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Monday, September 10, 2007

Daniel Arap Moi Is Much More Evil Than Kenyans Think

Kumekucha Exclusive


Arrest Mois, Kuleis, Biwott for grand looting and corruption, before we do anything else

Our digest of the Kroll Associates report mainly on Moi and his associates here has attracted very high volumes of traffic to this blog and with it some bizarre information that I at first thought was somebody who had gone overboard.

However I still decided to check the information from a few other sources. Surprisingly the response came very quickly complete with names of sources and even written documents that supported the allegations that I thought were rather wild.

Even as I write this I am still beside myself in utter shock.

Let me start from what is already known and then move to the unknown, or rather what I have verified only today.

Elsewhere in this blog we have detailed that the real reason why Dr Robert Ouko was murdered was because he had information on the then president Moi of a very personal nature, concerning his involvement with Ugandan twilight girls brought to him. One is even said to have gotten pregnant and this greatly upset and worried the former president. For some reason Moi was horrified that his clean bible-carrying-church-going president would be shattered in the eyes of Kenyans and could not bear to think of such an eventuality. According to one prominent eyewitness (one of the very few Ouko witnesses still alive today), this is the main reason why Dr Ouko was killed.(Read Kumekucha article on the real reason Ouko had to die...

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Taabu said...

Chris we don't and didn't chose Tz as our neighbour, or did we? We are mere geographical accidents and I beg to differ with you. We need our neighbours since there is a common thread sewing us together. Before you shout betrayal just ask yourself who is betraying who here.

We have learnt to live with out bad political manners but exporting them next door is to extend the handshake past the elbow. Patriostism yes we must be but it comes with commensurate reposnibility. At the risk of being branded unpatriotic we have sinned against our neighboring brothers and sisters than theyhave sinnes to us.

Tru we pride ourselves as the regional powerhouse but is that not the same mentalitty cementing the HELL for LEATHER mentality in us as Kenyans. Look around you and see all grand schemes to make money at whatever (including death) cost. Well you may call it enterprenuership but to fair we are engaging in raw and cheap capitalism.

And may be the Kenyans shhot in Tz were 'honest' cogs in the 6.1% economic growth wheel. As a nation we need to retrace our steps and identify what defines us. Nobody wants to be proud of a country of economic mercenaries robbing banks in Tz, Angola, Botswana etc.

You are right in the push to rethink EAC. But come to think of it the mandarins and power driving this idea is all packaged in NOSTALGIA, period. But quiting is the cheap option out while we can do something objective and long lasting about it. We need all of us in this shrinking planet, ama? No cheap solutions will wash.

Taabu said...

Chris I repeat you are good as prescribing fast fixes which only amounts to cheat options. Your recomendation needs hearts of steel and will power to effect. But hey when you put such a deserved head like Moi's on the chopping block the guillotine will hung precarious waiting for the next victim. You set the precedence and get ready to be consumed by the same. It is not that cheap after all, or is it?

chris said...

Yeah Taabu,

You are right about the Moi thing. Reminds me very much of the mess in the French Revolution where the guilotine became famous. But what choices do we have?

How can we send forth a message to future generations that looting is criminal? How do we stop the currrent tradition which says that looting is OK and only stupid Kenyans are poor?

My view is that it is a difficult choice but one that has to be made. The compromise would be a Truth and Reconciliation commission. However even to get there, you need to start with the extreme of arrests, otherwise nobody will take you seriously.

And even with the truth and reconciliation thing, ALL looted monies MUST be returned.



luke said...

Judging by the massacre of yesterday's comments in reaction to a similar post, it seems Chris that the guns have blazed silent for now(either that or the killing hasn't started yet,grab a front-row seat please-not in THAT hotel though thank you very much) on this hot topic of the Kroll report and the question of WHAT NEXT now that the Kroll report is out in the open?for many Kenyans, it will be just another opportunity to perfect the art of cloistering ourselves more tightly in the warm cocoon of false complacency which we have become masters in-after all, what can we do? we are helpless(said the starving spider to the irritating fly on the wall) in our own country. There are owners and then there are OWNERS; their swaeting&swearing foot-soldiers(from Kakuma to Canada B.C.) pay tribute to this fact
i don't know about you Chris, but i just feel so privileged to even be allowed to breathe in the Looter's Kenya-it's their world and don't call me a pumbavu for marching to the beat of their drum on stage. If given the chance too, won't i also loot?leave integrity for those whose medula-oblangata has been expanded to accomodate more than one unnecessary name of a single word. we don't need it.
I don't blame our Tanzanian brothers for not wanting us to import this "anything goes as long as you make money" mentality into their country in the name of regional co-functioning (sorry i meant the East African Co-operation).they may have their own flaws but at least its their own
I feel thirsty after using those big words, its hard to be original excuse me please i will be back. as i drink water,i can survey latest economic growth from my window

sayra said...

I agree that the fight must start from somewhere. The ones before us saw it and many opted to keep quiet or ignore the whole matter or just complain ... and they had their reasons for what they did or did not do. But for how long are we to go round the circles and keep hoping that things will get better ... while we are doing nothing to rectify/sort the issues.

We need to outgrow our excuses, fears and egos for anything to change in Kenya ... and we dont have the time to keep on lamenting.

Anonymous said...


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