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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mwiraria’s Supporters Force Opponent To Eat Human Waste


Using the logic that the majority of Kumekucha readers seem to subscribe to of being wrong until proved right, I will henceforth refer to the forthcoming elections as the daughter of all general elections (instead of the mother) in Kenya’s history.

Now as I was saying, the latest extremely bizarre and disturbing development in the run up to the cheapest and simplest general elections held in the history of the country is that a woman candidate for one of the Imenti parliamentary seats currently held by former finance minister Daudi “Anglo Leasing” Mwiraria, was very badly assaulted recently.

She is currently recovering at the Women’s Hospital at Hurlingham in Nairobi.

The incident deserves a closer look.

Her attackers beat her up, shaved her hair and then came the horrors of all horrors. They took her hair and mixed with human feaces and forced her to eat the “mixture.”

When Daudi Mwiraria, now the cabinet minister for environment visited the traumatized Ms Flora Igoki Tera at her hospital bed, the minute she saw the man, she started screaming at the top of her voice. The message was clear...

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luke said...

Chris, once again I warmly extend my invitation to all and sundry;join me in waiting for December 2012. we are in-store for another 5 years of "average" achievements(hat-tip JEFF) which will be over-celebrated in an excessive manner at the expense and in the face of the everyday struggle of mwananchi who continue to groan under the yoke of an arrogant and pretentious leadership

This December 2007, Luke is going horseless Taabu style(Mwalimu, i would vote for you to be the 4th president of this republic but alas...)

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Thanks for 'conceding' on the nature of the forth-coming elections. I'll settle for this; they are different. Maybe even female.
On Daudi's supporters, that stinks so bad. Sadly only his Imenti constituents can do vote him out, and if they want him back in the August house, nothing we can do.

Anonymous said...

Flora Igoki is a well known conwoman in meru. She was attacked by victims of her pyramid scheme which has fleeced many unfortunate villagers. In addition she is not the first politician to eat human faeces! Raila Odinga was fed on human faeces during his 8 years detention. The foolish kihii was later to join Moi's Cabinet. Back to flora... The conwoman is now looking for sympathy from all kinds of NGOs. Her attack has nothing to do with Hon Mwiraria. How comes you do not seem to have the same zeal in reporting how Raila Odinga's confidants are now sleeping with peoples wives? Ochillo Oyako was caught red handed with a Headmaster's wife! Or had Raila given his approval? This is why AIDs is killing the jaluo baboons on a daily basis in the kavirondo gulf. kioko. BC. Canada.

emurithi said...

"This unique medical facility is able to provide unparalleled assistance and help in such cases."

Nairobi Womens Hospital is a reserve for the RICH.
Remember what happened to the wife of the slain gangster Matheri when she was taken there in a state of emergency. She was immediately transfered to Kenyatta Hospital, reason being she couldn't afford the bill (in a donor sponsored facility).

Anonymous said...

If Raila ever accepted eating human faeces it must have been out of desperation. I think it is unwise to vote for a person who has undergone such type of suffering because if he becomes President it will be natural for him to revenge. Pole Hon Agwambo, life has been to harsh on you but you will not get my vote.

kalamari said...

Have you ever turned on a bright light in a dark room and seen how cockroaches, mice and various pests hurriedly scatter for dear life? That is exactly how Uhuru supporters on this blog must behave today.

Anonymous said...

Ati, dont elect raila coz he wants revenge?

I say: elect him so he can tie up baba gidi & gidi & biwott & merali & all those thieves and throw them off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

Why elect a ruffian who has eaten human faeces in jail? It would be a disgrace. Kenya would lose face among civilised nations. I cannot vote for Raila. Let him first wash the faeces in his mouth. for me the choice is either Kibaki Or Kalonzo.

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