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Sunday, August 12, 2007

News Media Too Commercial As Major Mud Slide Is Shoved Aside In Favor Of Political Features


The commercial pressures our press are experiencing just now with the rapidly diminishing disposable income around these days, was clearly evident in today’s newspaper.

Yesterday there was a very serious landslide somewhere in Western province where some people have estimated the death toll to be over 50 people. The main newspapers ignored mostly ignored this big news on their front pages. The simple reason being (terrible as it is) it just won’t sell newspapers.

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derek said...

Chris that is a poor editorial judgement. It was a really bad one, similar to one in the 1990s when Ngai Ndeithya Bridge was swept and tens of people died after a train derailed. The lead story was that Moi attended an agricultural show.

The same has happened many times over, when Moi attended church and there is a national catastrophe or something of national importance, only to be overtaken by poor judgements.

If anyone following news across the world can remember, this week a bridge collapsed in the States. Within ten minutes, the whole world knew about it and considering that only 14 people compared to 18 in Kakamega, the media gave it the best shot.

It is one of those reasons that make us question why media practitioners feel that politicians, profits and political correctness stand ahead of news of importance.

kepn said...


These disasters are directly linked to environmental degradation in Kenya. The press tends to focus more on casualties rather than causes and prevention.

The press can do much in national increasing awareness in matters of environmental preservation as these impact on our heavily lives and greatly reverses the development efforts of government.

Environment certainly deserves more publicity and more attention from all.

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