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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why Kenyans Must Reject PANU


Kenyans who vote PANU are risking more than they can imagine. This is because the message from the government and the incumbent is that things are already getting better and therefore they should be voted back to do even more good in the years between 2008 and 2012. In other words a vote for PNU or PANU is a vote to retain the status quo.

But what is our real situation in the world today?

Sample this.

In most International airports in the world customs and immigration checks usually have two queues. One specifically for passports from a certain well known large and heavily populated country and the other for the rest of the world. Now for your information, there is a third queue that is developing slowly but surely specifically for those carrying passports from a country called Kenya.

Have you been through an airport security check recently in some Western capitals?

The reason is simple. Kenya has become one of the biggest transit points for hard drugs. The Kroll report showed us why this has happened...

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure which airports you allude to that have Kenya counters to screen Kenyans, but being a frequent traveller, I have not seen these counters.

You do your otherwise well written articles little justice when you peddle untruths in the form of generalities. If your intention is to drum up support for your favorite candidate, then I would suggest you do so without degenrating to such poor journalistic tendencies of creating stories not backed by any facts.

Phil said...

I agree with you Chris. Kenyans should reject this party PANU in totality.

Its formation was a desperate move by Kibaki handlers who wanted to find a vehicle for the president's re-election while also retaining the support of GNU parties. It is however not possible to recreate the NARC dream - in another name. In other words, PANU has absolutely no agenda for reform nor any positive issues concerning the people of this country. Whereas Raila's ODM has attempted to sell its positive ideas to Kenyans, the PNU is only but talking about continuation of the state affairs. Meaning, continuation of Mt Elgon and West Pokot deaths! Continuation of hyper inflation and therefore a steep rise in basic consumer items. Continuation of blatant tribalism and nepotism. The same regime fails to realise that the common man wants solutions to a myriad of many problems facing every village in Kenya today. Those which Kibaki has had five years to sort out but failed! He has also failed to bring about devolution of executive power or combat corruption in public offices. The same regime is responsible for a very weighty tax burden on Kenyans as we must support an exceedingly large and idle cabinet (over 80 persons) - from the same person who swore a cabinet of no more than 20 persons. To make matters worse, it is now virtually impossible to drive to Western province because the trans africa highway ceases to exist after Gilgil going to Eldoret/Kisumu/Narok areas are completely broken down. Tribalism appears to be worse and it is now being predicted that these elections are unfortuately going to be Mt. Kenya region versus the rest of Kenya - just as it happened during the referendum. Why cant this man and his ilk retire honourably and leave the race to Muiru, kalonzo and Raila?

chris said...

Annonymous, some frequent traveller you must be.

Have you been to Heathrow and Gatwick recently? What about most airports in the US?

I suppose you are also denying the fact that Kenya is now a major drug trafficking centre.

Present your facts to counter my "lack of facts" instead of shooting of your mouth for a salary.


chris said...

By the way, please read the article properly. I did NOT say the counters are there yet. But we are heading there. Please don't be malicious. Argue and debate maturely. Leave the Kioko nonsense to the Kiokos of this world.


Taabu said...

Chris if anonymous is wrong then you are equally wrong. And two wrongs never made a right. You are market superitendent and all mad people need your protection including ano and Kioko. You have no right to deride him and he has all the right to say wrong things. Wembe ni ule ule, ama? Let those with eyes read and ears listen. Ad the heat is on soaring.

Vikii said...

So, who is wrong here, Anonymous or Chris? Sense definitely means different things to different people.

Anonymous said...

Though i support Kibaki, not coz he is very good but coz he is better than Raila, PANU sounds like KANU and voters may confuse the two and not vote for Kibaki thinking they will be voting for KANU. Mark you millions of Kenyans are not learned. Remember Kaos in Ukambani voting for 'no' thinking they were voting for Kalonzo for the presidency?

Chris you are too defensive and biased. That makes you both guilty and not different from Kioko


Anonymous said...


I am a frequent traveller thank you very much and my recent visit to Heathrow did not reveal the third counter you allude to. I am yet to be picked from the crowd for being Kenya, and even Nigeria with a worse reputation than Kenya does not have counters specifically for them......or you still want to argue about this?

I have not denied the existense of drug cartels in Kenya...they are everywhere and Nairobi is a major point amongst others in the world. They probably pick up more drugs at Heathrow than Nairobi, but that does not make Brits targetted for trafficking!

Finally, this is what you said:"..Now for your information, there is a third queue that is developing slowly but surely specifically for those carrying passports from a country called Kenya."

Not sure how much you have been through immigration counters, but most countries will have one for their citizens, their economic group and the rest of the world..makes it three types of counters. As for customs, they only have a green and red zones. Probably a good time for travel education Chris.

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