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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Nation Surprise?

Regular readers of this blog must have found today’s Sunday Nation rather interesting and one would be excused for thinking that we are working together.

Nothing of the sort is happening. In fact many respectable Kenyans including those in the media don’t think much of this popular blog and yet stealing an idea or two is no big deal (Tom Alwaka of Citizen, at least you make an attempt to recycle the headlines although the recent one on Raila was a wee-bit too close to the info we produced here).

Kumekucha is a team effort and our commentators here supply a lot of information and plenty of ideas too. Newcomers should ignore the jeers which I’ve learnt to ignore. For instance as recently as a few months ago when I insisted that retired President Moi was going to be a major factor in the upcoming elections, many of the comments were abusive jeers. Now the mainstream press do not want to discuss anything else, because it is true that you cannot be a dictatorial president for 24 years and have no influence.

Over a year ago I carried this post that I have re-pasted below. I re-read it today and enjoyed it immensely and I trust that you will feel the same as you as you read through it.

I have a hot exclusive I am working on for tomorrow, so kindly bear with me, will you?

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Anonymous said...

Your prediction that Moi would play a role in 2007 elections has always been obvious to many political observes. What most of the so-called political commentators have failed to predict is the massive victory of President Mwai Kibaki over Raila Odinga and his tribal gang. Virtually the whole of the Kenyan rural population (except kavirondo gulf) has seen the economic benefits of President Mwai Kibaki's Govt. Good milk prices, free primary school education, improved health services, ..What can Raila Odinga show except empty words? Why doesn't he use his wealthy to at least dig pit-latrines in the kavirondo gulf. Why can't he encourage them to get circumcised before aids wipes them off! Raila Odinga is just a power hungry and a power thirsty kihii who, like his father, will never rule Kenya. I have said it before,and i will say it again, it is not possible for a kihii to rule a Bantu nation. His candidature can even spark off a civil war. Let the idiot step down now!! Kenya has its owners.. kioko. BC, Canada.

derek said...

Kioko in BC, Canada. This morning, I called another one like you a cretin; I wish to include you in that filthy lot. This is what education can do to an animal

What have you written? Does it show your illiteracy or what? What has circumcision got to do with what we write here? If you are indeed in Canada, look around you. Every white man you see is uncircumcised! I tell are the lowest of the low. I will not moderate my language when replying to one like you and let anybody stand to condemn me. Do you have mucous in your brains, I think it should be on the membrane of your grey matter? Let me stop!!!

In the time that I have visited this blog (more than one and a half years), I would like to inform you that this is the worst stereotype ever said about the Luo. I am ashamed you are a Kenyan. Really ashamed.

Taabu said...

Kioko you have earned yourself a label nobody fancies. If you are in British Columbia lumbering then you are one villager who has not outgrown the vilage. One wonders whether flying over the Atlantic and further into the Pacific coastline makes you lose any trace of grey matter.

Trust me, you cannot sustain any meaningful argument with folks out there. A trip to Simon Fraser of UBC didn't do you any good. You have the previlage to parrade you filth and STUPIDITY here and what pains me more is the iamgination of you chatting Canadians. You are such a poor representative of Kenya.

FYI Kenya is more than Bantus. You sound like a lower primary kid who only regurgiates the Bantu+Nilote+Cushite stuff. Style up and thank God nobody except your kin knows you. They would hide at mentioning your name, OAFY NUMSKULL.

luke said...

Now here is flawed logic at its most tragic. Kioko, what you have said fails to make sense at any level right from baby to child to adulthood. For all the fanaticism you display how much are you getting paid by your masters, the so-called owners of Kenya?

Bwana Derek and Mwalimu have already said and done the necessary i won't repeat the obvious but i pray your ilk will never rise to become a public servant with a mandate to represent anybody. you sir rightly belong in prison with the keys thrown far away never to see the light of day

Anonymous said...

I have been called words by kavirondo natives. I stand my ground. Why are they always that defensive when that all important Bantu ritual is mentioned? Raila is a 62 year old fish eating kihii and a molasses thief- and that is a fact!! Circumcision helps to stop aids. That is another fact! 700 jaluos are dying daily from aids/hiv. The Kavirondo gulf natives are known to use the bush rather than dig pit latrines. These kind of idiots cannot rule Kenya,a civilised country. What do you call a grown up who can only talk about football in public rallies? An idiot is a soft word for describing such a useless and empty head fellow. Any comments from kihiis in defence of Raila Odinga the King of the Uncircumcised Kingdom(UK)are most welcome, but please do not throw stones!! Kioko. BC,Canada.

Anonymous said...

Kioko, you are a Bigot, an idiot and a fool. I'm kalee, properly circucised. Only Raila can crush the status quo (greek for the mess we are in) in kenya. Kikuyus own virtually everything because of Kenyatta. I wonder what it is that you do over there !!

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