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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Internet Home Based Business: All You Ever Wanted To Know

Even as more and more case studies emerge of persons all over the world succeeding beyond their wildest dreams with an Internet Home Based Business, many of us still consider it an impossible dream. The main problem seems to be the fact that it all sounds too good to be true. But then many forget that the Internet itself sounds too good to be true and yet it is a reality.

The fact that I earn a living on the web probably qualifies me to answer the following nagging questions that are constantly on the minds of many about this subject of a home based Internet business;

Can I make money without having my own website?
Yes. In fact that is exactly how I started off myself and it ended up being a huge advantage because I was able to take time concentrating on nothing else but marketing and learning how to drive traffic to other sites where any sales that resulted would earn me a commission. The skills I picked up directing traffic and prospects to other websites have been invaluable now that I have my own sites. In fact my program is such that you start off earning money without a site, although I help you develop a free blog later.

How much can somebody really make from a one-man-show Internet home based business?
It seems that the sky is the limit on this one. The highest figure I had heard previously was a million dollars a year from a single source, the Google Adsense affiliate program. Usually one site will have several programs and different sources of income running. But a photograph of a check for two months earning that was pretty close to a million dollars floored me (I'll say more about this particular case later). The truth is that there are numerous individuals earning insanely huge sums of money who keep quiet about it—wouldn't you? So the answer is that there is no limit to what you can earn. The limit is in your mind.

That can't be true, I've read so many stories about folks struggling only to make a few cents from the Adsense program every month. Now you're telling us somebody made close to a million dollars in two months?
Actually you can see a photograph of the check for yourself HERE (just scroll down a little). As I've said, I'll be saying more about this later. Actually the Internet is just like the real world. Many people struggle to put bread on the table while others make so much money that it is a problem. What is really exciting about the net is that one does not need huge amounts of capital and in my view it is much easier because you do not have to rely on a large staff to make some serious money. For instance the close-to-a-million-dollars case is a one-man-show online business. And remember that most experts agree that the Internet is still in its' infancy so we can expect it to really change the lives of millions of people all over the world. Will you be one of them?

I'm sure the level of skills required are awesome and I'm not even that confident in front of a computer.
It is true that to make some serious money online you require lots of online skills. It starts with the basics of understanding what HTML is all about right up to marketing on the web. However there are a few programs, which hold your hand through the process and make it very easy for you to pick up the skills even as you earn money. My special report and the program that goes with it is an excellent example of this. From my own experiences where it took me a lot of time and trial and error effort to pick up the basic skills required, I have created a system where you can be my associate and learn and really understand what it is all about even as you earn.

I'm really desperate for cash how long will it take for me to start earning a of money from this Internet thing?
I'm sorry, but this is the wrong approach for anybody wanting to make some serious amounts of money anywhere and not just on the Web. When I started out seriously on the web, I was in grave financial difficulties and so I tried that approach but quickly realized that I was going nowhere. So I got a job and then I focused all my spare time on working on the web. To save money, I would cut and paste stuff from the Internet onto a floppy diskette (not even a flash disk) and then read and study it at night on the old P1 PC at home which was not Internet enabled. Weekends were very busy for me as I worked on my Internet stuff. It was hectic and my family missed me a lot but they sure love the freedom I have now of working at home and spending more quality time with them, even as I receive quality earnings that I never achieved working for other people 9 to 5.

It is good to dream of making a lot of money but when on the job, you need to forget about cash and focus on learning the skills required to succeed online. The cash will inevitably catch up with you.

I think this is the most common mistake that people make on the web, they want to make cash instantly. Many end up frustrated and they help spread the propaganda that it can't be done. Of course it can't be done overnight or instantly.

Still I need to add the fact that when you have a coach, somebody holding your hand through the entire process, you will get there much faster. Most trades require one year training for you just to grasp the basics. I recommend that you commit yourself very seriously to giving the whole thing 3 months (if you're using my program) and then analyze your achievements after that and decide whether it was worth it.

I'll never be able to get that huge traffic required to make money on the Internet
You don't necessarily need huge traffic. I know a business that does very well by gaining just one new client every year. You can sell less and go for products with really high margins or the ones that require lots of repeat business from the same clients. The same is true on the Internet. There is a person I know who hardly has a site that gets more than 200 page views a day but they deal in niche markets created by niche keyword phrases. That is they look for areas where there is a high demand for information but no competition and then they create their business around those carefully chosen areas. I teach this skill in great detail to my associates.

Can I make money if I'm based in some remote part of Africa?
Yes. That's the magic of the Internet. Since I launched my online business, it has allowed me to travel the world and live where I please (as long as there is reliable Internet connection) and as long as it's not too difficult to get a residents visa (admittedly this is increasingly difficult for Africans anywhere in the world).

Can I launch my business with a full time day job? Or should I resign and concentrate on my Internet based business at home?
My advice is that you keep your job until your online earnings are big and regular enough to support you, just like I did myself. The exciting news here is that anybody working anywhere can start their Internet business on the side and build it up even as they retain a secure job.

Why are you giving out your Internet home based business secrets?
The Internet is a huge place and I cannot even attempt 5% of the opportunities available in my lifetime. Besides by helping others, I will also end up making more money because what I am doing here is creating a market for my future products. When I help you succeed, I will have no problem retaining you as a customer for life, my products in future. Sorry for being so blunt, but that's the truth and I think it is fair. It is definitely much more fare than those who promise you heaven on earth and then disappear the minute that you have parted with your hard won cash.

By the way this is the secret behind Google's billions. Google started off helping others search the net to find what they were looking for more easily and accurately for free. They then found a way to make money from the millions of people they had helped and who were now loyal only to Google.

What I have to say about the big check from 2 months activity.
What you should take careful note of is that the check earned (of exactly $991.773.84cts) is the kind of money large and very successful corporations with hundreds of employees are earning in the same period of time. But Markus Frind who owns a site called did it single handedly. Frind is not even based in the United States. He lives in Canada.

I agree with him that the trend we are moving to with the power of the Internet and computer software that does the work of hundreds of employees, are small Internet Home based businesses run by a single person or two to three people at the most that will be raking in millions. It is already happening. That is the new world, borderless economy that we are moving to and nobody can stop this happening. Don't you think that it is important that the ongoing Internet revolution DOES NOT leave you behind?

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