vote thieves do. Those commenting here are pro-illegal govt of kenyan kikuyus. If you(Phill) are threatened by the govt, then come out clearly and say it, they might plot bad things against you if you dont say it. The truth will set you free. I thought you will leave up to it and tell the news on the ground, but now you are spreading the govt rumours as well, quite ironical.

Annah said...

Sam is on point with the issues that need to be addressed.

Ombait said...

who is this hanna? oh, annaha

Vikii said...

Kenya really has a problem, a big one. I am now convinced I overestimated the intelligence of Kenyans. It is just a pity those blogging in fora like these are supposed to be the enlightened. I wish you guys luck, lots of it.

Phil said...

"In my view Raila Odinga does not have the power to stop the chaos, even if he went on his knees on live TV."

Chris, I am telling YOU and those Kenyans who care to listen, you dont know what you you are talking about above.

In any cae, lets wait and see. You may not like it, but it will happen.


Anonymous said...

When you - the Africans and Kenyans in general - need money, you look 'at the world' to help you - like right now when you ask for 'humanitarian aid' to feed the people who suffer because of your own mistakes and corrupt Governments.

When you need support, we - the world - is good enough to assist you after you have digged your own graves.

When it comes to helping you, then we have to come running to assist you.

You even think that we 'owe' you this.

Why ???????? Why should we even care ???????????? Tell me one reason why we should support your arrogant ignorance ?????????????

Because after we have helped you, you will for sure tell us 'keep out of Africa - out of Kenya - we don't need you anymore'.

This way of thinking will finally be the future of the whole continent: leading to endless misery.

But maybe that's what you want and even deserve ????????????

Sam Okello said...

Anon at 11:27 is Marianne Briner. I want Kenyans to finally know how this woman regards us.

Anonymous said...

Of course we'll tell you that. You destroyed us in the first place by splitting Africa along lines your forefather had no idea about. Blame your forefathers not Africans. They are the ones who destroyed Africa. We are just trying to recover right now. And ohh, how about all those hefty interest rate development loans you enforced on us?

Anonymous said...

"People should go back to work. If they don't go back, people will lose more. It is our fight, yes, but let's do it in a democratic way, not violently," said Odinga supporter Benson Mwala, a Nairobi taxi driver.

Anonymous said...

Why are we even crying out to the west? It has been a week since the elections, and normalcy is beginning to resume. We are very disappointed that this level of rigging has happened, but people must understand Kenyans can fend for themselves and we can solve our own problems. We acted violently at first due to the shock of seeing what happened. However, my mind goes back to 1998 and the August bombing. We as a nation came together. So we as a nation will again come together just like we did in 1992. Kenya will survive, we just have a funny way of achieving what is right.

Anonymous said...

"We are investigating an opposition politician for providing crude arms, alcohol and inciting the crowd that attacked the church with the intention of charging him," a police commander told AFP.

"This is one crime that we will not let anyone get away with," said police spokesman Eric Kiraithe.

mariannebriner said...

Sam Okello - you are obsessed - obsessed with thinking that everybody who is against you is called 'Marianne Briner' ..... or at least that's what you want the world to believe .......

Is it because you once called me a 'goddess of beauty - a symbol for everything an African man could ever dream of?" Is this the reason why your wife hates me so much because you dreamed of me during some sleepless nights?????

Come on, wake up - somebody like you I would not have even touched with gloves ..........

And don't bother to reply to this - I have 'signed-off' from this blog as I told Chris already.

You and some others here are 'way beyond my level' ..........

Good luck .... and see you in Court.

Anonymous said...

Kisumu in Ruins - pictures

Anonymous said...

You know, when I take a step back, stop reading the papers or news, and just relax, I fail to see why we should not have the best of both worlds. I mean come-on, Kenya as a nation has achieved a lot in the last 5 years. That is one thing Kibaki has to be congratulated on. Raila as a person stands for the well-being of the poor. Why can they not both work together? Sure this last few months and esp this last week we have witnessed the worse of both sides. But I will take the last five years over the last week. Kibaki and Raila, you together can solve Kenya's problems.

