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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kibaki Badly Needs Kalonzo Musyoka Now


From my calculations, not only is the Western province presidential vote important for Kibaki but the president also badly needs to woe Kalonzo Musyoka into his camp if he is to stand a chance of defeating the Raila challenge.

This may not be very difficult because Mr Musyoka is very close to former President Moi whom he calls a nationalist. Writers of the Kroll report have painted a totally different figure of the man and if their report is to be believed, the only word to describe Moi that should be preceded by the word national is the word “Looter”. A word or two from Moi would probably be enough to see Kalonzo abandon his presidential ambitions to support a Kibaki re-election.

In fact if Kalonzo were to be his running mate, it will be extremely difficult for Raila Odinga to defeat him for the presidency.

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kalamari said...

Well, I don’t think this is far fetched. Kalonzo has been having wonderful dreams of joining PANUA even before the party was conjured up. It would be interesting to see him as Kibakis’ running mate; however, I think he would first have to rejoin KANU because I do not think Kibaki can stomach anything with the letters ODM even if followed by a K.

Phil said...

Chris, you have enough experience to know better. Voters know exactly what they want. Voters have not forgotten the lofty promises made by Kibaki in 2002. Kalonzo defecting to PANUA would end up exactly the same as Musalia betraying Rainbow Alliance in 2002 to join Project Uhuru with disastrous results. Or Nyachae running a solo campaign via FORD-P similar to Orengo in SDP. Everyone wants to be on the winning side. A few want to be on the eating side.

Vikii said...

Phil like i once told you here, you do not have to be intelligent to put up an equation that adds up. What exactly do you mean when you say some want to be in the eating side? Doesnt it then follow that to be in the eating side you must have been in the winning side? In my opinion Mr. Phil and with the little respect due to you, u r a one very confused agwambopethicus. Hiyo tu.

Phil said...

You are free to draw your conclusions Vikii and call me names if you wish, but that will not change facts. I also realise you are conveniently avoiding the essense of Chris' post. Do you trully think Kalonzo can add value to Kibaki's campaign?

My take is that; Kalonzo's presidential prospects, even in your own opinion, appear very dim. It means if ODm-K would have remained united - Kalonzo would never have defeated Raila whether via consensus or delegates secret ballot. I know this may be bitter pills to swallow now, but it proves all your prophesies wrong.

ODM-K in its current state may retain their parliamentary seats but will have very minimal impact on the presidential poll. At best, as the Standard describes it today, ODM-K and Kalonzo will have broken presidential election virginity. Coming back to join ODM as suggested by Ngilu can help re-build some CV's and put him back on the national political radar but it requires political bravery - something you and I know Kalonzo lacks, but that which Mudavadi exhibited after the 2002 debacle.

To take you back to history, even Ngilu's presidential campaign in 1997 was stronger than what Kalonzo is putting up now and the results then attested to this because, against all odds, SDP, led by Ngilu, managed to get MPs in Central Province. Do you think Kalonzo can manage to get all parlimentary seats in Kamba land let alone central or coast provinces? Uhuru's return to join PANU is already having its effects, KANU ina sambaratika. Same thing will happen to ODM-K if they choose to join PANU.

Anonymous said...

Phil. Have your ever considered facing the knife? It could greatly assist in your contribution in this blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree Kalonzo joining Kibaki now will not add value to him. In Panu Kalembe Ndile is more senior than Kalonzo.In a culture where rewards are given to those who have fought with us, pls explain to me how will Kibaki ''reward'' all his generals? I doubt he would want Kalonzo as VP as this antagonises Kirwa and others who have shown interest. It will cause too much grumbling and maybe chaos for PANUA. All that aside Kalonzo is determined to prove his point that even he is Tosha. I beleive for the sake of his CV he needs to complete what he started- Run for Presidency.
Just asking- What is this obsession some people have with the Knife?? Kwani inaongeza Sufuria kwa nyumba ya mtu??

Phil said...

Anon, thats for me to know and you to find out. How come facing that knife is not helping you or Kioko?

John said...

Kalonzo's folly was to believe he could somehow make Agwambo say he is Tosha. That way he would surely have made it to the House on the Hill.

As for ODM-K it is too kambasome a Party. Some even say the K after ODM stands for Kamba.

