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Friday, August 31, 2007

English Premiership Soccer And The Ugly Side Of Professionalism


I have been reviewing video clips showing how Manchester Uniteds' Wayne Rooney got his foot fractured and another one showing a crude tackle aimed at Christiano Ronaldo that fortunately missed its' real mark.

I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that both incidents illustrate the ugly side of professionalism in what is by far the most competitive soccer league the world has ever seen.

Where there is professionalism and competitiveness, you will always find managers and decision makers who are prepared to do anything. And I mean anything, to be able to get an edge over the competition. A friend the other day was joking trying to imagine what kind of instructions a defender would be given by a manager eager to get ahead...

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1 comment:

Vikii said...

Very interesting read that one Chris.

First of all I do not agree with you that the premier league is the most competitive league in the planet, it is not. The Spanish la Liga is. The competitiveness of the English game is in the same level with that of the Italian serie A and portuguese super liga. What makes you and others believe that the Premier league is the most competitive is the marketing aspect of the same. It just gets a lot of publicity, the kind that the serie A for example would only dream of. These peole have crazy money.This publicity has over the years given the EPL a larger than life image. That is why the world was being told how Christiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world earlier this year before Kaka showed once and for all what's class and what's not. The EPL has three or four strong teams and after that every other team is average at best. What competitiveness is there when Chelsea (The best team over the last three years) has a 68 point advantage over Liverpool (The third best) over the same period? How many English Premier League players have ever won the FIFA Player of the Year award? Dont bother to research, there is none. Gerorge Best, David Bekham, Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard and Christiano Ronaldo have only managed to be second best. How many times have English teams ever won the champions league? Very few my friend.

About the greatness of Rooney, dont fall to that trap Chris. Wayne Rooney is an average player who is only talked about because he is English. If I was the manager of Man utd today, I would go for Louis Saha as my number one striker. Wayne Rooney should never be called 'world class' when he is yet to manage 15 league goals even when playing for one of the best teams. Dont forget he scored his first champions league goal this year. Christiano Ronaldo is good but there are far much better players in the world today. Kaka, Thierry Henry,Steven Gerrard, Genaro gatusso, Juan Roman Requelme and Paulo Maldini are just but a few examples.

Man Utd and injuries. Dont u also believe the reason they finished before "Jose Mourinho's multi million pound men" was the same injuries you are attributing their current dismal performances to. As a manager would you rather go for more than half the season without Captain JT and Petr Cech or Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney? In my opinion Rooney and ronaldo are replaceable but JT and Cech are not. And dont forget that 'Multi million pound squad' had EIGHT major surgeries last season. If Manchester United were to have those then relegation would become a real threat. And by the way who said man utd's squad is not multi million pound. Wayne Rooney---17 Million, Edwin Van Der Saar---14Milllion pounds, Nani---17 Million pounds, Henry Hagreaves 17 Million pound....Come on my guy!

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