Additionally, most of Kibaki's close allies lost. Do we not realise that they will not reappear in the new government. Does this not give Kibaki a chance to break lose from the noose that tied him down. He has been a good business leader for Kenya. Raila can be a good social leader. Together we can have a Kenya we all dreamed about.

300+ lives lost in a week is not something we can be proud of. However, we can be proud of the fact that we as a nation can come out stronger from this. Those families torn apart will hopefully receive the social and economic help they deserve.

I say lets move forward, stop the violence and this clamour for a new poll. We focus of building a Kenya we all dream of and deserve. Raila you have the majority in parliament. Now you can be a statesman and pass all those well meaning bills so this is not repeated in the future. Power can come in many different forms, not just through the presidency.

kitumoja said...

Each day I wake up and find that the President of the Republic of Kenya is Kibaki. I am still waiting for the happy ending from some patriots, they will not fail.

I can't remember sticking on my bumper a sticker "Najivunia Kuibiwa Kura". May be we should adopt such stickers (copyright) as a tag of sarcasm, rather than engage in medieval confrontations at Uhuru Park (which we can now call GSU Gardens).

Mass action can also be logical rather than physical.

Anonymous said...

They looted all the shops that belong to Kikuyus and Kisiis.

They demanded that all Kikuyus, Kambas, Meru, and Kisii people leave the university within two hours. That was the only way to save the university from being stormed.

That is the problem we are facing - having to negotiate with different militia groups who all have their own separate terms that we have to try and fulfil. The roadblocks are manned by between 100 and 500 people - in some major road blocks you will have a thousand.

Kenya violence: University living in fear

NB: University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) is a non-profit private university located about 50 km from Eldoret.

Mugendi said...

Sam Okello did you call Marianne Brinner the goodness of beauty? Is this why Hellen Okello dreams of me?
Answer these questions once and for all sundry to see.

ndungu said...

I understand this is ablog for all but could you pliz consider blocking Marianne Briner from posting comments.
We have our country at a crisis and all she wants to do is to talk about herself. How egotistical can one be.

Anonymous said...

I thought there is freedom of speech.

OR has it also been muzzled?

Anonymous said...

'Raila ni shetani'
(Raila is a devil)
Norman Nyaga, Govt Chief Whip and
MP for Kamukunji
08 Oct 05
Maua Stadium, Eastern

Anonymous said...

Sam and Marrianne need to peleka their domez huko mbali kabisa. Sam u came up with good points on the way forward and I want to give my 2 cents on that.
1. If they disband the ECK, they should come up with 42 commisioners.(basically one from every tribe. plus one or two to represent Jungus and Asians).
2. I dont think a govt of national unity will agree to set only presidential elections in 3 months. they'll need more time, finance and who knows, some mps will demand parliamentary elections too. How many of them want to face the electorate again. Do u think that lady that won Starehe by a whisker wants to face Kamanda again?
3. If we had the election presided by another international team, then the (42 eck members wont help)4. results accepted? that is what they agreed upon b4 Dec 27. What is to stop them from refuting the results afterwards?

Kinyamu said...

I`m a Kenyan and my family and myself were not displaced or killed.
But i`m imaging if we were displaced and right now in the cold with all our earthly belongings looted, what would i do.
1. i would ask God for strength and then form a coalition to prosecute the perpetrators.

2. Ask for forgiveness before going out personally to confront Kivuitu, Raila and Kibaki for turning our life upside down for exercising our democratic rights.

My grand father once told me that after colonisation, what is happening in Kenya today is neo colonialism.

I believe him now.

Finally, if there is no change in Kenya now, we will be fighting and killing each other until the end of time because Kenya is a neo colonialist country.

IT SERVES THE INTERESTS OF THE WEST. 75% of our wealth is owned by foreigners.

eg. Britain, USA, and others.

We need to be independent and think as kenyans and not ethnic/tribal.

Otherwise the west is capitalising on our weakness of jaluo, kikuyu, Kisii cheap talk etc.

What happened to Turkana by the way?

Did they immigrate to Ethiopia or Sudan.


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