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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kumekucha's Impossible Job


In the stories I carried yesterday analyzing what motivation Moi may have in fighting tooth and nail to make sure that Raila does not see the inside of State House, I mentioned that the former president's aides believe that they are averting bloodshed because some radical but influential presidential advisors have sworn that they will hand over power to anybody else but Raila.

Many of my dear readers including a very close friend interpreted the story as evidence that I am supporting Raila and the revelation was probably supposed to draw sympathy for the ODM presidential hopeful. It is no secret that members of the house of Mumbi are extremely sensitive to any criticism on one of their own (I have noted the trend since I launched this blog), but what I want us all to investigate is why most of them tend to feel this way.

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luke said...

The way i choose to answer Chris' question is by looking critically at this thing we call "support"-i do not look critically at the voters because that is all they are and will ever remain-voters.Voters come and go, and one day we will all die,but one thing is for sure every voter in Kenya today knows that there is not one single current sitting MP, Cabinet Minister or opposition politician who is the model and exact representation of their hopes, dreams and aspiration right down to a "T" for them or their children in this great nation of ours.none (all bets are open on this)
Many Kenyans,about 99% actually (no i have not done a survey this is my opinion) who support either the Govt or the opposition have sadly crossed the thin invisible line between support and fanaticism. Both sides are guilty of this, all you have to do is sample the opinions expressed daily here by bloggers male and female alike

Supporters, whose only job is to side with and stand behind their respective public servants just as long as they return the favour and scratch their backs when the time comes, have been turned into foot-soldiers, defending, justifying and endorsing their favourite public officials as if their lives depended on it, ready to die and take a bullet in battle if need be for 210.civil servants who don't know your name, where you live or whether where you live you are above or below the poverty line! They don't care to know either

We must never cease to walk down the well beaten and time tested paths of logic, reason and sense because the day we throw ourselves blindly behind an individual either in Govt. or opposition who lacks character,to rally and support them based on something as loose and as transient as ethnicity is the day we sell our souls as a country. As Mwalimu Taabu says time and again, its all political expediency in the political game(hat-tip Kalamari)


Phil said...

Hey Chris. I dont see anything impossible in declaring your preferred choice. And no Luke, I beg to disagree, it is leaders who come and go, voters (Kenya) will always remain.

Back to you Chris, you talk as if it is the biggest sin for you to support Raila. No my brother, there is nothing wrong if you chose to support Raila, Mudavadi or any of the of the other ODM presidential candidates. We've been aroung long enough to distinguish the tribalists and opportunists from the democrats and reformist. And I trully hope Chris (and your good friend Taabu), will not be embarrased to come out openly and tell us who you guys will be voting for. Come off it guys; its only just a couple of weeks to the D-Day and you guys are just giving us daily fence sitting analysis of events and predictions. What the hell, Kibaki is in a tight corner and he may just decide to call a snap election for October. Does it mean Chris and Taabu will not vote?

That aside, in following up yesterdays lessons in real politik, I want to continue by giving Derek and company vivid examples of the curses that may befall you guys if you go against elders resolutions.

Moi (KANU) and Raila (NDP) merger, which Vikii has no idea about but keeps comparing to the governmenmt of National Unity... I remind you guys that this was a honest negotiation between (a) two registerwed political parties and (b) and in the background, the Luo Council of Elders (led by the late Mzee Koyo Opien) and the then President Moi. NDP was disolved on the agreement Moi would support Raila's bid in KANU to be presidential nominee upon his retirement as state president. Moi reneged and the rest is history. But what really happened to Moi and KANU after that? We heard Raila bitterly complaining that 'Mzee Koyo Opien was turning in his grave'. KANU went on to loose power, Moi and aides left State HOuse in tears vowing 'never to come back to Nairobi', KANU itself split into two factions and has never recovered todate forcing Moi to desprately reach out to Jirongo's KADDU even as another third factions already having abandoned KANU for ODM (with Elder's blessings; Moi's estranged wife died misteriously and Moi himself (previusoly known as a very physically fit individual) was forced to undergo heart surgery Germany to save his own life and his family members were denied EU visas to be at his bedside for the delicate surgery. He himself got his visa on medical grounds and as former head of state. And we are told the curse is life long, so there is more coming! This is no idle threat, as most leaders are waiting for the dreaded Month of August to end amid tremors and earthquackes....(and am not quoting Bishop Owuor here).