The bile he spewed at Kibaki while still a Minister, rules out any PANUA room for him.

His pride will not let him to back to Agwambo.

His only option is to contnue on an obviously futile bid for Sata House, with his Kambasome troop in tow and then hope for a plum appointment in the next Govt (based Parliamentary voting power of MP's in his Camp). Not many though.

The guy is in a fix. Backbench is where I see him for the next 5 years.


Vikii said...

Phil, for your education Ngilu got less than half of the Ukambani parliamentary seats. So when you ask whether Kalonzo can get 'all ukambani parliamentary seats leave alone coast and Central' you reinforce the doubts I have about your mental capabilities. How many seats can Raila your little god get in Central?

When you say Raila would have beaten Kalonzo in ODMK I ask then why did he defect? Raila prefers dealing with minnows like Joe Nyaga and Musalia Mudavadi. Those are the people he teaches you people to call "democratic and nationalistic" just because they are user-friendly. That is not very hard to figure outor is it?

About my avoidance of the debate on how much Kibaki needs Kalonzo, what is there to avoid? I have said here a million times that I prefer Kalonzo being in the race upto the end but I will not lose sleep if he backs Kibaki. That is perfectly in order. I have said it here I would vote for Kibaki any time were Kalonzo to bolt out. FYI if kalonzo was to support Kibaki, he would continue to wield the same influence he does today. Not the slightest dent Mr Phil. He will however have dug his political grave even in Mwingi North if he joins that group of thugs in the Raila Odinga "Democratic" Movement.

The clock is ticking mr. Phil, it never stops.

Phil said...

Vikii, we have been counting the days since it became apparent we had been duped by your second best candidate - way back in 2003. At that time, Kibaki never thought 2007 would eventually come. Now the time for reckoning is here. FYI, we do not fear elections, and will proudly hold our heads high even if Kalonzo emerges the winner is a fair democratic contest. We respect the decisions of the voters.

If you publish your own estimate of election results showing Raila far ahead of Kalonzo, and at the same time claim Raila defected because he feared a possible defeat by facing Kalonzo at the ballot, which is which? (I wont question your mental capabilities for that).

I would rather the leaders who came and participated at the ODM primaries at Kasarani - and still hold their head high despite defeat than glorify the likes of Kalonzo who just like Kibaki and NARC attempted to betray the ODM-K dream even before elections were called. That he can accept to recognise Maanzo and Chepkonga as party officials, yet his own membership certificate is signed by Kosgei/Nyongo and his own nomination forms/Kshs1m cheque he presented to Kosgei/Nyongo tells me this guy is the worst team player to have on one's side. Again, now that Uhuru has joined PANU, the running mates' flag (if it exists) can be openly given to Julia Ojiambo, yet as late as last week Kalonzo was trying very hard to convince Uhuru and his KANU team to join him? Where is the integrity my man? And this running mate craze hitting all political parties is only because Raila named one person called Mudavadi, deputy captain and coined the name pentagon. Whats your interpretation? Running mate?

Just a word of caution Vikii, you do not have to be sarcastic or use abusive language to put across your argument. Debate is more interesting when language is clean. We've got a country to build despite variance in opinion. eg. Nyongo can have a disgusting look as you claim, but please do not judge his public service credentials or management capabilities based on that. At least we here at Kumekucha have the benefit of knowing each other on this forum though (real?) names only and no faces!

Vikii said...

Phil my friend I will tell you that I will never agree with your isdeology.It appears strange.

I did not say Kalonzo will beat Raila and for the simple reason that I, unlike you did not attend the Raila school of "Democracy", democracy is an entirely different concept to me. I do not have to vote for raila because I believe he will beat Kalonzo. It is the president of kenya we are electing and believe you me all I care for is having a clean consience that I voted for the RIGHT person. You are the one who keeps talking about 'Raila would have beaten Kalonzo for the ODMK ticket'. I do not object it but my question is ; why did he then defect?

I noticed that you have been trying to teach me a little bit of English and basede on your very own British and American definition of the word 'goon' I am now convinced that I have all along been right in calling and a considerable chunk of his supporters goons. That is what they are.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell phil the kihii to shut up? What does his tribe know except eating omena and wife inheritance? nugu ino.

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