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Monday, August 13, 2007

Traffic Increasing Secrets For Your Web Site

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By Faith McCoy
For your website or blog to be viable, make more money, and sell more products, you need traffic. The problem is that most folks have no idea of the basics involved in generating traffic.

The basics start with you ensuring that your site has been indexed with the major search engines like Google. Yahoo and MSN. Most sites with little or no traffic have NOT been indexed. And yet it is so easy to get indexed. Being indexed means that somebody using keyword phrases at a search engine will be able to find your site.

Simply having links pointing to your site from high ranked article directory sites and blogs will get you indexed very quickly as well as generate tremendous traffic in your direction. The right way to make this happen is to write articles and post them at those article directories with resource boxes at the bottom containing links pointing to your site. It is that simple.

Folks online are always looking for useful content to re-post at their site which means that if your articles are good, they will tend to get re-posted much more widely and quickly which will create even more traffic and even more links pointing to your site.

The other basic rule to always remember if you want to increase traffic, is that content is truly king. The better quality the content, the higher the traffic and the more successful your site will be. The same old offline rule where the content of a magazine or newspaper decides how many copies they end up selling also applies online.

Did you know that headlines can make the difference between a supermarket tabloid selling a few hundred copies and a million copies? The same applies to the headlines you select for your online content.

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