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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Moi Will Tell The Kalenjin In Secret To Get Them To Vote Kibaki


Recent surveys have clearly shown that most Kenyans do not believe that Moi's declared support for Kibaki is inconsequential as some of our dear readers and commentators think.

Others here have said that Rift Valley has changed too much for Moi to have any major impact on what happens in the next few weeks and ultimately in the general elections.

Of course all this is ignoring one of Moi's most effective secret weapons which he has used for years with great success. And this is his uncanny ability to pass on a clear message directly to the electorate that does not pass through the press where we can all read and analyze and ridicule it.

So the question any serious analyst should be asking themselves is what Moi will tell Kalenjin voters. Let us first admit that selling anything Kikuyu in the Rift Valley is a very difficult thing to do, so Moi will need to be very aggressive determined and pull out all stops or checks he may have earlier placed in front of himself in the coming vicious winner takes all battle.

It is not what Moi says in public that will have an impact but what is said in secret away from press coverage...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
keep dreaming. endelea kuota. if u think moi is still a factor, endelea. let me let you in on some serious siri deep. one-the only way young kales can shine post-2007 is by ditching moi. that way, the country will forget the moi years and kale participation. and we have seen the opportunity and are not falling for crumbs. number two-kitu yoyote inatiwa kikuyu is nothing kwetu. hatutaki kusikia anything inasema kikuyu. so keep dreaming. but its good propaganda for them. its better kibaki goes to kura gloating and over confident so that the shock will be even deeper.

Taabu said...

Chris you have all the right to be wrong and I will protect you doing the same. Not that what you are saying about baba Gidi is not true. Except your silent insinuation and low barometer of 1990s. Either you are stuck in a time warp or you are simply stirring a nest oblivious of the venom. Kales are not naive. If you doubt ask me and get informed. So many of them are gnashing and soon grinding their molars.

Moi has all the constitutional right to annoiit whoever he fancies. But you knwo as I do that times have changed and Emilio's toknism will be his undoing. Kenyans have tasted RIGHT (not change please) and they want plenty of the same. No amount of nostalia wil wash. But Emilio is no puush over either. And you only dismiss him at your own political peril.

But as my clarion caveat goes predictions, swearing and sweating will increase exponentially in the next 100+ days (Luka bado ngapi?). We have a choice, either get mesmerized and mourn louder than the bereaved or sober up and enjoy the circus. The choice is personal. Let the game begin. If you cannott stand the heat, take a walk out of the kitchen.

MainaT said...

Please read this and publicise.

Anonymous said...

Phil said...

Told you so Chris!

It seems previously unpublished commission of enquiry reporta will be released through 'quiet' channels so as to discredit some aspirants. They are now very useful propaganda tools. I dont know whether the 'accused' will get a forum to defend themselves in this campaign period.

Am thoroughly enjoying this Kroll report though and I hope Githongo's bombshell will come sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

source: bbc

Kenya dismisses Moi graft claims

Mr Moi (l) has backed the election bid of President Kibaki (r)
Kenya's government has described as not credible a leaked report which allegedly says former President Daniel arap Moi stole millions of dollars.
The report was commissioned by the current government soon after it was elected in 2002 but never published.

Government spokesman Alfred Mutua said the 2004 report was based on hearsay and was incomplete and inaccurate.

According to the leak, it says Mr Moi, his family and associates plundered as much as $2bn from the taxpayer.

The report was allegedly leaked to a website Wikileaks which exposes corruption.

It is claimed the money was invested in businesses, banks, property, and deposit accounts throughout the world.

Former President Moi has been unavailable for comment.


Earlier this week, Mr Moi announced he was backing the re-election campaign of President Mwai Kibaki, who defeated Mr Moi's preferred candidate in the 2002 elections.

Mr Mutua said the leak was "meant to score political points against Kibaki".

"This report touches on at least 50 individuals - why did they just isolate the Moi family? It's a political gimmick."

Correspondents say the former leader, who ruled Kenya for 24 years, still wields great political influence.

President Kibaki came to power promising to rid the country of corruption and one of the government's first acts was to commission the report by business consultants Kroll Associates.

However, the BBC's Adam Mynott in Nairobi says Kenya remains mired in corruption and the current government itself has been rocked by a multi-million dollar scandal.

Anonymous said...

Is kibaki mentioned?.

In the Kroll report, closest i saw was Murage (Statehouse) and Michuki (Heavily).
Concorde Holdings is mentioned and Jimmy Kibaki used to work there in the 90s.

Ofcourse Kibaki commissioned Kroll.

Lets watch the game as it comes home

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