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Monday, August 27, 2007

Can The Kenyan With An American Mother End Up In The White House?


Other African countries really envy Kenyans. You see in African customs the father determines the nationality of a person and many Africans see Democratic American presidential hopeful Barrack Obama as a Kenyan.

Ironical really when most blacks in American see him as more of a white candidate than one who can address the issues of the African Americans.

Anyhow I was a little sick of reading so many self-righteous uninformed opinions of Obama's chances in Kenyan blogs declaring early that he stands absolutely no chance, that I decided to ask a native American friend who has been following elections in America for close to a half a century now. Her reply astounded me and gave me a rare glimpse into the political situation in the United States in relation to the next president.

I asked a straight question; does Obama have a fighting chance to win the democratic nomination and the election after that?

Her answer;

Unfortunately, I can't call this one. I personally don't like Hillary, and hope that Obama has a chance...

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

If I could vote, I would vote for Obama (can't believe the computer doesn't recognize his name, putting ar ed line under it). Not because he is 'one of us', but
because I put ability before 'experience'.

Vikii said...

I dont know anything about Obama's 'ability'. What I know is that is that the guy is trully an electrifying politician. This is a guy who never ceases to come up with intelligent catch-phrases. He is a man thoroughly qualified for the white house job. There is no doubt about that.

Having said that, I will add that Hillary is equally good. If I were to vote I would vote for Hillary if not for anything else for the love and support she accorded her husband during his Lewinsky-affair turmoil. She has always come across as a mature person and maturity is a vital quality for leadership if you ask me.

It is just a pity that Obama is running at the same time with Mrs. Clinton. People get spoilt for choices here. It's hard to chooose.

All said, the debate about Barrack Obama being Kenyan is all unwarranted. He is an American and has absolutely nothing to do with Kenya. Apart from having a grand mother and a bunch of other relatives in the country, there is no other connection. If he becomes president, kenyans will understand that things are not always as they seem.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Vikii, I have issues with you saying Obama has no connections with Kenya! Where I come from, you will always be whatever tribe your father is.As such, Obama is not only Kenyan but Luo {or Jaruo :0)} Yeye ni wetu! I even got offended when the some people claimed that his good oratory skills are attributable to his Irish roots.No one would say this if they took a minute to 'discover' what tribe his father was from, but do I say! But then again, his father was 'African', and there is only so much good you will find going about in the Western media (and Kumekucha) about Africa and Africans. Obama's wife thinks this is nonsense, but the question of how black he is keeps resurfacing. Apparently he is not black enough-at least not on the surface.I think he has a good shot at the presidency.

Anonymous said...

If obama had been of say kikuyu descent then he would definetly had as shot at nyuba shia nyeube!

Taabu said...

Anonymous not that cheap shot please. Obama like all of us was a biological accident and trophy resulting from the a parent's pleasure. We may chose to get stuck with this balderdash of origin and see no end to it. Our traditions may determine peternal roots but not outside there. Obama remains and African and if he were to be elected he will go in history books and that is it. Reality will hit us (Kenyans) that he is not 'on of us'. All we see out of him is PR, period.

Now Bw. Vikii, that was a hard take on Hilary and the maturity stuff v-a-v Lewinsky. Consider this H0: Hilary had her eyes past Bill. If you find the p-value large you can bootstrap and get robust the confidence intervals. Let me know the results (no data snoop please).

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Taabu, get rid of your generalizations. You and many of us may have been biological accidents, but certainly not 'all of us'!

Anonymous said...

For once i agree with arrogant kikuyu woman , some of us were planned.

Anonymous said...

Obama is an idiot and an empty headed fellow. Where did he get the idea that a fool can be elected President of the US? Hillary Clinton represents the aspirations of african-americans just as his husband once did. Let Obama go back to the Kavirondo gulf and teach his primitive jaluos how to use toilet paper after .... I understand they still use wild leaves to wipe off their anus after the act. His roots are too primitive for him to be considered a serious contender of the seat. kioko. BC,Canada.

M-Pesa said...

Nostalgia of old Kumekucha seems to be biting hard.

I really wish we could bring back Kumekucha of those years when it was a trailblazer in critical analysis as a Kenyan blog.

And what do we have today? A relic blog that is constantly biased and bogged down in tribal muck. Chris, deep in your heart of hearts you know this is true- that Kumekucha is a shadow of it's former self!

What happened to posts that made even journalists flock here to learn how it should be done? It's so sad but we should not give up until this very Kenyan blog is back on it's feet if at all it's true it has not been sold. Yes we can!

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