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Monday, September 10, 2007

Did Kenyan BusinessWoman Rob Banks In Tanzania As A Side "Business"?


It is a fact that many successful businessmen in Kenya especially those of Asian origin have prospered in Kenya by running illegal businesses right alongside their legitimate businesses.

Many ran illegal foreign exchange businesses in the days when there was foreign exchange control in the country. Others have been linked to carjacking and car theft which they finance and thrive on alongside their factories in Nairobi's Industrial area.

Now it would appear that local businessmen are catching up in this game. One prominent Nairobi businessman is said to purchase stolen computers from thugs which he quickly cannibalizes for parts.

Now the Tanzania police are saying that a prominent Nairobi businesswoman gunned down in Moshi, Tanzania, who owned a city driving school had a side business of robbing banks in Tanzania.

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Taabu said...

Chris we don't and didn't chose Tz as our neighbour, or did we? We are mere geographical accidents and I beg to differ with you. We need our neighbours since there is a common thread sewing us together. Before you shout betrayal just ask yourself who is betraying who here.

We have learnt to live with out bad political manners but exporting them next door is to extend the handshake past the elbow. Patriostism yes we must be but it comes with commensurate reposnibility. At the risk of being branded unpatriotic we have sinned against our neighboring brothers and sisters than theyhave sinnes to us.

Tru we pride ourselves as the regional powerhouse but is that not the same mentalitty cementing the HELL for LEATHER mentality in us as Kenyans. Look around you and see all grand schemes to make money at whatever (including death) cost. Well you may call it enterprenuership but to fair we are engaging in raw and cheap capitalism.

And may be the Kenyans shhot in Tz were 'honest' cogs in the 6.1% economic growth wheel. As a nation we need to retrace our steps and identify what defines us. Nobody wants to be proud of a country of economic mercenaries robbing banks in Tz, Angola, Botswana etc.

You are right in the push to rethink EAC. But come to think of it the mandarins and power driving this idea is all packaged in NOSTALGIA, period. But quiting is the cheap option out while we can do something objective and long lasting about it. We need all of us in this shrinking planet, ama? No cheap solutions will wash.

PS: Vikii your BB still waiting for a response. I remain the only vegetarian dog by choice in the zoo.

Sue said...

The shootings is a shame to Kenya, Tanzanians can now justify why they are against proposed EAC initiative.

A Tanzanian colleague once said its Kenyans who taught Tanzanians stealing. To me that was a funny comment because criminals are all over the world. May be they were not as aggressive as Kenyan thugs.

Criminal activities by Kenyans in other countries have been on the rise lately, like those who forged documents in the US, a bank robbery in Southern Sudan and many others. Its like Kenyan criminals are diversifying their activities by venturing into other territories.

Is that what is meant by a "working nation"?

luke said...

Sue, I call it "make money by any means necessary" mentality, as long as you post a profit, who cares?
also known as the "umekula mbuzi ya nani?" wisdom
don't rattle though...

Taabu said...

We are surely but steadily rivalling the brodas to the West. Nobody and no airport security fancies the GREEN PP and very soon the BLUE PP will be next. And that is not wishful thinking. Visit any major city in the west and see what UNCIVILIZED (to be politically correct and lack of equivalent) lives Kenyans have exported. Example, Mungiku menace breaks and next day a Kenyan appears in a Swiss daily seeking asylum from his Mungiki husband. Call it SMARTNESS the Kenyan version but in my book it is nothing but FRAUD, period. Bank robbery in Southern Sudan and Maputo is almost become a preserve for Kenyans. Comes people leave Tzanians enjoy their 'backward' peace. With marauding Kenyan enterpreneurs, give me the 'illitarate' and 'lazy' Tz anytime please.

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