Another example, is Kibaki trashing the MOU with LDP and the mishaps that followed after. His regime didnt last long before the fatal plane crash in Busia where several ministers died while others escaped death by a whisker. Kibaki himself is reported to have suffered a life-threatening stroke or two during the early days of his regime and has never recovered to date. Mwiraria's wife, Michael Wamalwa (Vice President), Karisa Maitha (cabinet Minister) also passed away probably paying for sins they really had no direct involvement in with their lives. Rumours were going round the country then and there were fears his government may not see the entire term to the end. As time went by, the Kibaki government lost the referendum vote heavily. Up to date, Kibaki is totally 'in the dark' about which political party he will run on in seeking the second term. It doesnt make sense to me at all, does it make sense to you Chris? Infact, there are well founded fears he may back out at the last minute and embarass his allies. Notwithstanding that there are TEN political parties (at last count) offering their presidential ticket to Kibaki but the president is on record as publicly rebuking some of them and he is telling his ministers he cannot 'see sense' in any of those parties and he 'will handover power to ODM without any hassles' in January 2008. Whats really going on? The elections are due in about three months maybe less, and its just a pointer that the curse for trashing the MOU and betraying millions of Kenyan voters is / must have been a very powerful curse indeed, otherwise how do you explain all this confusion Chris?

Therefore Derek, this is no bed-time story but actual events. When you negotiate matters of importance like political power and reach a gentleman's agreement with fellow contrymen, it is critical that you keep your part of the bargain lest a powerful curse befalls you - just like Moi and the Kenya Government of National Unity.

vikii said...

Phil you have very negligible understanding, if any, of the subject matter you are attempting to 'teach' people. You are the least qualified person in this blog and elsewhere to teach me kenyan politics. Lemmie explain why that is so:

First of all, there is nothing illegal with the president appointing opposition members to the cabinet. The constitution of Kenya says about appointments: "The president shall appoint ministers from among members of parliament". If Mwai Kibaki wanted to apppoint Uhuru Kenyatta his Vice president in 2002, there would have been absolutely no constitutional hinderance towards that end."The president shall appoint a vice president from among elected members of parliament". I laughed when Uhuru Kenyatta, Koigi wamwere and Kalembe Ndile took the president to court for appointing members of the opposition to government. It is UNETHICAL and IMPROPER for the president to do that but it is not illegal. Lemmie now get to your 'KANU-NDP structured negotiations'.

One, the core membership of the NDP never sanctioned such a move. 19 individuals sitting down and deciding to wind up a public-owned political party in exchange for cabinet positions and public property being given to an individual is the height of conmanship. This is not just ordinary conmanship but conmanship of the highest order. So you need to forget those little lies Raila and group have been feeding to you about 'structured negotiations'. There was no such thing. Invoking the names of some village characters in Luo Nyanza as representatives of the NDP membership in those supposed negotiations is just laughable. It is not something I needede to respond to but for the sake of your education and liberalisation of the mind I did.

Lemmie also explain why I believe Kibaki's poaching from the opposition is more acceptable than the Moi-Raila ill fated one. Mwai Kibaki's government was having a hard time pushing ts legislative agenda in parliament. About 50 LDP members had linked up with the opposition to deny the government a majority in parliament. That left the government with about 82 MPS supportive of it in parliament and that is clearly a minority. On the other hand KANU had not less than 115 loyal MPS and there was no need at all for inclusion of opposition MPS in government. It was just not necessary. This was a move by two dictators to silence the opposition with iron fist authority. It was simply an attempt to return Kenya to monolithic dictatorship. We all know the kinf of intolerance the resulting government showed after that merger.

Lastly, I will not comment on the nonsense about a curse by some old people because raila was not made prime minister. I have neither the time nor the inclination for such empty talk. Let others conversent and comfortable with that kind of debate engage you.

derek said...

Who is thie cretin posting porn here. Can you simply behave. It is not fun anymore. Smarten up. Chris if you read this, please knock that thing off.

derek said...

Phil, I have learnt to respect you and I think now, we can reason, play politics, play propaganda and even fight and shake hands. I want to make a few clarifications. In so doing, I will answer you post paragraph unto another!

First, by telling Chris and Taabu to declare their preferred candidates, (if they are ODM members – I don’t think there are any), I personally tell you that I will vote once this year at Catholic Parochial Primary School for Mwai Kibaki, his MP and his councillor.

NDP and Kanu can you please tell me when NDP met as a party and decided to dissolve and join Kanu? Kindly, give me the date. If you give that date, I will show you a liar! I will show you the greed that is Raila Odinga and his use of the Luo community to enrich himself. Can Raila at this time and moment tell Kenyans how much he has hovered around the world in the name of donations to ODM.

If there was any agreement, which I was told came in a package that included Police Commish Philemon Abongo and a few close aides in NDP being appointed into the cabinet, please tell me which non-Luo MP appointed alongside Raila and why was Adhu Paul caught unawares eating a mandazi in Mirangi Hotel Nakuru.

Towards the end of the same year, on the eve of 2002 we waited for an announcement from State House Nakuru that Raila will be appointed VP or the candidate for the 2002 elections. It never came to pass. Some people are still waiting for that to this date.

