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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Voters Not Happy With Kibaki In Nyeri


I have just had a rather fascinating discussion with a Kenyan who hails from Nyeri.

He got very upset when I jokingly declared that folks in Nyeri must be having it good just now.

The stories he told me shocked me and I half suspected that they may not all be truthful, although deep inside I suspect it is all true.

There was a time not too long ago when Nyeri was the bread basket of Central province. Folks were doing very well in this town. Now what has happened in the rest of the country has not spared Nyeri. People are desperate and ordinary folks are sleeping hungry. The rich tycoons in Nyeri are getting richer by the day, but the ordinary folks are getting poorer by the minute.

Little wonder that the political temperatures in the place are extremely high as was witnessed by recent Narc-Kenya branch elections.

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Anonymous said...

Its not unfolding more each day that Kumekucha is an anti-Kibaki blog. what has your Raila done in Kibera all this time he has been their MP? or he can only do good for them as president? You peddle alot of one sided funny stories.

Phil said...

Kumekucha is not an an-Kibaki blog. Voter nationwide are unhappy with this government.

All you need to do, anon, is to look at Kibaki's (NARC) pre-election pledges and see what he has scored. Those that he has attempted to fulfill, how well are they working and will they be sustained after Kibaki is voted out in January 2007?

He got the seat (president) on a reform and anti-corruption platform, unfortunately he has proven to be an anti-reformer and he is behaving as if he abates corruption within his own government.

Raila is not in government and I wonder where he comes in. However, should he be elected president (chances are high) he too shall be called to account.

John Maina said...

Albeit the diasporians cannot currently vote, i have come across many here in the UK who are quite unhappy with the current government

Judging the current government objectively based on the presidents inauguration speech, it is clear he needs to be sent packing come dec.

Below link illustrates what some in the diaspora thinks of the government;

Anonymous said...

Your story is fascinating but not surprising. I have friends living in Waithaka in Dagoretti constituency. People of this area are expected to vote for the govt and Beth Mugo because majority of them are from Central province. However from what I was told, I highly doubt if they will vote for Beth Mugo. There is a lot of insecurity in this area currently. There is a gang of 6 (from what witnesses say) who terrorize people daily, especially near the Catholic Church, which is not very far the DOs office; they start as early 5.30am and in the evening at 8pm.

They reported the matter at the DOs office but the officers said they can not do much, when they arrest young people they suspect, the area MP asks them to release them. It’s said one Sunday they arrested many youngsters at a local video. The same day the MP was at the one of the churches in the area. She later called to tell them to release all of them. She is also unpopular for neglecting Kikuyu road, which was only repaired recently.

Its now a blame game as the security condition gets worse, people are forced to get home early or leave for work late fearing to be attacked. Getting home late in a taxi is also risky because they attack people at their gate. A police staying in the area was attacked recently alighting from a taxi and 3am. This area is also known to harbor mungiki but my friends told me they have never seen any raids like those in Mathare and other areas. The cartels at the bus stops are still there collecting money secretly.

I was shocked by the stories but I can’t write all. For the sake of those suffering in that area I hope the relevant authority sees this on your blog and takes action.

This is why we cannot support the clause on he media bill that requires journalists to reveal their sources.

Anonymous said...

People just need to go to the ground and realize that it is highly unlikely for Kibaki to be re elected.
Economy is growing, but benefitting very few
CDF and the like are cash cows to bribe sitting MPs!

This government has disappointed many by allowing the high level of corruption and outright abuse of peoples expectations as then promised by NARC

Anonymous said...

Just stop your whinning shit!!!! This gava has outdone itself. 24 years of rotten shit aint easy to turn around in a day, right?

So stupid of you guys acting like small children... grow up and get some sense!!!

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