Tuesday, April 10, 2007


(Please bear with me, this archives page is still under construction

Make money online news features

Residual income affiliate programs will change your life

Internet home based business: All you ever wanted to know

The power of viral marketing and how Bill Gates used it

The Jeff Koinange date rape saga

What furious date rape victim said

How the rape happened...(in this post I had not revelaed the name of the "top" journalist

Raped woman cools down? Did Jeff's Charm Finally Work... A Little Too Late?

Date rape journalist's link to evil Nicholas Biwott

Family and sex features

Tom Mboya And Political Assassinations in Kenya

The Mboya assassination: General info

Mboya on the cover of Time magazine. How many other Kenyans have achieved this?

Why Jomo Kenyatta feared Tom Mboya

Tom Mboya website 36 years later

Nation Sex Scandal

Why has everything gone quiet after the Muiruri arrest and release?

What Kumekucha Has Said In the past about Raila Odinga

Can Raila "kibaki Tosha" be president?

Raila launches campaign for the presidency

Raila Odinga: The best president Kenya will never have

Kalonzo Musyoka Articles

Kalonzo Musyoka Part I: Kalonzo's biggest enemy

Kalonzo Part 2: The incident that proved Kalonzo has clout in Ukambani

Kalonzo part 3: Who is financing Kalnozo?

Kalonzo Part 4: Kalonzo and Witchcraft

Posts that drew the highest number of comments

The First Post

Elections 2007


Are you a tribalist? No. Take this test to prove it

The two problem tribes of Kenya

On Lucy Kibaki

The truth about Lucy and her rival Wambui

Who is the real boss at State house?

The damage that was caused by two glasses of wine

On President Kibaki

What those of who have worked closely with him have to say

On Anglo-leasing and John Githongo

Anglo-leasing: What the newspapers didn't say

Why did Nation publish this "hot potato"?

Could John Githongo be seeking political office?

Githongo says that he has no bodyguards

Understanding Kenya

The mystery behind the so called Kenyan race

On Official Corruption and the thorny issue of land in Kenya

Understanding Pattni's Goldenberg scandal and it's direct impact on poverty In Kenya

It all started with Jomo

Inspirational Business Tale

The untold Uchumi supermarkets story


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chris said...

Thanks for your help.

Kindly send the info to my email umissedthis at yahoo dot com.

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