As for the elders, I think there is nothing like that. If there will be a curse, it will be on Raila for going against his own father’s party and dissolving Ford-Kenya following a bloody fight with Michael Wamalwa Kijana. If politics has a ‘god’ then the ‘god’ will invoke a curse of Raila Odinga for party-hopping and killing more parties than any other politician in this country. The elders (Jo dong aich – I hope you know what it means in Luo) cannot be counted on at all. You said they never coroneted Moi and he ruled for 24 years. So, your insinuation about the curse has no relevance at all.

You are always on about NARC government being a fraud. Then NDP-Kanu was a total conmanship. In real fact, it was not even supposed to happen at all. It only benefited one man – financially. Lest you forget, the Molasses plant was part of the deal. But, what happened to the money collected?

Moi’s wife die not die mysteriously. She died of old age and it is not a sin to die in this world. I believe anybody can die whether she is a politician’s wife or not and whether some illiterate villagers in the name of elders want or not. With all the money they have, if death can be stopped, they could have done that. Being sick on the other end is not bad and going for treatment abroad for a leader is normal. Afterall, Yoweri Museveni’s daughter took a plane to have a baby in Europe. Not Strange! Raila’s bodyguard/Aide/Youth winger Oduor (I knew him personally and I know Lavenda too) died recently was it a curse from any elder?

The MOU, again! This one, I have told you did not exist. Did the elders prepare the MOU? Had LDP ever had a meeting to agree on that? Did they ever have elections to name the office bearers, NO, NO, NO.? MOU was not binding at all and you should stop referring to it please.

Again, it is not fair to rekindle the memories of all those people you are mentioning in your post. Whether they died for not respecting the elders or not, it is not for me and you to judge and draw on the narrow thinking of not respecting elders. It simply does not count and does not hold ground at all.

Rumours. Kibaki never told you that he does not see sense on what parties to hand power to ODM. Those, I will refer to as barber-shop rumours or salon (Nyatanga) rumours. You cannot and will never authenticate any of the words you have written in that paragraph. Propaganda at its best.

Now, I saw Raila Odinga kneel at the Gilbert Deya Ministries Church in Peckham last year, this year alone, he has been anointed three times by different church elders (this time). Why did the church and tribal elders not tell Uhuru Kenyatta to stop moving away, stop Kalonzo from joining Julia Ojiambo or even stop Moi from saying that ODM is an outfit he will not support? Does it mean that he will be elected simply because some elders have decided and not Kenyans? They why castigate Kalonzo and Julia after praising them like fighter-bulls.

I hope you saw the launch of the NARC campaigns yesterday. Raila will suffer more curse from elders for the way he treated Achieng Oneko, Prof Ouma Muga, Shem Ochuodho, James Orengo, Wamalwa Kijana. He killed Ford-Kenya, NDP, LDP, New Kanu, demolished houses (an abomination in the Luo community), accepting money from a child-trafficker etc. he will be cursed for using his community to enruich himself, cursed for coming some Luo peasants (consider that Nyanza is the poorest province in Kenya, with the least number of industries)

derek said...

Sorry, Ford-Kenya is not dissolved. Running away from Ford-Kenya that what I meant. It is a bigger curse among the Luo to run away from your father's homestead after he dies. I am sorry for that mistake.

May be that is why Raila could not be elected president in 1997 and later in 2002. CURSED again in 2007!

Taabu said...

Anonymous please avoid the wrath and curse sweetened in stupidity. Stop posting porn stuff here. You need help and if you don't know that then seek help, tutachanga. We can entertain any arguments but PLEASE save us your reasoning from the lower faculties. It is nuseating, STOP IT NOW.

luke said...

Anonymous we have self-imposed the standard here of no filthy vulgar improper smut of any kind. I second and third Derek and Mwalimu.

Anonymous said...

What Chris is asking is why the people in the house of Mumbi are sensitive to any criticism to one of their own and why most of them to feel this way. I will try and answer that.

I may be wrong but the criticism comes when you talk of Raila. Its almost obvious that you like him from what you write and there is nothing wrong with that. Talk of anybody else the likes of Tuju or Lucas Mboya its unlikely that you will get negative words from them. Other than what Raila has contributed to democracy there is nothing else I can say of him (i stand to be corrected). My fellow people in the house of Mumbi know that there is more to life than 'democracy' like the need for good roads, the need for food and of coz favourable business environment. Raila is a lot more of a noise maker who would do best to be a leader of the official opposition. We can't have a noise maker president, we need somebody who will be working ... Lukas, Githongo are you reading this .

Chris I dont think its a tribal thing ... its more of who will work when they get to the office ...

derek said...

Thank you anonymous. You are spot-on. Other than fighting for democracy (which Paul Muite, Imanyara (the other one), Ken Matiba, Charles Rubia, Sheikh Balala, Abdallah Bhamariz, Koigi wa Wamwere, his mother, and the likes) fought for, giving and receiving an equal share from both ends, that is, detention, teargassed, and the like, Raila Odinga has been the biggest problem to anything that happened after that. He is more of a liability to democracy than others. Even Leakey has his input in the same ‘suffering’ like Raila.

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