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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Four Thieves


This is the time to ask some very serious questions. ODM presidential hopeful Raila Odinga in his current tour of the United States has pledged to fight corruption. It is important that we get a little more specific (Phil, I urge you to allow me to do this without requesting an apology from me later).

What Raila is saying about corruption is good. Only that we have had it before. In fact it was spoken much more emphatically by Baba Jimmy who emphasized it with the words “zero tolerance” to corruption. And the guy looked so serious then that I started getting impatient for the election day to come so that I could cast my vote for him.

It reminds me very much of what many women do to seduce a woman in the good old days when the aggressor in these matters was only the man. These days I am told women approach men and tell them bluntly “I want you.” Anyway in those days you would promise your “victim” heaven on earth knowing very well what your objective was. Once you had “scored” everything changed and women had to fight very hard to retain a man in those days.

Well, the season to be seduced is here with us again and politicians are carelessly and recklessly whispering sweet nothings into our ears. Pole sana. This time we (at least I) have learnt a lesson and I refuse to take promises at their face value.

It is therefore important for us to analyze the reasons why Baba Jimmy failed. To do this I will tell you a short story.

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Anonymous said...


I think your conclusion should have the ensuing confusion, the four thieves went to bunge (local council of elders) and passed a law to stop all enquiries into past economic crimes, and from then onwards no one was willing to throw the first stone.....


Vikii said...

You can fool some people some of the time but you cannot fool all people all the time. Raila Odinga is not even that "aging thiefy chief", he is one of the three. There are people in Kenya's political scene who have absolutely no moral authority to talk against corruption. They should always look the other side every time that corruption debate is started. They are Moody Awori, George Saitoti, Daniel Moi, Nicholas Biwott, Gideon Moi,David Mwiraria,Chris Murungaru, Raila Odinga, William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi, Orwa Ojodeh,Henry Kosgey, Sally kosgey, William Ntimama and Fred Gumo. Nursery school kids in Kenya know who stole what from them. This will be confirmed in a couple months.One person these confirmed thieves will never be able to hack is Vikii and 'his friends'. The kumekuchas of this world can heap as much praise and friendly propaganda on these crooks as they deem fit but not all kenyans are that gullible. My own very personal opinion which I am wholly entitled to.

kalamari said...

The best and most wonderful democracies in this very world are led to mostly, prosperity, by the likes of the fourth aging thief. Even black heroes like Clinton pardoned nasty convicted thugs within the last minutes of office. Special interests and politics have long been having a seditious affair.

I’m beginning to believe Kenya’s only hope lies on a new constitution. The leaders will forever be the same (of course with exception of Raila). You see, with a good constitution, chaps like Kibaki can continue to mess up things just like G-Bush……and we’d still be alright.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

You know how shifty I get when it comes to Baba Fidel Castro and Baba Jimmy, simply because they are the main men in this year's elections, my thoughts being that Steve Kalonzo mwana'a Musyoka will probably back out and support Baba Jimmy, or to the surprise of not so many, Baba Fidel Castro. I think Baba Jimmy has done a good job, but he has not done his best on corruption. But (lots of buts here) he has a government and even Baba Fidel Castro was in it and did not teta that much till he did not get the premier post,not in itself reason enough in itself for anyone to vote for him. But what he promises and (I think) stands for is great for Kenya.

We probably all agree that most of our leaders have stolen a thing or a million, directly or indirectly. Even we have bribed, directly or indirectly. So, there is none without sin, no, not one.
Wouldn't the wisest thing, then, be to vote for the thief who has stolen the least of or kept fewest of the stolen donkeys? Or the one who has protected the fewest fellow thieves. With all honesty, I think Baba Fidel Castro is this thief.
As per expectations, I cut mine down to size a good while ago. Not that I'm pessimistic, no. I believe I will live to see better days in Kenya than the past ones in this life, hopefully before we turn 50. But I think there is more work to be done than we realize.Again I honestly don't know if we all know what we are up against. Like where are we in terms of being competitive in a world economy that's growing increasingly global?Where are we headed as a region, say, as the East African Community? It's a world that's growing more information and services based, while we are more rich in labour than anything else,very little on capital. Lots of youth to feed, clothe and educate.UKIMWI,Malaria. I'm pointing out the fact that though it will be great to tackle corruption (I hope that this is not just campaign gimmick, it'd suck real bad,) since more investors can come into Kenya, its just one piece of the puzzle.Picture this; if the investors come and we are industrialized (it used to be by 2000, then 2020, now its 2030), are we necessarily going to be better off? How about the likely pollution? The carbon emission, likely to lead to global warming? Its pretty bad as it is with the minimal output we have right now. How about the fact that some people might be wiped out of business by multinationals whose shareholders know nothing about us? And some workers replaced by machinery? Is this all development, and how are the thieves addressing anything beyond 'us' versus 'them'. I don't condone corruption, but its not like we are going to be transformed overnight after the elections. Clearly, the economy has grown over the past five years, but I guess this is not a good measure of a president. Otherwise we would the complaints here would not exist.
Moses must have a hard time leading a people that kept asking why he took them out of a place they had pumpkins (? I'm thinking in Gikuyu-Marenge).....maybe its Aaron's time?

emurithi said...

One thing is for sure -A people will always get the leaders that they deserve.
South Africa had Mandela coz they deserved him. We have Kibaki, that’s exactly what we deserve. We will not get anything better unless we ourselves get better.
Right now, almost everybody seems dissatisfied by the current MP's. Some bad will be retained, some good will go. Life is not our mama to pat our back when we are wrong.

Anonymous said...

muriithi, kihii giki. How can you doubt the leadership qualities of Kibaki. How can you join backward tribes in insulting our govt? Jinga wewe. kiino giki. Please stop thinking like a jaluo.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Not funny at all, but I personally think Kioko from BC Canada is not what/who he implies he is. Tell me of another inside job.Planted or stage-managed comments.

Anonymous said...

This message is for Derek. If u r reading this please halla at me on +1 801 637 5122. I will appreciate it.

luke said...


Taabu said...

Where is Derek and why should an anonylous face seek him out? I am just curious and measuring up to my obligation. You never know in the present world. Anybody knows about Derek's whereabouts pleaee?

Anonymous said...

Who cares about that junkhead called Derek? He should never be allowed again on this blog as none needs his nursery school comments. At least we still have the proud kikuyu woman kirigu vomiting idiocity on the blog. I wish she could remove her smelly kiino from this site!!

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