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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Most Complex Presidential Elections Ever, Coming Up


I have learnt in life that the best policy is to keep things as simple. This is true in everything you handle in this life.

The way things stand, this year's presidential election is going to be the most complex ever.

For instance the current MP for Marakwet East, Mrs Linah Chebii Kilimo in her defection announcement this week only announced a defection in the presidential candidate she is going to support. She did not indicate which party she would use to seek re-election. However she ruled out Narc Kenya.

There is a very high possibility that Narc Kenya will probably not even bother to market itself in most of the Rift Valley and will instead leave its' allies like Kanu to sort out things in the expansive province.

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Taabu said...

We have perfected deception to new levels. What we shamelessly christine face of Kenya is nothing but tribal grouping with chiefs at their helm. Those shouting loudest against the same malice are experts in the same. You cannoty fail to see the common thread sewing Moi and Emilio together. Besides tongues its self preservation, period.

There are two types of leaders. The objective one listens, analyses a problem, owns it and puts his best foot forward and head too for chopping =RESPONSIBILITY. The faint hearted (surely subjective) perfects what works best. So when the oranges are putting and splitting the slices (read tribes), the GNU takes the same modus oparandi a notch higher in propping regional kingpins.

The net effect? We are latently fanning genocide. Forget the scare mongering here when ONE OF OUR OWN if criticized. The real genocide seed is being planted and watered now. The present dinosaurs don't have what it takes to lead from the front and by example. Their joy is lies in nostalgia oiled with tokenism. And why not? They have use to abstract their street wisdom here. Na bado.

Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga should not stand for President because he is already a king! Yes,he is the King of the uncircumcised kingdom of kavirondo gulf. kioko. BC,Canada.

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